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11/27/15 Page 55 is done.

11/25/15 Page 54 is done.

11/23/15 Page 53 is done.

11/22/15 Trying to stream FFXI again today. I switched over to OBS, maybe that will help prevent my computer from crashing!

11/20/15 Page 52 is done.

11/19/15 It's been awhile since I streamed FFXI, so let's do it today, starting at 1pm!

11/18/15 Page 51 is done.

11/16/15 Page 50 is done.

11/14/15 Hey everyone. I want you all to know that I will be doing another Kickstarter soon. This one will be for Book 8, and will include a bunch of other extras including another try at getting Book 0 printed. Right now, the plan is to start this at the beginning of January, so please keep an eye out for it!

Speaking of Kickstarter, some of you may be wondering when the website redesign that I promised from last year's Kickstarter is gonna happen. Well, the design is largely finished and right now I am working with someone to get the coding done. So that should be coming soon. I hope you all like the new design!

11/13/15 Page 49 is done.

11/11/15 Page 48 is done.

11/9/15 Page 47 is done.

11/6/15 Page 46 is done.

11/6/15 Gonna stream some co-op Dark Souls 2 today, starting at 5pm.

11/5/15 Streaming more Metal Gear Solid V today, starting at 2:30 pm. Come watch me fail at stealth!

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