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7/28/14 Page 8 is done.

7/25/14 Page 7 is done.

7/23/14 Page 6 is done.

7/22/14 Just added the color version of Book 7's cover! Colored by the wonderful Delusion! This will be the cover for Book 7!

Speaking of Book 7, I still plan to do that Kickstarter! It's taken me longer than I thought it would, and I apologize for the delay, but hopefully it should be up soon!

Also, I will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I will be at the Keenspot booth as usual, please come and visit! And if you need books, of course I will be selling them!

7/21/14 Page 5 is done.

7/18/14 Page 4 is done.

7/16/14 Page 3 is done.

7/14/14 Page 2 is done.

7/11/14 Page 1 is done.

7/9/14 Page 0 is done.

7/7/14 Page 4 is done.

7/4/14 Page 3 is done.

7/4/14 Hey everyone! I'm posting from LA. If you're at Anime Expo, stop by and see me at booth 839 in the dealer's room!

So, unfortunately I screwed up my queue and the intermission pages aren't working. Sorry about that, I have no way to fix it from here! But in the meantime, here are direct links the the pages:

Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

7/2/14 Page 2 is done.

7/1/14 Page 1 is done.

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