Chapter 8, Page 92

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 As you can tell, the attribute scores in our game are much higher than would be normal for DND. The concept behind our game was that the standard DND world was overrun by demons, and that the characters would need to become demons themselves in order to survive. They did this by drinking demon blood, which allowed them to get various demonic powers in addition to their class abilities. Also, once a player had injested demonic blood, they gained a new passive ability called "Demonic Growth," which allowed them to raise their attribute scores by 3 every time they leveled up.

In addition to that, there were items called "incenses" they could find which would permanently boost their attribute scores by 1. Also, various equipments would boost their attribute scores... for example, Featherae is wearing a belt that gives +5 to all attributes. I incorporated a grid into the attribute section that kept track of what items were boosting what.

What you are seeing here are the level 20 character sheets as they were at the end of our campaign. As you can see, by the end of the campaign the attributes have risen quite high. This meant that many other aspects of the game engine had to be rebalanced.

For example, let's look at the Saving Rolls. As you can see, there are hard caps for saving roll bonuses. At a certain point I realized this would be necessary for balance reasons. As you can see, with the caps Featherae's saving rolls are all maxed out at 20... without the caps they would be 34, 23, and 43. Such high numbers do not play friendly with a 20 sided dice, and make it so that Heather is likely to either automatically succeed a roll, or automatically fail. By capping her bonuses at 20, they can be kept close to the other players which allows me to keep the game balanced.

The same concept also applies to Attack Rolls, which have a cap of 40. The caps are not arbitrary numbers... with saving rolls the cap is the players' level, and with attack rolls the cap is twice their level. I did it this way so that there would still be a sense of progression as they leveled up.