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4/20/15 Page 22 is done.

4/17/15 Page 21 is done.

4/16/15 Extra page today! Page 20 is done.

4/15/15 Page 19 is done.

4/15/15 Now that I have my capture card finally hooked up correctly, I can stream Bloodborne! And I will be streaming today:

4/13/15 Page 18 is done.

4/10/15 Page 17 is done.

4/8/15 Page 16 is done.

4/6/15 Page 15 is done.

4/3/15 Page 14 is done.

4/1/15 Page 14 is done.

3/30/15 Page 13 is done.

3/27/15 Page 12 is done.

3/25/15 Page 11 is done.

3/23/15 Page 10 is done.

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