Chapter 8, Page 91

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 This is what our character sheets looked like. This is actually the 4th iteration of them... they started out looking a bit more like typical DND 3.5 character sheets, but gradually morphed into what you see here.

I'll talk a bit about what each of the various sections means. The top section is pretty similar to what you'd see on a standard 3.5 character sheet, with the exception that there's no section for XP or money. We decided it would be easier to keep track of those things on a separate sheet, as a collective for the group. It was too much of a hassle when everyone carried their own money, especially as they took a really long time in shops as it was.

At the start of the game everyone had their own separate XP total, and so it was possible for one person to level up faster than another. We quickly scrapped this idea based on how long the leveling up process took (and it got longer and longer as the game went on and got more complicated.) We realized it would be better for everyone to keep all the XP totals the same, and at a certain point this number was excluded from the character sheet and kept track of separately, since there was no need to have everyone keep track of the same number on thier sheets individually.

On the next page, I'll talk about the attribute scores.