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Dirk Tiede's page Paradigm Shift
Spinnerette Spinnerette

Delusion's page Delusions of Grandeur / Delusion
Jo Chen's page Jo's Playground / Jo Chen
Jen's Page Savage Sparrow Studios
B-Man's page Twilight Tangents

Adventure Bits
- An awesome youtube channel! Check these guys out!
Rae Illustration
- My friend Heather's portfolio. Features some pics from our wedding!
- Great website for skepticism.
- My current favorite streamer on Twitch! He plays the craziest games!
- Another good website for skepticism.

Directions of Destiny Directions of Destiny
Faith's page Dreamcatcher
Philippe's page Moose River
Prentil The Great Isle of Prentil
Re:Eclipse Re:Eclipse
Sean Harrington's page Spying with Lana
Starship Moonhawk Starship Moonhawk
Mary Sigona's comic Tales of Lev
Wukrii Wukrii

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