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A comic based on our actual DND campaign! The players are my friends: Jennifer, Tetsuya, Heather, Phil, Caleb, and Christie. If you'd like to read more about our silly DND campaign, here is a post from the forum which gives a few more details.

Lately, we've been livestreaming our DND games. You can watch video of some of our games here.

In this part of the story, our heroes take a simple job to hunt down a thief, but it turns out that he's actually a really powerful demon! That sucks!
After defeating the demon, our heroes discover that they have been sent 10 years into the future. Now the world is all fucked up, and demons have run amuck. However, they also discover that when they steal a demon's blood, they can absorb it's power for themselves!
Our heroes reach a town named Garnet City, the first place they have encountered which still has normal humans, despite the fact that it has been ripped in half by a gigantic crevice. Here, they receive a new mission: save princess Alexandretta, as well as a new team member: Snake!

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Book 0
DND Comic
Misc. Comics
I have retitled the original 26 chapters of Flipside as "Book 0." This is essentially a prequel to the current story, and I consider it as "training." The artwork is a bit rough, but there's over 500 pages to read.

This is the section for my DND comic, which is currently updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a comic adaptation of my own DND campaign with my friends.

This is the section for all of the other comics I've done. Including Lotte vs The Dead from, my pre-Flipside comic Metamorphosis, a submission to Tokyopop and more.