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Josh Lesnick's Page Girly
Jen's Page Mystic Revolution
Dirk Tiede's page Paradigm Shift
Spinnerette Spinnerette
Juno Blair's page Star Cross'd Destiny
Stacie's page Tribute Waters
B-Man's page Twilight Tangents

Delusion's page Delusions of Grandeur / Delusion
Jo Chen's page Jo's Playground / Jo Chen
Emilee's page Remotely Lame / Crazy Razor(Emilee Dench)
- Hosted Flipsidecomics for a long time. Recommended service!.
Adventure Bits
- An awesome youtube channel! Check these guys out!
- A great place to go for horror movie info.
- Great place for movie reviews.
Nick Digilio
- A great pop culture radio show weeknights in Chicago.
- Watch these two guys play video games on Twitch!
Penn's Sunday School
- Great podcas!. Listen live Sunday afternoons!
Rae Illustration
- My friend Heather's portfolio. Features some pics from our wedding!
- Great website for skepticism.
The Mexican Runner
- He is trying to beat all NES games live on Twitch! Awesome!
US Gamer
- Great current gaming site.
- Another good website for skepticism.

kerchang & Chris Reed's page Corbin Dodge
Delve Into Fantasy Delve Into Fantasy
Faith's page Demonology 101
Directions of Destiny Directions of Destiny
Faith's page Dreamcatcher
Era of Errors Era of Errors
Love Feast Love Feast
Milennium Milennium
Philippe's page Moose River
Tigerfrog's Page Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden
Jacob Gray's page The Overture
Prentil The Great Isle of Prentil
Meg's page Spirit Academy
Sean Harrington's page Spying with Lana
Starship Moonhawk Starship Moonhawk
Tang's page T.A. Vision
Mary Sigona's comic Tales of Lev
Black Chen's page Twilight Lady
Ellie Vyle's page Whispers of the Divide

Many sites are link-free, but Flipside is link-mandatory.
Let's get those links up, people!

Seriously though, I generally accept all link-exchanges. Feel free to ask.
If it is a webcomic, I ask that you have at least 30 pages up.


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