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8/3/15 Page 4 is done.

8/2/15 Streaming more video games today. If you want, come hang out and chat with me:

7/31/15 Page 3 is done.

7/29/15 Page 2 is done.

7/29/15 Today is a day of relaxing and streaming! I will be streaming a variety of games, starting with Spelunky. So feel free to tune in, watch, and interact! I also answer any questions you may have!

7/27/15 Page 1 is done.

7/26/15 Just wanted to mention that I am in fact not at Otakon this weekend. Wasn't able to get in. Sorry about that!

Also, I will be streaming today! Will be playing the NES game Arkanoid, one of the hardest NES games (if not the hardest!) Let's see how far I can get!

7/24/15 Page 60 is done.

7/23/15 Hey everyone! Update on my status:

Sorry about last week. As you know, we were out of town for two weeks straight for conventions. Then we came back to a huge moth problem, and had to spend a week at my parents while we were dealing with that. Sorry about the missed pages. But, everything is back on track now and I won't be missing anymore.

In any case, it's been a long time since I've done any streaming, so I'll be doing some today! Please feel free to drop by and watch:

7/22/15 Page 59 is done.

7/20/15 Page 58 is done.

7/17/15 Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of pages this week. Let me explain what's going on: the prior two weeks we were in California for two conventions, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. Since I knew I would be out of town for two weeks, I got as much of a buffer as I could, however I still had to do one filler page for Monday of this week. I figured that would be enough.

However, our plain was delayed and we didn't actually get home till Wednesday. Also, we have a huge moth infestation that we have to deal with now, which has forced us out of the apartment for a few days. So unfortunately I was not even able to get a filler page done for today, sorry about that.

I think that the comic should be able to resume Monday with no problems. I will try to keep you posted on the website, as well as twitter and facebook.

7/15/15 Page 59 is done.

7/13/15 Page 58 is done.

7/10/15 Page 57 is done.

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