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10/22/14 Page 11 is done.

10/20/14 Page 10 is done.

10/17/14 Page 9 is done.

10/15/14 Page 8 is done.

10/13/14 Page 7 is done.

10/10/14 Page 6 is done.

10/8/14 Page 5 is done.

10/6/14 Page 4 is done.

10/3/14 Page 3 is done.

10/1/14 Well, the Kickstarter is over! It went pretty well overall, we made 11k which was more than double our goal. That's enough to get Book 7 printed, redesign the website, and get new T-Shirts!

Unforunately, we did not reach the goal for getting Book 0 printed. That will have to wait for another time. I haven't given up on it though, and there's a strong possibility that we'll try for it again in another Kickstarter. So stay tuned on that.

Just want to thank everyone again who contributed to the Kickstarter. For more information about when you'll recieve rewards, I'll be keeping in touch with you through the Kickstarter site, as well as keeping you posted on the printing details. I just posted an update on Kickstarter about some of the things you can expect in the future. If you have any questions, please leave me a message on there.

9/30/14 Page 2 is done.

9/29/14 Page 1 is done.

9/26/14 Page 4 is done.

9/24/14 Page 3 is done.

9/24/14 Hey everyone, check out this Steam Greenlight page for this new game, Queen of Arms:

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