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7/23/14 Page 6 is done.

7/22/14 Just added the color version of Book 7's cover! Colored by the wonderful Delusion! This will be the cover for Book 7!

Speaking of Book 7, I still plan to do that Kickstarter! It's taken me longer than I thought it would, and I apologize for the delay, but hopefully it should be up soon!

Also, I will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend! I will be at the Keenspot booth as usual, please come and visit! And if you need books, of course I will be selling them!

7/21/14 Page 5 is done.

7/18/14 Page 4 is done.

7/16/14 Page 3 is done.

7/14/14 Page 2 is done.

7/11/14 Page 1 is done.

7/9/14 Page 0 is done.

7/7/14 Page 4 is done.

7/4/14 Page 3 is done.

7/4/14 Hey everyone! I'm posting from LA. If you're at Anime Expo, stop by and see me at booth 839 in the dealer's room!

So, unfortunately I screwed up my queue and the intermission pages aren't working. Sorry about that, I have no way to fix it from here! But in the meantime, here are direct links the the pages:

Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

7/2/14 Page 2 is done.

7/1/14 Page 1 is done.

7/1/14 Hey everyone. Sorry for the lateness of this page... we had another problem with losing our power. The circuit gets overloaded very easily from the air conditioner in our apt. building. We are getting a key to the circuit breaker room, so hopefully this won't be a problem anymore.

7/1/14 Hey everyone, I want to update you about the status of the Kickstarter. Sorry for the delay, I wanted to wait until I had a finished cover for Book 7 before going through with it. It should be finished soon, and in all likelihood the Kickstarter should start next weekend (probably on Sunday the 13th.)

Also, I'm going to be at Anime Expo this weekend! I will be in the dealer's room, sharing a booth with Mystic Revolution. Look for the big pink t-shirt tower, that's where I'll be!

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