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10/26/20 No page today, as Friday's page was a 2 page spread.

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8/31/20 Page 49 is done.

8/24/20 Hey everyone. I am going to be away on a family trip this week, so I am going to be taking this week off from the comic. Sorry about that! See you next week!

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6/12/20 Page 18 is done.

6/3/20 Our grandmother that we were taking care of over the last couple of years died yesterday. So, gonna be taking the rest of the week off.

6/1/20 Page 17 is done.

5/29/20 Page 16 is done.

5/27/20 Page 15 is done.

5/25/20 Page 14 is done.

5/24/20 I have finally fixed my old DND comic! It can now be viewed here! This was the comic I made based on our DND campaign from the 2000s.

5/22/20 Page 13 is done.

5/21/20 I've been working on fixing up the website, something which is long overdue. Many things have been broken since the redesign in 2015. As of right now, I have spruced up the Book 0 Archives and I have finally added all of the Holiday Comics to the Misc Comics section.

Also, I have added a whole bunch of new vote incentives to the Top Webcomics page. Mostly it's repeats of the many old ones I've done over the years, of which there's a ton... but some of these haven't been posted in ages. There will be some new ones, too. You can vote for me here.

Finally, I have decided to close down the Flipside Forums as they are completely broken, and it doesn't seem to be worth fixing them. The Forum link in the menu has been replaced with a new link for the Discord. I want to try to encourage Flipside Discussion to take place there, from now on! You can also get info about my streaming schedule in there too. We will be expanding the Discord a bit in the near future, so please feel free to use it!

5/20/20 Page 12 is done.

5/18/20 Page 11 is done.

5/17/20 Jennifer of Mystic Revolution is currently doing a Kickstarter, check it out:

5/15/20 Hey guys. Sorry, I don't usually do this, but today I am just not feeling very good at all. So I think I am gonna skip today's page. Again, very sorry, I won't do it again in the near future.

5/13/20 Page 10 is done.

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5/8/20 Page 8 is done.

I finally updated my Links section. New Link Exchange: Also a plug for Jen's website, where you can buy awesome T-Shirts!

5/6/20 Page 7 is done.

5/4/20 Page 6 is done.

Hey guys, I wanna ask you a question. The forum is pretty broken right now, and we are having a hard time fixing it. Since we have a discord now, I am considering just abandoning the forum and encouraging more use of the discord. What do you think?

Here is the discord, for those who don't know:

5/1/20 Page 5 is done.

4/29/20 Page 4 is done.

4/27/20 Page 3 is done.

4/24/20 Page 2 is done.

4/22/20 Page 1 is done.

There will be a Patreon Stream tonight at 8:30 CT! Feel free to come watch me draw comics!

4/21/20 On the Patreon, I added some new pages to the Flipside Adult Comic:

4/20/20 Page 6 is done.

4/17/20 Page 5 is done.

4/15/20 Page 4 is done.

4/13/20 Page 3 is done.

4/10/20 Page 2 is done.

4/8/20 Page 1 is done.

4/6/20 Page 60 is done.

4/3/20 Page 59 is done.

4/2/20 Added some new pagest to the Flipside adult comic on the Patreon:

4/1/20 Page 59 is done.

3/30/20 Page 58 is done.

3/27/20 Page 57 is done.

3/25/20 Page 56 is done.

Gonna be doing another Patreon Stream tonight, at 8:30 pm CT. Anyone is free and encouraged to watch at this website:

I will be drawing Flipside comics, so if you wanna see how the process is feel free to hang out! Also feel free to interact and ask any questions you want. We also do song requests (although there's a soft rule that we prefer retro game music!) And if you are a supporter of a certain level, you can make free sketch requests!

3/23/20 Page 55 is done.

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3/18/20 Page 53 is done.

3/16/20 Hey everyone. Sorry about this, but I'm gonna take today's page off. Our grandma has been in the hospital and we've been spending a lot of time with her. But, it will just be for today, a new page will be posted on Wednesday.

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2/4/20 Page 35 is done.

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1/15/20 Page 27 is done.

1/15/20 Hey everyone. Very sorry, but the website is currently broken. We're working on fixing it, but in the meantime I can't upload any pages. Sorry!

1/10/20 Page 26 is done.

1/8/20 Page 25 is done.

1/6/20 Page 24 is done.

1/2/20 Tonight we'll be doing the first Patreon stream of the year! Feel free to come watch me draw comics, I may also do some Patron requests as well! You can watch me tonight at 8pm CT on Twitch:

12/25/19 Merry Xmas! I will be putting up a special xmas page tomorrow!

12/19/19 I got into Con Alt Delete! I will be there this weekend, in the artist alley!

12/5/19 Added some new pages to the Flipside adult comic on my Patreon:

11/4/19 Page 2 is done.

11/1/19 Page 1 is done.

10/31/19 Page 18 is done.

10/31/19 I will be at Youma-Con this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, my table number is D7!

10/29/19 Tonight we will be doing a special Halloween stream: special guest Jennifer will be playing horror games! It's the "Let's Scare Jennifer To Death" stream special!

9/19/19 Sorry, it seems Wednesday's page wasn't showing up for some reason. It is fixed now!

8/15/19 Patreon Stream tonight! You can watch me draw comics, and other things! Starts at 8:30 CT:

7/29/19 Page 28 is done.

7/26/19 Page 27 is done.

7/24/19 Page 26 is done.

7/18/19 Doing another Patreon Stream tonight, at 8:30pm CT!

7/15/19 Page 115 is done.

7/14/19 Page 114 is done.

7/13/19 Page 113 is done.

7/12/19 Page 112 is done.

7/11/19 Page 111 is done.

7/10/19 Page 110 is done.

Hey guys! I am currently in the middle of my 3 convention excursion! This weekend is the last of the 3, Connecticon! I will be there from this Friday to Sunday, in the dealer's room. Booth 504!

In case youre wondering why the story is suddenly in a flash back, it's because I was unable to have a buffer for these 3 cons in a row. So for the last week and the next I am rerunning the side story about Polly's history. This was originally exclusive to book 7, so it will only be up for a short time! Hope to see some of you at Connecticon this weekend!

7/9/19 Page 109 is done.

7/8/19 Page 108 is done.

7/7/19 Page 107 is done.

7/6/19 Page 106 is done.

7/5/19 Page 105 is done.

7/4/19 Page 104 is done.

7/4/19 I am currently at Anime Expo! You can find me in the dealers room, booth 4821.

In case youre wondering, for the next two weeks I am rerunning the side story about Polly's history. This was normally exclusive to book 7.

7/3/19 Page 103 is done.

7/2/19 Page 102 is done.

7/1/19 Page 101 is done.

6/28/19 Page 22 is done.

I am currently at Akon, in the artist alley, B25

6/26/19 Page 21 is done.

I have some news: I have 3 conventions in a row, starting this weekend! Akon, Anime Expo, and Connecticon. The bad news is that I will not be able to have a buffer for all of these weeks.

So what I'm gonna do is finish this weeks pages, and then do a filler comic for the 2 weeks after that. That filler comic will be a rerun of one of the bonus comics that is exclusive to one of the books. This particular one is the one about Polly, so it might be good timing for it.

Sorry about this... it's been a busy time!

5/17/19 Page 4 is done.

4/22/19 Page 53 is done.

4/19/19 Page 52 is done.

4/11/19 I will be doing another Patreon Stream this evening! If you want to, feel free to drop by and watch me draw comics! The stream will be at 7pm CT, here:

4/9/19 Just added some new pages to the Flipside adult comic for the Patreon!

4/3/19 Okay guys, you figured me out! Monday's page 45 was not the real page 45! Here is the real one!

3/5/19 The Patreon has been updated with more pages for the Flipside adult comic!

3/1/19 Sorry for the lack of page today. The next 2 pages will be another 2 page spread, so I will be posting those both on Monday!

1/29/19 Giving a quick plug to Jennifer Brazas's new Patreon! Check it out!

1/28/19 Just 3 more days left on my Kickstarter for Book 10!

1/23/19 The next 2 pages are going to be a 2 page spread, so I'm gonna put them both up on Friday. In the meantime I decided to put up a little Kickstarter thing today!

1/22/19 9 days left in the FLIPSIDE KICKSTARTER! In case you missed it, I'm currently raising money for Book 10! You can get a copy of the new book or some of the older books, with a pencil or ink sketch. You can also get a special thank you in the book. And for the first time I am offering an original comic page used to make the comic! I even just added a crazy reward tier where you can get your own Flipside costume made!

1/14/19 Page 12 is done.

1/10/19 Page 11 is done.

1/2/19 Just added a new reward tier to my Kickstarter. Now you can get books /w inked sketches! If you already invested in another tier, keep in mind you can always upgrade.

1/1/19 My Kickstarter for Book 10 just went live! Check it out!

12/8/18 Right now, I am gonna do a quick art stream, working on some emotes and taking song requests. Later today I am gonna do a birthday stream!

My Twitch Channel.

12/4/18 Got the computer back, and it seems like it is fixed for real now! Apparently the problem was the the cooling system was busted, so it was overheating. It's not that the fan wasn't working, but I had a liquid cooling system and there was some kind of malfunction that needed to be fixed. Anyway, it SEEMS to be working now.

I put up 2 more pages... these are last Friday's and Monday's pages, so now I'm caught up until tomorrow. Also, if you are following the Adult comic on the Patreon, I have just added new pages to that, too. And finally, we're gonna try to do another Patreon Stream tomorrow. If you are curious to watch me do art, you can check it out here:

11/30/18 Okay, so... sorry to have to say this, but my computer died again. Whatever they did to "fix" it, it did not work. It seemed to be working initially, but now it can't boot. It's lookin like I'm not gonna be able to stream this weekend, either.

It really sucks... sorry about that! I am gonna have to miss today's page again. Promise I will make up the pages, adult pages and Patreon Streams soon~!

11/26/18 Sorry everyone, bad news. My computer has just died. Gotta take it into the shop... unfortunately won't be able to do any streams or update the comic for awhile. Sorry about that, but I will catch up when I get it back!

11/2/18 Page 50 is done.

11/1/18 Page 49 is done.

10/21/18 Hey everyone, I have some news. Over the next week, I will be travelling back to Japan! It'll be my first time back there in 5 years. I am really looking forward to it, it's going to be the first vacation I've taken in awhile.

That's the good part... the bad part is that since we moved, things have been very busy and I dont have any buffer pages ready, so I'm gonna need to take a week off from Flipside. Sorry about that (especially as in the middle of this arc, every page is a cliffhanger.) Hope you understand!

10/7/18 Patreon Stream tonight! Drawing comics, and art requests for Patreon Supporters! I also have song requests! Ask any questions you want!

9/25/18 Jennifer of Mystic Rev's new store is live, check it out!

9/24/18 Sorry, no page today. The next two pages will be a 2-page spread, so I will be putting both up on Wednesday.

9/14/18 Doing another Patreon Stream tonight at 7pm CT! Will be drawing on stream! You can watch it here:

8/31/18 Sorry for the lateness of today's page. We got some complicated stuff going on in our life right now involving taking care of a grandma, and it's been a bit difficult finding time to come back to the apartment to post pages. I've been trying to queue them ahead of time. Anyway, sorry again that this one was a bit late.

8/24/18 Gonna be at Geek.kon this weekend! Geek.kon is a small Madison anime convention happening this weekend, and I will be in the artist alley. It's not too big, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me, just look for the giant Maytag banner!

8/22/18 Page 22 is done.

8/21/18 Sorry, you may have noticed that Monday's page was very late. Had a lot of stuff going on recently that's kept me very busy. But tomorrow's page will be on time!

8/13/18 Page 18 is done.

8/10/18 Page 17 is done.

8/8/18 Just added 4 new pages to the Adult Flipside comic on the Patreon! More pages will be added later this month!

I will be at Otakon this weekend, in the artist alley! Hope to see some of you there!

8/5/18 Patreon Stream today at 3pm! You can watch me draw comics!

8/3/18 Page 14 is done.

7/20/18 Page 8 is done.

7/17/18 Just posted chapter 51, page 6. Sorry for the lateness of this page, which was supposed to be up yesterday, it's been real busy for me with the conventions. And I will be at another one this weekend, Metrocon in Florida. But the other pages shouldn't be a problem.

7/13/18 Page 5 is done.

7/13/18 It turns out I will not be able to get into Anime Iowa this weekend. I guess they have a policy about not selling any tables at the show, even if they have no-shows. That's different from last year. Oh well.

7/11/18 Page 4 is done.

7/9/18 Page 3 is done.

7/6/18 Page 2 is done.

7/5/18 I am at Anime Expo, booth 4221 in the dealers hall! If you are there, hope to see you!

7/4/18 Page 1 is done.

6/11/18 Page 60 is done.

6/8/18 Page 59 is done.

6/6/18 Page 58 is done.

6/4/18 Tonight at 7pm I will be doing my 14th Patreon stream, before I leave for Akon this weekend! Will be doing more comics, and of course art requests for the Patreon supporters! Hope to see you there!

6/1/18 Page 56 is done.

5/30/18 Page 55 is done.

5/28/18 Page 54 is done.

5/25/18 Page 53 is done.

5/23/18 Page 52 is done.

5/22/18 Just updated my Patreon with 4 more pages of the adult Flipside comic!

5/21/18 Page 51 is done.

5/21/18 Yes, I know today's page is pretty "cheap" to be counted as a page. Like I was saying before, I wasn't planning to count this as a real page, but I am in the middle of 4 conventions now, so please think of today's page as a little break for me.

Speaking of which, I will be at Fanime this weekend!

5/18/18 Page 50 is done.

5/16/18 I just thought I would let you all know that I have 4 conventions in a row, starting this weekend! That's right, it's gonna be a real busy month for me! I will be doing, in order: Acen in Chicago, Fanime in San Jose, Colossal Con in Ohio, and Akon in Texas. Well, I don't know if I've gotten into Colossal Con yet, but hopefully... I'm gonna show up and see if I can get in. The others I will be at for sure. I hope to see some of you at those shows!

Don't worry, this shouldn't affect the comic schedule too much. I've managed to build up a pretty massive buffer, I have pages for the next few weeks done. Still, I'm not sure about that last week, so we'll see. Also, I want to warn you about Monday's "page"... well, let's just say that it's not gonna be much of a real page. To be honest, I wasn't planning on using this as an actual update, but considering that I have so many shows in a row, I just decided to do it. When you see it, you'll understand why I was hesitant to count it as an update. Well, just think of it as a break for me for that day!

5/3/18 Doing another Patreon stream tonight! Tune in if you want to see me draw Flipside pages!

4/29/18 Just added some new pages to the Flipside adult comic on Patreon!

4/6/18 Page 32 is done.

4/2/18 Page 30 is done.

3/30/18 Page 29 is done.

3/28/18 I am gonna be at Anime Matsuri this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, right next to Mystic Revolution. Feel free to come say hi!

3/22/18 Just added some new pages to the adult comic on the Patreon! It's the first 8 pages of Chapter 3!

3/20/18 Doing another art stream tonight at 7 pm. Feel free to come by if you'd like to watch me work on the comic (or listen to video game music!)

3/8/18 The convention schedule on the front page has been updated with all the current info about my conventions for this year! If you're interested in seeing me, please feel free to come out to any of those conventions!

3/6/18 Doing another Patreon Stream tonight, at 6pm! I will be streaming myself drawing comic pages, as well as taking art requests from supporters! Please feel free to come watch and ask any questions you'd like!

2/19/18 Sorry for the lateness of today's page. Just got back from Anime Miluakee last weekend, feeling a bit sluggish. It was a good con though, generally went pretty well.

2/16/18 Page 11 is done.

1/26/18 Page 1 is done.

1/25/18 So I'm putting up all the holiday comics that I posted over the holidays. I was planning to do this anyway, just so that they would permanently be up and on the website, so my plan was to put them up as an intermission. So here they are, all at once. This link will start you at the first one:

Since I've already put them up before as updates, I decided to put them all up at the same time right now. The next chapter will start immediately on Friday.

Also I just want you guys to know that I will (hopefully) be at Ohayocon this weekend! I signed up but did not make it into the artist alley. But I'm gonna go anyway, and see if I can get in. Hopefully I will, and I'll let you know where I end up!

1/10/18 Page 55 is done.

1/8/18 Page 54 is done.

1/5/18 Just about to start another Patreon Stream! Will be drawing comics, feel free to stop by and watch!

12/18/17 Happy Holidays! It's the Flipside Xmas Xtravaganza! Every day this week something special will be posted!

12/15/17 Page 49 is done.

12/14/17 This weekend I am gonna be at Con Alt Delete in Chicago! I will be in the artist alley! Please feel free to stop by and say hi!

12/11/17 Gonna be doing a series of prototype art for Maytag's new costume all month. (This will be Maytag's costume Mark 4!) They will all be posted on the Patreon:

11/24/17 Page 41 is done.

11/3/17 Page 32 is done.

11/2/17 Gonna be at Youmacon this weekend! If you're gonna be there too, I hope you drop by! I will be in the dealer's room.

10/6/17 Page 20 is done.

10/1/17 I am doing another Patreon Stream tonight! Will be drawing the comic, and doing art requests for supporters. You can watch live here:

9/24/17 I have just added a new goal to my Patreon! We're already doing a special adult Flipside comic for Patreon supporters, this goal will effect the main comic. At $600, I will increase the amount of pages I will do of Flipside a week from 3 to 4!

The new Flipside schedule would be Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday!

9/12/17 On the Patreon we just recently reached the goal to start an adult version of the Flipside comic, and I just posted 4 new pages today. Warning, nothing "adult" in it yet, but eventually!

8/30/17 This Friday the 1st, I will be doing the 5th Patreon art stream on Twitch! It will be at 6pm. Everyone is welcome to come and watch, I will be drawing comics live on stream, as well as taking art requests for supporters. Come check it out!

8/24/17 I posted another teaser for the adult Flipside comic on my Patreon. We're getting close to reaching the goal where I will be doing it on a monthly basis!

8/14/17 Page 1 is done.

8/11/17 Page 60 is done.

8/9/17 Page 59 is done.

8/2/17 Hey everyone, regarding today's page: the next two pages are going to be a 2 page spread. I've thought about whether to split them up into separate updates, or to count them as one update, but the amount of work that'll go into these 2 pages I think justifies counting them as 2 pages. So what I'm gonna do is wait and upload both of these pages on Friday. Sorry about that, hopefully you will find it to be worth the wait!

8/2/17 Starting my 4th Patreon Stream! Will be streaming myself drawing the comic, and also art requests!

7/31/17 Page 55 is done.

7/28/17 Page 54 is done.

7/27/17 I will be at Anime Iowa this weekend, in the artist alley! So if you are gonna be in Anime Iowa, please feel free to stop by and say hello! I will also probably be selling those new 2B shirts that I designed.

7/7/17 Just got back from Anime Expo. Sorry for the delay with Wednesday's and Friday's page, I forgot to put them up as a buffer, and I wasn't able to get them up until just now.

Also I'll be at Anime Midwest this weekend, in the artist alley!

7/3/17 Page 47 is done.

6/30/17 Page 46 is done.

6/28/17 Starting my 3rd Patreon stream right now! You can watch and interact here:

I will also be taking art requests for patrons!

6/23/17 Hey guys, another bedbug update. So the inspector came out on Wednesday, and a lot of the apartment was sprayed. I had to go back to living in the apartment because there needs to be someone sleeping in the bed as "bait" or else the bugs will go dormant and the chemicals won't be able to work as well.

As far as the comic goes, I'm in a kind of awkward position right now because I have 2 conventions coming up soon, so it's going to be very difficult to have a buffer for those, even if I restart it now. So what I was thinking of doing is doing an intermission strip next week, while I work on a buffer for the conventions. Sorry again for these delays.

6/19/17 Hey guys. We have the bedbug inspectors coming out on Wednesday. I am also going to try moving back into our apartment soon, so I'm going to try to resume the comic soon, hopefully this week. I've also started putting updates back on the Patreon again. It may take awhile to get rid of the bedbugs, but in the meantime I am going to try to keep updating the comic!

6/17/17 Yesterday we spent most of the day doing prep work / cleaning in our apartment, to prepare for the inspectors coming out. One good thing is that we actually caught a bed bug and put it in a sealed bag! Now we don't have to worry about not having evidence. We're hoping that we have caught the problem early enough that it isn't too out of control, and that we can properly control it.

Thanks for your patience. I promise I will try to put some more real updates on here soon!

6/12/17 Page 43 is done.

6/12/17 Hey guys, I have some unfortunate news. I just learned that our apartment has bed bugs. This means we are going to have to move out for a little while, and putting up new pages is going to be very difficult for the time being.

I hate to do this, but I'm gonna have to take a short break from the comic. But I'm gonna keep working on pages in the meantime, and post more as soon as I am able! I will keep you posted.

6/9/17 Page 42 is done.

6/7/17 Page 41 is done.

6/6/17 Gonna be at A-kon this weekend, in the artist alley! I'll post a booth# when I know it!

6/1/17 Gonna be doing another Patreon stream tonight, at 5pm CT! I will be doing comic art and comissions! Feel free to drop by!

5/31/17 Page 38 is done.

5/29/17 Page 37 is done.

5/26/17 Page 36 is done.

5/19/17 Page 33 is done.

5/16/17 For all my followers on Patreon, I just finished the short adult comic teaser! It's called Flipside: Sex Positive and it is available to all $3 patrons and above!

5/10/17 Hey guys, I did the artwork for this NieR Automata T-Shirt, check it out!

4/27/17 Hey guys, I have Patreon news! I've decided on my first goal! We're gonna keep it modest at first. I've been thinking of starting an adult Flipside comic and making it a Patreon reward. As a test for that, at $120 I will do a short adult comic! It will be available for all $3 or higher Patreons!

4/13/17 Hey everyone, I just added a new reward tier to my Patreon! I will now be doing special monthly art streams, and I will take art requests from my $10 patreons!

The first one will be later this month. For right now, feel free to come visit me as I do a normal art stream tonight!

4/6/17 Doing another art stream! Come watch me draw Flipside!

3/30/17 It's been awhile since I've been pretty busy. But streaming makes a triumphant return tonight with more NieR Automata! Feel free to stop by and say hi!

3/23/17 Just added a new reward to the Patreon! Now for $5 a month, you will get access to a high res PDF of the latest chapter!

If you sign up now, for a limited time there will be a link posted to PDFs for all of the previous books! That's books 1-9!

3/14/17 Doing an art stream tonight! Working on comic book pages for tomorrow and Friday! Feel free to watch and hang out!

3/11/17 Gonna stream some more of those old fashioned video games today!

3/10/17 Doing another art stream today, starting in just a little while! Just going to be doing some general sketching.

3/7/17 Gonna do some streaming today. Hoping to finish The Last Guardian. And then maybe an art stream later on.

3/5/17 I just launched my Patreon! Click here to check it out! It's still a work in progress, I'm still thinking about what kind of rewards to offer.

3/4/17 Doing some more streaming today, this time video games. First I'm going to play a retro game about an undead Samurai fighting his way out of hell, then we're gonna play a brand new game called The Last Guardian that you might have heard of.

3/2/17 Doing another art stream tonight, starting at 8pm! Feel free to tune in and watch me draw stuff!

3/1/17 Trying another art stream tonight! I just got a new modem/router, so hopefully the connection will be better tonight! Let's find out! (Correction, Twitch has decided to go down for tonight. So my stream has been moved here:

2/21/17 I'm back from Katsucon, so let's celebrate with a short art stream tonight! Starting now-ish!

2/20/17 Page 54 is done.

2/17/17 Page 53 is done.

2/9/17 You guys might be aware that I stream... well for the first time ever, I am gonna try doing an art stream! That is to say, a stream of me drawing the comic. Interested in checking that out? The broadcast will start momentarily here:

1/29/17 Hey everyone, I have some news. Just recently I had to reprint a bunch of volumes of Flipside, which was quite expensive. Also I wasn't able to get into Ohayo-con this year, unfortunately. Basically, I'm pretty short on money at the moment.

So would anyone happen to want any commissions? If so, email me at, or skype me (my Skype account is Brion Foulke.) Would love to do some commissions, just contant me and we can work out the details!

1/13/17 Page 36 is done.

1/2/17 Page 35 is done.

12/30/16 Hey everyone. As my family has decided to celebrate xmas today, I hope you won't mind too much if I put off the last holiday page until tomorrow (it'll give you more time to vote!)

12/28/16 Do you want to vote? You do so in this forum thread:

Or you can send me your vote on Facebook or Twitter!

12/20/16 Extra page today to make up for the page I missed on Friday due to my computer breaking down.

12/16/16 Hey everyone. Very sorry, but my computer broke down again, it's currently in the shop being fixed. So today's page will have to be postponed.

11/11/16 Page 13 has been updated with the correct page. For those who want to see the election day page I posted, it's still up here.

11/7/16 Page 12 is done.

11/4/16 Page 11 is done.

10/28/16 Page 8 is done.

10/10/16 Page 0 is done.

10/7/16 Page 4 is done.

10/5/16 Page 3 is done.

10/4/16 Hey guys! This is kind of last minute, but I want to let you know that I am gonna be at New York Comic Con. I will be sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution, and I'll mainly be helping her so it might be a little hard to find me, but I will have my books out and be selling them if you want to stop by and say hi! Look for the cute looking pink T-Shirt booth called Mystic Revolution, my Flipside books will be on the table.

8/18/16 Streaming again today! Gonna be streaming a variety of PC games today. Feel free to watch and interact:

8/15/16 Page 41 is done.

8/12/16 Page 40 is done.

8/6/16 Sorry for the lateness of Friday's page, wasn't able to upload it yesterday because the internet went down.

7/25/16 Page 32 is done.

7/22/16 Page 31 is done.

7/21/16 If you're at comic con, come check me out at the keenspot booth, 2635!

7/20/16 Page 30 is done.

7/4/16 Page 23 is done.

7/1/16 Page 22 is done.

6/27/16 Page 20 is done.

6/24/16 Page 19 is done.

6/22/16 Page 18 is done.

6/6/16 Page 11 is done.

6/3/16 Page 10 is done.

6/1/16 Page 9 is done.

6/1/16 I will be in the A-kon Artist Alley this weekend, and I will have Books 8 & 9!

5/30/16 Page 8 is done.

5/27/16 Page 7 is done.

5/20/16 Page 4 is done.

5/20/16 Sorry, the convention schedule on my site is a little screwed up, it says that Anime Central was last weekend. However it is this weekend and I will be there, in the Artist Alley, G-15! I will also have the new books, 8 & 9! So feel free to come and visit me!

I will also be at Famine and A-kon over the next two weeks!

4/23/16 Streaming more Dark Souls III tonight! Come watch beat more bosses and also die some more!

4/17/16 Day 5 of me streaming Dark Souls III starts at 5:30pm! Gonna make more progress!

4/13/16 Day 3 of me streaming Dark Souls III starts soon! (But first I need to figure out why my mic quality went down...)

4/11/16 Guys, guess what! I'm about to start streaming Dark Souls III, and I'm excited!

4/4/16 The correct version of page 43 is posted!

4/1/16 For April Fools, I will be taking requests for BAD Nes games! Please request bad games for me to play!

3/28/16 Page 41 is done.

3/25/16 Page 40 is done.

3/23/16 Page 39 is done.

3/22/16 Hey guys, just want to let you know that I'm gonna be at Anime Boston this weekend. I will be in the Dealer's Room, right next to Mystic Revolution (the pink booth with the T-shirts.) I'll tweet the booth number when I know it. Won't have Book 8 or 9 to sell yet, unfortunately, but I will have the first 7 books and you can always just come up to say hi!

Also, I realize that I've been putting off the extra page for awhile, mainly due to the Kickstarter. Sorry about that, I will try to get it up next week for sure!

3/17/16 Doing some more NES streaming tonight! Viewer's choice, pick any game!

3/10/16 Hey guys, it's the last day of the Kickstarter, just 8 hours left! So if there's anything you want, make sure to get it now!

Just a reminder that both Books 8 and 9 will definitely be printed, so if you also wanted Book 9, feel free to add it to your order. Also, if you wanted an add-on, make sure to add the appropriate amount of money (including shipping) to your pledge. I will get the specifics for everyone's order during the surveys as soon as it ends!

3/5/16 Only 5 days of the Kickstarter left, guys! Let's see if we can at least get to 10k!

Just a reminder, both Books 8 and 9 will definitely be printed, regardless of whether we reach 10k or not. So feel free to order book 9 if you would like one!

3/3/16 Kickstarter update!

Added what will probably be the final reward tiers added to the Kickstarter! At $500, you can have your own cameo in Flipside, either of your likeness or an original character. At $1,000, you get a small speaking part for your likeness or an original character. Both of these also come with two Flipside books with inked sketches, thank yous inside the books, and the bead sprites!

3/2/16 Doing a special NES game stream tonight, will be taking requests! Also feel free to ask me questions about Flipside, or the Kickstarter! Starting at 6:30 pm

2/28/16 Kickstarter update! Just added a new reward tier, now there is a 2 book "super package" where you can get all the additional stuff; 2 PDFs, 2 inked sketches, special thank yous in both books, and the bead sprites. For people who only need the 2 new books but still want all the stuff.

2/26/16 Hey everyone! Update on the Kickstarter... it's almost up to the goal, $5,000! But there's a new stretch goal which is to get Book 9 printed as well! With that in mind, more support would be great! And it's a good opportunity to get the books with sketches in them, as well as other goodies!

And if you can't afford to support it, please spread the word and tell everyone you can about it, that would be very helpful!

2/11/16 Posted the first update on my Kickstarter for Book 8. Inked Sketches are now available as a reward! Limited quantity available!

2/9/16 The Kickstarter for Book 8 is officially launched! Check it out here:

2/7/16 Barring any complications, the Kickstarter for Flipside Volume 8 will be starting tomorrow! Hope you all check it out! Here is the website for the preview.

2/2/16 First of all, the Book 8 cover was colored by the wonderful Delusion. Check out the cover here!

Second, the Kickstarter will be starting next Monday! Check out a preview of it here! It now has a video, and the cover has been added too! If you want, leave some feedback!

1/21/16 After a little hiatus, I am streaming again. Will be streaming some Final Fantasy XI today at 2:30 pm, on

1/15/16 Page 9 is done.

1/13/16 This weekend I am gonna be at Ohayocon! I will be upstairs in the artist alley, in my usual spot! (Just to the right when you walk in the doors.) If you read the comic, stop by and say hi!

1/11/16 I realize that I've been owing an extra donation page for awhile now, been busy with AGDQ last week and Ohayocon coming up this weekend, so I haven't had a chance to do it. Also causing delays on some other things I want to do, like Kickstarter stuff. Bear with me on that.

1/8/16 Page 6 is done.

1/6/16 Page 5 is done.

12/29/15 Hey everyone... I was intending to post an extra page today, but I have some bad news. It seems my computer has come down with a virus, so I'm stuck without a computer for at least today. Hopefully I'll have it back tommorow.

12/27/15 Streaming the rest of King's Field today at 2:00 pm, on

12/24/15 Will be streami King's Field today at 1:30 pm, on

12/23/15 Will be streaming Metal Gear Solid V today at 3:30 pm, on Feel free to hang out and watch.

12/18/15 Page 3 is done.

12/16/15 Page 2 is done.

12/13/15 Streaming today, again at 2:30pm! Will be playing the classic PS1 game King's Field!

12/11/15 Hey guys, my Kickstarter for Book 8 will be going live sometimes next month! Here is a preview of what it looks like so far:

Feel free to leave a comment. I don't have a new video yet, But that should be done soon!

11/22/15 Trying to stream FFXI again today. I switched over to OBS, maybe that will help prevent my computer from crashing!

11/19/15 It's been awhile since I streamed FFXI, so let's do it today, starting at 1pm!

11/14/15 Hey everyone. I want you all to know that I will be doing another Kickstarter soon. This one will be for Book 8, and will include a bunch of other extras including another try at getting Book 0 printed. Right now, the plan is to start this at the beginning of January, so please keep an eye out for it!

Speaking of Kickstarter, some of you may be wondering when the website redesign that I promised from last year's Kickstarter is gonna happen. Well, the design is largely finished and right now I am working with someone to get the coding done. So that should be coming soon. I hope you all like the new design!

11/6/15 Gonna stream some co-op Dark Souls 2 today, starting at 5pm.

11/5/15 Streaming more Metal Gear Solid V today, starting at 2:30 pm. Come watch me fail at stealth!

11/3/15 Streaming today at 1pm. Finally gonna get a chance to check out Metal Gear Solid V!

11/2/15 Page 44 is done.

10/30/15 Page 43 is done.

10/28/15 Gonna be at Youma Con this weekend, in the Dealer's Room! If you're gonna be there also, please stop by and say hello!

10/27/15 Playing more weird horror games today at 3:00 pm!

10/22/15 Streaming more horror games today. Continuing my playthrough of Dread Out at 2:00 pm.

10/20/15 Streaming more Dread Out today! It seems like a very cool new horror game. Starting at 1:30 pm

10/19/15 Gonna try streaming a new horror game today, Dread Out! Starting at 3:30 pm!

10/17/15 Streaming more The Evil Within today at 2pm! Gonna try to finish it!

10/15/15 It's been awhile since I could stream, been pretty busy because of NYCC. But tonight, I will be streaming more The Evil Within tonight at 5pm! Hopefully I can finally finish it!

10/12/15 Page 35 is done.

10/9/15 Page 34 is done.

10/9/15 I am sharing a dealers booth ar NYCC, 330! Also, I got a chance to play Dark Souls 3 and it looks amazing!

10/7/15 Page 33 is done.

10/7/15 Hey everyone, I am gonna be at New York Comic Con this weekend. Sharing a booth in the dealers room with Mystic Revolution T-Shirts. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

10/3/15 There will be new vote incentive sketches for October! Starting today, vote for Flipside at Topwebcomics and there will be new Halloween themed sketches as rewards! You can vote for Flipside on the Top Webcomics List here! (Or from the button above on this page.)

9/26/15 Streaming Mario Maker today! If you have a level, I will play it! Also check out my levels that I made:

Battletoads: Karnath's Lair: 5617-0000-006A-77C1
Battletoads: Karnath's Lair Easy: 06CB-0000-0072-611D
The Search for Atlantis!: 5CC4-0000-0067-844B
Cave of Forgotten Dreams: 5970-0000-0063-169D

9/22/15 Streaming some Mario Maker today! Let's-a go!

9/21/15 Streaming with Jen tonight! Jen will be playing Metal Gear Rising! Starting at 7:00pm!

9/20/15 Streaming some more The Evil Within tonight, starting at 7:00pm.

9/18/15 Will be streaming for tonight, starting at 10:00pm.

9/17/15 Will be streaming for awhile today, starting at 2:40pm. Come and watch me play video games, I also ask any questions you want!

9/15/15 Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I will be doing another Kickstarter for my 8th book soon! By soon I mean in a few months. I am also going to try to fund print versions of Book 0, as well as some other stuff in the stretch goals. Keep an eye out for more details!

9/14/15 I haven't updated the vote incentive sketches for a long time, sorry about that. But this month I finally added some new ones! If you vote, every day there will be a new sketch! This month, sketches are characters from the anime Shokugeki no Soma.

You can vote for Flipside on the Top Webcomics List here! (Or from the button above on this page.)

9/13/15 Streaming today at 7pm. Come and watch me play video games, if you want!

9/10/15 Streaming today, starting at 3:30 pm.

9/4/15 Streaming again today, starting at 3:00 pm.

9/2/15 Gonna be doing some streaming tonight, starting at 4:30 pm, and probably going into the evening.

8/24/15 Jen and I will be streaming tonight at 8pm! We will be continuing our Longest Journey playthrough! Feel free to come watch!

8/22/15 Did a bit of tidying up around the website today. The links page was cleaned up and updated a bit. Vote incentives now work again, so if you vote you will see a new sketch. I'm working on getting high quality PDFs available.

Also will be doing some streaming on Twitch tonight, at around 7pm. Will be playing more SNES games.

8/18/15 Tryin out Twitch again today. Hopefully it works this time!

8/15/15 Doing some more streaming today! Feel free to stop by, hang out, or chat:

8/12/15 Streaming more games today! Starting at noon:

8/9/15 Streaming some more retro games tonight, starting at about 4pm CT:

8/5/15 Jen and I are finally going to continue our playthrough of The Longest Journey tonight, on stream!

8/2/15 Streaming more video games today. If you want, come hang out and chat with me:

7/29/15 Today is a day of relaxing and streaming! I will be streaming a variety of games, starting with Spelunky. So feel free to tune in, watch, and interact! I also answer any questions you may have!

7/26/15 Just wanted to mention that I am in fact not at Otakon this weekend. Wasn't able to get in. Sorry about that!

Also, I will be streaming today! Will be playing the NES game Arkanoid, one of the hardest NES games (if not the hardest!) Let's see how far I can get!

7/23/15 Hey everyone! Update on my status:

Sorry about last week. As you know, we were out of town for two weeks straight for conventions. Then we came back to a huge moth problem, and had to spend a week at my parents while we were dealing with that. Sorry about the missed pages. But, everything is back on track now and I won't be missing anymore.

In any case, it's been a long time since I've done any streaming, so I'll be doing some today! Please feel free to drop by and watch:

7/17/15 Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of pages this week. Let me explain what's going on: the prior two weeks we were in California for two conventions, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. Since I knew I would be out of town for two weeks, I got as much of a buffer as I could, however I still had to do one filler page for Monday of this week. I figured that would be enough.

However, our plain was delayed and we didn't actually get home till Wednesday. Also, we have a huge moth infestation that we have to deal with now, which has forced us out of the apartment for a few days. So unfortunately I was not even able to get a filler page done for today, sorry about that.

I think that the comic should be able to resume Monday with no problems. I will try to keep you posted on the website, as well as twitter and facebook.

7/13/15 Page 58 is done.

7/10/15 Page 57 is done.

7/8/15 Page 56 is done.

7/8/15 Posting from San Diego Comic Con! In case you want to see me, I will be at the Keenspot booth, #2635!

7/6/15 Page 55 is done.

7/3/15 Page 54 is done.

7/1/15 Page 53 is done.

7/1/15 This weekend I will be at Anime Expo, in the dealers room, at the Mystic Revolution T-Shirt booth, booth #840. Next weekend I will be at San Diego Comic Con at the Keenspot booth. If you are in the area, come visit!

6/20/15 Streaming some more Axiom Verge today:

6/15/15 Page 46 is done.

6/15/15 Streaming some random arcade games tonight!

6/12/15 Page 45 is done.

6/9/15 Streaming today! Will I finally beat Bloodborne? Stay tuned!

6/8/15 Page 43 is done.

6/5/15 Page 42 is done.

6/5/15 I am at Akon, in the artist alley, sharing with the Mystic Revolution Tshirtbooth, if you want to stop by and say hi! Also, today's page is only half of at two page spread, sorry about that.

6/3/15 Page 41 is done.

6/3/15 Gonna be at A-kon this weekend! I will be in the artist alley... either I'll be at my own booth, or sharing with Mystic Revolution again. Will post more info once I know. In any case, come say hi!

5/27/15 Hey everyone. Just got back from Fanime, and unfortunately I've caught something. Not feeling up to doing a page for today, so unofortunately I will postpone today's page until tomorrow. But check back tomorrow for it!

5/25/15 Page 37 is done.

5/22/15 Page 36 is done.

5/22/15 Posting from Fanime! I am in the dealers room, booth 907, at the Mystic Revolution booth (the pink t- shirt booth.) Stop by and say hi!

5/20/15 Got another convention this weekend! Will be at Fanime! Look for me in the Dealer's Room, sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution (the pink T-Shirt Booth)

5/13/15 Page 32 is done.

5/11/15 Page 31 is done.

4/15/15 Now that I have my capture card finally hooked up correctly, I can stream Bloodborne! And I will be streaming today:

4/6/15 Page 15 is done.

4/3/15 Page 14 is done.

4/1/15 Page 14 is done.

3/30/15 Page 13 is done.

3/9/15 Page 4 is done.

3/6/15 Page 3 is done.

2/27/15 For those of you who missed the Kickstarter, Book 7 is now available to purchase in the store:

2/2/15 Page 53 is done.

1/30/15 Page 52 is done.

12/26/14 Page 41 is done.

12/4/14 Oh, by the way... I forgot to mention this, but I decided that this chapter will be 60 pages. I need the extra pages for this current storyline.

11/29/14 Hey everyone! There's a sale going on at Shark Robot right now, you can get %15 off by entering the code "cybershark." It's good through Monday!

11/3/14 Page 16 is done.

10/31/14 Page 15 is done.

10/29/14 I am gonna be at Youma-con this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, next to the Mystic Revolution booth (the pink one.) Come and see me!

10/27/14 Sorry, everyone. I was busy with a Halloween party on Friday, and somehow I didn't realize that I had forgotten to put up Friday's page! Sorry about that. To make up for it I've uploaded two pages today, please enjoy!

10/1/14 Well, the Kickstarter is over! It went pretty well overall, we made 11k which was more than double our goal. That's enough to get Book 7 printed, redesign the website, and get new T-Shirts!

Unforunately, we did not reach the goal for getting Book 0 printed. That will have to wait for another time. I haven't given up on it though, and there's a strong possibility that we'll try for it again in another Kickstarter. So stay tuned on that.

Just want to thank everyone again who contributed to the Kickstarter. For more information about when you'll recieve rewards, I'll be keeping in touch with you through the Kickstarter site, as well as keeping you posted on the printing details. I just posted an update on Kickstarter about some of the things you can expect in the future. If you have any questions, please leave me a message on there.

9/29/14 Page 1 is done.

9/26/14 Page 4 is done.

9/24/14 Page 3 is done.

9/24/14 Hey everyone, check out this Steam Greenlight page for this new game, Queen of Arms:

9/21/14 Just 1 week left for Flipside's Kickstarter! At $7,200, we've nearly reached the goal for the website redesign, and the new T-Shirt is within reach. But there's still a ways to go to get Book 0 printed, and we'd really like to finally get those printed!

If you can, please help spread the word as much as possible! If you know any other Flipside fans, please let them know about the Kickstarter!

9/17/14 Guys, we've met the initial Kickstarter goal! Thanks so much to everyone who chipped in and helped out! Now, I hope we can keep going and meet some of the stretch goals, including Book 0!

9/7/14 The Book 7 Kickstarter is officially launched! I hope you'll support it!

8/31/14 Thanks everyone for the feedback! I have listened and made some changes. I've made a new video, please check it out!

8/29/14 My Kickstarter is nearly ready to go live! Please check out a preview and leave some feedback for me!

8/11/14 Page 14 is done.

8/8/14 Page 13 is done.

8/6/14 Also, I will be at Otakon this weekend! Come by and see me, I will be at Booth X-08 in the Artist Alley, which is close to the Pratt st. entrance. Look for my banner!

7/30/14 Page 9 is done.

7/30/14 We're back from Comic Con! Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I haven't streamed in awhile, so tonight at 7pm CT Jennifer and I will be streaming some more The Longest Journey! You can watch at

7/28/14 Page 8 is done.

7/25/14 Page 7 is done.

7/23/14 Page 6 is done.

7/22/14 Just added the color version of Book 7's cover! Colored by the wonderful Delusion! This will be the cover for Book 7!

Speaking of Book 7, I still plan to do that Kickstarter! It's taken me longer than I thought it would, and I apologize for the delay, but hopefully it should be up soon!

Also, I will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I will be at the Keenspot booth as usual, please come and visit! And if you need books, of course I will be selling them!

7/7/14 Page 4 is done.

7/4/14 Page 3 is done.

7/4/14 Hey everyone! I'm posting from LA. If you're at Anime Expo, stop by and see me at booth 839 in the dealer's room!

So, unfortunately I screwed up my queue and the intermission pages aren't working. Sorry about that, I have no way to fix it from here! But in the meantime, here are direct links the the pages:

Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

7/2/14 Page 2 is done.

7/1/14 Hey everyone. Sorry for the lateness of this page... we had another problem with losing our power. The circuit gets overloaded very easily from the air conditioner in our apt. building. We are getting a key to the circuit breaker room, so hopefully this won't be a problem anymore.

7/1/14 Hey everyone, I want to update you about the status of the Kickstarter. Sorry for the delay, I wanted to wait until I had a finished cover for Book 7 before going through with it. It should be finished soon, and in all likelihood the Kickstarter should start next weekend (probably on Sunday the 13th.)

Also, I'm going to be at Anime Expo this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution. Look for the big pink t-shirt tower, that's where I'll be!

6/12/14 I was recently interviewed by someone from Two Geeks Talking. Check it out here!

6/9/14 Page 51 is done.

6/6/14 Page 50 is done.

6/4/14 I'm gonna be at Akon this weekend! I should have a table in the Artist Alley! Look for me, and say hello!

5/30/14 The kickstarter will be happening soon. It may still be a few more weeks before it's ready, as I still have a few more things to prepare. please stay tuned for more info!

Also, I know the donation meter has been over $100 for a little while, hopefully I will have time to get that extra page done next week, before Akon starts.

5/26/14 Page 45 is done.

5/23/14 Page 44 is done.

5/19/14 Page 42 is done.

5/19/14 Anime Central is over. I will be at Fanime is next week, sharing a dealer's room table with Mystic Revolution! (The pink booth with all the T-Shirts!)

The kickstarter for Flipside Book 7 will be coming soon! Right now, I just need to figure out what kind of video to do. Book 0 may be part of the kickstarter as well!

5/16/14 Gonna be at Anime Central this weekend! Look for me in the Artist's Alley, I'm on the inside of the row closest to the door! (Unfortunately I do not have Book 7's yet... stay tuned for a Kickstarter I'll be doing in regards to those.)

5/11/14 I have some news: I will be doing a Kickstarter very soon! Our financial situation has been a little bit tight lately, which has prevented me from printing Book 7's. So, we are going to be doing a Kickstarter, and not only will it involve getting Book 7's printed, but possibly a print version of Book 0 as well! Stay tuned for more info!

5/6/14 Haven't done any streaming in awhile, but this week I am gonna be streaming some Dark Souls II! (Or trying to.) I'll be streaming today at 1pm!

4/21/14 Page 30 is done.

4/18/14 Page 29 is done.

4/16/14 Tonight at 7pm, Jen and I will be streaming some more The Longest Journey on twitch tv! And this time we will try to make sure that the audio doesn't sound terrible!

4/1/14 Flipside has now changed focus! It will no longer be a webcomic... from now on, it will be devoted to Animalcast! Watch animals play video games, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You know you're gonna love it! Please watch today's Animalcast here:

3/31/14 Tonight at 7pm, I'm going to be finishing my playthrough of Tomb Raider. And tommorow, I will be doing a special stream for April 1st, all day! Please come and watch!

3/24/14 I want to say something that I don't think I've disclosed yet... this current chapter, like chapter 30, is a bit of a special chapter. So, it will be 60 pages long. We aren't even halfway through yet...!

Also, I've owed another extra page for awhile... that will likely be done this week.

3/10/14 Gonna be doing some streaming tonight at 7pm CT. I'll be playing Actraiser 2 if you'd like to watch. I'll be streaming Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday as well, and I'll also answer any questions you might have about Flipside while I play, so please come by:

3/5/14 Will be doing another gaming stream tonight, with Jennifer there as well. We'll be trying out some Dust: An Elysium Tail. It starts at 7pm CT.

2/22/14 Hey everyone, bad news. We lost internet Thursday and Friday, and unfortunately we weren't able to get it back before going out of town for the weekend. So I'm not going to be able to put any pages up until Monday evening. To make up for it, I'll post two pages Monday evening when I get back. Sorry for the delays.

2/16/14 Today I'll be streaming some games at 5pm central time. Come watch!

2/14/14 I'm participating in the Valentine's Day Sex Drvie again this year. To see my image, simply vote for me at Top Web Comics.

The Complete List of Valentine?s Day Sex Drive 2014 Participants

Byron Wilkins: 1977 The Comic | Liz Staley: Adrastus | Jeremy Begin: After the Dream | Tom Szewc (with Maxwell Vex of Agents of the Endtimes): Alone in a Crowd | John Peters: Ardra | Mark Egan: Back Office and Bata Neart | Hiro Odan: Bridge University | Notos: Buying Time | Peter Anckorn: By The Book | Melissa Stone: Children of the Tiger | J. E. Flint and E. Flint: The Chronicles of Loth | Lou Graziani: Cy-Boar | Doomy: Demented | Amy Letts: Epic Fail | Davy Shirley: Fera | Brion Foulke: Flipside | Dave Barrack: Grrl Power | Rick: HeadWound | Spaces: Holy Bibble | Hushicho: Incubus Tales | Phil and Max: Indifferently Evil | Doug Jacobs: Impure Comics | Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls: Lacey Investigations | R(ed): Meiosis | J. Mackenzie Graham: Mozhaets | TK Doherty: Nikki Sprite | Niauropsaka: Raspberry Rain | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz - Rasputin Barxotka and Rasputin Catamite | Stef Marcinkowski: Sarah Zero | Adam Black: Silk & Honey, Locus and Kiss 4K | Officer M: The Soul of a Hero | Cihan Şeşen: SPINE | Sean Harrington: Spying With Lana | Juno Blair B.: Star Cross'd Destiny | Foust: Steel Siren (Trendkill Comics) | John Kratky, Tobias Gebhardt and Stephen Yan: Tales of Hammerfist | Chella Morgan: TDUGN | The D-Wrek: Twenty Four Seven | Jerry McMasters: Webcomic Pete | Rinkelle: Xenobiosis | Yellowgerbil: Zoe the Vampire

2/9/14 I know it's been awhile... but for this month, I will be doing vote incentives again! Starting today, there will be new images when you vote at Top Web Comics.

2/8/14 I'll be streaming video games again Sunday at noon. I'm thinking about having a normal weekly streaming schedule: Sundays at noon, Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm. We'll have to see if that schedule pans out. Of course, don't worry, the comic will assuredly continue as normal. You can watch my streams here:

2/6/14 I'm gonna do some streaming again at 9pm CT! (10 minutes from now.) Gonna be playing more games in! Watch it here:

2/3/14 I will soon be doing a video game stream! Starting at 8pm CT! Watch here:

1/24/14 Page 21 is done.

1/24/14 I'm going to be at Ohayo con this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

12/23/13 Today's page is a holiday special! Don't worry, it'll only be two pages this year.

12/1/13 My friend is doing a kickstarter for a role playing game. So I wanted to help her out with a plug. Please check it out and support it! It's a role playing game called Ages of Allu.

11/30/13 Sorry everyone. My schedule is out of whack, and I ended up sleeping through almost all of Friday. It seems like I might need bit more time than I thought to get started back up on the comic again... to make up for it, I put up a bunch more movie review comics. I will start the new chapter on Monday, promise!

11/27/13 Page 24 is done.

11/26/13 Page 23 is done.

11/25/13 Page 22 is done.

11/22/13 Page 21 is done.

11/21/13 Page 20 is done.

11/20/13 Page 19 is done.

11/19/13 Page 18 is done.

11/18/13 Page 17 is done.

11/16/13 If you are interested in following our journey in Japan, please follow Jen's Facebook for pics and videos! Also there should be a new page today, so please check the website!

11/15/13 Page 16 is done.

11/14/13 Page 15 is done.

11/13/13 Page 14 is done.

11/12/13 Page 13 is done.

11/11/13 Page 12 is done.

11/6/13 As explained in the current page, I've decided to continue the intermission for awhile. I don't like doing it, but unfortunately I'll be in Japan for the next 2 weeks on our honeymoon, and although I've tried to work on a buffer, there's just no way I'll be able to get enough done in time. Sorry, I do feel bad because I feel I have a responsibility to get these pages done in a timely manner, but sometimes life gets in the way.

11/4/13 Page 8 is done.

11/1/13 Page 7 is done.

10/30/13 Page 6 is done.

10/28/13 Page 5 is done.

10/27/13 Update on my computer situation: They said there was nothing wrong with it. I got it back and was able to use it briefly, then it started refusing to turn on. Now I've got to take it back into the shop again. At least I was able to get some pages done before that happened. Hopefully I'll still be able to post updates next week using Jennifer's computer. We'll see how it goes. I plan to post some pics from our zombie wedding as part of the intermission, which hopefully should start tommorow!

10/23/13 Um, more bad computer news. Yesterday my computer stopped displaying. It seems to be a problem with the video card. It's in the shop right now, and hopefully I'll get it back this week. Once I get it back, I promise I will make up for the updates I missed!

10/21/13 We got that modem problem figured out. Turns out it wasn't a problem with the modem at all, rather it was the cord. We are having a mouse problem in our building right now, and the cord had been almost entirely chewed through!

10/17/13 Sorry everyone, having another problem with our internet. Our modem is broke, and we need a new one. So, I am going to miss the update this Friday, but I'll make up for it by posting an extra page next week that won't count towards the donation meter. It will be the start of a new intermission. Also, I am getting married this weekend, so that is making things a little complicated. It's going to be a zombie wedding! Perhaps some pictures will be posted.

10/2/13 We had a good time at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Unfortunately things have been pretty hectic lately with the wedding coming up, so today's page is gonna be late, please excuse me for that. I will try to get it up later today. Also you may have noticed that I have some extra pages due... I will get to them soon, don't worry.

9/30/13 Page 22 is done.

9/27/13 Page 21 is done.

9/26/13 I will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, so please come and stop by if you're gonna be there!

9/16/13 Page 16 is done.

9/15/13 Added some new links to the links page: Corbin Dodge, Overture, Spying with Lana, and Tales of Lev.

9/13/13 Page 15 is done.

9/13/13 I just added another large batch of art to the gallery! First, of my own art, some commissions: 46 and 47. Also I added a bunch of new gift art from the following people: Anon, Brandi, Christy, John, Kristiana, Samantha, Selie, and Tiffy. Some new cosplay pics were added too: Jenn has a new pic, and there's also Keenana and this girl. There's a new figurine, and even a Flipside tattoo!

In addition to all this, I've reorganized the gallery and given it a new look.

9/5/13 I've done some spring cleaning on my links page. Many broken links and old webcomics that no longer update have been removed. Also added a few new links, like my friend's comic: Era of Errors.

8/20/13 Just added a ton of new pics to the gallery! Under commissions, I added the following: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28,29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45. Also under auctions: 7, 8, 9. Also, the secret gallery has been updated if you know where to look.

8/18/13 Added the color version of chapter 35's title page: Check it out! It was colored by Savage Sparrow.

8/16/13 Page 3 is done.

8/12/13 Page 1 is done.

8/9/13 Page 6 is done.

8/5/13 Page 4 is done.

7/22/13 Page 28 is done.

7/19/13 Page 27 is done.

7/17/13 Page 26 is done.

7/17/13 Gonna be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I will be at the Keenspot Booth, #2635. If you're gonna be there too, please come by and visit me!

7/8/13 Page 22 is done.

7/5/13 Page 21 is done.

7/3/13 Page 20 is done.

7/3/13 Gonna be at Anime Expo this weekend. I will be in the dealer's room, sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution, so please come see me!

6/27/13 Sorry again about the lateness of today's page.

6/24/13 Hey everyone. Sorry for the lateness of today's page, it was a busy weekend. I still want to make up those pages I missed back during the conventions, we'll see if I can get any extras up this week.

6/13/13 Hey everyone. Sorry again about missing my page yesterday! The power was out all day, and there was nothing I could do. The page is finally up now.

6/6/13 I finally got my computer back. Sorry about the long downtime without any pages. It was pretty tough having 3 cons back to back... I missed 5 pages in total, did 2 filler strips. I'm gonna try to at least make up the 3 pages I totally missed in the next couple of weeks.

5/28/13 Sorry, I have more bad news. I just got home from Anime Boston to find out that my computer is busted. Pressing the power switch does not turn it on. I had to take it into the shop, and I'm posting this from my parents' house. Unfortunately, this means that I won't even be able to have filler strips up for the next 3 days.

Please bear with me. The comic will resume when I get back from Akon next week, and hopefully my computer will be fixed promptly. I'll try to make up the missed pages later.

5/27/13 Page 9 is done.

5/24/13 Page 8 is done.

5/22/13 Sorry, bad news everyone... as you know, I have 3 conventions in a row. I did Acen last week, I have Anime Boston this week, and I have A-Kon the week after that. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much of a buffer done, so it looks like I'm gonna have to do some filler strips. Friday and Monday will both be filler strips, and hopefully I won't have to do more, but we'll see.

On the other hand, I think they're pretty funny, so hope you enjoy them! And come see me at Anime Boston in the dealer's room (sharing with the Mystic Rev booth) or A-kon in the artist alley (again, probably sharing with the Mystic Rev booth.)

5/20/13 Sorry about the lateness of today's page, I didn't have a lot of time this weekend due to Anime Central. I have Anime Boston this weekend as well, so I'm not sure if I can get all the pages done in time... but we'll see.

5/10/13 Please bear with me, today's page will be a bit late.

4/29/13 Sorry for the lateness of today's page. My scanner broke down, but we have a nice new one now, hopefully it should be fine.

4/22/13 Jennifer's kickstarter is entering it's final week! Her comic is really cool, so please support her!

4/11/13 Extra page today! This one does not count as an extra page for donations; it's to make up for missing last Friday's page when I was feeling sick. There will be another page tommorow, and I still have to do an extra donation page next week!

4/7/13 Hey everyone. Jennifer of Mystic Revolution is doing a kickstarter. Please support it!

Sorry everyone for missing Friday's page... tommorow's page might be a bit late too, but it should be up, and I plan to make up Friday's page soon (hopefully on Tuesday.) After Sakura Con I've been pretty sick all week. It's pretty much cleared up now, though I still have a bad cough.

I haven't been posting much in the blog for awhile, so I feel like I may as well talk about some of the things I've been doing to keep myself occupied. I recently got PS Plus, which is the paid service for PS3; it's pretty nice, only $5 a month and you get a decent amount of free games. It's been a good opportunity to try out some games.

I downloaded and played through Spec Ops: The Line, the first cover-based shooter I've ever played (not counting Mass Effect 2.) For one thing, I affirmed what I suspected, cover-based shooters are not for me. It may be realistic, but it sure is boring popping in and out of cover all the time, constantly shooting people. I think I was able to make it to around chapter 9 (right after the white phosphorous thing) before I just didn't feel like forcing myself to play anymore.

One reason why I felt compelled to play this game was because I heard people praise the story of this shooter in particular. If this is the best that the shooter genre has to offer, I am not impressed. Didn't particularly like any of the characters, the main guy was very generic and my two buddies were barely characters, I didn't know a thing about them except that they speak in cliches. I guess the themes of this game are something that should resonate, but they really didn't for me.

I guess I'm in the minority about this game, but I'm getting used to being in the minority. It's funny... maybe I'm getting old, because I feel more and more negative about the media I consume, including new games, movies, TV, comics, etc. Luckily there's a few new games I am looking forward to (Nino Kuni,) a few new anime I am enjoying immensely (the new Hunter X Hunter and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), and as for TV shows, I still watch and enjoy Breaking Bad quite a lot. I don't want to turn into a grumpy old man, so it's nice that there are at least a few new things I'm enjoying. I guess my standards are just higher than they used to be.

4/5/13 Sorry... been feeling sick all week. Today's page is going to be late.

4/3/13 Okay, the real page 19 is up!

4/1/13 Page 19 is done.

3/29/13 Page 18 is done.

3/28/13 I'm gonna be at Sakura Con this weekend, in the dealer's room! Come look for me next to the pink Mystic Revolution booth!

3/1/13 I'm going to actually try to do new vote incentives this month, for a change! That means a new pic every day. If you want to see them, all you have to do is vote on Top Web Comics at this link. (Or use the button above!)

2/14/13 I'm participating in the Valentine's Day Sex Drive! This is an event where a whole bunch of webcomic artists post images of their characters in the nude on Valentine's day. To see my image, just click on the link to the Top Webcomics List and vote for my comic!

1/18/13 Page 2 is done.

1/17/13 Well, I've got some interesting news. Turns out we will be at Ohayocon this weekend after all! Although we weren't able to get tables, a friend of ours has to back out and is going to let us uses his tables. Just found out about it yesterday, so it's a bit of a surprise!

So, sorry for the short notice, but if you are gonna be at Ohayocon this weekend, look for us in the Dealer's Room!

12/7/12 Page 20 is done.

12/5/12 Page 19 is done.

11/22/12 Hey guys... Black Friday is tommorow, so it's a good time to buy Flipside stuff from the store! You get free shipping to anywhere in the world if you spend over $60, and if you use the coupon code happyholidays you get %5 off!

11/20/12 Page 98 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/15/12 Page 97 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/13/12 Page 93, Page 94, Page 95, and Page 96 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/7/12 Today's page will be a bit late due to convention business. Please bear with me.

11/5/12 Page 7 is done.

11/2/12 Page 6 is done.

10/31/12 Well, I finally recieved the shipment of Flipside Volume 6 Books last week! It's taken a long time, and customs was a bitch, but we finally got them. That means that all of you who made pre-orders will get your copies very soon!

I've already sent out the first batch of books, which is a little over half of them... I sent them out based on the order in which they came in, so those who ordered earlier will get theirs first. If you want to know if yours has shipped already, check the order number: if it is 61632 or lower, it was sent out today. If it is a higher number, it will be sent out next week (I will be at Youma Con this weekend, so no more time for shipping this week.)

10/31/12 I will be at Youma Con this weekend! If you're gonna be there, come check me out! I'll be in the Dealer's Room, sharing space with Mystic Revolution like usual. Look for my banner, or the pink cubes displaying cute T-Shirts! (Sorry, I won't know my actual booth number till we get there.)

10/30/12 Page 91 and Page 92 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

These pages are the actual character sheets of the players, which were homemade by me. Included is also some detailed explanations about what it all means.

10/22/12 We're doing another Game Night tonight! Jen and I (actually just Jen) will be playing the SNES game Clock Tower, a great horror game if you've never seen it. We start at 8pm CT. Come and watch and let's see if Jen will be scared!

10/18/12 Page 90 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

10/16/12 Page 89 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

We're taking a break from the DND comic storyline, and instead I'm going to post all the info I have. This will include rules, character abilities, spell lists, monster lists, maps, and all the other crap I made for our game. For the people who requested this stuff, here you go!

10/15/12 Page 28 is done.

10/15/12 Just got back from New York Comic Con. It wasn't a great con for us, but at least the food from the food carts is good. I ate 3 knishes, many kabobs and a really good gyro. Jen had fried cheesecake, which she really liked.

10/12/12 Page 27 is done.

10/9/12 Page 88 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

I'm be leaving for New York Comic Con tommorow! I will be in the Dealer's Room, Booth# 3056. I will be sharing with the Mystic Revolution booth, so just look for the pink cube structure and girly T-shirts! Oh, we have a new shirt called Gandalf Style, I think you might want to check that out also! I hope to see some of you there!

Also, I just found out that I will be for sure receiving the shipment of Book 6's on October 16th. That means that those of you who preordered Book 6 will finally be receiving them soon! I'm sorry again that it took so long! If you have preordered a book and haven't requested a sketch, please email me with your request, unless you're fine with the default Maytag sketch.

10/8/12 Me and Jen are gonna be doing a gamenight again tonight! It's been awhile, but we're finally getting back into it! Tonight we are gonna be playing Mass Effect 3! Come and watch us play!

10/7/12 The chapter 34 title page has been colored! Thanks Delusion!

10/4/12 Sorry, my page was late again today. I don't have any good excuses other than just general laziness after getting back from another con again. It sucks, because there's so many things I want to do for this site, I just need to focus and do them.

10/1/12 Page 22 is done.

9/28/12 Page 21 is done.

9/25/12 Page 87 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! Resurrected from the dead again! Or is it?

I realize it's been a long time since I've taken advantage of these newsposts. I haven't been doing any podcasts or gamenights recently either. Partly it's because of troubles with my new computer, partly Dark Souls, mainly just laziness... lately I feel I've been pretty complacent, merely doing the minimum amount of work I have to do. I keep trying to restart all of these various projects I'm juggling, and keep failing at it... and that's not cool, because I just don't think that merely 3 pages a week of Flipside is good enough anymore. I need to do more.

Also this website has been in need of a redesign for a long time... I think this current design dates back to 2003. But it's a daunting amount of work, and I keep putting it off, over and over... I really need to do something about that. Well, I really need to stop saying I'll do something about it and actually do it.

8/21/12 Page 86 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! Yes, I actually updated it again after all this time! Amazing!

7/31/12 I know I've been pretty lazy with the vote incentives for awhile, so starting tommorow I am going to do another vote incentive request month! All month of August, you can request a sketch of whatever you want!

If you're interested, simply sign up for the forum, and post your request in this thread!

7/30/12 Page 2 is done.

7/27/12 Page 1 is done.

7/24/12 We didn't do a Game Night yesterday, because Jen had to go to the dentist. So we're gonna do one tonight. Tonight instead of a video game we will be playing Settlers of Catan. We will be starting at 8pm EST, as usual. You can watch it here!

7/18/12 Page 27 is done.

7/18/12 Another podcast will be happening again tonight! Anyone is welcome to come on the show, and if you have any ideas about what we should talk about, let me know! I might talk a little bit about Comic Con, or about The Secret World which we just started playing, but other than that I don't have much to talk about...

If you'd like to be on the podcast, just send me a message on Skype, to flipsider99. You can also listen to the podcast here as we broadcast it live! The podcast begins at 8pm EST.

7/16/12 Page 26 is done.

7/13/12 Page 25 is done.

7/11/12 Page 24 is done.

7/11/12 I'm gonna be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! If you're there, look for me at the Keenspot booth!

7/9/12 We'll be doing another Game Night tonight! Join us and watch as me and Jen play Legend of the Mystic Ninja together! We will be starting at 8pm CT.

7/6/12 Sorry everyone... we lost power today, (I'm posting this from my parents house,) so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get today's page up. It's gonna be a bit late, so please be patient!

7/5/12 Oops, I missed my scheduled podcast time today because our power was out. But it's back on now and I think we'll still go ahead and do one if anyone's interested in being on. If you're interested, send me a message on Skype, to flipsider99.

And you can also listen to the podcast here. I think we will start at 10pm EST.

7/4/12 Page 21 is done.

7/4/12 I'm back from L.A! The con went fine, but we had lots of plane problems, first missing our flight on the way there, then both of us getting colds, then having one of our suitcases go missing on the way back. But at least we're back now.

It's been awhile since I did a podcast, so I'll be doing another one soon. Today will be a bit hard, so we'll do it Thursday this week at 8 pm EST.

7/2/12 Page 20 is done.

6/29/12 Page 19 is done.

6/27/12 Page 18 is done.

6/26/12 Extra page today! Page 17 is done.

6/25/12 This weekend, I will be at Anime Expo. You can find me in the Dealer's Room, sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution as usual (the pink booth with the T-Shirts.)

Sorry that I've been so lazy this month. I realize that I have completely neglected the DND comic, and I haven't been putting up any vote incentives this month... also I have an extra page that I've been putting off for a couple of weeks now. Well, the extra page will definitely be put up on Tuesday. As for the other stuff, it's gonna be tough, because July will be a really busy month, I have 3 more conventions. I'm going to make my priority keeping the comic going, I don't want to resort to guest strips this year. Hopefully I can do it, I've already got my buffer for next week mostly done, so that's a good start.

6/25/12 Jen and I will be doing another Game Night today. Though today we will have to start at 4pm CT due to other things going on. Tonight is Jen's turn to pick a game, so we will be playing Sailor Moon: Another Story (that's the SNES Sailor Moon RPG.)

6/18/12 It's been awhile, so me and Jen want to do another Game Night tonight. Will probably start around 7pm!

Game Night is where you watch Me and Jen play video games. We plan to start at 7pm tonight. Come watch it, it's fun!

6/6/12 Sorry about the lateness of today's page. We just got back from Texas last night and I hadn't had a chance to start it while I was there. A-kon went pretty well, despite the fact that I went in without any kind of table. Luckily I was able to somehow get ahold of one and sell some books. Now I have a few weeks break before the next bunch of conventions start up, which is nice.

6/4/12 Page 7 is done.

6/1/12 Page 6 is done.

5/30/12 Page 5 is done.

5/30/12 Well, I'm back from FanimeCon for 1 day, have to leave again today to go to A-Kon. Right now I am working really hard to get Friday's and Monday's page done so that I don't miss any pages. I could just do a filler strip, but I really don't want to do that.

5/30/12 Okay, the next 2 pages are done! Now I can go to Akon without worrying about having to do a filler strip!

5/28/12 Page 4 is done.

5/25/12 Page 3 is done.

5/24/12 If you're gonna be at Fanime this weekend, come visit me at the artist alley!

Also, someone wrote a cool article on Maytag.

5/23/12 I apologize for cancelling today's podcast... I just had too many things to get done, so there was no time for podcasting. Probably won't have time next week either... but the podcast will return! Most important thing right now is to try to get all the pages done. Also, I owe you guys an extra page, but I probably won't be able to do it in the next 2 weeks thanks to conventions.

5/14/12 Tonight me and Jennifer will be doing another "Game Night!" Jennifer has selected Gauntlet 64 as our game, so watch us as we try to stumble through it together, tonight at 8pm EST!

5/9/12 Tonight's podcast: We talk about the indie game Journey!

You can call in to talk about that, or anything else that's on your mind. You can call using a phone at (724) 444-7444, (use code 95065) or send a message on Skype to Flipsider99 and let me know you want to be on the show.

Listen to the show live at 8pm EST at the talk shoe website.

5/7/12 Me and Jen are trying out a new thing, it's called "Game Night." We play a different game every week, and livestream it. Tonight we are gonna try playing Spiral Knights. You can watch the livestream here:

We plan to start playing at 8:30pm EST.

5/3/12 I played that Journey game that everyone's been talking about. Kind of had a mixed reaction to it. On the one hand, the art design is fantastic, I don't think I've ever seen such good art design in a western game, except for maybe Bastion. Also the multiplayer is very well used, I like that you'll just randomly come across other players in your game and there's no real way to talk to them, but you can help each other with your voice power. It's an elegant and simple system, and it's nice to see people trying more creative things with multi-player as Dark Souls did.

However, it's not much of a game... it's very simplistic and linear, and the gameplay basically amounts to pushing switches in order to open up the next part of the level. That's fine since Journey is trying to be more of an "experience" game than a mechanics game, but in order to have a game that works well as an experience, a good soundtrack is absolutely mandatory. Unfortunately Journey's soundtrack does not live up to the quality of the visuals, it's atmospheric orchestrated music of the most generic and overdone type possible, it tries way too hard to make the player feel something, it's cliche, it's bland, and for me it really detracts from the overall experience. That made Journey a little bit of a chore for me to play, despite the really cool visuals. The soundtrack also follows the unfortunate trend of not really trying to have memorable melodies, but instead just being atmospheric.

I read some reviews of Journey, some love it, some panned it... but strangely, very few people mention the music in the game. I don't understand that at all, because it seems to me that for games like Journey, the soundtrack is by far the most important thing. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand the way other people think about video games.

5/1/12 Hey everyone... really sorry for missing yesterday's page, it was a crazy weekend and I wasn't able to get a buffer page done beforehand. I will try to make up for this missed page soon.

4/25/12 Anyone going to Anime Central this weekend? I'll be there, in the artist alley. I will not have Book 6 as it isn't ready yet, but drop by and say hi anyway!

4/19/12 The convention schedule has a few slight changes: I will not be able to make it to Anime North, but I will be at Fanime Con again this year. If you would like to see me at a convention, remember that my convention schedule is on the right side of this page.

Also, in case you missed it, I am still taking pre-orders for Book 6, and will be doing so until July 1st. As usual, pre-ordering a book gets you a signed copy with a free sketch inside of your choice! Check out the store for more details.

4/16/12 Had a real lazy week last week. I seem to always have those anytime after a convention. This week I'll try to pick up the pace. For this week's podcast I think I might want to talk about video game controls, had some interesting discussions about mouse-look controls and tank controls recently, and it annoys me how everyone always praises mouse-look controls and slams tank controls, when really I think they both have strengths and weaknesses. We'll have to see if I can find someone to talk about that for this week's Lobster Talk.

4/9/12 Page 19 is done.

4/6/12 Page 18 is done.

4/4/12 Sorry today's page is so late... it's not that I was lazy, actually I did something silly... I was so busy working on buffer pages for Friday and Monday that I forgot to upload Wednesday's page! Well, on the bright side, at least you don't have to worry about be missing any pages while I'm at the convention this weekend.

Speaking of which, if you're gonna be at Anime Boston this weekend, come and visit me in the dealer's room!

4/1/12 Special podcast happening tonight at 8pm EST. Please call in! You can use a normal phone at (724) 444-7444, using code 95065. Or you can message me on skype, at Flipsider99. Or you can just listen to the show on Talk Shoe's website.

3/21/12 Gonna try podcasting again tonight at 8pm EST. Please call in! You can use a normal phone at (724) 444-7444, using code 95065. Or you can message me on skype, at Flipsider99. Or you can just listen to the show on Talk Shoe's website:

3/14/12 Another new podcast tonight at 8pm EST. Not sure what we'll talk about today, but if you have something you'd like to talk about, then just be a caller and then you can decide! You can call in using a normal phone at (724) 444-7444. When it asks for a code, punch 95065. Alternately, you can message me on skype, at flipsider99. Or you can just listen to the show on Talk Shoe's website.

I have not been using the blog function of my website very much lately, mostly out of laziness, but I want to try to break that trend and get back into it. So maybe I'll start writing some more stuff here soon.

Last couple of weeks have been kinda hard for me because my sleep schedule has gotten all fucked up. I have this thing that happens where I will be going to sleep at a normal time, then I'll stay up an hour later and then that will become my normal time, and it keeps sliding back more and more until I'm going to bed way later than I want to. It might be because I spent a couple years working at an overnight answering service, and ever since then my body seems to want to go back to living like a vampire.

Anyway, when I notice this happening, I usually try one of two things to correct this... I either set my alarm and force myself to wake up early, or I stay up all night. If I force myself up early, the idea is that I'll be tired, and have to sleep earlier, thus making my sleep schedule shift back towards what I want it to be. If I simply stay up all night, then the next day I will want to go to sleep much earlier, then that usually causes things to bounce back, but it's kind of a last resort. So, I've been trying to do the first thing for a week, but it's just not working at all... I keep setting the alarm, getting 4-5 hours of sleep and being really tired during the day, but then I'll try to go to bed earlier at night and I just can't sleep. So finally I had to try the second thing, pulling an all-nighter. There's this weird thing that happens where you're really tired for a stretch of about 8 hours, then you get a second wind and suddenly you're wide awake, which happens at the worst time when I would have liked to have gone to sleep. Anyway, to make a long story short, that's what I ended up doing yesterday, pulling an all-nighter, and I'm hoping that tonight somehow I will be tired when I would like to be tired, but I guess we'll see.

So the reason why this is relevant is because it also effects my work motivation in a pretty negative way... I hate to work when I'm tired, I'd rather play video games because it helps me stay awake. So I've been playing way too many video games these last couple of weeks. Mainly Dark Souls... I am now on my 3rd new game+, and I started a new character too. But anyway, if you're wondering why I stopped doing DND comics yet again, it's because of this... and I really should correct that, because I hate that I haven't been able to do those as regularly as I wanted to do.

3/13/12 I am now taking Pre-Orders for Book 6! You can pre-order the book here. If you pre-order before May 1st, you get a signed copy with a free sketch!

3/7/12 There will be a new podcast tonight at 8pm EST. We'll probably talk about more video game nonsense, I guess. Please feel free to call up if you want to be on the show.

You can call in using a normal phone at (724) 444-7444. When it asks for a code, punch 95065. Alternately, you can message me on skype, at flipsider99. Or you can just listen to the show on Talk Shoe's website.

3/4/12 The vote incentives are finally updating again. This month will be repeats, but hopefully next month there will be new ones. But at least there will be some different pictures to look at for all those of you who vote!

3/3/12 Okay, we're about to start playing DND! This might possibly be our last session. You can watch the livestream here:

3/1/12 Sorry that Wednesday's page was so massively late. I haven't been feeling that well lately due to sleeping problems. Hopefully I'll be able to get Friday's page up on time.

2/28/12 Page 85 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

2/25/12 Page 84 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! (Sorry that I missed putting it up on Thursday, better late than never, though!)

2/22/12 There will be a new podcast tonight, at 8pm EST as usual. No animals this time, this one will just be about the usual, video games, politics, and my stupidity. Please feel free to call up if you want to talk about any of those three things.

You can call in using a normal phone at (724) 444-7444. When it asks for a code, punch 95065. Alternately, you can message me on skype and get on the show that way. Or you can just listen to the show on Talk Shoe's website.

2/21/12 Page 83 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

2/19/12 Hey everyone, since I missed Wednesday's podcast again, we're gonna be doing a makeup one today. I also posted "Animalcast", which was a special podcast I did for Jennifer for Xmas, and today will be a sequel, Animalcast 2. Tune in if you want to listen to a bunch of stuffed animals talking!

2/16/12 Ah, so I forgot about the podcast again last night. Actually I was planning on postponing it, because I knew we wouldnt have time to do it last night (we were having a birthday party for a friend.) I just forgot to actually post that. So, I think we might try to do a bonus podcast this Sunday. Probably around 8pm EST, the usual time.

2/16/12 Page 82 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

2/14/12 Page 81 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

2/9/12 Page 80 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

And I did another bonus page today. That's 2 pages made up from when I was sick! How do you like that, internet!

2/8/12 Yes, I am doing a podcast tonight! After forgetting about last week's, I will try to make up for it tonight by remembering! As usual, anyone is welcome to come on the show! You can call in at (724) 444-7444. When it asks for a code, punch 95065. You can listen to the show live here!

If you don't like me, please come on the show and let me know! Jokes at my expense are always welcome too!

2/7/12 Page 79 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! Yes, I am actually updating the DND comic again! I know I've said this before, and I'll probably say it again, but this time I'll try to keep it up until the end! Also, check out today's bonus page of Flipside.

There will be a podcast tommorow at 8pm EST. This time I will try not to forget about it, so please come and talk to me about random stuff or ask me embarrassing questions. Thanks!

2/4/12 Today we're gonna be alpha testing the Mystic Revolution RPG! You can watch live at We'll be starting a 7pm Central Time, which is 3 hours from now. Come check it out as we attempt to play the system which I built with my own two hands!

1/27/12 Page 16 is done.

1/25/12 I know it's been awhile since there's been any DND pages... plus, I promised to do some extra pages to make up for when I was sick. But this week is tough because I am going to be at Ohayo-con this weekend. It's all I can do to get the regular pages done in time. Next week hopefully I can do some of that stuff.

As I said, this weekend I'll be at Ohayo-con. Make sure to come visit me in the artist alley!

1/19/12 The chapter 31 cover has been colored by Savage Sparrow. Check it out!

1/18/12 After a bit of a hiatus, we're gonna be doin another podcast tonight! In case you missed it, the podcast has been moved to Wednesdays at 8pm EST. As usual, anyone can come on the show! There's no particular topic for tonight, so we can talk about whatever you want! You can call in at (724) 444-7444. When it asks for a code, punch 95065. You can listen to the show live here!

1/16/12 Well, I'm feeling better, finally. Sorry it took so long. I missed 4 pages while I was sick, hopefully I will be able to make those up eventually...

1/13/12 Hey everyone... I am still alive, but I've been real sick all week. Might have to go to the doctor today. Sorry about the lack of updates.

1/10/12 Sorry that I've been slow to get Monday's page up... I seem to have come down with something after the convention, feeling a bit sick. I'll still try to get it up today, though.

1/10/12 Hey everyone... I'm really sorry for the lack of an update. I seem to have come down with something pretty bad and it's making it difficult to work. I do intend to makeup the pages I missed though, so please bear with me.

1/9/12 MagFest was not a very good convention for us, I think I'm gonna try to stick to anime cons from now on. But still it was kinda fun. We got back earlier than I expected, but even so I'm probably not gonna be able to get today's page up until tonight.

I have a page from last week to make up, and an extra page, so I might possibly be doing 5 updates this week if I can manage it... we'll have to see.

1/6/12 Page 9 is done.

1/4/12 Page 8 is done.

1/3/12 So, I will be at MagFest this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, not sure where but I'm told it's a small room so if you look around you should be able to find me. This'll be our first time at MagFest, I'm looking forward to it and hopefully I'll have a little time to do something video game related.

So, as you all know I'm a bit behind on my work right now, due to a combination of Xmas laziness and some circumstances out of my control. I'm sorry about that, I'll be making up the page I missed on Monday later. Right now I've got pages done for Wednesday and Friday, but I wasn't able to get next Monday's done in time... and since we'll be spending the entire day driving home, I won't be able to put that page up on that day. However, I'll try to put it up on Tuesday as soon as I can, and then the schedule will continue as normal with the other make-up page on Thursday. (So there should be 4 pages next week.)

1/2/12 Sorry everyone... I think I'm probably gonna be skipping today's page, for now. Had a very busy weekend, had a hard time keeping up with my work. I will make it up later, though. This week will be a tough week because I have a convention this weekend, I am going to be at MagFest. Hopefully I'll be able to get done the rest of the pages I need.

12/27/11 The podcast has moved to Wednesdays at 8pm EST. So, there will be a podcast today! We will be talking about Dark Souls / Skyrim. Anyone who wants to talk about this, feel free to come on the show! Anyone is welcome to call in! You can call in at (724) 444-7444 using the code 95065. You can also listen to the show here.

12/18/11 Today's podcast is about to begin! Today's topics is Skyrim / Dark Souls. You can call in at: (724) 444-7444, with the code: 95065

Click here to listen to my show on Talk Shoe.

12/13/11 I'm pretty happy right now because I just got Dark Souls for my birthday! I think this might be the best fantasy action game ever made, except for possibly Demons Souls, but I'm not sure which one is better yet. I love that Dark Souls has a more open world feel to it, and some of the changes they've made to combat are really good, like how Estus Flasks are refillable but there is a carry limit, and how the new magic system works.

So far, I've explored the first area Undead Burg and managed to beat the first real boss, the Taurus Demon. Only took me like 6 or 7 tries... I did lose some souls, but it's Dark Souls and that will happen. Now I'm kind of at a loss where to go next, all the options seem to have very tough enemies that I can barely scratch... but I'm thinking I might try to explore Blighttown a bit further.

I've also been playing Skyrim, and playing Dark Souls has made me realize why the combat in Skyrim feels so one-dimensional and awkward... apparently there's no way to target lock-on, which is strange for a melee combat oriented game. Not having the ability to easily circle strafe is really lame. It seems as though there's no evasive moves you can learn either, and shields are very ineffective, so melee combat basically consists of moving backwards while rapidly pressing attack. No wonder I keep hearing people say how the combat in Skyrim still sucks. Well, at least there is plenty of nicely rendered area to explore and lots of options outside combat, (although I'm not interested in most of them.) It's definitely the Grand Theft Auto of fantasy games.

12/13/11 Page 78 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

12/8/11 Page 77 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

12/6/11 Page 76 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

12/1/11 I'm about 2/3 of the way through Amnesia but I'm getting pretty bored of it, so I think I will quit. The game does have a nice oppressive atmosphere and a creepy castle to explore, and I like the idea of being forced to hide from enemies, but you never need to hide in Amnesia... you can just suicide bomb the enemies and they disappear. I'm not gonna pretend to be threatened by an enemy that I know full well is harmless, not for the sake of so-called "immersion..." Well, even if I did run and hide from the enemies, I think I would get bored of the game's one-note atmosphere, shallow bag of tricks, scripted events, and always knowing there is a monster around by the music. There's only even one monster design in the game, I think. And the other elements are decent, but the setting and music starts to get repetitive pretty quick...

I also have a hard time feeling interested in a story that's entirely told with notes and voice-overs. Sorry, but I need cutscenes to feel interested, even if they're not "immersive" or whatever. Oh well, if I seem overly negative, it's only because I haven't found a horror game I've liked since Silent Hill 4. Although I guess Minecraft counts. Actually I find Minecraft to be much more effective than Amnesia as a horror game, but maybe that's just me. Amnesia is a decent horror game, but I think that Clock Tower basically does the same thing better. I'm a big fan of the original Clock Tower on the SNES, now that game had amazing atmosphere, incredible music that paid homage to Goblin soundtracks from the Italian horror movies, in fact the plot is basically a rip of the movie Phenomenon, which is AWESOME. More horror games should star a Jennifer Connolly look-a-like!

11/29/11 Page 75 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/27/11 Saw a movie over Thanksgiving... Hugo. Me and Jen wanted to see the Muppets but we were overruled by the rest of the family. I thought I would like it since it's Scorsese, but surprisingly both me and Jen really disliked it. And I feel pretty alone because it's getting rave reviews from critics, which I don't really understand. The movie is gorgeous to look at, and has great acting, but I felt like it didn't really have much of a story. It's very slow, and there's too many repetitive scenes of Sasha Baren Cohen Chasing Hugo around the train station. When they finally do solve the mystery, it leads to a third act that basically has nothing to do with Hugo, and he's barely in it. The movie ends up not being about his character at all. I guess it's just about paying homage to old movies and film history, and maybe I would have liked it more if I were interested in those things.

But the main reason I disliked it was because of the soundtrack. It's a very typical soundtrack for a movie like this, not particularly creative nor memorable, and it's very badly misused and overused. There are scenes where nothing is happening on screen, yet the score will be sweeping and grand... and it never stops, it's constantly blaring in the background. That kind of thing numbs my brain. The "comedic" French sounding accordian music while Sasha Baren Cohen was chasing Hugo around was particularly annoying to me. Of course, I'm very sensitive to soundtracks and have my particular tastes so I might be in the minority on this.

But anyway, I really wished we had seen the Muppets, because the Muppets looks great. I'm a big fan of Jason Segal so I'm sure I'll like it.

11/22/11 Page 74 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/20/11 The podcast starts in 2 hours. (8pm EST) Today's topic will be Final Fantasy 13, but since I haven't finished it yet we may talk about some other stuff like the DS game 999, the awesome Japanese show Game Center CX, and whatever other topics the callers feel like talking about. You can call in by using the phone number and ID on this page.

11/18/11 Having played a lot more of FF13, (to chapter 7 at this point) I can say now that I see what the critics are talking about, in some regards. Not that the linearity is a problem... more exploration wouldn't help make the game any better, and the linear levels suit the storyline which is fine. The main problem I have with it is just that the story just isn't that involving so far. It's not that the characters are bad... I generally like all the characters except for Snow. The problem for me is just too many cliches so far, I think...

also, I'm a little dissapointed by the game's soundtrack. My first impression was to be amazed by how good the game's battle theme is, and I still love it, but other than that most of the rest of the music is pretty forgetable. The area themes are decent, but the music playing during cutscenes is usually pretty generic sounding. When I think back to the Final Fantasy games I love, even though a lot of them have cliche and silly storylines, they have scenes which work really well because the music elevates it. Haven't found a scene like that in FF13 yet. The amazing battle music sort of helps to make up for it though.

Even though I'm a little dissapointed by some aspects of it, I do love the battle system, it's very innovative and fun. That alone makes the game worth playing for me. I dunno, maybe part of the reason I am dissapointed is because I just played an amazing DS game called 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, which has one of the best stories of any game I've ever played. It also has a much better and more effective soundtrack than FF13. I loved that game so much, so FF13's story just seems to pale in comparison (to be fair they are very different kinds of stories.) I wish that Japan would make more games like 999, well not only Japan but anyone...

11/17/11 Page 73 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/15/11 Page 72 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/13/11 Another episode of my podcast Lobster Talk starts today at 8pm EST! As usual, anyone is free to call up and be on the show! You can ask me any question you want on the Q&A segment, so see if you can throw me off!

11/11/11 I finally stopped being lazy and posted some new vote incentives... finishing the rest of the October requests that I was slacking off on. If you wanna see em, just vote!

11/9/11 Gonna be doing a special bonus episode of Lobster Talk today at 8pm EST. As usual, anyone is free to call in and join the show!

11/8/11 I know I've been very lazy about updating the DND comic this month, so to make up for it here are two updates today! Page 70 and Page 71of My Stupid DND Comic are now up!

10/28/11 We're having a Halloween party today. Gonna be watching horror movies and playing Horror games. And seeing as how Demons Souls is actually a pretty good horror game, maybe I can persuade people to play that for a little while...

10/26/11 Sorry today's page is so late... I have been really lazy lately, my work ethic has just been destroyed by Demons Souls, which I can't seem to play enough of. That game is really addicting, it's the best game I've played in a long time. I really love it. It has a reputation for being a brutally hard game, which is true, but you can make progress if you're persistant. I've beat the first 3 bosses so far and I'm at level 40, but the 4th boss (the flame guy) is really tough, I think I've fought him like 20 times so far and I keep dying. And it takes awhile to get to him, too. I'll beat him, though. I also learned that apparently the game is in "pure black" mode for Halloween, which means it is harder than usual. I wonder if it'll seem like a cakewalk in November.

10/24/11 Halloween is coming up in a week and excited... though, I'm also dissapointed because it looks like we may not go through with the "let's scare Jen-a-thon" that we wanted to do. It was gonna be a livestream where she played a marathon of scary games for charity. But it seems very tough to set up, especially for lazy people like us. Oh well, maybe next year.

10/20/11 Page 54 is actually done.

10/17/11 Page 54 is done.

10/14/11 Page 53 is done.

10/12/11 Page 52 is done.

10/9/11 Episode 9 of Lobster Talk starts at 5. Today we'll be talking about Horror Games. Anyone is welcome to call in at (724) 444-7444.

10/8/11 Just want to point out (since it's not on my convention list) that I will be at New York Comic Con next weekend. I will have a table in the Anime Fest area. If you're gonna be there, drop by and see me!

10/6/11 Page 69 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

10/4/11 Page 68 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

10/2/11 Episode 8 of Lobster Talk starts at 5pm today (which is in 45 minutes.) Today we'll be talking about movies. As always, anyone is welcome to call in and be a part of the show!

Also, once again I am accepting requests for vote incentives! If you'd like to make a request you can do so on the forums.

9/25/11 I'm still doing a podcast tonight, but it's been rescheduled till later in the evening (10pm) because I have some things to do.

9/23/11 Gonna be doing another podcast this Sunday at 5pm. Will be talking about Minecraft since I've been playing way too much of that lately, and if that gets boring then just video games in general. As usual, anyone who wants is allowed to call in and be a part of the show.

9/22/11 Page 67 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/20/11 I'm taking sketch requests again next month for vote incentives! This means that once again, you can request a sketch from me of whatever you want! All you have to do is go to this thread on the forum and request your sketch!

9/20/11 Page 66 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/18/11 Well, it's a bit late, but rather than miss it again I am gonna go ahead and do it anyway. My podcast will be starting at 10:30 pm tonight! So if you want to be on it, (and remember, absolutely anyone is welcome to join in and talk) go to this link and join!

9/13/11 Page 65 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/10/11 Hey everyone. We're playin DND again today. This time it is our friend Sara's game, not my game, which means we will be playing by actualy DND 4.0 rules this time! So all you DND fans might actually be able to follow it now. Also, we are starting a new game today, so you might actually be able to follow the story! View it here:

9/9/11 So, at this point in the chapter I'm sort of expecting people to start complaining about "pacing" again (already got one complaint on twitter.) The last bunch of pages could be seen as being paced slow, so I expect some people might be frustrated with it.

I want to talk about "pacing" for a bit and what that means... when people use the word "pacing," what they're really talking about is page content. As a web-comic reader, it makes sense to want as much story crammed into each page as possible, since you only get one page at a time... but for certain types of comics, that's fine, but it doesn't really agree with my storytelling sensibilities. I prefer comics which are less crammed and have lots of breathing room and reaction shots.

However, I've been making a concerted effort to compromise and cram in as much story as possible when it serves my purposes... for example, I think chapter 29 is pretty tightly crammed with story, or as some might say "fast paced." I used some narration and quick scene changes to keep things moving fast. That's a technique I definitely plan to keep using in the future... but at the same time, there are certain scenes which call for more "air." The current scene with Polly and Bern in chapter 30 is one of them. I feel that larger panels and more reactions shots are really potent for this type of scene, so I'm using them even though they cause the amount of content I can have on one page to plummet. That's unfortunate, but I have to do what's best for the story as a whole.

If it bothers you, don't worry... the page content will get a lot denser in just a little bit. (In other words, the "pace" will speed up soon.)

9/7/11 Me and Jen are livestreaming our first attempt to play League of Legends in case you are bored and want to watch:

9/6/11 Page 64 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/1/11 Page 63 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/1/11 Gonna be doing some new vote incentives this month. It'll be a mix of some past commissions and some new art. So, y'know, feel free to keep voting. Though it seems like I might never get back into the top 10... it's pretty tough now. Oh well.

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting much lately, (or not doing any podcasts/livestreams for the last couple of weeks) it's because we just got a new PS3 and a bunch of games and I'm in a anti-social mode. I just don't really feel like talking much... it's a bit difficult to get my work done too, but I'm managing to at least keep up with the comic. So many things I still need to do... but yet, so many games to play... such a dilemna.

8/30/11 Page 62 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/23/11 Page 61 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/20/11 We will begin playing DND shortly! We will be livestreaming here: Looks like there are no problems this time, so hopefully everything will work!

8/19/11 Sorry about the lateness of today's page... had some internet problems.

Tommorow we will be playing DND, and hopefully livestreaming it! I've checked Jen's laptop and everything seems to be working now, so hopefully there will be no problems. We'll be starting Saturday at 3pm, and you can watch here:

8/18/11 Page 60 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/17/11 Tonight I will be doing someone's podcast at around 9pm central time. I'll post more details when I have them on facebook/twitter.

Added a new link to the links page, Conversation Comic. Also, here's the link for Tiffy's deviant art, who did the Regina & Maytag gueststrips:

8/16/11 Page 59 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/15/11 Well, I wasn't able to do the podcast again this weekend either. Ended up being busy helping a friend with a convention... but to tell the truth I wasn't really feeling like doing one anyway. Next week I won't be able to do a podcast either, because we will be at Six Flags, but we will be playing DND on Saturday and hopefully livestreaming it. Gotta see if we can get that livestream to work this time.

8/15/11 I removed the guest strips in order to fix the numbering of my pages, and I will re-add them as the next intermission once this chapter is done. But in the meantime, you can still view them. Here's the links:

Tiffy's Filler Page 1
Tiffy's Filler Page 2
Tiffy's Filler Page 3
Rob's Filler
Rebecca's Filler
My Filler

Also, check out the websites for some of these fine people who did filler for me: Robert's site:, Rebecca's tumbler.

8/11/11 Page 58 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/9/11 Page 57 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/8/11 So, I had wanted to do a livestream / podcast last weekend, but our modem unexpectedly broke and we weren't able to get a new one until today. I'm thinking about maybe doing some make up ones during the middle of the week... I'll post another update about that once I decide.

The extra page that I've been saving for awhile will finally be posted tomorrow, so look forward to that. Also I plan to continue the DND comic now, so a new one will be uploaded tomorrow as well. Sorry for the lack of vote incentives so far this month... with everything else going on I just forgot to do new ones. So this month I will just post some random repeats.

Saw a couple of movies last week. Caught up with Waitress, which is a really good romantic comedy starring Keri Russel and that dude from Firefly. Also saw 13 assassins, which is a new samurai movie, that was also good. Also caught up with Extract, a very funny movie by Mike Judge who also did Office Space and Idiocracy. That guy makes funny movies, I would highly recommend that one if you also liked Office Space. Ben Affleck has a really funny supporting role.

8/3/11 Sorry again for the lateness of today's guest strip. I'm still looking for one more guest strip for Friday, so if anyone is interested and can do one on short notice, it's not too late! Otherwise I will just do a quick intermission strip for this day.

After last month I want to take it easy for the rest of this week... but I still need to start working on getting a buffer again, and also I have a couple of other projects to work on like redesigning this website and working on a pen & paper RPG for Mystic Revolution, so soon I will be busy again.

I'm also seriously considering buying a PS3 very soon. We did very well at the conventions this season, so it's sort of like a little reward for myself. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any good deals online, I might cave in and just buy a slim for full price. I was a little put off when I learned that the game Deadly Premonition was an Xbox only game, because that game is on the top of my list of games I want to play... but on the other hand, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Demons Souls are PS3 exclusive, so I think I'll just try to play Deadly Premonition on our friend's 360. Now I have to get back to scouring ebay for some sort of good deal!

8/2/11 Finally the summer conventions are over. I only have 1 convention left to do in October, New York Comic Con. For now I can relax.

There'll be guest strips for the rest of the week. The regular comic will start again next week, as well as the DND comic. I'm also gonna try to start making progress on a redesign of this website, hopefully that'll come to fruition soon.

7/29/11 Page 24 is done.

7/27/11 Page 23 is done.

7/27/11 Gonna be at Otakon this weekend! If you're looking for me, I'll be in the artist alley, table R-13. Here's a helpful map!

Monday's page will be late, because I won't be able to post it until I get home in the evening. Thanks for your patience.

7/25/11 Page 22 is done.

7/22/11 Page 21 is done.

7/20/11 Page 20 is done.

7/19/11 For all those going to San Diego... I will be at the Keenspot booth, which is 1231. Hope to see you there!

Next week will be guest strips, but I do have a little bit of good news involving these. It'll be a 3 page short story drawn by a talented friend of mine, and I wrote the story myself. It actually sort of continues the current story, you could think of it as a bonus scene. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm still accepting guest strips, so anyone else who has any interest in doing some, please feel free to let me know!

7/18/11 The next two weekends I will be at San Diego Comic Con, and Otakon. See my convention schedule on the sidebar of this page for more details. This of course means I am gonna be very busy... my buffer has also been falling behind after these busy months. So unfortunately I am probably gonna have to have at least a week of guest strips, which will start next Monday. Also there's not gonna be any DND strips for the next two weeks, and obviously no podcasts or livestreams either. Sorry about that, but I promise to get back to doing that stuff on a regular basis as soon as all these conventions are over.

7/16/11 I'm gonna be gone this weekend for a wedding... so unfortunately, no podcasts or livestreams this weekend.

7/13/11 Still looking for guest strips! I'm gonna need at least a few for the next big conventions. If you're interested at all, email me! You of course will get links and all that cool stuff.

We just finished watching the final episode of Twin Peaks. I think I need to update my bio, because I think I have a new all time favorite show. The Wire is still an amazing show, but there's definitely something special about Twin Peaks that just speaks to me. I love the show's score; it's easily the best score for a TV show I've ever heard in my life (not counting anime.) The characters are brilliant, especially Agent Cooper. He is such a captivating character, I could literally watch him read the phone book and be entertained. And the trademark Lynch weirdness has never gelled as well as it does on this show.

It's such a crime that Twin Peaks never made it past Season 2. Apparently the ratings went way down after the Laura Palmer murder was wrapped up... a big shame because I thought the next storyline was just as good, and I would have loved to see where the show would have gone in the 3rd season.

Anyway, if you guys want to see a brilliant show, check out Twin Peaks. You can stream it right now on Netflix. Highly recommended!

7/12/11 The title page for chapter 30 has been colored, thanks to the always cool and orange Delusion!

7/9/11 Gonna be livestreaming today at 4pm on Lobster Channel. I think today I will be playing and beating the NES classic Ninja Gaiden, all in one sitting, without using savestates or cheats. This will be the last weekend for livestreams/podcasts this month, as next weekend I have a wedding, and then 2 conventions back to back after that.

Oh, I realize now that I probably should have taken down Connecticon from our convention schedule. Sorry to anyone who was looking for us there this weekend. We will definitely be at Otakon and San Diego Comic Con, though.

7/7/11 I've been thinking about my schedule, and realizing that there's no way I'm gonna have enough time to get a buffer for San Diego / Otakon. So unfortunately, it looks like I'm gonna have to put up a few guest strips later in the month. To that end, if there is anyone who is interested in submitting a guest strip, email me and let me know!

7/6/11 Page 13 is done.

7/6/11 Just got back from LA. I guess I forgot to mention that we were doing a convention last weekend, so in case you're wondering why there was no livestream or podcast, that's why. I'm also gonna have to cancel the podcast for this weekend because we are goin to Six Flags on Sunday, but I will still try to do a livestream on Saturday.

I also stupidly forgot to upload my vote incentives before I left, so there's been no vote incentives for the last 6 days... sorry to all those who've been voting, but as of tommorow the new vote incentives will be posted! This month I am taking sketch requests, and so far I only have 8, so there is room for 17 more requests. Anyone can make a request, all you have to do is post it in this thread, and it's kind of like getting a free commission, so check it out!

7/4/11 Page 12 is done.

7/1/11 Page 11 is done.

6/30/11 Page 56 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

6/28/11 Page 55 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

6/26/11 Lobster Talk starts at 4 again today! Today we talk about politics... sounds boring. Call in and make it less boring using this number: (724) 444-7444.

6/25/11 Starting to livestream our DND game now:

This is a different game from the one we usually play, this time we are playing real 4.0 DND with a new DM. (That means I am a player now! Oh shit son, you can see me!)

6/24/11 Once again, we will be live-streaming tommorow... or attempting to. As you may know, the last couple of times we tried to stream our DND game, we failed miserably. Tomorrow we are gonna try to get it right... not sure what time we are gonna start, hopefully between 12-2.

Also gonna be doing a podcast as usual on Sunday at 4pm CT, this week's theme is gonna be politics, so since it's a bit more serious there won't be quite as many wacky sound effects. If anyone is interested in calling in you are welcome to, you can either use a phone or Skype. I'll try to post more instructions on that before the actual show. I'm not gonna lie, so far there hasn't been a lot of people lining up to call into the show, but I'm hoping that'll change as I try to keep doin them regularly.

6/23/11 Page 54 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

6/21/11 I know it's been awhile, but the DND comic is updating again! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it going for awhile now. Page 53 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

6/20/11 Page 6 is done.

6/20/11 Last night we watched some good Netflix. First, we're onto the second season of Twin Peaks. Supposedly the second season does not maintain the awesomeness of the first season, but so far it does not disappoint. Twin Peaks is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite TV shows, it's already my favorite thing by David Lynch and I like all of his movies. Then, on the lighter side, we watched The Other Guys... probably the funniest Will Ferrell movie since Talladega Nights. If you haven't seen it, check it out, it's hilarious. In terms of buddy cop parody, it's nearly as good as Hot Fuzz (not quite) which is pretty high praise as Hot Fuzz is brilliant. Definitely the best american buddy cop parody. Sorry Kevin Smith, I love you and everything, but it's so much better than Cop-out. Still looking forward to Red State, though.

6/19/11 Sorry about yesterday... our DM didn't end up showing up, so we weren't able to do the livestream. But there will be a podcast today as usual.

I'll be starting my podcast in a 1/2 hour! There is a timer that shows when it will start here: Today's show will be about movies. Remember that you can call in at anytime, either using a normal phone or skype. The number to call is (724) 444-7444.

6/17/11 Page 5 is done.

6/17/11 Tomorrow we are livestreaming our DND game! And this time it should work... Jen re-installed procaster and it seems to be working now. So make sure to check it out! I think we'll go ahead and just livestream it under "Brion's DND Game" like the others, even though technically this is not my game. We are playing real 4.0 DND this time... which I am not thrilled about, I don't really like "normal DND," but I'll cope with it. That also means you guys will get to see me on camera as I will be a player. I'm sorry for the bad news. The game will start at noon.

6/16/11 I was watching Naruto Shippuden the other day and realized I really don't like Naruto Shippuden, the anime. I love the original Naruto anime... I love the manga... but I dunno, I think Shippuden blows. It's way too slow paced, and I'm just really disappointed by it's soundtrack. I guess I'm used to watching anime with great soundtracks, so to watch one with a soundtrack that is only average is too depressing for me. Also there's the fact that it's on Toon Disney and the Azuma-Hidan fight is so ridiculously edited that you have no idea what the fuck is going on. Naruto and Disney is obviously not a good combination.

Went to see a couple of movies Tuesday night... Super 8 and Bridesmaids. Super 8 is J.J. Abrams attempt to make a classic spielburgian movie and he mostly succeeds, it's a lot of fun to watch. My only problem with it is that the score is way too timid... Spielburg movies typically have awesome scores, so Super 8 could have used one too. But other than that, it's great.

Bridesmaids was awesome! Best comedy I've seen since Pineapple Express. Kristen Wiig is so great, if you haven't seen it you're missing what will probably be the funniest movie to come out this year. Skip the Hangover 2 which is just a lame retread of the first movie and see Bridesmaids!

This Saturday we are having another DND game, and we are gonna try livestreaming it again. Hopefully it'll work this time. It's technically not gonna be "Brion's DND game" anymore because this is a different game hosted by one of our friends, so I think we may just livestream it in this channel. Of course there will be a podcast on Sunday as well... like I said, I want to keep doing these weekly!

6/13/11 Page 3 is done.

6/10/11 Page 2 is done.

6/8/11 Page 1 is done.

6/8/11 I'm leaving today to go to Dallas for Akon... it's a 15 hour drive so we're gonna break it up into 2 days to get there, but we're just gonna do the full 15 on the way back (I don't care if we get back late.) I've driven the entire 15 hours in a day before, I don't know why but for some reason 15 seems twice as long as 12. I don't mind the first 12, but those final 3 hours are killer.

We also just finished watching the first season of Twin Peaks from Netflix... I think I have a new favorite TV show. Well, a new second favorite, The Wire is still my favorite of course. Twin Peaks is such a great show, though... I'm pretty sure it has the best soundtrack of any show I've ever on TV. That isn't saying much, most TV shows don't have very good music, except for anime TV shows of which I can think of a lot with great soundtracks. Anyway, I also love Kyle MacLachlan as the FBI agent, he is such a great and memorable character. There's a lot of great characters on the show, in fact.

If you're a fan of David Lynch like I am and haven't seen Twin Peaks, definitely check it out, I think it may be the favorite thing of his that I've seen. I still need to see Wild at Heart, though.

I hope you guys are all voting for me on Top Webcomics... starting on the 10th you're gonna be able to see a bunch of never before seen commissions, some in color, if you vote. The ones on the 14th and 28th are NSFW, just so you know.

6/7/11 Looks like I'm gonna have to skip the DND pages again this week, sorry about that. Ironically, it's probably because I've been wasting so much time working on real DND. Also, I am sad because it looks like my page buffer will be dramatically shortened as of next week... maybe eliminated.

6/6/11 Page 4 is done.

6/6/11 So, I have to apologize for Saturday. We wanted to livestream our DND game, but it didn't work out. We were getting some sort of weird error message with procaster and didn't know how to fix it. Hopefully we can get it fixed before the next one, which'll be in two weeks. No livestream or podcast next weekend as we will be at Akon, of course.

6/5/11 Lobster Talk is starting now, as of 3pm central time. Click here if you want to join in. You can also call in using Skype.

6/4/11 We are gonna start playing DND in about a half hour... that's 4:30 central time. You can watch it here.

6/3/11 Page 3 is done.

6/3/11 I spent almost the entire day today working on DND stuff. Being a DM is really time consuming... luckily I still have a pretty big page buffer. (4 pages left.) Tommorow we will be playing DND for most of the day, so I won't be getting any work done then either. Check it out if you feel like watching people roll dice... starts at 4pm central time. I'll also be livestreaming every Saturday at 4pm from now on.

6/2/11 Monday's page (which was posted on Wednesday) is now fixed, so the bottom part is no longer cut off (though you didn't miss any dialog or anything, so don't get too excited.) Also, I finally posted Wednesday's page (today on a Thursday.) Sorry for being behind, but have been feeling sick and out of it from the convention. But everything is better now, tommorow's page should actually be posted on time if my queue is now working.

Also, the vote incentives for this month will be repeats and random sketches... I will resume the sketch requests next month, since they were pretty popular. But you'll have to make your request this month if you want to get it in. Here's the link where you can request it.

I want to try to get back into the habit of making blog posts every day, so I'm gonna try to do that and we'll see how long I can keep that up. I have some news to share. First, I am planning to redesign this site soon... I've been working on a prototype design, which I may post samples of and you can feel free to give feedback on it. I want the website to be more integrated, so for example I want the menu bar to be available on every page. Also the current comic will be on the homepage. The "notebook" section will probably be replaced with an "articles" section.

Also, I want to start doing more podcasts and livestreams, in fact I want to do them both weekly at regular times. I'm thinking Saturdays at 4 for Lobster Channel, and Sundays at 4 for Lobster Talk. This just happens to work out well because we are planning to play DND on Saturday at 4, although this will not technically be on "Lobster Channel," but rather Brion's DND Channel. So look for both of these things this weekend, if you are interested. For the podcast, remember that anyone can call in and be a part of the show.

6/1/11 Sorry, I had thought I had uploaded Monday's intermission strip, but it seems I had forgotten to. It's up now. Wednesday's will be uploaded in a bit.

Just got back from Fanime con, and feeling sick. The con was good, though. Sold a lot more books than I was expecting to.

5/30/11 Page 1 is done.

5/27/11 Page 30 is done.

5/26/11 I'm about to go to the airport to San Fransisco. Anyone gonna be at Fanime con? I'll be there, in the artist alley... probably in the far back corner of the room, I think.

5/23/11 Well, Anime Central went pretty well. Sold a large number of Book 5's! Also, most of the people who pre-ordered Book 5's should be receiving them this week, except for the out of country people.

I also have some unrelated awesome news! Flipside was plugged on Kevin Smith's podcast, along with a bunch of other Keenspot comics! You can check out the ad here!

5/20/11 Page 26 is done.

5/19/11 Page 52 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

5/19/11 Anime Central starts tommorow! Oh boy, another convention! I'll be in artist alley if you want to drop by.

5/17/11 Page 51 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

5/10/11 Page 50 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

5/8/11 I went to a casino today to play poker. It's been so long since I played that I really wanted to go. It went pretty well. Casino poker players tend to be a lot weaker than online players, probably because online play is a lot faster paced and you can play multiple tables at once, as well as use programs to easily track betting patterns. Also I think that live players tend to be more old school in their thinking, and are not up to date with modern poker theory. I would say that at Full Tilt Poker, on a $100 table I am about average or at best slightly above average, but at a live casino I am one of the strongest players in the room.

I am a pretty strong poker player in terms of knowledge, but I feel like I have some weaknesses that hold me back, mainly that I'm not very quick thinking and not very good at making decisions under pressure. For awhile I was making a nice little amount of money on the side playing at Ultimate Bet, but after the scandals there I decided to withdraw and try Full Tilt instead... and the Full Tilt players seemed noticably stronger to me, to the point where I wasn't sure if I could be a long-term winner anymore, so I stopped playing. Now I pretty much stick to home games for fun. And by "fun," I mean money, but not necessarily large amounts.

Meanwhile, I've been reading a lot of manga in my sparetime, specifically scanlations. And I don't feel particularly bad about that because I have spent way too much money on manga, and most of the manga I read online I tend to buy the graphic novels anyway... I just don't seem to have the willpower to wait for them to come out, especially with manga like Bakuman. Lately I've been getting really into this one manga called Gamble Fish... I guess we're having a gambling theme today. It's one of those battle of wits manga like Deathnote... I seem to just love manga like that. It doesn't seem like it will get liscened here, which is too bad because it's really interesting, so if you are a sucker for battle of wits style manga, check out Gamble Fish.

5/5/11 Page 49 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

5/5/11 There is a new Flipside Shirt for sale! It's a red Bernadette-themed shirt and it says "Bricks, The Ultimate Weapon!" Check it out!

Also, the 2011 April Fools page has been put up, and you can find it if you know where to look (it's a secret.)

5/3/11 Page 48 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

5/3/11 Added a new link to the links page for a comic called Sugar Stars.

I'm thinking of doing a livestream today... I've been practicing Battletoads a bit, and I think I'm finally ready to beat that game using no cheats, codes, savestates, or warps. Yeah, you heard right... Battletoads! I can do it!

Update: I'll be starting my livestream playthrough of Battletoads in 15 minutes! It starts at 5:30 central time. You can watch if you want to at Lobster Channel!

Battletoads is a classic NES game, one of the hardest NES games ever made, and I am going to attempt to play through without using any cheats or warps. So I won't be using the 5 lives code, and of course no savestates or anything. The only trick I might use is the pause trick in level 11, if I need to.

5/2/11 New vote incentives this month... once again, you can request a sketch for me to draw that will be used as a vote incentive! Just post your request in this thread.

4/28/11 Extra page today! Page 16 is done.

4/28/11 Saw a good movie the other day, The Weatherman. It's kind of a drama, except pretty weird, which made it good. And it had the good Nick Cage, which we don't see a lot nowadays. Nick Cage is a terrible actor when he is the lead in some crappy mainstream movie, but he's awesome when he's playing weird characters. I like the weird Nick Cage.

I also need to mention something. My newsfeed mistakenly refers to page 13 as an extra page, but that is not correct. That was just a normal page. The actual extra page was posted today.

4/27/11 Page 15 is done.

4/25/11 Page 14 is done.

4/25/11 Page 13 and Page 14 are done. I had them queued to be put up on their respective days, and they did get uploaded, but the queue didn't add a newspost to the front page, and you could only access them by clicking on the link from the front page where it says "click here to see the newest page." Apparently my queue system is semi-broken, gonna need to look into getting that fixed. However, everything should be working now!

Anime Boston went well. Sold a bunch of Book 5's. For those of you waiting on your pre-orders, I will be sending them out very soon, so expect to get them in the next few weeks.

4/22/11 Extra page today! Page 13 is done.

4/20/11 Anyone going to Anime Boston this weekend? We'll be there, in the dealer's room! We will also have the brand new Book 5's for sale! So if you're there, drop by and check us out!

4/18/11 I'm gonna livestream again in a few minutes. Today I will be playing through the NES game Ghosts N Goblins (one of the hardest games of all-time,) without using any cheats. If this sounds exciting to you, you should to Lobster Channel. And if doesn't... you're probably normal. But who wants to be normal?

The livestream starts at 6pm central time.

4/14/11 Page 47 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

4/12/11 Page 46 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

4/10/11 I have started my livesteam, Lobster Channel. Watch me play video games, like NES games and Minecraft. Just what you've always wanted! I am now livestreaming as of April 11th, 12:30 AM Central Time. Awesome! (not really)

Click here to go to Lobster Channel.

4/8/11 Discovered an awesome game called "Yume Nikki." It's a Japanese PC game that was made using RPG Maker. But he didn't make an RPG, he made a surrealistic dream exploration game out of it. It's definitely one of the more interesting games I've ever played... the gameplay is really simple, you just walk around and explore this girl's dreams, occaisonally find stuff, and see some creepy things. The art is partly like a polished SNES game, and partly made up of drawings that look like they were drawn by a mentally unstable kindergardener. The music's also really cool.

It's such a unique game that I hope people check it out. You can download the English version here. (It's free.) One piece of advice, if you decide to play, try to find the bicycle ASAP because it makes exploring the dream a lot faster and easier.

4/7/11 Page 45 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

4/7/11 Added a new link to the links page, for Seven Years in Dog-Land

4/5/11 Page 44 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

4/4/11 The correct version of Page 5 is done. The April Fools version will be put back up a bit later... in the usual place. (Sorry, it's a secret. But some of you know where that is!)

Also, the color version of the chapter 29 title page is done! Thanks, Savage Sparrow!

4/3/11 Planning to do a podcast today. The topic is gonna be video games. I would like to accept callers through Skype. More details as soon as I figure stuff out.

I am messing with Talkshoe right now. Here again is the address of my show: Right now I am doing a test recording, but still trying to figure out how to actually get Skype to connect to it.

Okay, got it to work. We will be starting the show in 2 hours, but right now we are doing a practice show, and callers are welcome to join. You can call in through this number: (724) 444-7444, using this ID: 95065. You can use either a regular phone or Skype to call in.

(3 Hours Later...) Well, our 2nd podcast is finished! On this one, we talked mainly about Japanese RPGs vs Western RPGs. You can also listen to the "test podcast" we did first, but I wouldn't recommend it as it is really long and boring. I would like to do this bi-weekly, but we still haven't decided on a day. I'll post our schedule as soon as we decide it.

3/31/11 For the month of April, I am going to be taking requests for vote incentives. Now you can get me to draw whatever you want! So if you want to make a request, sign up for the forum and post it in this thread:

Also, we are going to do another podcast on Sunday, at 7 pm central time. This one will be about video games, and we will be accepting callers. Here is the website for my podcast, in case you missed the first show:

3/29/11 Page 43 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/28/11 Lately I've been playing more video games again, which means my buffer has been suffering... right now I'm back down to only a two page buffer. I had a four page buffer just last week. Still, I plan to bring that back up again by the end of the week.

Today I've been working on the final draft of the script... I really like my script up until page 20. It's fairly compact, but yet allows time for little moments and dialog scenes which have character relationship building, which at this stage is very important. But there's a scene towards the end with a certain character from Book 0 that is really long winded and doesn't really go anywhere... I need to think of a way to tighten it up, and maybe advance the plot a little more in the final pages.

I've also spent some time catching up with Hardcore Gaming 101 today. Awesome site if you are into older video games. I learned about an awesome Japanese PC game called Yume Nikki, which is amazing if you like surrealistic stuff, and I do. I'm gonna have to play that soon, when I have time.

3/27/11 Another special encore presentation of DND is about to happen again!

3/26/11 We're playing DND again! You can watch us play live at:

3/25/11 I am livestreaming while I play Minecraft right now, in case anyone is interested in watching. (As of 10:30pm central time.)

3/22/11 Page 42 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/20/11 Hey everyone... I haven't made any posts in awhile, sorry about that. Been a bit distracted with my Fatal Frame addiction. Yes, I've been playing a lot of Fatal Frame lately... specifically the first 2 games. First, I had to finish the 2nd game, which I never got around to finishing... then I had to go back and play the 1st game again, and complete my ghost list. Then I had to go back and complete my ghost list for the 2nd game. Ghost hunting is so much more fun in Fatal Frame than it is in the real world.

Anyway, if you like horror games and haven't played any of the Fatal Frame games, you're missing out on one of the best horror games ever made (the next best one to Silent Hill.) The thing about Fatal Frame though is that you really need to get used to the controls... I was actually pretty frustrated with the game for awhile until I realized you can use the right analog stick to move while you are in camera mode. Knowing that makes the game so much more playable.

I also love that the Fatal Frame games have stuck to a 3rd person view. Games now a days seem to all be either 1st person, or camera over the shoulder Resident Evil style. I miss when 3d games used cinematic camera angles, they make the game so much more interesting to look at IMO. The only drawback is that analog control can be awkward when the camera angle changes. But in Fatal Frame you can just push the square button to run forward, which sort of solves the problem. I think it would be really cool if future 3d games combined analog with "tank" controls, allowing you to use the control stick for analog movement, and at the same time a button to move forward and the L and R buttons to turn. It'd be like the best of both worlds.

Fatal Frame also has a great ambient soundtrack, which apparently is pretty rare. Pretty much every western developed game today seems to have an ambient soundtrack, and usually it is pretty lame stuff... I didn't really like the soundtrack in either Dead Space or Amnesia, they were serviceable but also cliche and uninteresting. A good piece of ambient music (IMO) has to sound distinct and be memorable, in addition to providing the correct tone for the game, which is very hard to do.

So if you decide to play Fatal Frame, read the in-game instructions on how to use the camera very carefully, and don't forget that the right analog stick allows you to move while the camera is up! And if you decide to try collecting 100% of the ghosts, good luck... some of those ghosts are a bitch.

3/17/11 Page 41 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/15/11 Page 40 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/13/11 Just added a new link to my links page. Check out Whispers of the Divide.

3/11/11 So this chapter's almost over... what do you all think of the choice I made with it? In case you don't remember, at the beginning of the chapter I walked about how I was conflicted about which direction to take it... I could either take the long path, or the short path. Now that we're here, I can talk about what this means. The "destination" that I wanted to get to was this contest... the short path would've been to just spring the contest on her at the beginning of the chapter, and skip all of that poker stuff. However, I decided that the contest would feel a lot more important if I took the long path and really illustrate how much Maytag needs this contest if she really wants to make her dream come true.

So was this the right choice? For the integrity of the story, I feel very confident that it is. But I always have to balance that with the impatience of the readers. And that's not even a negative thing, I don't blame them for being impatient, but it does make things tough on me.

One complaint that has come up recently a couple of times is that people are wondering what the point of this whole soundstone arc is... which I probably should've seen coming. Ironically, the only way to solve that problem would've been to add some additional pages of dialog that'd spell out "hey, this isn't on a whim, this is something that is important for character development," but that would've dragged the story out. So instead, I choose to just have Maytag dive right in to this new passion of hers without a lot of explanations... I wonder if that was a good idea. The thing is, it makes complete sense for Maytag's character to be acting this way, but I haven't really given the reader a lot of clues as to why, yet... I'm saving that till the time is right. This current arc is a big character development arc, and the soundshow is a huge part of that... but it's tough to ask people to be patient when you're comic only updates 3 pages a week. Oh well. Anyway, as always, I will continue to think of ways to tell the story as fast as possible without making it seem rushed. There are certain things I am unwilling to do, like cram a ton of dialog into panels, or use really heavy handed exposition. But I am starting to re-think using narration as a tool for speed story telling. I would never use it like prose, because I believe the story should be told visually, and I don't want to make a habit of using it... but at the same time, for certain sections of the story I think it can be useful as a fast foward button. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I've already tried this once before, in chapter 26. Gonna be trying something similar at the beginning of the next chapter, combined with flashbacks, to make the story as tight as possible and really kick the next part of the storyarc off fast.

Also, for those of you who've been wondering when Crest was gonna get some more time, pay attention next chapter.

It's very difficult to compromise manga cinematic style story-telling which is naturally page inefficient with webcomic storytelling which demands page efficiency. But I'm trying!

3/10/11 Page 39 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/8/11 Page 38 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

3/7/11 Saw a couple of movies last weekend. Whip It, which is a very entertaining movie that I'm surprised Drew Barrymore directed, and Once, which was awesome. The music from that movie is great... I think everyone probably heard that one song back when it was up for an Oscar, but you really don't get the full effect of it unless you watch the movie. That's the interesting thing about soundtracks, there's something about putting a piece of music in the context of a movie that can make it way more powerful than just listening to it cold.

And also I've been doing some retro-gaming lately, going back to the Castlevania well to check out those gameboy advance games that I never played. I just finished Circle of the Moon, and it's a great game, almost as good as Symphony of the Night. I've heard that back when people were playing it on real gameboys, it was really hard to see because of the lack of back-lighting, but that problem doesn't exist on an emulator, so it's gotta be the preferred way to play. (Of course if you're gonna download roms make sure you own a copy of the game, blah blah legal crap!) It also has a great soundtrack, although most of the music is remixed from other games, they picked some nice obscure choices.

We're thinking about getting a 3DS, and now that Catherine is coming out soon I'm seriously considering buying a PS3, so maybe I will actually be back to playing modern games soon! Catherine looks amazing, I absolutely cannot wait to play it...

3/4/11 Got a little bit of bad news... today's page is semi broken. At the moment the link above this newspost doesn't work, but you can see it by clicking on the attract image above where it says Chapter 28. (Or just click here.) Sorry again for the technical difficulties.

In other news, there is all new vote incentives this month. I hope you voted on Tuesday, cause if you didn't you missed getting to see a sneak preview of a new character, "Bone Maiden." There'll be other previews of upcoming characters, as well as some commissions I've done recently which I haven't gotten around to posting yet. (Some of which are in color!) So if you wanna see em, please vote! And if not... then, oh well, I tried.

3/3/11 Page 37 of My Stupid DND Comic is up... is what I'd like to say. But unfortunately it still seems to be broken. Keep checking back, hopefully it'll be fixed later today!

3/2/11 Flipside is now officially part of Keenspot. For all those coming from the Keenspot newsbox, welcome! This comic updates Mon/Wed/Fri, and there is a silly DND based comic that updates Tues/Thurs (but due to technical difficulties is broken right now. It'll be fixed soon.) I also like to post all the idiotic thoughts from my head on this front page, so please feel free to be amused by reading them!

3/1/11 Page 36 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

2/27/11 First, here's what I have to say about the Oscars: James Franco is awesome. Robert Downey Jr should be host next year. King's Speech ruled.

Saw a movie tonight, Unstoppable. It's a pretty great movie, despite the director's attempts to (ironically) turn it into a trainwreck. Let me explain what I mean... if you've seen any of Tony Scott's recent movies, you're probably familiar with his style: complete overkill. He's constantly moving the camera around and doing crazy speedup and slowdown shots like he's on crack. If you watch Unstoppable, count the number of times the camera will just randomly zoom in on someone for no reason. Also, the score is SO BAD for that movie, so over the top and booming and ridiculous. Even in the beginning of the movie when nothing interesting is really happening, the camera is moving all over the place and the music is like "BOOM! Something really important is happening!" It's insane.

And yet despite all that bullshit, Unstoppable still manages to be a very good movie, that ought to say something about how good the story is. Honestly, even if you don't think you like train movies, and if you think Tony Scott is an annoying hack director (like I do) see it anyway. It's god damn good.

2/26/11 Well, we finally did it. We finally recorded the first episode of our podcast, Lobster Talk. It is available on Talk Shoe. Here's a link. It's an introduction to what the podcast will be about, and it's only 5 minutes long. The next podcast we do will probably be an hour or so, and for that one I will be looking to take "callers," so stay tuned for further details if you're interested, we're gonna try to do a Skype conferencing type of thing.

2/25/11 I've posted about this on the forum, but I should probably mention this here. Flipside will be moving to Keenspot very soon. What this will mean to readers is basically a few more ads, and a keenspot bar across the top of the page... makes the page a bit more cluttered, I know, but that's the way of the internet. I am thinking about a redesign for the site, especially for the front page to make everything look neater, but for now we will just have to settle with what we have.

Also, I tried out Portal. Finally, another success on my quest to find non-Japanese games I actually like! I think I like it because it doesn't feel the same like every other FPS game does to me, it's actually a really nicely designed puzzle game. The only thing it's lacking is a great soundtrack, but other than that I liked it a lot. And I like that it was short, too, because I don't have a lot of time to play games and I like being able to finish a game in 4 hours.

2/24/11 Page 35 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

2/23/11 I'm so sick of this concept "immersion," which seems to mean that all modern games have to be first person, have you play a mute, and be as realistic as possible. Fuck that shit. I want to play a 3rd person game with a character who talks that feels like a fucking video game! When did people stop liking video games? I still like them!

I should probably stop playing games on Steam for awhile, they all seem to make me mad. Gotta go back to playing DS games for awhile to raise my happiness level. I do still need to finish SMT:Strange Journey and Professor Layton.

2/22/11 Page 34 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

2/22/11 Got a bunch of things to talk about today. First of all, I finally got around to upgrading my forum to the latest version, which enabled me to install this cool program which should hopefully dramatically decrease the number of spambots registering. What it does is it makes you rotate 3 pictures to get them to be right side up when you register... something that bots hopefully shouldn't be able to do. Apparently it's working so far, because in the 3 hours after I installed it not a single bot has registered, and on my forum that's quite unusual.

I discovered an awesome website last night: The Chronintendo Blog. It's a guy who is playing every NES game ever made, in the chronological order they were released in Japan. This includes all the Japanese releases that never came out in America, of course. Here's something I particularly liked: The Top 10 Worst NES Games Ever. There's hundreds of lists like this on youtube, but this is the only list made by a guy who has actually played every NES game! Thus it actually means something.

Also, in continuing my quest to try all the current popular western games, I tried the demo of Bioshock last night. I had a pretty mixed reaction to it. Some things about the game are amazing, particularly the environment design which is so detailed and clever. On the other hand, Bioshock features what is apparently a common modern design element that I hate: making the main character a faceless mute. Seems like this is done for the sake of "immersion," but for me it has the opposite effect, it's just hard to be interested in a story without a main character. To be fair, megaten games and some jrpgs also do this, but usually they have other major characters to pick up the slack. In Bioshock there are no other characters, at least not that I noticed. There's some guy on the radio babbling at you, but I can hardly count him.

Then there's the weirdos running around in Bioshock who make up the enemies of the game... and boy are they weird. There's something very off-putting about them... perhaps they were just a bit too cartoony or comical? It didn't seem to really gel with the vibe the game was trying to present.

Of course, all of this wouldn't have mattered if the game had an amazing soundtrack, but it was a very typical immitation of generic sounding Hollywood music, combined with some weird ambient 50's music that plays randomly as you walk around. I can understand what they were trying to do with the 50's stuff, but I felt like they were really hitting me over the head with it, as if to say "Hey! This game takes place in the 50's! Did you notice it's in the 50's? By the way, this game takes place in the 50's!" Anyway, neither 50's music nor generic hollywood music are my cup of tea.

So the game doesn't really work as a horror game for me, nor does it work as a story based game. But as a simple fun shooter, it's nicely designed and works very well. I can see how other people with different (more mainstream, I guess) preferences than myself might love this type of game, but for me I will probably not buy it unless I happen to see it on sale.

On the other hand, I played Team Fortress 2 last night for the first time, and I like that game a lot. Perhaps because it's not trying and failing to be a horror game or a story based game, it just wants to be a fun throwback to Quake, and it succeeds at that super well. And I even like the character designs, despite the fact that I normally *hate* cartoony graphics. But these are so well done that it's really hard to hate them. Anyway, I'll probably be playing TF2 more in the near future, so if you are interested in playing with me, please feel free to contact me on Steam, my name on there is BrionFoulke, naturally.

2/21/11 In my quest for more podcasts to listen to, I've been checking out the Kevin Pollack chat show. I like Kevin Pollack, he's a pretty funny guy, but his show is a little dry for me. Although the interview with Hank Azaria is pretty good, I'm a fan of his as well.

It seems like there's plenty of good podcasts out there, but when you consider how crazy the Smodcast explosion has been and how there's now like 10 or so Kevin Smith podcasts (and I listen to them all) I'm almost at the point where I couldn't listen to more podcasts even if I wanted to. I mean there's only so many hours of the day you can spend listening to podcasts, and I already spend quite a bit... I do like to do other things once in awhile too. But on the other hand, it's nice that I can complain that there's too many good podcasts to listen to, it's a better problem to have then the opposite. So I guess I'm happy.

2/18/11 On my quest for good horror games I tried the demo for Amnesia The Dark Descent. At first it seemed really cool, the environment is nicely designed, and has a decent amount of atmosphere. It doesn't have a soundtrack, it has ambient music which is serviceable, but nothing special. It does have a couple of cool concepts... I like that if you look at the monsters it raises your insanity meter, it's a good idea for the game to encourage you to not look at the monsters.

But, then I was very dissapointed to find out that it's one of those games where there are no death consequences. When you die, you literally are sent back to the beginning of the small area you are in, without the game taking away any of the items you collected or reversing your progress or anything. So there's nothing bad about dying, in fact dying has the advantage of getting rid of the monster that was chasing you, so it can even be a good thing. How can any game with no consequences possibly be scary? Atmosphere is not enough, the monsters have to actually pose a threat, or else why would you be scared of them? It kind of makes me sick, because this was a potentially good game that was ruined by poor design. Anyway, for now I guess I will go back to playing Minecraft, a game that *actually* scary.

By the way, if you are interested in commenting on my blog posts here, perhaps I say something that pisses you off and you think I am an idiot, you can post that here!

2/17/11 I've thought up a good name for my podcast when I start it. Initially I was planning to go with "Lobster Talk," but I realized I don't really have a good explanation for that name other than that I use Lobster as kind of a symbol. Also, as a name it doesn't really say what my podcast is about. So I'm thinking of going with: "Smidiot." It stands for smart idiot, and it'll be a podcast starring the smartest idiot in the world (me.) Alternately I could also go with "The Idiot Genius," but I like "smidiot" because it's all one word. Anyway, I think it's a good name for my show, because I think anyone who listens will come to realize that I am both smart and an idiot.

2/16/11 Page 17 is done.

2/15/11 This week is gonna be really busy for me. I have 2 extra pages to do, and I want to get them both done this week, which means I have 5 pages of Flipside to do. On top of that, I have to go to a funeral. So that's gonna make things tough. But I already at this point have Wednesday's page uploaded and Thursday's page half done, so I should be able to manage.

I haven't gotten to play too many games lately, but I did play a little bit more of Dead Space. I found out as I was playing that when you die in that game, you respawn in the room right before you die. I hate it when games do that, it completely destroys the tension if you know you can die and it makes no difference. There was a part where some little bug things attack you and start draining your life, and I was just like "fuck it, rather than losing half my life, I'll just respawn and kill em next time." Once you know you can just respawn, it's hard to take a game seriously anymore, especially a game that is supposed to be horror. So, I dunno, I'm not really digging Dead Space at all. Besides that little problem, the game just doesn't have a lot of personality, your main character is a mute, and the story is barebones and lame. The soundtrack could make up for these shortcomings but it doesn't... like the game itself, it also has no personality, and sounds pretty much like a generic horror movie score. Overall it's not a bad game, and the gameplay is very nicely designed, but I don't really play horror games for the "gameplay." I'm glad I only paid 7 dollars for it... probably won't be trying Dead Space 2.

There've been no good Silent Hills in a long time, and I could really use a good horror game. Maybe I'll give Amnesia a try, that's apparently supposed to be good.

2/14/11 So as you noticed, I wasn't able to get an extra page up on Saturday. Turns out I was stuck at the parents house all weekend due to car trouble, so I wasn't able to get much of anything done. But, I do want to get both of those extra pages done this week, so this week should be a 5 page week. Won't that be nice?

2/11/11 Well, I suddenly have enough donations for 2 extra pages! A lot of extra work for me! I was planning on getting a buffer anyway though, so it's not that big a deal. I may try to get one of those extra pages up on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Saw Sherlock Holmes today. It was a little better than I expected, Robert Downey Jr is awesome as always. A little too much mindless action and not enough deductive reasoning, though.

I also saw The Fighter recently, and that is a truly AWESOME movie! It's honestly one of the best sports movies I've seen. The acting is SO good from everyone, I haven't seen Christian Bale be that good since he was dancing to Huey Lewis. Also, The Fighter has one of the best scenes in a movie of everyone sitting down to watch a movie within a movie. Truly excellent scene. Anyway, if you think Oscar nominated movies are dull, you haven't seen The Fighter. See it!

By the way, you should all vote at TopWebComics today, to see a cute sketch of an upcoming soon character.

2/10/11 Page 33 of My Stupid DND Comic is up.

2/8/11 Page 32 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. This one is actually funny, I promise!

I was on another podcast recently: It's listed as 2011_1_14. Check it out if you wanna hear me saying stupid things. By the way, I seriously am going to start my own podcast soon. No, really! Any day now!

Also, added a new link to the links page, check out Tribute Waters.

2/7/11 Having trouble with my internet connection, uploads seem to stall, not allowing me to upload any new pages. I'll see if I can get it fixed.

2/7/11 Bad news. It seems like whatever the problem the problem is, it's not fixable on my end, and today's page may have to wait till tommorow to be correctly uploaded.

2/7/11 Let me just clear something up: today's page is only partially uploaded. I've tried over and over to get it uploaded correctly, but no matter which FTP I try it doesn't work. I've also talked to my webservice host, seems like it's some weird problem with the internet. For right now, page 12 is gonna have to remain "mostly" uploaded. So when you see that the bottom part of the page is cut off, that's why. I'll keep you posted as to when this can be fixed.

2/7/11 Okay, the page is now fully uploaded! Hopefully the ISP problems are over now!

2/6/11 I did sketches of some crazy jester outfits for Maytag as vote incentives. Check out the one for today, it's pretty awesome. Even Tim Gunn might approve!

2/4/11 Well, even though I'm feeling very lazy after Ohayo-con, and being sick (being sick always makes me feel extremely lazy for some reason,) I still managed to get all my pages done by midnight the day they go up this week, plus 1 DND page. But I really need to break this bad habit of scripting each page day by day... I need to start doing full chapter scripts. Don't be alarmed, it's not that I'm making all this up as I go along... I know exactly how the story will go for the rest of the chapter in my head. But it's really better if I do the entire script ahead of time just because it gives me a better sense of how the pacing and flow of the story is working. This is kind of a bad habit of mine that I really should break.

Might as well mention some movies I wathced recently. Netflixed Best Worst Movie, which is a really great documentery about the people behind the movie Troll 2, considered one of the most entertaining bad movies of all time. If you've never seen Troll 2, check out this scene. If you've seen and appreciate Troll 2 like I do, I highly recommend this documentery.

Also we re-watched The Fog tonight because Jennifer has never seen it. I'm talking about the John Carpenter original, and not the crappy remake, of course. It's probably one of the best "ghost story" type movies ever made, it holds up so well. All the stuff with the radio station is such a cool device for a horror movie that I don't think I've seen done in any other movie, at least not that I can remember.

2/2/11 Not feeling very well today, but hopefully it shouldn't interfere with the comic schedule. Though I might take tommorow's DND page off (again.) Also, there was kind of a blizzard here. Our car is buried in 20 inches of snow, which sucks.

Been playing games and listening to WARNING! A Huge Podcast for most of the day. Such a great gaming podcast, I can't recommend it enough.

2/1/11 Page 31 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. Sorry, I kind of forgot about it so it got posted later in the day. I don't have a working queue for DND pages yet.

Ohayo-Con was good. It started off seeming slow, because we were in a new and somewhat obscure area (although with a nice view) but after they posted signs traffic was good. We were helped out by a very nice girl Veronica at the booth, that made things easier. It was a little tough getting her down there, as we had barely enough room to fit a human being in the backseat, but somehow she managed to fit! I think we may need a bigger car soon.

1/31/11 Page 9 is done.

1/28/11 Page 8 is done.

1/27/11 Delusion colored the chapter 28 title page! It looks great:

1/26/11 There'll be a few new vote incentives starting today. Also, just a reminder that we'll be at Ohayo-Con in the artist alley this weekend! So if you're gonna be there, make sure to drop by the artist alley!

1/24/11 Sorry, today's page was really late... and not surprisingly, directly after I just got done saying how I'm gonna make an effort to have all the pages up at midnight the night before. Then along comes a busy weekend, a 1.5 day DND session, a birthday party, and Recettear, and of course I lose my buffer. Which is not great, considering that Ohayo-Con is this weekend.

So to make up for it I'm gonna stop playing video games for awhile and really try hard to get all the rest of this week's pages done on time. For those of you coming to Ohayo-Con, I will not have book 5 ready by then, but stop by anyway! If you have an unsigned book, I will do a little sketch in it for you, if you use the password: "Recettear." I just wanna see how many people will actually come up to me and say "Recettear," (or how many people can even pronounce it.)

The DND game was really fun... it's been about 9 months since we last played, so it took everyone a little while to remember how to even do combat. But once we got back into the swing of things, it was great... the new combat system I devised is a lot faster than the normal 3.5 system. (and probably 4 as well) If you're wondering how it works, I'll tell you, and if you're not wondering, you can just skip the rest of this paragraph. Basically, I changed all of the damages of weapons and spells to be flat numbers, for both the players and enemies. It used to be that players had to roll multiple dice to figure out damage, then add it all together, then multiply it by the number of attacks... and they had to do this every time they had a turn. This is the way normal DND works too, and even in normal DND it takes a long time, but usually the numbers are small so it makes the math easier at least... but in our game, players are doing hundreds of damage at once, so it's a lot of math. So I replaced all that with flat numbers, and in order for there to still be a little variation they get to make a "bonus roll" on top of the normal attack, which is a simple roll of one die, and the damage is multiplied by 10. With spells, there is no bonus roll, but there is a damage multiplier based on how many points they put into each spell, the more points they use the more damage they do, but the faster they use up their magic. And the maximum amount of points they can put into spells is the same as their level, so spell damage scales up with level also.

So, the short version is that we started by using a similar version of DND 3.5, but ended up using a completely custom system. My style of pen and paper RPG's also really removes the "role-playing" element, since to me what I like about these types of games is the different types of systems they used, so I make no attempt in having the system simulate real life, like normal DND does. Instead I think it's more interesting to come up with strong yet balanced game systems, that are fun to play. Of course, this outlook hardly excludes role-playing, you can still act out a character if you really want, although the players we play with tend to just be themselves, and I encourage that anyway.

Right now I'm also working on a pen and paper system for the game in Jen's comic, Mystic Revolution. If you haven't read it, it's a comic about a virtual reality MMORPG. It's proving to be a lot of work, but I've got the basic game system all planned out, and it seems pretty cool so far. I might post some of the details on the site later, if people are interested. We're planning to make a source book for the game and to sell it, eventually.

1/22/11 As of 3:46, we are now starting our DND game! If you want to watch the livestream, you can view it here:

1/21/11 Just saw a couple of movies: Omega Man, which was pretty entertaining in a cheesy kind of way, a lot better than the Will Smith version I Am Legend. And Notes on a Scandal, which was about what I expected. It was good, but I didn't care that much.

And lately I've been playing a game I bought from Steam, Recettear. It's kind of an awesome game, pretty addictive. It's got a great premise: it's set in a cliche fantasy world with adventurers and all that, except you are the person running an item shop, and your goal is to make us much money as possible. You can also hire adventurers to go explore dungeons for you, and the better stuff you sell them in your shop, the more powerful they will be. So it's part sim, part zelda type action RPG. Pretty fun and addictive, in an Actraiser sort of way.

So I've been playing that a little bit, and it's been distracting me enough that my buffer is shrinking a bit. Plus we have DND tommorow, so that's not gonna help. By the way, we'll be streaming that, so if you want to watch, stay tuned... we should be starting around 3:30 central time.

1/20/11 Page 30 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. More Zombie Fighting!

1/19/11 Lately I've been uploading pages around noon. If you're wondering why, it's because that's around the time when I usually get up. Lately I've been thinking this is a bad habit... a lot of people might visit here in the morning, not see a page up, and then get frustrated by waiting. I wonder if that's true...

Anyway, I should probably make sure to have the page up at midnight on the day of it's release, right? What do you people think? If you have an opinion about it, please feel free to let me know on the forum.

Jennifer introduced me to this facebook discussion group about religion, and now I find myself compelled to post there. Things like that are poison to me... I just cannot resist getting into lengthy discussions and debates. Problem is, it's very distracting to my work, because I can't seem to resist getting totally wrapped up in them. That's why I feel that maybe I should try to stay away from forums, and use my website as an outlet for my opinions... twitter, blog, podcast, these are all probably better options. I guess it's what people in the business world call "synergy," you know, taking something you like to do and making it part of your business. Probably a good idea. The podcast thing is still daunting, though...

1/18/11 Page 29 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. Little Demon Girls!

Also, we will be playing DND again this Saturday, after a very long hiatus! Not sure when we will be starting, maybe around 3 central time. We will be streaming the game, of course! Stay tuned!

1/17/11 I got the name of that podcast wrong, it's actually called: Warning! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast. Anyway, it's my favorite gaming podcast right now, by far. It's very informative, I love all of the guys on there (as a former Diehard Gamefan fan.)

They do a really cool segment about Japansese game developers on twitter, where they translate and read some of the tweets from famous Japanese game developers. Apparently Kojima, the guy behind Metal Gear, loves to post ellaborate poems on twitter. There's also a surprising amount of controversy and bitching on Japanese twitters... fueds between Final Fantasy developers, stuff like that. I love how Twitter is encouraging Japanese people to be more forthright with their opinions, it's great... I love the honesty of the internet, even with all the negativity that comes with it.

Also, I updated the bio page to add "favorite podcasts."

1/15/11 Saw The King's Speech today... really good movie. Unlike a lot of period piece type movies, it's not just putting a time period on the screen and expecting you to be impressed at how accurate it looks, it's actually about something pretty interesting. It's also pretty funny.

Was also inside an organic grocer, World Market I think it was. I hate being inside of though, they make me uncomfortable. I'm not really on board the whole "organic" scene, it seems like there's this movement today that everything natural is better, which is so far from the truth... nature wants to kill you and eat your children for lunch. I trust technology a lot more than nature. Although, I do have to admit that in stores like that you can find a lot of cool stuff that you can't find at Jewel, like ethnic foods and weird flavors of stuff, and that's pretty cool. But it's so overpriced, I think I'm gonna stick to ordering stuff like that online.

1/14/11 I spent a bunch of time last night playing this game called Facade. By the way, if you're reading these little blog posts, you're probably thinking that Facade came out in 2005 and is old news... yes, welcome to my world, the world of living in the past. If I'm lucky I get to things only 5 years after they come out. One of these days I will get a PS3. (My desired next-gen system. I'm kind of anti-xbox, and besides, fuck paying for internet service when you can get it for free on PS3.)

Anyway, if you haven't played Facade, you should check it out. A lot of people say it's a very important game, especially for demonstrating what can be done with A.I., and I agree... it's a game that clearly demonstrates that A.I. technology is far out of our reach. It's allegedly supposed to be a came where A.I. characters will parse complete sentences and respond, but it doesn't really do that... the computer understands a few keywords, and yes / no, and that's pretty much about it. Otherwise anything you say will just be met by confusion.

But the game is one of those interesting experiments in fooling people into believing that something is happening. It's a lot like Silent Hill Shattered Memories, a game which yells at the top of it's lungs that it's profiling you, but is basically just randomizing generalized shit. A game isn't really capable of profiling someone, you only feel like you're being profiled because the game tells you you're being profiled. It's the same deal with Facade, I believe... the characters act as if they are listening to you by basically staring at you and going "uh huh," and responding to a few key words, but they will sometimes have the opposite reaction they are supposed to. Like if you ask the question "do you love Trip?" the girl will always respond "you're saying I don't love Trip?" because the A.I. controlled character is only capable of responding to the word love in that one way.

Since Facade came out in 2005, it seems like no other games like it have been released sense, which is odd considering how much attention Facade got and how many gaming publications seemed to love it. If the type of gaming that people got a taste for from Facade was possible, I'm sure someone would be making it... but it seems like we just don't have the technology yet. I feel like we're still 100 years away from making an A.I. advanced enough to start Skynet... and that's too bad, because computer would probably do a great job of ruling the world. I wonder if they'd be libertarians or socialists...

1/13/11 Page 28 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. Weird tunnels!

1/13/11 I finally found a really good video game podcast to replace Retronauts. It's called Warning A Huge Podcast is Coming. It's great to finally listen to a video game podcast that doesn't depress me too much. If you like Japanese games, definitely check that one out.

I also replayed Silent Hill Shattered Memories last night, just to remind myself of why I hate that game. Yeah, I'm pretty sick like that. But it bothers me that so many people praise a game that I can't stand... so I had to play through the game again to confirm if the dialogue was really that bad, and yes, it's terrible. But what I didn't realize on my first playthrough was just how much unintentional comedy is in that game... Both me and my girlfriend were cracking up over Kaufman's "Sex is death" speech. I love the part where he says "Tiger in the sky" randomly. Kaufman is the fucking worst therapist in history.

1/11/11 I am now taking pre-orders for Book 5! I will be taking them for the next few months. As always, if you pre-order a book, you will get a free sketch, just put in the comments section who you would like! And of course, nudity is okay... don't worry, I won't judge you!

Also, Maytag's Corner is running this month (vote if you want to read them, there is a new one every day: If you'd like to ask one of the Flipside cast a question, now would be a good time, as your answer will be posted almost immediately.

1/10/11 The first 10 days of the 2011 have been very lazy for me. I always feel a little intimidated when starting a new chapter, and with this one doubly so because I had a big decision about which direction to take it in.

Basically I could cut right to next important plot point, or I could add a subplot that would lead into the next plot point better. The subplot adds some nice things to the story and is a strong lead-in to the next plot point, but the downside is that it's gonna stretch the overall plot out by a chapter. That's something I've been dreading to do recently, what with the constant reminders that people want the story to move at a faster pace.

So after agonizing about it, I decided to add the subplot. It's better for the overall plot, so it's worth it, I feel. Besides, it doesn't so much matter if the plot is moving fast, but rather that it FEELS it's moving fast.

1/6/11 Page 26 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. Zombies!

1/4/11 Page 25 of My Stupid DND Comic is up. Random teleportation!

1/3/11 The convention attendance list has been updated for 2011. I'm most likely gonna be going to the same conventions as last year, except Katsu-con. I have it listed as to whether I will be in the artist alley or dealer's room, if I know yet. Also, we are thinking of going to some new conventions this year, but not sure about which ones, yet...

12/31/10 Happy New Years, everyone! Have a good time tonight. Starting tommorow there will be new vote incentives, and I will finally be catching up on the questions for Maytag's corner... also, there will be a special message tommorow, so make sure to vote so you can see it!

12/30/10 Page 24 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

12/28/10 Page 23 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! They fight some easy mutants! Excitement!

12/28/10 I had a good xmas this year... got the DS game Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. I'm a big megaten fan, I love all the Persona games and SMT Nocturne. I still haven't played fan-translations the first 2 SMT games, but I will someday.

Anyway, I love SMT: Strange Journey. It's a throwback to the older games, but it's polished and a lot of fun to play. If you're unfamiliar with SMT, it's kind of like Pokemon except that you're collecting demons for your party, it's takes place in a modern setting and it's dark and twisted. It's also pretty difficult. This game has a good story that feels different from the other games, and it's really easy to get into. It also has an amazing soundtrack, with a very unique feel. It's probably not for everyone, with all of it's chanting and stuff, but I love it.

I also got Civilization IV for xmas from my good friend Affe... first time I got a gift on Steam. But then I don't have a wishlist as I can't really think of any games on there I want. Perhaps I should put Super Meat Boy on it, though, I dunno. Anyway, I was ready to dislike Civilization, but it's actually a pretty fun game. Unfortuntely it's also a very time consuming game, requiring tons of micromanagement, and for that reason I doubt I'll be playing it much, but then again it might be fun to host a Civilization game with some people in the forum or something. I dunno, we'll see. Right now most of my game time is being poured into SMT:Strange Journey.

12/23/10 I haven't posted any thoughts here in awhile, so I should probably make up for lost time. I'm still planning on incorporating a couple of new features into the website, one of which is written articles and reviews of various games/movies I've experienced. I have opinions, and I have a website, so why not combine them.

Secondly, I still would really like to do a podcast. However, I feel like with just me it won't be very entertaining, I could probably use a good co-host. Ideally someone who has different opinions than me on a variety of subjects... well, that part should be pretty easy to accomplish, considering that many of my opinions are fucking weird. I dunno how I'm gonna find a co-host, though... maybe I should hold auditions or something.

12/21/10 Not gonna be updating too much this week... there's just gonna be a couple of holiday themed filler pages on Wednesday and Friday. The regular comic will resume next Monday.

12/16/10 Page 22 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! A new storyarc! (Well... if you consider this to be a "story")

12/14/10 Page 21 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! Weird stuff happens!

12/10/10 Here's how dumb I am. Last night it was my birthday, and we went out for Chinese food at a fairly nice place. After dinner, when we were talking about dessert, they started to bring out a cake with birthday candles on it. So I assumed the natural thing, of course: that must be someone else's cake. And then I said "Hey, that's funny, it's my birthday too. We could totally tell them it's my birthday and it would actually be true!" Then like 5 seconds later they put the cake down on our table and I realized, oh, this is my cake. That makes sense, y'know, since it is my birthday.

12/10/10 I added a new comic to the links page: Lavenders.

12/10/10 My cousin did the music for this internet comedy show, check this out!

12/9/10 Page 20 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! Look, I made it to 20 pages! Not bad for a stupid comic!

12/7/10 Page 19 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! It has demonic eye attacks!

12/5/10 Wow, Flipside is finally back in the top 10! Thanks everyone for voting, and I hope you keep voting! I actually spent some time on the sketches and some of them are pretty nice!

12/4/10 Hmm... I guess it's hard to break back into the topwebcomics 10. There was a time when Flipside used to be in the top 5, always... either less people are voting or it's gotten more competitive. Oh well.

Remember, you can vote everyday and get to see new art... in the past I haven't always been diligent about posting the new art, but this month there's all new stuff, some of which is pretty sexy. (male sexiness, too!) Very little overt nudity, though. If you don't like sexy xmas pics, just tell me on the forum what you like... and I'll draw it! I am a whore.

12/3/10 Page 16 is done.

12/3/10 I'm really enjoying this manga Bakuman right now. It's by the guys who did Death Note. It's basically a shonen comic about two teens who decide to become manga artists. It very entertaining, but also feels like a realistic look at what it's like to be a manga artist in Japan, which is to say fucking terrible.

The art is amazing, just like Death Note. I like the characters too, even though they are kind of cynical misogynistic jerks. They are also really passionate about making manga and work really hard, obviously way harder than I do. Reading it kind of makes me feel like I should be working harder too, which is probably why I've been more productive this last week. Well, hopefully I can keep up this spirit, maybe get some things done that I've been meaning to for a long time, like updating the interview section and doing a podcast and other crap like that.

In the meantime I guess I'll keep reading Bakuman!

12/2/10 Page 18 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! It has sexy demon girl transformations!

12/1/10 There is a sale going on at my store right now. Get 5% off your order if you use this code: want2cyber

Or if you are a prude, you can also use this code: happyholidays

The offer lasts through this Sunday.

In other news, there will be all new xmas-themed vote-incentives this month! With lots of sexiness! As you can see, my ranking has fallen lately, so let's try to get back into the top 10! You can vote by clicking here (or the topwebcomics button on this page.)

11/30/10 Page 17 of My Stupid DND Comic is up! And actually, page 16 is up too, just forgot to mention it last Tuesday. (but I mentioned it on twitter!)

11/29/10 Here's the thanksgiving image I posted on Friday, in case you missed it:

11/26/10 Page 14 is done.

11/24/10 I think I'm probably gonna take Friday off and post some sort of thanksgivingy art. I wanted to have an update on Friday, but my constant tiredness has made me think otherwise. I'm sure you guys won't mind too much, right?

So I've seen a bunch of movies lately. I saw Infernal Affairs... it's the chinese movie that The Departed was based on. The plot is very similar to The Departed, the only difference is that it's much shorter, so it feels like a tighter movie. I kinda liked The Departed better, mainly because the acting was so good in it. (Mark Wahlburg is wearing a hat!) Infernal Affairs is really good also, though. And apparently it's part of a trilogy, so if you ever wanted to see what happened before and after The Departed, you can watch Infernal Affairs 2 and 3.

Also watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was expecting it to be some sort of crazy action movie, and it wasn't, but it was still a great movie. Apparently the movies in the series get worse as they go along, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch the next two.

I've also been playing Baldur's Gate 2, mostly to humor my girlfriend, as it is her favorite RPG of all time. Mine is still the Persona series, of course. The old Baldur's Gate games are kind of old and akward to play through, but they aren't bad. It seems like a game where you do quest after quest after quest, and someday if you're lucky you get back to the main story... not exactly my kind of game, but we'll see how it goes.

11/18/10 Page 15 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/17/10 Had a lot of trouble concentrating on work today. This time I can't really blame it on Minecraft, because I didn't play that at all today. I basically just wasted time... in fact I can barely remember what I did, whatever it was it was so uninteresting that I blacked it out. I just have memory flashes of watching Battletoads time attack videos. I don't know. There are days when anything is more appealing than getting work done.

Luckily though, my sleep schedule has also been kinda screwed up these last couple of days, so there's no chance of me being tired until about 5am, so I have plenty of time to get Wednesday's page done still. It's not a hard page, either, I got lucky and nailed some of the expressions without having to redraw them like I usually do. Anyway, back to work... I just finished the pencils, time to ink this sucker.

11/15/10 So... blog posts. It's something I've never really done very much. But I feel like I'm missing out on something, apparently it's something web-comics need to have to be successful. So I guess I should be making them. It's not like I don't have stuff to say, I'm just really lazy about writing things. You can tell by the fact that the last chapter summary I wrote was for chapter 14, like 2 years ago.

Well... maybe that'll change soon, I'm definitely thinking that Flipside should have more, content-wise. That's why I've introduced the DND comic for Tuesdays / Thursdays (which I've been very lazy with updating, oh well) and why I have a Facebook and Twitter account for Flipside now. Unfortunetly, this website design isn't exactly geared towards blog posts... so I'm not sure how well this is gonna work. I should probably redesign this whole layout, but... yeah. That's not gonna happen anytime soon. So let's just see how this works for now.

11/11/10 Page 13 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

11/8/10 Savage Sparrow just colored the chapter 27 title page. Check it out, very colorful!

11/2/10 Page 12 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

10/27/10 Page 4 is done.

10/26/10 After a little downtime (laziness,) Page 11 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

10/22/10 Added a new link to the links page for a comic called Domain Tnemrot. Looks like a pretty cool comic, check it out!

10/14/10 Hey, can you guys do me a favor? My cousin is involved in some sort of online music contest, and he needs votes. If he gets in the top 10 he might be considered for a record deal. If you go to this link: you can click on vote to vote for him. (It's right above the sound bar thing towards the bottom middle.) I'd appreciate it!

10/6/10 Page 25 is done.

10/5/10 Page 24 is done.

10/2/10 There will be all new vote incentives this month, of course. So please keep voting if you have the spare time! Free drawings won't hurt you!

9/25/10 Put a couple of new links up on the links page. They are: Dukes of Solitaire and Starship Moonhawk.

9/23/10 Page 10 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

9/16/10 Sorry for the lack of updates... I've been sick ever since I came back from Anime Syracuse. It's been keeping me from getting any work done. Hopefully I will be better soon, and perhaps I can make up the pages I missed... we'll see.

9/2/10 New vote incentives have been added for this month... if you want to see some upcoming new character designs, as well as read details about the upcoming chapters, please vote!

8/31/10 Page 9 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/23/10 Page 6 is done.

8/23/10 From now on, anyone who donates money gets a free digital commission! Click here for more details.

8/22/10 Looks like I'll be doing one more convention. I got invited to come to Anime Syracuse as a guest. I'll be there in the dealer's room Sept. 11th. If you're in the area, stop by!

8/22/10 Page 8 of My Stupid DND Comic is up!

8/21/10 The Chapter 26 title page has been colored. Thanks to our special friend, Delusion!

8/18/10 Today's page is again going to be late... partly due to laziness fever, and partly due to it's just tough page. Sorry about that, hope you'll all forgive me... it probably won't be up until sometime tommorow.

In the meantime, I've started a Facebook Flipside page. You can click here to view it and become my friend or whatever it is the kids do. I'm planning to get a Twitter up soon as well.

8/18/10 I just got a Twitter account! It's here. I may post all of my sick derranged thoughts, so become a follower!

8/14/10 Hey everyone... sorry, but Friday's page is gonna be late. Expect it to be up later today.

8/6/10 Well, conventions are finally finished for this year. Since we got back on Tuesday I've been feeling especially lazy, I even put up today's page way later than I should have. Haven't felt like working much, which is too bad because I would have liked to start on a buffer for the next chapter by now. Oh well...

There was a little gap in the vote incentives due to my laziness, but more new ones are up starting with today, so please keep voting! The DND comic should also start up again soon.

8/2/10 Page 15 is done.

7/30/10 Page 14 is done.

7/28/10 This weekend is my last convention of the year... really lookin forward to next week. Anyway, for those who want to come see me at Otakon, I will be in the artist alley. In case you want to know exactly where I am, I will be at table F08 on this map. Come on down and see me!

7/26/10 Page 12 is done.

7/23/10 Page 11 is done.

7/21/10 Page 10 is done.

7/20/10 Sorry for the lateness of Monday's page... my excuse is that we were at a wedding over the weekend. Hey, at least I'm still updating over this crazy month of conventions and weddings!

Anyway, starting with that page there is going to be a 10 page bonus story about a certain asshole sorcerer character. Like the ones that came before it, this will only be available online for a limited time, and will eventually be an exclusive for Book 5. So you should read it while you can!

7/20/10 As of Wednesday, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con. We'll be in the Small Press section, so make sure to look for us!

7/16/10 Page 8 is done.

7/12/10 Page 6 is done.

7/9/10 Page 5 is done.

7/7/10 I am still looking for more guest strips, for anyone out there who is thinking about making one.

7/7/10 I know it's been quite awhile since I posted new vote incentives... sorry about that, the laziness bug struck again. But they are back, and bolder than ever! That's right, you can now vote again and be rewarded for your votingness with new sketches of some upcoming characters and prototype designs. Now with descriptions, how novel!

7/5/10 Page 3 is done.

7/2/10 Page 2 is done.

6/30/10 Gonna be at Anime Expo this weekend. We will be in the dealer's room, sharing a booth with Snafu and Yugioh Abridged. Leaving to go to the airport today...

Also, anyone who wants to send in guest strips, please feel free to send them in anytime within the next three weeks (though the sooner the better.) This time around I would prefer that any guest strips sent in would be kept down to a Rated-R level, in other words no full frontal nudity, just because a few of the ones I got last year were... well, yeah. And remember to send me a link along with your guest strip if you have one.

6/25/10 Sorry everyone... today's page is gonna be late, I probably won't be able to get it up till tommorow. Too many distractions.

6/24/10 It looks like I am going to be needing a lot of guest strips really soon... for those who don't pay attention to my convention schedule, I am going to be at 4 conventions next month. So anyone who has any desire to do guest strips, please do! Also don't forget to send me a link if you'd like one posted along with your strip.

6/15/10 There's another special bonus comic today!

6/15/10 "My Stupid DND Comic" now has it's very own page! You can also reach it by scrolling to the bottom of the chapter list, alongside the link to Book 0 and the Misc section.

6/12/10 You guys remember Delusion, my colorist, right? She's got her own webcomic, now!

6/12/10 Finally got around to putting up some new fanart, which I have been putting off for awhile! From: Alicorn, Alysha, Angela, Keera, Natalee, Nilly, and Vera Wu. (The last two are wallpapers!) Also, some new Maytag cosplay pics from Ecco.

6/7/10 Convention Filler is done.

6/4/10 Pages 20-21 are done.

6/2/10 Sorry that today's page was late... I had it done in advance, but the damn internet was down today. Friday's page is going to be a 2-page spread, and I was going to count this as only one page... but as we've had 2 conventions in a row, one last weekend and one this weekend, I think I'm just going to do an intermission strip for Monday.

By the way, we will be at Akon this weekend. If you're in the Texas area, come out and see us! We will be in the Artist Alley.

5/31/10 Page 18 is done.

5/28/10 Page 17 is done.

4/4/10 Page 29 is done.

4/1/10 Page 28 is done.

2/14/10 Page 8 is done.

2/11/10 Page 7 is done.

1/28/10 Page 2 is done.

8/2/09 Page 1 is done.

7/30/09 Page 15 is done.

7/26/09 Page 13 is done.

7/23/09 Page 12 is done.

7/21/09 Page 11 is done.

7/16/09 Page 9 is done.

7/2/09 Page 3 is done.

6/30/09 Page 2 is done.

6/11/09 Page 23 is done.

6/9/09 Page 22 is done.

5/31/09 Page 19 is done.

5/28/09 Page 18 is done.

8/7/08 Page 9 is done.

8/5/08 Page 8 is done.

8/3/08 Page 7 is done.

7/31/08 Page 6 is done.

1/4/08 Page 16 is done.

9/14/07 Page 3 is done.

7/20/07 Page 9 is done.

7/18/07 Page 8 is done.

7/16/07 Page 7 is done.

7/13/07 Page 6 is done.

7/10/07 We're going to be at a bunch of conventions this month: Conneticon, Otakon, and of course San Diego Comic Con. (See the right hand side of this page for links.)

Here's the info so far. Conneticon: I don't know where my table is going to be yet. Otakon: I will be at table B2, which is sort of near the entrance. San Diego CC: Don't know yet, but it will be in the small press area somewhere.

Hope you come by and visit me! I will have copies of Book 2 to sell!

1/28/06 Voulger's interview has been completed, and there is a new interview! Also, some new audio in the secret audio archive, check it out if you're in the know.

1/27/06 Page 25 is done. Sorry for the lateness today.

1/25/06 Page 24 is done.

1/24/06 Extra page today! Page 23 is done!

1/23/06 Page 22 is done.

1/20/06 Page 21 is done.

1/19/06 Extra page today! Page 20 is done!

1/18/06 Page 19 is done.

1/16/06 Page 18 is done. Again sorry for the lateness of this page.

1/13/06 Page 17 is done. Please excuse the lateness for today's page, I wasn't feeling well the other day.

1/12/06 Extra page today! Page 16 is done!

1/11/06 Page 15 is done.

1/10/06 Extra page today! Page 14 is done!

1/09/06 Page 13 is done.

1/06/06 Holiday Special Page 06 is done. Next week the regular story starts back up as usual! Also, a certain secret area has been updated!

1/04/06 Holiday Special Page 05 is done.

1/03/06 The gallery has been updated for the new year! New pics from: Daphne, Delusion, Emm, Emma, Kristin, Laylani, Mandi, Maytag Veranda, Monica Yang, Monica Yang, Monthenor, Nekocat, Siimpaaro, Tashka, Tashka, and Tiffy. Thanks for all the great art, guys! The secret gallery's been updated too.

1/02/06 Holiday Special Page 04 is done. Happy New Year!

12/30/05 Holiday Special Page 03 is done.

12/28/05 Holiday Special Page 02 is done.

12/26/05 Holiday Special Page 01 is done. Merry Christmas!

12/23/05 Page 12 is done. Now, I have a bit of news. I am feeling stretched a bit thin this holiday season, and with the script for this chapter being a time consming source of stress, I think I may have a bit of trouble getting next week's pages done.

So I have decided to do a special Christmas intermission. Think of it as sort of like a vacation for me, as even though there will still be updates, they will be much easier to do than the normal page. It starts next week and it will run for the following 2 weeks. There will be no extra pages during this time, but don't worry... any money donated will carry over into next year and I will release all of the extra pages then. You'd rather be paying for an extra page of the regular story anyway, right?

Don't worry, I think you'll like the Christmas intermission I have in mind!

12/21/05 Page 11 is done.

12/19/05 Page 10 is done.

12/16/05 Page 09 is done.

12/15/05 Extra page today! Page 08 is done!

12/14/05 Page 07 is done. Sorry about the lateness of it today.

12/12/05 Page 06 is done. There are new X-mas incentives so make sure to vote!

12/09/05 Page 05 is done. More incentives coming soon, once Top Web Comics is back up. Oh by the way it's my birthday today. Happy birthday to me!

12/07/05 Page 04 is done.

12/05/05 Page 03 is done.

12/03/05 So, you're probably wondering why there were no updates this week? It's hard to update when you have no computer. Anyway, there's no need for concern, I haven't died or run off to become a gypsy and the comic will continue. To make up for it, here are all the pages I missed: Page 29, Page 30, and Page 01. Also, extra page today! Page 02 as well.

11/25/05 Happy Thanksgiving! Page 28 is done.

11/23/05 Sorry Page 27 was late today, but it's done.

11/22/05 Chapter 3, Page 1 has been beautifully colored by Delusion.

11/21/05 Page 26 is done. My brilliant colorist Delusion is looking for commissions this holiday season. So if you'd like one, click here for details.

11/18/05 Page 25 is done.

11/16/05 Page 24 is done.

11/14/05 Page 23 is done.

11/11/05 Page 22 is done.

11/10/05 Extra page today! Page 21 is done, and Umber-licious!

11/09/05 Page 20 is done.

11/08/05 There will be an extra pageon Thursday this week, by the way.

11/07/05 Page 19 is done.

11/05/05 Voulger's Interview recieves a slight update today.

11/04/05 Page 18 is done.

11/02/05 Page 17 is done. This month, vote incentives will include: different outfit designs for Maytag, sketches of some new characters, and for fun a little nudity. Make sure to vote!

10/31/05 Page 16 is done. Happy Halloween!

10/29/05 Well, I've been sick longer than expected... haven't been able to get any work done on Friday's page. So, to make up for it, here are some more pics I did at Reactor, colored by Savage Sparrow. Pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

10/27/05 Flipside is now being translated in Italian!

10/26/05 Sorry for today's page being late. Friday's will probably be late as well, because I am sick with a 101 degree fever. I'm tired.

10/26/05 Page 15 is done.

10/24/05 Well, it was a long weekend and I didn't get much sleep. So instead of a page today, here is a convention update:

I arrived at the Purple Hotel on Friday at noon, without having much sleep. The Artist's Alley was in a hallway where people were walking back and forth to get to the main room, which looked like this. Unfortunetly, I picked sort of a bad spot at the end of the hall. Here's what I look like at my lame-ass table.

But it was not all bad, because I sold some posters to some cool people like this. Too bad you can't see anything behind her because the camera I was using was pretty damn cheap, and I don't even think I was using it right. Anyway, here's a guy who was looking through my book. As you can see, he had a unique reaction to it which later I'm told caused him to have a coronary and die. My condolences to his family, but hey, that's capitalism. Here's a cat-girl who came up to me to tell me she was a big fan. I offered her some milk and a ball of yarn, but she declined.

When I got bored I drew sketches. (which I will later use as vote-incentives.) Here is a friend of mine coloring the sketch for me. I also did some commissions, like this one of Naga from the anime Slayers. Unfortunetly the bad camera strikes again, so you won't get to see some of the commissions I did. , which was bought by Smiles from the forum. I met a few forum-goers this time, which was pretty cool. Unfortunetly still no one dressed up as Maytag yet... let's hope there are some next year. If anyone ever dresses up as Maytag you can be sure I'm gonna get lots of pictures to put up here!

Finally, here's a pic of one of the
"adult" commissions I did. Cute, isn't it? I did another one involving Maytag and Umber, but unfortunetly the pic did not turn out at all. Sorry, porn fans! At any rate, that was the convention. I didn't go to any of the events due to lack of sleep and enthusiasm. There was something called "the Den of Sin" which I would have liked to go to, but I later heard that it was pretty lame anyway.

My sleep schedule makes going to these conventions pretty tough, since I would normally be sleeping from 8am to 4pm due to my job. I think next year I'm gonna have a friend help me sell books, and just show up later. If you've seen me, you know I need my beauty rest. Well, that's the report! Hope it made up for the lack of page today.

10/21/05 Page 14 is done. Fri-Sun I'll be at the The Reactor convention. If you're gonna be there too, make sure to say hi! I'll be the guy selling Flipside books/posters.

10/19/05 Page 13 is done.

10/18/05 Extra page today! Page 12 is done!

10/17/05 Page 11 is done.

10/15/05 Voulger's Interview is updated. Also, an extra page has been earned, and will be up Tuesday!

10/14/05 Page 10 is done. Just a reminder, The Reactor convention is coming up and I'll be there. So if you wanna be there too, that would be cool.

10/12/05 Page 09 is done. Also, I'd just like to remind people about the new Flipside chatroom! Click here to learn how to join and let's make it a fun place to hang out!

10/10/05 Page 08 is done.

10/07/05 Page 07 is done.

10/06/05 The gallery and secret gallery have been updated with new artwork from me!

10/05/05 Page 06 is done.

10/04/05 New gallery pics today! From: Chad, Jess, Lavata, Nami, Naomi, Olivera, Samuel, Smiles, and Sparrow 1, 2. Thanks! The secret gallery's been updated too.

10/03/05 Page 05 is done.

10/01/05 Voulger's Interview is updated.

9/30/05 Page 04 is done.

9/29/05 Extra page today! Page 03 is done!

9/28/05 Page 02 is done.

9/27/05 Wow, that was fast! Karla colored a very nice version of Page 01 for me. Thanks a lot! Also, there will be an extra page on Thursday.

9/26/05 Starting Chapter 4 today! Page 01 is done.

9/24/05 Voulger's Interview is updated.

9/23/05 Intermission Page 4 is done.

9/21/05 Intermission Page 3 is done. Also, Chapter 1, Page 6 has been colored by Chad Jenkins.

9/19/05 Intermission Page 2 is done.

9/18/05 Flipside now has a chatroom! You can connect via IRC. The network is, and the channel is #flipsidecomics. For all those who don't know how to use IRC, I'll have an FAQ up soon on how to access it.

9/17/05 Crest's Interview is completed. Voulger's Interview will be coming soon!

9/16/05 Intermission Page 1 is done.

9/14/05 Page 30 is done.

9/13/05 Extra page today! Page 29 is done! Also, as of tommorow the vote incentives will be back! So remember to vote!

9/12/05 Page 28 is done. There will be an extra page tommorow.

9/09/05 Page 27 is done. Yet another extra page has been earned for next week!

9/08/05 Extra page today! Page 26 is done!

9/07/05 Page 25 is done. Guess what, I actually have tommorow's page done ahead of time, which means finishing this week's pages should be no problem. I think this'll be the first time I've done 5 pages two weeks in a row. And it only cost me a little sleep!

9/06/05 Extra page today! Page 24 is done! Sorry, there is a little problem with the vote-incentives. In the mean-time I hope you keep voting anyway!

9/05/05 Page 23 is done.

9/03/05 Sorry that the last two vote incentives were repeats. Starting today, I'm going to be putting up old artwork as vote incentives. Starting with early sketches of Maytag done before book 0 was ever started! After awhile I'll post early pictures of Bernadette as well. Check these out to see what my art looked like 6-10 years ago!

9/02/05 Page 22 is done. Been awhile since I did 5 pages in one week.

9/01/05 Extra page today! Page 21 is done!

8/31/05 Page 20 is done. Guess what, someone donated $200!! Which means there will be 5 pages next week as well! Looks like I have a lot of work to do!

8/30/05 Extra page today! Page 19 is done! Also another extra page has been earned for Thursday, thanks to one person donating $60!

8/29/05 Page 18 is done.

8/26/05 Page 17 is done. An extra page will be posted Tuesday.

8/24/05 Page 16 is done.

8/22/05 Page 15 is done.

8/19/05 Page 14 is done.

8/17/05 Page 13 is done.

8/16/05 Extra page today! Page 12 is done!

8/15/05 Page 11 is done.

8/12/05 Page 10 is done. Added late today, at 5:00pm.

8/10/05 Page 9 is done. Added late today, at 8:30pm. An extra page has been earned, but I won't have time to put it up until next Tuesday. However the interview section will have a long overdue update this weekend and there may be an update on Sunday as well.

8/08/05 Page 8 is done. Again, I had a busy weekend so it's a bit late today.

8/05/05 Page 7 is done. For those of you who have been voting, sorry about the repeats in the vote-sketches for the last two days. I was getting a little behind. Starting tommorow there will be a week of Harry Potter sketches, so if you like Harry Potter check those out!

8/03/05 Page 6 is done.

8/01/05 Page 5 is done. Sorry that it's late today, I had a busy weekend.

7/29/05 Page 4 is done.

7/27/05 Page 3 is done.

7/25/05 Page 2 is done.

7/22/05 Chapter 3 starts today! Page 1 is done.

7/21/05 Extra page today! Intermission Page 4 is done!

7/20/05 Intermission Page 3 is done. There'll be an extra page tommorow.

7/18/05 Intermission Page 2 is done. Sorry, put up late today.

7/15/05 Intermission Page 1 is done. Ok I lied, Chapter 3 will be starting a little bit later... in the meantime, I'm going to be doing something a little bit different. This will probably become a regular feature between certain chapters.

7/13/05 Page 60 and chapter 2 is done! Chapter 3 starts Friday!

7/11/05 Page 59 is done. Sorry to all who voted yesterday, the incentive was screwed up. I'll put it up again today.

7/08/05 Page 58 is done.

7/06/05 Page 57 is done.

7/05/05 Extra page today! Page 56 is done! Wow, that's 3 weeks in a row for extra pages, you guys have been really generous with the donations lately and I appreciate it! By the way, starting this month there are new vote incentives to vote on the topwebcomics list. I really want to break into the top 10 on this list, so everyone help out by voting every day if you can, and you will be rewarded!

7/04/05 Page 55 is done. There will be an extra page tommorow! Also I altered Page 54 so that you can see Voulger's sword deflecting now.

7/01/05 Page 54 is done. Kitang!

6/29/05 Page 53 is done.

6/27/05 Page 52 is done.

6/25/05 Crest's Interview is updated. Yeah I know, I've been lazy about updating it. Sorry bout that!

6/25/05 New gallery pics today! From: Alysha, Gelicht, Hawk, John Dieghan, Miscy, Miscy, Naomi, and Sparrow. Thanks to all of you! The secret gallery's been updated too.

6/24/05 Page 51 is done.

6/23/05 Extra page today! Page 50 is done!

6/22/05 Page 49 is done.

6/20/05 Page 48 is done (as of 5pm today.)

6/17/05 Page 47 is done.

6/15/05 Page 46 is done.

6/13/05 Page 45 is done. Also, I'd like to make a comment about donations, regarding how it works when someone donates cents... (like a recent donation I got that was $2.47) I'd prefer if you'd just donate even dollars, but if you really wanna donate an uneven amount like that, it's fine by me. The donation number is always rounded down, but I still keep track of the cents amount, it's just invisible. So the actual number right now is $45.97. But that .97 won't do anything until someone donates an extra 3 cents. I hope that makes cents... I mean, sense.

6/10/05 Page 44 is done.

6/08/05 Page 43 is done. Also, Naomi is holding a contest for Flipside Fanart. If you like to do fanart, make sure you check it out! There are prizes involved!

6/07/05 Twisted Kaiju Theatre was nice enough to give me a plug, so everyone go and check it out!

6/07/05 Extra page today! Page 42 is done! Also, added a new link: Mystic Revolutions.

6/06/05 Page 41 is done as of 8pm. Sorry that it's late today, I blame it on my Opa.

6/04/05 Crest's Interview is updated.

6/03/05 Page 40 is done.

6/01/05 Page 39 is done. I have some bad news... it looks like I won't be able to make it to Wizard World this year, due to the fact that I have to go to a family reunion. I will still be at Reactor, though.

5/30/05 Page 38 is done.

5/27/05 Page 37 is done.

5/25/05 Page 36 is done.

5/23/05 Page 35 is done.

5/21/05 Crest's Interview is updated. Sorry I forgot to update it last week, it was hectic with the convention and all. Speaking of the con, while I was there I participated in an interview along with Caronline Curtis and Jerry K. It was done by the Alpha Shade guys about webcomics. I came in late, about halfway through the second segment. If you want to hear what a complete dumbass I sound like, then by all means check out the interview here.

5/20/05 Ok! Well some people were asking for a convention report, and what the Hell I took some pictures, I guess I might as well post them! I've never made a convention report before though, so you'll have to excuse me if I don't know how to make this cool. What am I supposed to write anyway? Let's see... mostly I just sat at my table and harrassed people as they walked by my table, as I am want to do. Here's a pic of what my table looked like with me behind it. I was selling sample booklets of chapters 22+23, and posters of the cover of chapter 1 in case you're wondering. This, and this, and this are pics of some of the many people I harassed. Oh you're wondering if that's the really Johnny Depp? Of course. I'm a big celebrity now, he came just to read my book. Here are some fans who came all the way to the con just to bow to me, and of course I appreciated that. Just a note to anyone else I meet at a convention, bowing to me would be a good example of good "Brion-etiquette." Make sure you keep that in mind.

Later on we all sat around and drew in this artist's lounge thing. As you can see, it was mainly people there who ran out of booze (myself included). Here's me before I ran out of booze. I promised not to mention the wild orgy parties here in this report, and rest assured that secret is safe with me.

And finally, let me take a non-jackass tone when I mention the nice cos-players who helped out Dirk's figure drawing session. It was a pretty big success. If you need any costumes made btw, (especially Flipside ones, hint hint!) I recommend going to them at They rule.

Ok, well that's all I have to say!

5/20/05 Page 34 is done.

5/18/05 Page 33 is done. Convention report coming soon, really!

5/16/05 Page 32 is done. Had a good time at the convention... I'm tired right now, so I'll put up a convention report tommorow.

5/13/05 Page 31 is done. Hope to see some of you at the convention this weekend, I'll be at table 42A!

5/12/05 Extra page today! Page 30 is done! Wow, the donation meter had only been up for two days, and we've already reached $100! I really appreciate it everyone, thank you very much! In other news, Anime Central is coming up this weekend, and I'm gonna be there. I've heard reports there may be someone walking around as Maytag this year, so if you're coming say hi to me and keep an eye out for black & white!

5/11/05 Page 29 is done. Thank you all for the donations, looks like there'll be an extra page real soon!

5/10/05 Notice the new donation meter? That's right, from now on I will be doing 1 extra page for every $100 donated. So, if you'd like to see the updates come faster, all you have to do is help support Flipside! Even just a single dollar is a big help... if all of my readers were to donate just $1 a month, there would be 5 pages a week and I could make a living doing this webcomic! So if you'd like to see more Flipside, please donate whatever you can!

5/09/05 Page 28 is done. Sorry that it's a bit late, I got it up at 3pm today. Also I went back and put the cuts on page 27 that I forgot. But in case you're wondering, they aren't supposed to be on page 28.

5/08/05 Crest's Interview is updated.

5/06/05 Page 27 is done. As I'm sure you've noticed, Buzzcomix is down again. Well it's a good list, apparently it's too popular. Anyway, relax... cause I can relax now with the new sketches! I was down to my last two left, man! It's nice to have a break.

5/05/05 Book 2's Cover was colored by Delusion. It's beautiful, check it out!

5/04/05 Page 26 is done.

5/03/05 Hey, check this out.

5/02/05 Page 25 is done.

4/30/05 Crest's Interview is updated.

4/29/05 Page 24 is done. Oh by the way, if you like underwear, I suggest you vote today!

4/27/05 Page 23 is done.

4/26/05 Extra page today! Page 22 is done!

4/25/05 Page 21 is done.

4/24/05 Fixed a mistake on paes 19 & 20 where I forgot to draw Maytag's cut. Maybe I need to cut myself to remember.

4/23/05 As you can see, a space for a large advertising banner has been added to the front page. Hope it's not too annoying, because I'm poor and I need money! Also a long overdue convention schedule has been put up as well. And a new interview has been started, so if you want to ask Crest some questions make sure you read the new rules.

4/22/05 Page 20 is done.

4/20/05 Page 19 is done.

4/18/05 Page 18 is done. Sorry that there haven't been any extra pages lately. This week is looking like a 3 page week as well, but I'm planning to do a 5 page week soon.

4/15/05 Page 17 is done, as of 7 pm today. Sorry again for it being late, this time we had internet problems.

4/13/05 Page 16 is done. Also some additional shading on Page 15.

4/12/05 New links added: Links to Otenba Files and Remotely Lame.

4/11/05 I got a new light-box, and Page 15 is up. Sorry about the lateness of it.

4/11/05 Sorry, today's page is going to be a bit late. My light-box is busted.

4/08/05 Page 14 is done. Sorry that I couldn't get it up until 3pm today, there were some FTP issues.

4/07/05 New art in the gallery! From Chad, a sexy pic of Maytag's two sides! From Crazy Razor, a pic of Bernadette. From Lizz, a pic of May and Crest. From Elvira, a pic of Maytag. And finally, from Nekocat a playing card pic of Maytag.

4/06/05 Page 13 is done. If you live anywhere near Ann Arbor, Michigan, check out Wizzywig Collectibles. It has tons of manga/anime and other Japanese stuff!

4/04/05 Buzzcomix has switched over to the new month, so let's all vote as much as we can to get Flipside onto the top 10! Starting today there will be a new vote incentive sketch every day if you vote!

4/04/05 Page 12 is done. I haven't changed the vote incentive pic yet, but as soon as they switch it over to April I'll be changing that every day. I'll let ya know when that happens!

4/01/05 Page 11 is done. A new month is started, and that means pretty soon the Buzzcomix list will reset! This is our chance to break into the top ten fast, so everyone please help out by voting as much as you can! From now on there will be a special treat each day for those who vote!

Also, on an unrelated note, I have decided to come clean about my real idenity. Please check my bio to see what I mean. Sorry for hiding it all these years.

3/30/05 Page 10 is done.

3/29/05 Correction on page 9: Panel 4 should read "you're the one who's too scared" instead of "you're the one too who's scared." That's been fixed.

3/29/05 Chapter 1, Page 01 is colored by Crazy Razor, check it out! Buzzcomix is back up... I would just like to let everyone know that starting April 1st, there will be voting incentives, special sketchs that you can only see if you vote. Keep that in mind!

3/28/05 Page 09 is done. Thanks everyone for voting at Buzzcomix, it's helped bring in a lot of new traffic to the site! Unfortunetly they seem to be down for awhile, hopefully it'll be back up soon. If not we can get onto another webcomics list.

3/25/05 Page 08 is done. As you should notice, I've redone the look of the homepage again. Looks much better now. Also, I've eliminated the gateway page, and there's now a "new reader" page. Maybe now I'll have time to work on some of these other lacking sections like the tutorials!

3/24/05 Sorry, I had been planning to do an extra page this week, but the work I've been doing on the website has been sucking up a lot of time. As you can see, the top menu looks different now... to tell you the truth I'm not really happy with that look, I think I need to tinker with it some more. Other changes: the comics section has been totally restructured, so if you have bookmarked anything in there you need to update you bookmarks. I'd suggest bookmarking and not any of the inside pages. Also I got rid of the book 0 book 1 menu, now the book 1 menu is the comics menu and book 0 is a subsection. The reason for this is that I realized I don't know where book 1 ends and book 2 begins... and also there's no point in having a subsection for each book, it's simpler to have it all in one section. The only reason book 0 is in a different section is because I'd prefer new readers start with book 1.

Other changes: I've removed some of the notation in Book 0 because on rereading the comic I found it a bit intrusive. I left in the ones I felt were helpful. The interview section has new instructions. Hopefully I'll be able to start a new interview this weekend. The links page has descriptons now. Also as you can see the guestbook has been removed and replaced with a store button. There is nothing there yet, but with any luck there will be a store soon. I could really use the money!

3/23/05 Page 07 is done. I went back and made some adjustments to page 06. I made it clearer that those dudes were in an elevator, and also I removed the roman numeral from Dice's spell.

3/21/05 Page 06 is done.

3/18/05 Page 05 is done. Sorry it was a bit late today, didn't get it up till 5pm. Next week I'm going to make up for it with extra pages.

3/16/05 Page 04 is done. Thanks a lot everyone, Flipside has moved up from rank 2000 to rank 80 in 2 days! Now let's see if we can break into the top 20!

3/15/05 The color version of Book 1's Cover is complete! Check it out!

3/14/05 Page 02-03 is done. Also notice the new banner situation... Flipside is now on the Buzzcomix top 100 webcomics list. We have a long way to go to catch up with the top comics, so I would like to ask everyone who enjoys comics to please vote! You can vote once per day, so let's see if we can't get Flipside into the top 10!

3/10/05 Because I love you, extra page today! It is the cover for chapter 2, and it is uncolored for now, but not for long.

3/08/05 Well, I've decided not to go with that webdesign for now. I think it was a nice try, but after reflecting upon it, it just doesn't seem right for Flipside. So I'm going back to the drawing board. Thanks everyone for your feedback. In the meantime, just keep enjoying this lovely design I guess.

3/06/05 While you're waiting for tommorow's new page, why not browse some new gallery pics? First of all a really beautiful pic of Clairen by Crazy Razor, very nice. A cool pic of May by Demonsaintdante, a cute sketch by Evi, a drawing of crest by Evie, a drawing of what Evie wants to do with Crest...! Check that out. a nice drawing of Maytag by Libelle, a color pic of Crest by Llyriel, and finally, a cool pic of some of the neglected minor characters by Nicole. Thanks for all the great fanart, guys! Oh yeah, y'know that secret adult gallery? That's been updated too, if you know where to find it!

3/04/05 Sorry that there were only 3 new pages this week. But I've been working on something else, here it is: It's the prototype for the new design of this website! Everyone, please take a look at it and let me know what you think! You can let me know on the forum or by email.

2/22/05 Extra page today! I feel like I owe you guys extra pages, being that these last 2 were one panelers.

2/18/05 Oops, well no I couldn't quite manage it. Anyway I'll be going to a convention this weekend at the University of Chicago. Here's the details. (For a good laugh check out my bio!) I'll be there Saturday and be on the webcomics panel, I'll also have a table. It's a free convention, so if you're in the Chicago-land area feel free to stop by and say hi.

2/15/05 Another extra page today. There may be one on Thursday too, if I can manage it.

2/12/05 Extra page today, yes on Saturday! Enjoy it!

2/07/05 I've been sick as a god all weekend, but ya know what? Monday's page is still on time as usual! Not the same Brion you're used to is it?

2/05/05 Well, 9 pages in 2 weeks, that's pretty good! 10 if you count the uncolored cover. I feel pretty good about that... but, there's still more catching up to do. I'm tentatively hoping to do 5 pages next week, we'll see what happens.

2/04/05 I was kind of tired yesterday, and I wasn't quite able to get another page done. So instead, today's update is the cover for book 1. It is not colored yet, but I think you'll like it. ^^

2/03/05 Another extra page today! If I can finish one for tommorow, that will make 10 pages in 2 weeks! Aren't you glad you keep checking back? ^^

2/01/05 Oh, I forgot to mention, there will be another extra page today! That's right, I will do another 5 pages this week! Check back on Wednesday, Thurs, and Friday for a new page each day!

1/28/05 Yes, another page on time today. To review, all pages this week were on time, plus there were two extra pages on Tuesday and Thursday, for a total of 5 pages this week. And if you think that's good, wait until next week when I do it again! ^^

1/27/05 That's right, another extra page today! Heheheh...

1/26/05 Today's page is on time as well. And make sure to check back on Thursday as well. You might just be rewarded.

1/25/05 For being such good patient readers, you all get an extra treat today. That's right, an extra page! Cool huh? ^^

1/24/05 Today's page is up on time, for a change. You may want to check back tommorow as well.

1/23/05 The gallery has been updated again, make sure to check it out! Here are the new fanarts: Bernadette by Corntown, Maytag by Delusion, another Maytag by Delusion, A very nice birthday pic by Naomi, and May and Bern together by Nicole.

1/22/05 By the way, I promised Rave I would plug her site again, so here it is: Check it out!

1/22/05 Well, I missed Wednesday's update again. Friday's is late as well, I'm just getting it up as of 3:30am on Saturday. I can do better than this... I really can. What's wrong with me? I'm unemployed so I have plenty of free time. 3 pages a week is the minimun I should be doing... I could do more. But somehow I can't... is it because I lack motivation? Would it be easier if I were getting paid? Maybe... but I'm not, and I've got to accept that.

1/12/05 Again I have to miss an update. Im wondering if I shouldn't just lower it to two updates a week for awhile...

1/10/05 I suck, again. I wasn't able to get a page done for Friday.(Made up as of 5/12/05) At least Monday's is on time for once though. Oh well. I think that overall the quality of my pages is the best I've ever done, which is good... but I wish I could meet my schedule.

1/06/05 Wednesday's page is late also, 5:00pm on Thursday. I will now go whip myself.

1/04/05 Monday's page is late, 2:00am on Tuesday.

1/02/05 And Friday's page was late too, of course. Just got it up 5pm on Sunday. Of course I'm sick again, but that's not a good excuse. But I'm going to go work on tommorow's page right now.

12/30/04 Just got Wednesday's up, yes late again. 3:30pm on Thursday.

12/27/04 Today's page is up a bit late, at 9:30pm, but at least it's up.

12/23/04 Sorry... I guess there's not going to be anymore updates this week. I'm feeling terrible, I can't seem to get any sleep. Sorry... I'll make up for it...(Made up as of 3/15/05 and 4/26/05)

12/20/04 As you may have noticed, I didn't update on Friday. But that's because I was working on a two page spread, for pages 24 and 25. So I count today's update as two pages.

12/14/04 Monday's page was late, didn't get it up til Tues. evening.

12/11/04 I had a good birthday, had steak and lobster and got lots of DVDs, which is all good. But I still got Friday's page done, albeit late as it is Saturday evening. But if I start on Monday's page now, which I will, maybe I can get that one done on time, for a change. Got some other news, good and bad depending on how you feel. I may be quitting Lotte vs the Dead, so for all who are following it that's bad news, but that will free up more time to get 3 Flipside pages done a week which is good. I'd like to speed up towards getting the first book printed out.

12/09/04 Well, I'm just now getting Wednesday's page up, and it's Thursday, so that's not good. But check back tommorow anyway, you might be surprised, there might be a new page on time.

12/06/04 Again, I'm really sorry. Wasn't able to get a page done for Friday, or today either...(Made up as of 2/22/05 and 3/10/05)

12/01/04 Today's page was a late again, put up at 11:00pm.

11/29/04 Sorry, today's page was put up a bit late, 10:30pm to be exact. Also updated page 17 with some new shading.

11/24/04 Okay, I missed Friday's and Monday's updates because again, I suck. Lately I have been so lazy, I don't know what's wrong with me. But don't think I'll let myself get away with this, we'll see if I can't somehow do extra updates in the near future...(Made up as of 2/12/05 and 2/15/05)

11/17/04 The forum is back up, but only for a limited time. See the post I made there for more details.

11/17/04 First of all, I wasn't able to get a page done for Monday either because I suck. (Made up as of 2/03/05) Secondly, the forum has been down for several days because of a security problem. I'm supposed to upgrade the forum, but I have no clue how to do that. But don't worry, I'll figure out something.

11/12/04 Just a Lotte page is done today. I wasn't able to get a Flipside page done, and I certainly don't want to rush it.(Made up as of 2/01/05)

11/11/04 It is now 12:30 am and I am just now putting up Wednesday's page, sorry about the lateness. I need to go get some sleep now.

11/05/04 I just seem to be having a bad week this week... I don't know what to say, I havent been able to finish anything. I'll try to make up for it in the future if I can...(Made up as of 1/27/05)

11/03/04 Well, I am taking Wednesday off again this week. Having trouble sleeping. But on the bright side, the color version of the title page is done, make sure to check it out! (Made up as of 1/25/05)

10/27/04 The gallery section recieves another update. Here are the new fanarts: Bernadette by Evie, Maytag clutching a lobster by Evie, Regina by Sweet and colored by Raven, Umber not wearing any clothes by Raven.

10/26/04 Sorry, Monday's page was late. Could'nt get much work done during the convention.

10/21/04 Sorry, Wednesday's pages was late, didn't get it up til after midnight.
The gallery section has recieved a long overdue update! Sorry for keeping you contributers waiting for so long... Here are the new fanarts: Maytag by Kellen, Moss by Nikki, Maytag by Eku, A Group Pic at the beach by Sally.

10/18/04 I will have an exhibitor's table at Anime Reactor this weekend! It's a Chicago based anime convention, click on the link for details. Sorry about the short notice, but feel free to come over and say hi! I'll be there Friday-Sunday, so I am going to take Friday off this week. But look at the bright side, you used to only get 1 page a week when I took a day off, now you get 2!

10/13/04 The two page spread title is up today, but it is not colored yet. Sorry about that. I'll let you know when the colored version is done.

10/08/04 There will be no update next Monday, but it's not because I am taking a break. I am going to attempt a two page spread, which basically means I am going to put two pages together to form a single large image. This may seem a bit silly for a webcomic, but when it is printed in book form you will see why it'll be cool. Since the next two pages go together, to count them both as a single update would put a bit of strain on my workload, so instead I will post nothing on Monday and the two page spread on Wednesday. Note that the spread will be numbered as 4&5.

10/04/04 The hiatus is over, and Flipside continues. Haven't had time to redesign the website fully, so I've given it a small facelift in the meantime. I'm going to try going back to adding 3 new Flipside pages a week, as well as 1 Lotte page a week.

8/18/04 Flipside has been put on hiatus until October 4th. I'm going to use this time to renovate this website. However, Lotte vs the Dead will continue to be updated. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the new Flipside storyarc, but I hope you will be patient! I wouldnt want to start it until I feel I'm ready.

8/16/04: Chapter 26 Completed.

8/4/04 I need to take Wednesday off again this week. Been distracted with family over.

7/23/04 Wednesday's page was late again, didn't get it up until today.

7/13/04 Sorry. Yesterday's page was late again. It looks like I'm going to have to take tommorow off.

7/11/04 Check out Rave's site, who is a loyal reader and member of the forum. She's got her own comic:

7/10/04 Sorry, had some problem getting the pages done on time this week. But now as of Saturday they are all up.

6/28/04 Hey look! A page is done on time for a change!

6/25/04 Again, sorry. Both Monday's and Wednesday's pages never made it up. I didn't even finish Monday's page until Thursday night, so obviously doing Wednesday's page was out of the question. Friday's Lotte page is done, though. So, the end result is that I only got 2 pages done again this week. The reason that I've been having trouble meeting my schedule these past 2 weeks is because I just quit my job, and now due to having so much more freetime I have slacked off alot more than usual. Plus, I am used to getting my work done in an environment where I don't have distractions like the tv, video games and the internet. Also, I had to go to a funeral this week, which didn't help things. So, those are my excuses, but they are still no excuse. No point in apologizing, the only genuine apology would be to get *all* pages done on time next week.

6/20/04 Sorry, Friday's page was late again. Maybe tommorow's page will be on time though.

6/14/04 I'm going to take Wednesday off this week. Because I am a slacker and I suck.

6/11/04 Oops. Missed my Wednesday update didn't I? Sorry... well actually it's just late. I'm putting it up now, so rejoice!

5/27/04 So anyway, Animecentral was fun. I suppose I should probably talk about it, but there's not a whole lot to say, mostly I just gave out lots of business cards. That reminds me, I should scan in one of my cards so you people can see it, I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, the convention was fun, there were plenty of cute girls there, and I got to talk to some of them, so I enjoyed that. ^^ And I met a few people who read the comic, which is always cool. Hopefully I got a few new fans. Gotta do what you can.

5/21/04: Tons of new fan-art today! First, from Catherine is this cute pic of May and Umber putting on a show!. Rachel submitted 2 pics, one of Maytag, and one of Bernadette. Monica submitted a lovely piece of moss art.. Tiffy shows us yet another lovely fanart, this time a hyper cute bernadette. Rhiannon has her own interpretation of the turmoil in Maytag's heart, as seen in this beautiful picture. Finally, Micheal has another drawing to show as well, this time of Bernadette. Thanks alot for all the great fan-art, guys!

5/14/04 Hey man... I'm at the Animecentral convention today, come and check it out if you are in the area!

5/12/04 Take note, the table I will be at has changed... I will now be at table 13. So if you're looking for me at Acen this weekend, keep that in mind!

5/03/04: As much as I hate to do this, gonna have to take Monday off. I've been sick as a dog all weekend. I hope I feel better tommorow.

4/10/04: Yet more new fanart! From Naomi is this pic of Bernadette. From Olimar, a pic of Maytag.. From Pamela, a pic of Noventia.. And finally, from Timbit is this gorgeous pic of Maytag and Bern, doing a Utena pose! Thanks so much!

4/09/04: Sorry about the lateness of Wednesday's page, I wasn't able to put it up until today. I'm getting a bit behind again, so unfortunetly no Lotte page this week. Hopefully I can get caught up now.

3/29/04: Check out the color version of the chapter 26 title page here, colored by the great Delusion!

3/24/04: Color version of the title page isn't ready yet, sorry. Until then, you can look at the nice linework.

3/22/04: Although there is no new page today, check out the update to Umber's interview!

3/20/04: Just to let you know, I am going to be taking a little break next week. Will be taking Monday off. Please dont shoot me!

3/15/04: Chapter 25 Completed.

3/13/04: Guess what? There is a new interview! Check it out: The Interview /w Umber Dycone!

3/06/04: Check out the gallery for some new fanarts! From Jannah is this ultra cuddly illustration of Maytag! From Alexander, a sketch of May and Bern together.. And from Zarkon, a kind of abstract piece involving Moss.. Finally, from Christine Harrow is this cute little pic of Maytag. Thanks!

3/03/04: There is a new secret section hidden somewhere on this site. Good luck finding it! Also, some changes have been made to the forum: some new rules have been put in place. If you post there, make sure to check them out.

2/16/04: Had a rough weekend, I've come down with some sort of stomach flue and have been feeling real unpleasant. I had today's page half done but I was feeling real unhappy with it so I decided to redo it. So, have to take today off. Sorry...

1/26/04: I need to take a break this week, in order to catch up with the script... so I'll be taking today off. Sorry about that.

1/14/04: Chapter 24 Completed.

1/10/04: Happy New Year everybody! Let's begin the new year with some new fanart. First, from everybody's favorite colorist Delusion is this lovely fanart of May and Bern. Also from Ridgerat, this color pic of May and Bern. From Gracifer, a color pic of Bernadette. From Harle, this cute lil' drawing of Maytag. From Jason, a drawing of Moss.. And finally, another cool fanart from Jessi, this color pic of Maytag. Thanks alot everyone who sent in art, and have a great new year!

12/23/03: Umm, I'm gonna take this Wednesday off, and Probably next Wednesday also. Sorry that the updates have been slower lately. But I've got to unwind a little bit. Don't worry, there will still be updates.

12/19/03: Well, I finally got my computer running! I had to buy a new scanner, but I've finally got things going again. Unfortunetly it's going to take a bit of work to get caught up. So what I did was upload all the missed pages unshaded, that way at least you guys can check them out. I'll shade them a bit later. Take note that 3 new Flipside pages have been added, one shaded, and 2 new Lotte pages have been added. By the way, special note: if you have emailed me in the last month and haven't recieved a response yet, I have lost your email. Sorry. Please send me another one.

12/15/03: Hey everyone... I know there have been no updates for more than a week, but I would just like to ask you to be patient... we are having additional problems with the comnputer and the scanner still doesn't work. However, that doesn't mean I will miss any pages, other than Monday's... as soon as I am able, there will be a big update, and all the pages I missed will be added. As of Wednesday, that would be: Flipside pages 7, 8, and 9, and Lotte pages 14 and 15. Sorry again for the delay.

12/12/03: Sorry about no updates this week... we just got the computer back, but now the scanner won't reinstall. Don't worry though, I'll make up for it on Monday, when I'll put up 2 Flipside pages and 2 Lotte pages.

12/07/03: Our computer has to go to the shop to get fixed, so I'm gonna be taking Monday off this week.

11/26/03: You know Delusion, who made me that gorgeous fanart? Yeah, that Delusion. Well, I asked her if she could color the title page for me, and she gave me this fantastic version of it! Amazing huh? So, do me a favor and visit her website, and make sure she gets tons of hits!

11/21/03: More new fanart, plus a suprise! First, from a girl called Delusion is this beautiful piece of artwork. From Evie, a cute sketch of maytag. From Emily, a color pic of May and Bern. From Jamie, a sketch of Maytag that was done at a convention. From Kasumi, a creative piece of fanart!. And finally, something completely different. A girl actually sent me cosplay pics of herself dressed up as Maytag! Make sure to check these out!

11/19/03: Nevermind, got the scanner working. Therefore, page 2 is done today on schedule.

11/19/03: Sorry for the lack of update on Monday. The computer had to go into the shop, so I was unable to update. Now, I have another problem... it seems like our scanner isn't working. I had Monday's page already scanned in, so it's done. Page 2 is also done but I am unable to scan it in. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

11/10/03: I'm taking Wednesday off this week... because I need some time to mourne the Matrix series. No I'm kidding. Just taking a little break.

11/9/03: Damn you Wachowski brothers... why couldn't the Matrix 3 have been good? Why?? I even liked the second one, but this...

11/7/03: Chapter 23 Completed.

10/31/03: BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

10/27/03: The convention was pretty cool! The sushi was good, but unfortunetly I missed the lesbian dance.

10/18/03: Hey, guess what? I'm gonna be at another convention next weekend! It's the Anime Reactor convention in Chicago, and I'm going to be sharing an exhibitor's table with Dirk Tiede. In case you happen to be there, the table will be listed under Dirk Tiede's name, so you can find me that way. Feel free to drop by and visit me! (I'll be there with these guys, check thier sites out too: Dirk's and BMAN's)

10/17/03: Some more new fanart! From Dirk Tiede who does a great comic Paradigm Shift at, a sketch of Maytag. From Malin, another sketch of maytag. From Jame, a pretty in pink picture of Maytag. From Dexter, an oekaki of Moss. And finally, from Piper a color pic of Bernadette.

10/11/03: Well, this weekend ended up being so hectic I wasn't able to get any work done at all on Friday's page. Sorry... I know some people say I deserve to take breaks, but I still feel guilty.

10/09/03: Wednesday's page was late too, sorry. I'm still trying to catch up.

10/07/03: Again, sorry yesterday's page was late. This time though i think it'll be worth it, I spent extra time on Monday's page and I think it turned out pretty nice.

9/27/03: Sorry, Friday's page was late. By the way, I've just decided to enlarge the sample for now, at least until Wirepop officially starts. So for the time being, all the Lotte pages will be available here.

9/18/03: I'm really behind this week. Been having problems keeping up with the scripts for both comics. As you may have noticed, I still haven't gotten Wednesday's page up. I'm going to hold it off til Friday, so there won't be a new Lotte page this week. Sorry about that.

9/10/03: Hey. Wirepop is going to be starting soon. Remember if you sign up, you get to read my new comic Lotte vs The Dead plus lots of other great manga. For only 3 dollars a month. If you sign up, give Lotte vs The Dead credit as a referral because it puts dollars in my pocket! Yes, YOU can help pay for my chili flavored ramen! And I appreciate that. =)

9/08/03: Chapter 22 Completed.

9/06/03: Sorry. Friday's page was a bit late. And no, it's not the new Flipside page... remember, I'm doing Lotte vs The Dead now so every Friday's page will be a Lotte page. So, sorry to all you Moss fans out there who want to see what he's got under his bangs... but you will find out on Monday.

9/01/03: This may come as a surprise, but I've decided to redo page 12. I just wasnt happy with the way it affected the pacing of chapter 22. So, for my update today I've made a new page 12. I hope there's no confusion over this. The old page 12 can still be viewed here.

8/29/03: There was an update on Wednesday, but apparently I forgot to update the main page, sorry about that. Some of you may have noticed that page 12 *was* up, however.

8/27/03: You'll want to check out this lovely new fanart by Naomi. If you like Maytag, and you like skin, then I think you may like it.

8/13/03: Oh all right... here's a little something to tide you over. Color version by Friday.

8/13/03: Well... lately I've been swamped with work. I thought I could get another page done of Flipside for today, but I haven't even started it. Rather than drive myself crazy, I'm going to take tonight off. On Friday though I'll still be putting up the title page of "Lotte vs The Dead" so everyone can see it. Sorry to everyone who is dying to see what happens next in this chapter... but, there's some new fanart and stuff and I've added a new section to the guestbook, so you can check those out in the meantime!

8/13/03: Some new fanart! One from Denise Jones of Eversummer Eve fame, of our friend Moss. Yes, some people like him. Also, a lovely pic that Elthea posted on my forum. A pic of Moss by Jessi. And another drawing of Maytag by the talented Koneko. Thanks, guys...I mean girls!

8/11/03: Ok, I'm sure you're all wondering what the new project is that I'm working on. I've been asked to join Wire Pop, which is a subscription service for online manga. Basically, you pay a couple dollars a month, and have access to all of thier online manga... if you know Modern Tales, it's like that only with manga. So, starting in a few weeks I'll be doing a new series for them. But don't panic. I won't be quitting Flipside, and Flipside will still be free. What I intend to do is to cut down Flipside to 2 pages a week, and do 1 page of my new manga a week.

The new manga is going to be very different from Flipside. It's an idea I've had for awhile, it's called "Lotte vs. The Dead." Basically, it's a zombie-inspired horror comic, something I've always wanted to do. (My old unfinished manga Metamorphosis was also going to be a zombie story.) However, it has a bit of a twist... it takes place in a typical Superhero type universe, and features zombies vs superheroes. The main character is Lotte, a rebellious young superhero otherwise known as "Hypergirl" who resents her father, "Perfect Man." On Friday, I'll post the title page for this manga so you can get a glimpse of it. Unfortunetly you'll have to subscribe to the site to read the comic, however I'll make the newest page available for viewing every Friday, so if you come here dilligentally you'll be able to read it anyway.

So, to recap: From now on Flipside will be updated every Monday and Wednesday, and my new comic will be updated on Friday on Hope this doesn't make you mad. I really am committed to continuing Flipside, so don't worry about that.

By the way, now that the "Sorcerer" story-arc of Flipside is nearly over, I think you guys will be surprised at the direction things go. Hopefully most of you will like it.

8/09/03: Sorry... Wednesday's page was REALLY late. It's Saturday night and I'm just now putting it up. The reason for this is because my web service has been down since Tuesday. Comcast said they couldn't be bothered to come out until today to fix it. Sorry about that... anyway, this weekend I've been hanging out at the convention. Got a table with a couple of friends, and I'm selling sketches and sample booklets. It's been pretty cool so far. I met a few people who actually read the comic! The wierd thing is that not only were they all girls, but cute girls! I never realized it was popular with cute girls, but hey, I'm glad that they like it! Some people bought sketches, too. It was almost like a party, one of the conventioneers even brought me whiskey (shh, dont tell anyone!) All in all, it's been fun!

8/04/03: Hey y'all. Remember, this weekend I'll be at the Wizard World Convention. So stop by and see me if you want. I'll probably be selling sketches and whatever. Naturally, I'm gonna have to take Friday off this week. As for that new project I'm working on, well, I'll give you more details next week!

7/30/03: Taking Wednesday off this week. Sorry... something has come up and I need the extra time to work on another project... I'll post more details about it soon. I may be starting a new comic soon... don't worry, Flipside will continue to be updated.

7/18/03: Sure, it may be my day off, but just because I'm nice I've added a little something. Here's a new feature, on Denise Jones' comic Eversummer Eve. Check it out!

7/15/03: I'm gonna take this Friday off. The last few pages have been sloppy and I need to regroup a little bit for the next coming chapter, and also go over my script again.

7/14/03: Chapter 21 Completed.

7/09/03: Take note, my email address has changed. Click here for the new address.

7/07/03: Lots of new fanart today! From Marcus, an excellent pic of May and Bern, just hanging out.. From Grace, an another cute May and Bern pic.. From Lianne, a sketch of Maytag, and another one. From Savannah, a cool fanart of Maytag. From Misery Mirror, a nice color pic of Moss. From Cryptic Angel, a lovely wallpaper pic of Maytag. Finally, a fan comic by Naomi, about Moss' eyes! Everyone wants to know what his eyes look like, now you can find out!

6/30/03: Hey, guess who's gonna have a table at the Wizard World Convention in August? That's right, me! I'll not gonna be doing anything too special, mostly just hanging out at my table, giving away cheap ashcan copies of some Flipside chapters, maybe doing sketches or whatever. It should be fun, though! The convention is from the 8th to the 10th. Feel free to say hi if you're there. ^^

6/25/03: Arrrggg... lack of sleep, no air conditioning. Sorry, taking today off... not even close to finishing page anyway.

6/23/03: New Harry Potter book: sweet. I'll be struggling to get pages done on time as usual.

6/19/03: Yesterday's page was late, sorry about that. Tommorow's page will be on time.

5/31/03: The interview section has been updated, and Moss's interview is completed. Sorry, no new interview yet, but there will be very soon. A few people sent in questions that were not posted... my apologies, but the questions to Moss were starting to get redundant and I decided to cut it off. If you'll notice, some changes have been made to the criteria for accepting questions. Not all questions will be accepted from now on... this is due the increasing volume of questions. Take a moment to look over it if you intend to send in questions for the next interview.

5/30/03: Sorry guys, I've decided to take the next week off... I think I deserve a little break! I'll try and use the time to update some of the other sections of this site that have been long overdue, like the notebook section, and adding a tutorial. Thanks for your patience!

5/29/03: Well... 20 chapters have been finished! Amazing isn't it! Who'd have thought that this webcomic could last so long? Luckily I am obsessed. Now, I just want to say one thing. Looking back on all of my previous artwork with a more critical eye, I realize that most of it is crap. Even the recent chapters I don't feel are very good. That's why I'm quitting this webcomic. Haha, no just kidding. Just wanted to scare you there for a second. But seriously, I intend to put a lot of effort into improving from my current state into a decent artist. There will be massive improvements between now and chapter 30. So, wish me luck!

5/28/03: Chapter 20 Completed.

5/25/03: Some fanart I've been meaning to put up for awhile! From Naomi, a lovely shojo drawing of Bernadette! From Kelly, another swinging Maytag pic! And from Tiffy, a funny little reaction to the April Fools page! Enjoy! =)

5/22/03: I've not been feeling very good lately. I hope no one minds if I take a day off this week. I'll have a new page up tommorow.

5/21/03: Good news... the forum is fixed! Bad news... today's page will definetly be late. I got a little side-tracked last night and wasn't able to get enough work done. But I'll have it done by tommorow.

5/19/03: Apparently the forum has stopped working. I have no idea why, I'll have to check with the main Rydia guy to see if it's something wrong with the cgi-bin. Sorry for the inconvenience, forum-goers.

5/11/03: Well, it's been awhile since I've needed to say a page was late, that's good. Unfortunately, Friday's page is very late. Which is bad. I'm probably going to take Monday off, I need a little time to recouperate and work on some other projects.

4/18/03: Chapter 19 Completed.

4/17/03: Yep, Wednesday's page was late again. What is it about Wednesdays? I dunno. Luckily, tommorow's page is already done!

4/15/03: I did a fan-art for Kelly's comic Vagrant Vivian. Here it is: Fork Girl! Also another sketch of Raven from Demonology 101.

4/11/03: I haven't mentioned this yet, but in case anyone's wondering, I didn't win that Tokyo Pop contest. In fact I didn't even place. I was pretty discouraged by this but wasn't terribly surprised, since I thought it was sloppy in the first place. And the story wasn't that great. But it's no big deal. The next time I try I'll win something. I just thought I should mention that rather than pretend like the contest never happened.

4/04/03: New color version of this page available.

4/03/03: Sorry, Wednesday's page was a little late. Only a little.

4/02/03: So, how many of you thought yesterday's page was a real page? No, Regina has not suddenly become a psycho dominatrix queen. If you came here yesterday, you may have mistake this page for page 9. April fools! The real page will be put up sometime tommorow. Hahaha.

3/31/03: There will be another bonus page on Tuesday, so make sure to check back.

3/29/03: Oops, sorry. Friday's page was late.

3/28/03: Some new fan art today! From Marie, a naked Moss being ridiculed. I'm sure you'll all like that. From Meg, headshots of Maytag and Bernadette, done in a realistic style. And from Tiffy, 3 pics: a valentine's day pic of Regina, a pic of Maytag, and a great pic of some of the female characters of Flipside playing strip poker!! Guess who's winning? Also, I've finally put up the color version of this pic by the talented Carrie O' Kaye. It's very nice!

3/27/03: Bonus page today for Thursday. That means 4 pages this week. Thank me later.


3/22/03: Sorry, Friday's page was late. However, don't worry... I'm still considering doing an extra page *next* week also. We'll see if I can manage it.

3/18/03: Extra page today, to partly make up for all the pages I missed in February. Also, let me take an opportunity to plug Chad Jenkin's website, since the guy has hepled me out by coloring alot of the recent title pages. Thanks man.

3/16/03: Once again, Friday's page was late as usual. But don't worry... I already have Monday's page done. I'm thinking about doing an extra page on Tuesday. So you might be seeing pages 1-3 up next week. Also I've finally updated the interview section, which I keep forgetting about. Moss has been getting more mean questions than anyone, so it should be a good interview!

3/14/03: Chapter 18 Completed.

3/08/03: Friday's page was a little late. Sorry about that, but I did get 4 pages done this week. Next week will be just 3, to finish up the chapter.

3/06/03: Extra bonus page today.

3/3/03: Ok, this week I will be getting back on schedule. Sorry for the slacking off on my part. In order to make it up, I'm going to try and do and extra page this week. It will either be put up tuesday or thursday. So that should be 4 pages this week.

2/27/03: As of yesterday, I was supposed to have page 11 up. Unfortunetly, I'm quite behind. However, I at least have pages 7 and 8 to put up. So those are up today. Let's see if I can catch up the rest of this week. Oh, also the title page is finally up to, so you can check that out.

2/22/03: Damn it... sorry readers, I don't know why I can't get my act together. I should have been up to page 9 on Friday, but as of now I am 3 pages behind. Don't be alarmed, though... I'm going to really try next week to make this up.

2/17/03: Okay... I'm just now putting up page 6 on Monday, but it was supposed to be up on Friday. Page 7 is supposed to be up today. What I would like to do is get 7 up tommorow, and 8 up on Wednesday. Also, I still havent finished that title page. The problem is that someone else was going to color it for me, but something came up for them so I need to do it myself now. But that's okay... hopefully it will be done soon.

2/09/03: Maybe you noticed the site was down on Friday. There seems to have been an upgrade to the servers... hopefully this will speed up the load times that some people have been complaining about. Also, I'm sure you noticed that I haven't put Friday's page up yet. I've been sick the last few days, so I havent been able to work on it much. But it will be up soon, and pages 4-6 will be up next week as scheduled. Also, the title page will be posted next week as well.

2/1/03: Hmm... I think what I'm going to do is hold off on posting the chapter 18 title page until it is colored. So it will be posted sometime next week, in addition to pages 1-3 on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Sorry, hopefully no more delays!

1/30/03: Ok, Wednesday's page was late again. Sorry about that. Luckily, I already finished the pencils for the next title page in advance, so I have something to post for Friday! Of course, it might not be up until late on Friday...

1/26/02: Chapter 17 is complete.

1/21/03: Sorry for yesterday's page being late. I think I'm going to have to take tommorow off, I'm still not satisfied with the script for the last few pages, and I want to rework it.

1/19/03: A lot of questions were sent in for the first week of Clairen's interview!

1/12/03: Finally got Friday's page up. Monday's page is still planned to be done tommorow, if possible.

1/10/03: Well, as you may have guessed, today's page is going to be late. But, to make up for it, I have finally updated a few other sections of the site that desperately needed attention. A new interview is up, and it's Clairen this time, so you can start sending in questions for her. Also, I have put up some more fan-art in the gallery. And there is a new article in the feature section about a comic called Eat The Roses that I recommend you check out.

1/09/03: Sorry again for being late. Heh, these apologies are starting to sound a little too familiar. It really is as tough as I thought to do good action scenes, especially designing the layouts. But I really didn't prepare adequately for this. I should have had the chapter scripted out entirely in advance, but instead I'm struggling to script them as I go along.

1/06/03: Well, I had to kill myself but I managed to get this page done on time today. It's a little sloppy though, sorry about that. Oh, I just want to apologize to everyone who's emailed me in the last month, for the most part I haven't gotten around to responding, but I should be able to soon.

1/05/03: Doh!!! Late again! Sorry, I'm really late this time... but, I still plan to have 3 pages done next week. No skipping pages to make thing easier this time. If I can just get focused, I know I could get a page done a day.

1/02/03: Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one... guess who had to work? Yeah, that's right... that's the downside of working at an answering service. But I accept it. Yesterday's page was a day late, which I did not intend. I've got to really get motivated. I remember last year around this time, I had just gotten done an entire chapter in November, and then I decided to relax in December... I only got like 2 pages done the entire month, and it took me till March to actually finish chapter 12. So I guess I'm slowing down again, but this time I've got to remotivate myself and get myself going. I know I can do it, if I just focus.

12/30/02: Allright... no more vacations. Going back to 3 pages a week now.

12/28/02: Oops... did I say I was definetly going to have a page done on Friday? Heheh... you see, what I meant to say was, whew... might be tough to get one done for Friday! Damn it! Too many distractions! Aarg...!

12/26/02: Hey, how was everyone's x-mas? Mine was pretty good, even though I suffered some sleep loss. Good news, I've gathered enough inspiration to finally get some work done on the script. It's half done right now, and I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming out. Hopefully these action scenes will be much better than chapters 3 & 4. Sorry to keep everyone waiting over the holdiays, but there will definetly be a new page on Friday. I'm still thinking about how many pages I want to do next week, but there will definetly be at least 2. At some point, I'm probably going to start doing 4 pages a week to make up for what a slow month this one was. In fact, I may even consider 4 pages a week regularly, once I feel confident I can keep up.

12/22/02: The server has been down the last couple of days, sorry about that. Friday's page is finished, better late than never. Also, the color version of the chapter 17 title page is done, courtesy of Chad Jenkins.

I'm really starting to feel a little burned out, and I think I need a break. So I'm taking two days off next week, and a new page will be on Friday. We'll see about the week after that, depending on how things go. In the meantime though I'll try to update some of the various sections of the website which need attention.

12/18/02: Ok, I was not able to get page 1 done until today. That is not good. This was a very difficult page to draw, and I have a feeling this entire chapter is going to be very difficult, due to the fact that I want to make these action scenes as good as possible. I'm not even really totally satisfied with the way page 1 turned out, to tell the truth, even after I spent so much time on it. *sigh* Well, I'll just have to do the best I can. Anyone mind if I only do 2 pages this week? Cmon, it's Christmas! Ok, tell you what, if even 1 person posts on the forum today asking me to stick with 3 pages this week, I'll do it. I'm leaving my fate in your hands.

12/16/02: Wow, today is just not my day. I was just not happy with how the first page was coming along so I decided to scrap it. Today's page will definetly be late, probably not up until tommorow evening.

12/13/02: Chapter 17 starts today! The title page isn't colored yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

12/09/02: Side Story Completed.

12/07/02: Well, Friday's page was slightly late. I hope you all can forgive me, seeing as how I've managed to upload 5 pages this week. I've never done that before, you know. 5 pages in a single week. Feels pretty good! I should do it more often, dont ya think? However, the rest of this month I'll be taking it a little easy, taking a few days off here and there. There will only be two pages next week, and the week of Christmas only one. Otherwise there will be 3 pages per week as usual. Oh, and another thing... now that my submission is almost done, now would be a good time to give me some feedback or suggestions on it, since I'll be mailing it on Tuesday and then it will be too late to change anything.

12/05/02: So what's the special surprise today? Another bonus page for Thursday. This makes up for the I skipped on 11-29.

This means that the side story will be wrapped up on Monday of next week. Incidentally, that's my birthday, so... see if you can guess what I'll be having for dinner that day! (Here's a hint, there's a picture of it on the menu.) I'm going to take Wednesday off, and Chapter 17 will begin next Friday.

12/04/02: Wow, 200K hits... that's pretty cool.

12/03/02: Remember how I told you there would be a special surprise today? Well, this is it. There's a new page today, especially for Tuesday. This is in addition to the Monday and Wednesday one, so check back tommorow for *another* new page. That's your special bonus, for being patient, good fans! (Incidentally, this makes up for the update I skipped on 11-15.)

12/01/02: Ok, now what? You're probably wondering, will I be able to get 3 pages done this week? Yes, but not only that, you may wanna check back on Tuesday and Thursday. There will be a special surprise added to the site on those two days.

11/30/02: Sorry, I wasn't able to finish the page for Friday. The rest of the script is giving me a hard time. I'm going to have to skip that day...

11/28/02: Some new fan-art by Feonix Moon. One of Maytag: View And one of Regina: View

Also, besides my update of page 8, I've went back and made some cosmetic changes and dialog changes to the first 7 pages, in a desparate effort to somehow help my submission win.

11/23/02: Ok, yesterday's page was late again, but I'm not worried!

11/17/02: I've decided to skip Friday's page, which has been moved to Monday to make things easier on myself. So only 2 pages last week. I don't really feel too good about it, but what can you do.

11/14/02: Sorry, tried to get page 4 done on time, but I couldn't. I'm starting on page 5 right now!

11/12/02: The page is up, although it is a little bit late. But at least I'm catching up. You thought I wouldn't, didnt ya? Hah! Cross your fingers, page 4 might actually be done on time... if you're lucky! No seriously, it'll be done on time. Probably.

Also, I went back and "improved" pages one and two because they sucked. I said I wasn't going to use any shading, but... light use of pseudo-screentones might be a good idea. So how do you like the new story? Maybe you dont like it? Well if you hate it make sure to let me know, remember I'm a masochist and I like pain.

11/11/02: Well, last week I fell pretty far behind, which is bad. I haven't quite managed to catch up yet. Today's page is only partially done, looks like I won't be able to get it finished until tommorow morning. Sorry about the late pages. I haven't been in a good mood lately, and quite frankly I'm very unsatisfied with the quality of the first couple of pages. Haven't thought of an alternative title to "side story" either. When I submit it, I'm just going to call it "Flipside" anyway to avoid confusion, so a subtitle isn't really necessary.

11/08/02: Finally got Wednesday's page done. Ouch. I still intend to have today's page done tommorow. This side story is giving me a lot of trouble!

11/06/02: Umm, bad news. I've been having trouble with the script for this chapter, and it's kept me from getting work done on page 1. Looks like I'm not going to be able to finish until tommorow. Sorry...! I'll try to have it done by tommorow morning.

11/01/02: Here's a little something. Some design sketches of a 15 year-old Maytag. Naturally with a different costume. Initial costume draft. Second costume draft. Mini design sketches.

10/30/02: Chapter 16 is complete.

10/29/02: Sorry for the late update on this, but I'm going to be taking this Friday off. Now, I have something to announce... some of you may not like this, but I hope you bear with me. I've decided to enter this contest. However, in order to do this I would basically have to put the current Flipside storyline on hold. But I don't want to make people wait a month for the next update. So, instead what I have decided to do is to make my entry a Flipside sidestory. The weekly updates will continue on schedule, and as soon as the side story is finished I will pick up where I left off on chapter 17. I'm not sure at this time how many pages the side story will have... somewhere between 15 and 25. Also, because the deadline is in a month, I may do more than 3 pages a week if I need to. Sorry for those who were looking forward to the Bern-Clairen fight, you'll have to wait a little while, but hopefully this sidestory I'm cooking up will be a nice intermission.

10/28/02: Last night I saw the new P.T.Anderson movie Punch Drunk Love. Wow, what a weird movie. Wierd but awesome. You'd never think that Adam Sandler could actually act. It's not really a movie for everyone, but if you liked Magnolia you should definetly check out this bizarre movie.

10/19/02:: The old EZBoard forum is DEAD! YEAH DUDE!! There is now a sweet new popup-free forum, check it out!!

10/17/02: A new fan-art, by Allison Frink, of Bern and May: View

10/12/02: Oops, this one was a little late too. I could have had it done last night, but for some reason I felt compelled to show my sister Kingdom Hearts instead. Well, here's hoping next week's pages are all done on time! In other news, the forum will be switched over to Ikonboard very soon, because EZboard is trash.

10/10/02: Ok, I'll be honest. I got a Playstation 2. There, now you know why page 6 is so late. Ok, so I got a little distracted, but we'll see if it happens again. It's me vs the Playstation 2 baby, and I'm gonna win. Discipline, discipline!!

10/09/02: Sorry, today's page will be a little late. I'm going to be working on it tonight, it may not be ready until tommorow morning. Sorry about that.

10/07/02: Sorry that there was no update on Friday! As you may have noticed, the Rydia server was down for a couple of days, and the FTP only started working again today, so I have been unable to update the site. I *should* have two pages ready to go up today, but unfortunetly I only have one. I've been having a hard time writing the script for the rest of chapter 16, so I've been getting a bit behind. I think Wednesday's page should be up no problem though.

Sorry for the delays!

10/03/02: The title page of Chapter 16 was colored for me by Chad Jenkins. What a guy! View

10/02/02: Couple of new fan-arts, both by Chad Jenkins. A sketch of Bernadette: View And a kickass color pic of a certain assassin girl: View

9/28/02: I saw Spirited Away this week. Wow... what a fantabuleriffic movie! It's so good I had to make up a word just to describe it! No really... it's really imagintive and exhilerating and blah blah blah all that crap. Miyazaki had better make more movies, darn it!

9/27/02: Sorry, today's page will be a little late as well. It should be online by tommorow morning.

9/25/02: Darn... I was so far ahead until I got sick. Well, I'm behind on today's page... I don't think there's any way I can get it up before midnight, so it will be up sometime after.

9/23/02: Sorry, the chapter 16 title page isn't colored yet. It should be done soon, but for now the black&white version is up.

9/22/02: Delerium rules.

9/20/02: Today is my day off, so no new comic today. However, a new feature has been added. View

9/18/02: Chapter 15 is complete.

9/16/02: New fan-art. A cute pic of Maytag by Margaret Wood. View And a very lovely pic of Regina and Lucient. Don't they look happy together? By C-Ko. View

9/15/02: Put up a donation button. Hey, I am doing this all for free you know!

9/14/02: After page 15 on Wednesday of next week, I'll be taking a little break. There will be no comic on Friday, but instead a new feature will be added. I should also let you know that the Flipline, which was on the original "secret page", no longer works. My parents uninstalled that phone line, since technically we have no need for it. I'd give out my real phone number, but I'm not *that* crazy!

9/13/02: If you sent in a question to Maytag, you might be wondering how long it's gonna take for the question to go up on the interview section. Well, wonder no longer. I've decided to give interview updates a regular schedule. From now on, the current interview will be updated every Saturday. That means all of the questions I've recieved over the past week will be put up tommorow. Also, a new feature will be added soon!

9/11/02: What can I say. Gotta keep moving.

9/08/02: Hey, anyone ever watch Beat the Geeks? You know Paul Goebel, the TV Geek? I got to talk to him the other night on the radio. I stumped him with a question about Adult Swim Action on Cartoon Network. My question was "what is the lineup of Adult Swim on Saturday night?" He got it mixed up with the Sunday night show. Apparently he hasn't heard of the Saturday night anime lineup, although he said he's seen and liked Cowboy Bebop. Anyway, I won some tickets to some play I've never heard of, and it was pretty cool!

9/04/02: Any of you out there play Diablo 2? I haven't played in a long time. Eventually Blizzard will delete my old accounts if they go unused, so I figured I'd give them away. They're LOD accounts on US East. If anyone's interested, feel free to contact me in any of the usual ways.

9/03/02: Hey did anyone see Inu-Yasha on Adult Swim last Saturday night? It was pretty damn good... even though the dubbing was mediocre. Great looking animation though. Nice to see some new anime showing up on Adult Swim. Thanks to Cartoon Network there's almost too much anime on TV now! Remember when there wasn't any?

9/01/02: The new interview has officially started. There are questions up now! If you have any, feel free to send em.

8/30/02: A bunch of new fan-art today. A couple of sketches of Bernadette & Maytag by Alice Childress. View 1, 2. A couple of nice color pics of Regina & Noventia (Noventia's first fan-art!) by D'Ann Hirsch. View 1, 2. And finally, a color pic of Maytag by Trevor Fulton. View it. Wow, thanks guys!

8/28/02: My new favorite TV show is Iron Chef! It rocks, it rocks hard! I love it when that prissy guy eats the bell peppers. So anyway, I was watching that the other day, it was the Iron Chefs vs. the Fallen French Chefs. The chefs had to race accrossed the city to gather ingredients for the cook-off. While they were racing, they played music from the Escaflowne soundtrack! Wow. That was so cool.

8/25/02: The new interview has started! I know you all want to ask those crazy questions you guys have, so feel free to send em' in! Maytag's waiting!

8/24/02: Hey, a couple new fan-arts up today. Seraph's very first fan-art, by Julie Dillon. View it. And Moss's very first fan-art, by Dyre Sen. View it.

8/22/02: I'm going to have the next interview ready soon. And, uhh... some other areas of this website need updating. I'll have to do that. Hey, has anyone tried those games in the feature section? I'm just curious if they work.

8/17/02: Thanks for being patient. Your reward is another color page.

8/16/02: Been working on today's page all day but I just wasn't quite able to get it done in time... so it's going to be finished tommorow, I still have to CG it. In the mean time, I've put up the un-CGed raw inks, just so you have something to look at until tommorow.

8/12/02: Sorry, but I really need to take a break this week! Been a little stressed out lately. The next update will be on Friday.

8/09/02: Updated and fixed the Feature Section. The links to those games that used to be broken have been repaired.

8/08/02: Added a new gift-art that I did for Tang while I was bored. It's a pic of some of the ladies from his comic T.A.Vision. Let me warn you ahead of time, they aren't wearing alot of clothes... View it.

8/07/02: Chapter 14 is complete.

8/03/02: Friday's page was late, added on Saturday morning. Please do not be alarmed, it's there now.

8/02/02: Yeah I know. Wednesday's page was added Thursday night. Go ahead and mock me, I deserve it. It's 8:00pm on Friday right now, and I am focused on trying to get Friday's page done. Only problem is, by the time I'm done it probably won't be Friday anymore. Oh well. If I could turn back time...! If I could find a way...!

7/31/02: Sorry... today's page will be added a little late. Bear with me.

7/24/02: Sorry, the page was added late again today. This is due to the fact that I just got Warcraft 3, was a big Warcraft 2 player, and am now obsessed with it. Ouch, that hurts the old time schedule! But hey, I still got it done. Don't worry. The fact that I am forced to work on the comic at work, and I work 40 hours a week, makes it alot easier to get things done. Can't really play Warcraft at work. In the old days, I would have just sit around and play Warcraft 3 endlessly, letting the comic languish. And that's no good for anyone.

7/22/02: A couple of notes about the "secret section." (In case you are wondering, the 7-19 update contains a clue as to how to get there.) If you figured out the first clue, there are a couple more riddles you have to answer... however, one of them is a bit unfair. So I added another clue to help people out. Also, for those of you who may have figured it out already, I added a little something extra there as a reward.

7/19/02: A secret section has been added to this website. To find it, click on the newer one. (8-22: This no longer works, there is an alternate method now.)

7/15/02: Like I said below, I am taking a break this week. No new page today, but there will be one on Wednesday.

7/13/02: Added a new piece of Fan-art, by Colbyana. It's a lovely pic of Maytag relaxing under some trees. View

7/10/02: I have an announcement: I need to take a little break. So next week there will only be one page, added on Wednesday. I also need time to update some of the sections on this site. On Monday and Friday, instead of a new page, I will be updating other areas of the site. A new interview will be added, and hopefully some other things.

7/09/02: The title page of Chapter 8 was colored for me by Chad Jenkins. He did a great job! View

7/03/02: Well, this whole schedule thing is new to me, but I've managed to keep up so far. However, you may have noticed that the pages are generally updated late on the day they are supposed to be up. I realize now that they really ought to be put up early on the day they are scheduled, so from now on I'm going to make an effort to do that.
I'm still planning to redesign this site, but it may take awhile; so those of you who have been asking about various sections like the tutorials and the interviews, please be patient.
The Powerpuff Girls Movie opens today. In case you didn't know, PPG rules. So go out and see it!

6/28/02: Chapter 13 is complete.

6/21/02: is now officially working! Although the old url should continue to work, you may want to change your bookmarks to the new url.

6/19/02: Yes, I know, today's page was a little late. In fact, I cheated, updating a little after midnight... sorry. ^^; The domain name should be working now, but I'm not sure if there's a problem or not. It's not working for me, but other people say it's working for them...

6/14/02: I've got another big announcement... I have decided to completely redesign the look of this front page. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it doesn't feel very professional to me. However, the main reason for this decision is that I have come up with another idea that I think will be much better. This will be happening soon, maybe this week if I have time. I want the new look to be cozier, more inviting, and look more professional at the same time. I've also come up with some new artwork that I think will look good on the front-page.

In other news, the url of this site will be changing soon, as I will be getting my own domain name. Unfortunetly was taken, as were many other good addresses, so in the end I decided on This will be the new address, and hopefully it should be working in a couple of days. The old address should still keep working, but you may want to bookmark the newer one.

6/03/02: From this point onward, I will attempt to update Flipside on a regular schedule, 3 pages a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Therefore, I will not comment on individual pages anymore unless one is added late.

6/01/02: Added Chapter 13, page 4.

5/30/02: Added Chapter 13, page 3.

5/16/02: Added Chapter 13, page 2.

5/14/02: Added Chapter 13, page 1.

4/29/02: Added Chapter 12, page 15, and Chapter 13, page 0.

4/25/02: Added Chapter 12, pages 13 and 14.

4/05/02: Added Chapter 12, page 12.

3/31/02: Added Chapter 12, page 11.

3/29/02: Added Chapter 12, page 10.

3/15/02: Added Chapter 12, page 8, and Chapter 12, page 9.

3/13/02: Once again the website redesign has started... the front page has a totally new design, and I'm pretty happy with it. It actually looks kinda good! Wow! Also the forum has finally returned, I used to have one back in the old days of Metamorphosis, and I don't know why I ever got rid of it... forums rule. Alot better than just a guestbook. So anyway, within the next couple of weeks the entire site should be redesigned, if all goes according to plan... but how likely is that to happen?

3/11/02: Added Chapter 12, page 7.

2/19/02: Added Chapter 12, page 6.

2/18/02: Added Chapter 12, page 5.

2/17/02: Added Chapter 12, page 4.

2/14/02: Added Chapter 12, page 3.

2/13/02: Added Chapter 12, page 2.

2/11/02: Added Chapter 12, page 1.

1/28/02: Added Chapter 11, page 15, and Chapter 12, page 0.

12/28/01: Added Chapter 11, page 14.

12/21/01: Added Chapter 11, page 13.

12/11/01: Added Chapter 11, page 12.

11/30/01: Added Chapter 11, pages 10 and 11.

11/28/01: Added Chapter 11, page 9.

11/26/01: Added Chapter 11, pages 7 and 8.

11/21/01: Added Chapter 11, pages 5 and 6.

11/14/01: Added Chapter 11, page 4.

11/07/01: Added Chapter 11, pages 2 and 3.

10/30/01: Added Chapter 11, page 1.

10/20/01: Added Chapter 11, page 0.

9/08/01: Added Chapter 10, page 15.

9/07/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 13 and 14.

9/03/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 11 and 12.

9/1/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 9 and 10.

8/22/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 7 and 8.

8/16/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 5 and 6.

7/24/01: Added Chapter 10, pages 3 and 4.

7/19/01: Added Chapter 10, page 2.

6/18/01: Added Chapter 10, page 1.

6/02/01: Added Chapter 10, page 0.

5/28/01: Added Chapter 9, page 15.

4/17/01: Added Chapter 9, page 14.

4/07/01: Added Chapter 9, page 13.

4/02/01: Added Chapter 9, pages 11 and 12.

3/19/01: Added Chapter 9, pages 9 and 10.

3/15/01: Added Chapter 9, page 8.

3/06/01: Added Chapter 9, page 7.

2/25/01: Added Chapter 9, page 6.

2/23/01: Added Chapter 9, page 5.

2/20/01: Added Chapter 9, page 4.

2/06/01: Added Chapter 9, page 3.

1/20/01: Added Chapter 9, page 2.

1/08/01: Added Chapter 9, page 1.

1/01/01: Added Intermission: Sorcery Lesson, page 2. Added Chapter 9, page 0.

12/30/00: Added Intermission: Sorcery Lesson, page 1.

12/26/00: Maytag's Character Interview has been added. New fan-art has been added to the Gallery section.

12/23/00: Added Chapter 8, page 15.

12/20/00: Uploaded my old online comic Metamorphosis, there's a link in the Library section. Added my part for the Bot Impromanga to the Library section. Redesigned the Feature section. Uploaded Maze God and Metroid X to the Feature section. Updated the Gallery section.

12/19/00: Added Chapter 8, page 14.

12/11/00: Added Chapter 8, page 13.

12/05/00: Added Chapter 8, page 12.

12/03/00: Added Chapter 8, page 11.

11/16/00: Added Chapter 8, pages 9 and 10.

10/16/00: Added Chapter 8, page 8.

10/11/00: Added Chapter 8, page 7.

10/09/00: Added Chapter 8, page 6.

10/04/00: Added Chapter 8, page 5.

10/03/00: Added Chapter 8, page 4.

10/02/00: Added Chapter 8, page 3.

9/25/00: Added Chapter 8, page 2.

9/21/00: Added Chapter 8, page 1.

9/17/00: Added the Interviews section. The Interview with Bernadette has been added.

9/14/00: Added Chapter 8, page 0.

9/12/00: Added Chapter 7, page 15.

9/11/00: Added Chapter 7, page 14.

9/01/00: Added Chapter 7, page 13.

8/28/00: Added Chapter 7, page 12.

8/27/00: Added Chapter 7, page 11.

8/24/00: Added Chapter 7, page 10.

8/22/00: Added Chapter 7, page 9.

8/20/00: Added Chapter 7, page 8.

8/19/00: Added Chapter 7, page 7.

8/14/00: Added Chapter 7, pages 5 and 6.

8/03/00: Added Chapter 7, page 4.

8/01/00: Added Chapter 7, page 3.

7/31/00: Added Chapter 7, page 2.

7/29/00: Redesigned the Profiles page. Added some more fan-art.

7/26/00: The site has been moved from Redrival to a new server, Hopefully the load times will be much quicker now. Also, added Chapter 7, pages 0 and 1.

7/09/00: Added Chapter 6, page 15.

7/01/00: Redesigned the Gallery page. Added several pieces of fan-art.

6/30/00: Redesigned the Library page.

6/29/00: Improved the design of the front page: now that speech balloon pops up instead of just sitting there, new balloons were added, and Maytag blinks. Also updated the Bio page.

6/28/00: Redesigned the look of the front page... for the first time I've actually used javascript. There's a picture of Maytag (ordinary personality), who explains all of the various features. Cool, eh?

6/26/00: Added Chapter 6, page 14.

6/25/00: Added Chapter 6, page 13.

6/18/00: Added Chapter 6, page 12.

6/16/00: Added Chapter 6, page 11.

6/09/00: Added Chapter 6, page 10.

6/07/00: Added Chapter 6, page 9.

6/05/00: Added Chapter 6, page 8.

6/02/00: Added Chapter 6, page 7.

6/01/00: Added Chapter 6, page 6.

5/29/00: Added Chapter 6, pages 4 and 5.

5/26/00: Added Chapter 6, page 3.

5/25/00: Added Chapter 6, page 2.

5/20/00: Added Chapter 6, page 1.

5/08/00: Added Chapter 5, pages 13, 14, 15. Added Chapter 6, page 0.

5/02/00: Added Chapter 5, page 12.

5/01/00: Added Chapter 5, pages 9, 10, and 11.

4/26/00: Added Chapter 5, page 8.

4/25/00: Added Chapter 5, page 7.

4/18/00: Added Chapter 5, pages 5 and 6.

4/14/00: Added Chapter 5, page 4. I've finally started on the Character Page, although it isn't really done yet...

4/12/00: Added Chapter 5, page 3. Changed the graphic for the front page.

3/31/00: Added Chapter 5, pages 0, 1, and 2.

3/01/00: Added Chapter 4, pages 14 and 15. Yes, I know. It's been a slow month.

2/04/00: Added Chapter 4, pages 12 and 13. Well, I've finally graduated from college! Now I have to get a real job... however, I'll still continue to work on the comic for as long as I can!

1/20/00: Added Chapter 4, pages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

1/12/00: Added Chapter 4, pages 0, 1, and 2.

1/06/00: Added Chapter 3, pages 15, and 0.

12/22/99: Added Chapter 3, pages 11, 12, 13, and 14.

12/14/99: Added Chapter 3, pages 9 and 10.

12/07/99: Added Chapter 3, pages 7 and 8.

12/02/99: The Gallery has been updated. Added Chapter 3, page 6

11/29/99: Added Chapter 3, pages 4 and 5.

11/24/99: Added Chapter 3, page 3.

11/21/99: Added Chapter 3, pages 1 and 2.

11/19/99: I've added this update page. Notice that it's not accessible from the main menu, you have to click on the word "update" on the main page to get here. (I suppose you've noticed that haven't you, since you're here.) Also, the "about me" page and the "links" page have been added.

11/14/99: Flipside has a new server, Redrival. No more advertising banner. (If you came from the old webjump page, and you still see a webjump banner, then you need to "open a link in a new window.") Also, the page is alot faster now too! Every page seems to load instantly.

11/12/99: The Flipside Homepage has been totally redesigned. The bulk of the page is ready, however there are still various sections that will continue to be worked on, of course.


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