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10/7/15 Page 33 is done.

10/7/15 Hey everyone, I am gonna be at New York Comic Con this weekend. Sharing a booth in the dealers room with Mystic Revolution T-Shirts. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

10/5/15 Page 32 is done.

10/3/15 Extra page today! Page 31 is done.

10/3/15 There will be new vote incentive sketches for October! Starting today, vote for Flipside at Topwebcomics and there will be new Halloween themed sketches as rewards! You can vote for Flipside on the Top Webcomics List here! (Or from the button above on this page.)

10/2/15 Page 30 is done.

9/30/15 Page 29 is done.

9/28/15 Page 28 is done.

9/26/15 Streaming Mario Maker today! If you have a level, I will play it! Also check out my levels that I made:

Battletoads: Karnath's Lair: 5617-0000-006A-77C1
Battletoads: Karnath's Lair Easy: 06CB-0000-0072-611D
The Search for Atlantis!: 5CC4-0000-0067-844B
Cave of Forgotten Dreams: 5970-0000-0063-169D

9/25/15 Page 27 is done.

9/23/15 Page 26 is done.

9/22/15 Streaming some Mario Maker today! Let's-a go!

9/21/15 Page 25 is done.

9/21/15 Streaming with Jen tonight! Jen will be playing Metal Gear Rising! Starting at 7:00pm!

9/20/15 Streaming some more The Evil Within tonight, starting at 7:00pm.

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