Chapter 8, Page 96

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 This is the inventory page. Every player also has one of these. There are 3 sections: Equipment, Skills, and Spells.

Equipment: Armor is the most complicated of these, with 4 slots and a slot for special effects. AC is what determines your AC, naturally. Max Reflex determines the your reflex cap. Heavier armor has a lower relfex cap, making reflex rolls harder to do. HP+ is the HP bonus that piece of armor gives you; typically the biggest bonus comes from the armor piece. And requirement shows what your attribute needs to be at in order to wear the equipment. The empty slot afterwords is for special effects, and most magical items have several different effects.

Shield, Helm, Gloves, and Boots all work basically the same way, except that none of them can influence your AC or Max Reflex. They can all have HP bonuses. All of the equipment under that cannot give HP bonuses.

Our skill list is pretty similar to the DND 3.5 skill list, although it works a bit differently. The bonuses you can get from skill modifiers caps at 10. This is for a simple reason: since modifiers can change often in our game, having to change all these number is a pain. I also placed a maximum on how many skill points you can get per level... although there were players with insanely high INT modifiers, it was decided that the maximum number of skill points per level would be 10.

Then there is the spell list. I'll talk a bit about spellpoints... the players get a +WIS modifier bonus to their number of spells, which means that some of them had a huge number of spells at their disposal. For example, Shard had around 40-60 spells per level. This is obviously nuts, so to balance it I invented something called "Spell Combo," which allowed a player to put multiple points into a single spell to power it up. The maximum amount of points they could put into a spell was equal to their level. I liked this idea so much that the entire spell system was rebalanced around it. At level 20, Shard can take any of her spells and multiply the power by 20 for 20 points, which made spells by far the most damaging form of attack for the players; but if she does that she'll burn through her stock of spells in no time. So it added some nice strategy to the game.