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8/31/15 Page 16 is done.

8/28/15 Page 15 is done.

8/26/15 Page 14 is done.

8/24/15 Page 13 is done.

8/24/15 Jen and I will be streaming tonight at 8pm! We will be continuing our Longest Journey playthrough! Feel free to come watch!

8/22/15 Did a bit of tidying up around the website today. The links page was cleaned up and updated a bit. Vote incentives now work again, so if you vote you will see a new sketch. I'm working on getting high quality PDFs available.

Also will be doing some streaming on Twitch tonight, at around 7pm. Will be playing more SNES games.

8/21/15 Page 12 is done.

8/19/15 Page 11 is done.

8/18/15 Tryin out Twitch again today. Hopefully it works this time!

8/17/15 Page 10 is done.

8/15/15 Doing some more streaming today! Feel free to stop by, hang out, or chat:

8/14/15 Page 9 is done.

8/12/15 Page 8 is done.

8/12/15 Streaming more games today! Starting at noon:

8/10/15 Page 7 is done.

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