Chapter 8, Page 95

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 Let's talk about the row of boxes underneath where it says "resists." These boxes are for keeping track of various beneficial status effects you might get from equipment you're wearing. The effects are, in order:

Haste: You get 1 extra attack; Double Attack: Your base number of attacks are doubled if your attack roll is an even number; Double Spell: You can cast 2 spells per turn; Double Item: You can use 2 items per turn; Double Ability: You can use 2 abilities per turn; Regen: You have some form of regeneration; Critical Fail Protection: You won't suffer an extra penalty if you roll a 1; Critical Hit Protection: The enemy can't get a critical hit against you.

Then, we have weapons. I guess most of that is pretty self explanatory. You take the base damage, add bonuses from your multiplier and special abilities, add it together to get your total damage. That is the total damage for one attack. You then take that and multiply it by your number of attacks to get the actual damage you do in a round of attacks. If you get a critical attack then all that damage is multiplied again. It sounds complicated but those numbers never change, so it's a pretty quick and painless process. You just roll the attack dice to see if you hit, and if you hit you tell the DM the number that's already written down.

There was also supposed to be bonus damage, where you'd add 1d10 x10 extra damage to the grand total. It's not per attack; that number is just added to the total damage of all your attacks. It's only purpose is to add a little bit of quasi-randomness to the number, but since it's so insignificant I think people were forgetting to do it. If we were to keep playing under this system I would probably just eliminate it.

Then there is the Belt. Depending on what belt your character wears, there is a different amount of potions that can be equipped for battle. The maximum is 12 slots for potions. You can have an unlimited number of potions in your inventory, but you can only use what's in your belt during a battle, so you have to use a little planning ahead.

Then there are slots for Feats, Special Abilities, and Demonic Abilities. A new feat can be chosen by the player every 2 levels, and since everyone is level 20 everyone has 10 feats. Every character has their own unique list of special abilities, which are also granted every 2 levels.

And there's the demonic abilities, which can be stored inside a demonic box and freely switched between players outside of combat. However, players can only have 3 equipped at a time, and all demonic abilities cost HP to use. Some are more expensive than others.

I'll give more information about feats, special abilities, and demonic abilities in the next few pages.