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9/30/14 Page 2 is done.

9/29/14 Page 1 is done.

9/26/14 Page 4 is done.

9/24/14 Page 3 is done.

9/24/14 Hey everyone, check out this Steam Greenlight page for this new game, Queen of Arms:

9/22/14 Page 2 is done.

9/21/14 Just 1 week left for Flipside's Kickstarter! At $7,200, we've nearly reached the goal for the website redesign, and the new T-Shirt is within reach. But there's still a ways to go to get Book 0 printed, and we'd really like to finally get those printed!

If you can, please help spread the word as much as possible! If you know any other Flipside fans, please let them know about the Kickstarter!

9/19/14 Page 1 is done.

9/17/14 Page 30 is done.

9/17/14 Guys, we've met the initial Kickstarter goal! Thanks so much to everyone who chipped in and helped out! Now, I hope we can keep going and meet some of the stretch goals, including Book 0!

9/15/14 Page 29 is done.

9/12/14 Page 28 is done.

9/10/14 Page 27 is done.

9/8/14 Page 26 is done.

9/7/14 The Book 7 Kickstarter is officially launched! I hope you'll support it!

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