Chapter 8, Page 97

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 This is what our class info sheet looks like. This was basically created to be similar to the models in the DND 3.5 handbook. You can see that the Necromancer and Mentalist's spells have a similar chart, with specific numbers of available spells per level. I decided to have Alchemist work a little differently: instead of having a set number of spells per level, she just as alchemy points which function basically the same as MP.

Then there's base number of attacks... this also comes right out of the 3.5 handbook. In our game, it's called "base attacks" because it's not very hard to increase your number of attacks even further with certain pieces of equipment. But certain feats like "double attack" only double your base number of attacks, and extra attacks from equipment aren't counted, so it's important to keep them separate.

Then there's HP Bonus. This is basically just HP Die per level, and it started out being in that format, with Necromancer getting an extra D6 per level, Mentalist/Alechmist getting an extra D8 per level, etc. However, the problem with randomizing it is that it made it difficult to calculate what a person's exact number of HP should be, so instead we changed it so that players gain a set number of HP per level. I do think that system generally works better.