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+EV "+EV" One of my favorite webcomics right now,
naturally because it's about poker! If you like poker, you should
check it out. If you don't like poker... shame on you!
C Brudlos's page "Alpha Shade" Starts off as a war story on an alien world,
then morphs into something different. This comic has especially
beautiful color art. If only it would come out faster!
Gerry's page "Biozoic" Gerry's webcomics, including Biozoic,
Quezacoatl, A Beautiful World, Escape From Tartarus,
and Protekter Drei. Check em out!
Comedity "Comedity" The self described comedity of personae.
This is a wacky life comedy featuring ninjas, and other random
craziness which occur to the slacker protagonists on a regular basis.
Delve Into Fantasy "Delve Into Fantasy" A comic by my super cool
friend and awesome colorist Delusion! What are you
waiting for, check it out RIGHT NOW!!!
Directions of Destiny "Directions of Destiny" Some strange stuff is going
down at a school of magic, reminiscient of Utena. This comic
features very clean, crisp manga styled art.
Meaghan's page "Eat The Roses" A lighthearted spy romp with girlish sexy characters.
The art starts off a little rough, but stick with it and it matures nicely.
It's a fun, entertaining, and also quite long.
Fireball's Page "Kagerou: Electric Manga" Bloody fantasy comic,
with split personalities included. The colors are vibrant,
and the blood is also vibrant.
Chris's Page "Misfile" Can you resist manga where a guy
turns into a girl? Me neither. Then you probably want
to check this one out. Good art.
Jen's Page "Mystic Revolution" A fun and wacky comic
about characters in an MMORPG and thier adventures. And
they have sex too. Check it out!
Gianna Masetti's Page "The Noob" Another comic about an MMORPG,
this once called "Clichequest, Valley of the Grind." A very true
and accurate portrayal of online RPG's, from the eyes of a NOOB.
Otaku No Yen "Otaku No Yen" The home of Otaku-no-Yen, the
comic of my poker playing friends. It's a humorous tale of anime
conventions, and the madness that follows.
Dirk Tiede's page "Paradigm Shift" Starts out as a buddy cop story, but some grisly
murders threaten to shake things up. Plus, Kate has a secret. This
is a really well done online manga, definetly a must read!
Shadowgirls "Shadowgirls" This comic is described by the creator as
"HP Lovecraft meets Gilmore Girls." If you've always wanted to see
Lorelai and Rory fight demons, then this is the comic for you!
Rekka's page "Skyfall" Complicated fantasy manga, with
very crisp nice looking art and character designs.
More people should check this one out.
Juno Blair's page "Star Cross's Destiny" A webcomic about
Juno and her friends, outcasts in mob society New Orleans.
The artist also plays a mean sax!
Tang's page "T.A. Vision" All of Tang's comics are good, but I
particularly enjoy this one. It's good old-fashioned naughty
wholesome fun for the whole family! Cool characters.
The Wotch "The Wotch" A comic about a girl who is a "wotch,"
which is like a witch, just spelled differently. She tells her
new friends the secret, which causes problems to ensue.

Keiiii's page Cozy Paper / Keiiii
Delusion's page Delusions of Grandeur / Delusion
Jo Chen's page Jo's Playground / Jo Chen
Emilee's page Remotely Lame / Crazy Razor(Emilee Dench) - If you're looking to have a costume
custom made, (especially if it's a Flipside cosplay!)
then I highly recommend these gals. - Our Home, Recommended Server
Wizzywig Wizzywig Collectibles
Art Night Group
- If you are an artist in the Chicago land area,
you should check us out!
- Where I go for horror movie info.
- A great place for movie reviews,
other than Rotton Tomatoes.
Nick Digilio
- One of my other current favorite radio shows.
It's on weekend nights.
Penn Says
- Penn's radio show was one of my favorites.
This will have to tide me over, for now.
- Where I go to watch poker shows.
Project Wonderful
- The auction site where you can bid on my ads,
or get your own.
- James Randi's website. One of my favorite people.
Stereolab (Official Site)
- Home of my favorite band.
- If anyone ever asks you "What's the harm..."
- Best site for emulator information.

Angely I Demony "Angely I Demony" / Shinkonokokoro
Ashes to Chaos "Ashes to Chaos" / Nathan & Joanie
Cealdian "Cealdian" / Annie Szabla
Dead Heaven "Dead Heaven" / Christopher Steininger
Decisive Origin "Decisive Origin" / Laurie L Thomas
Faith's page "Demonology 101" / Faith Erin Hicks
Nadjaa's page "Desafinado" / Nadjaa
James's page "Dr Sheep and the Aardvark" / James Spence
Elven Lacryment "Elven Lacryment" / Q and Alex Moore
Michelle's page "Ginpu" / Michelle VZ
Enkida's page "Growth" / Enkida
Spike + Matt's page "Iron Circus" / Spike & Matt
Krazy Kimchi "Krazy Kimchi" / Hyung Kim
Logo "Logo" / Justin Llamas
Love Feast "Love Feast" / Jessica Cantlope
Milennium "Milennium" / Jessica Cantlope
Philippe's page "Moose River" / Philippe Van Lieu
Tigerfrog's Page "Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden" / Tigerfrog
May Li's page "Otenba Files" / May Li
Arioch's page "Outsider" / Arioch
Dave Lister's page "Paradox Lost" / Dave Lister
Separate Worlds "Separate Worlds" / Samantha Lowe
Miaka's page "Sin Angel" / Miaka
Meg's page "Spirit Academy" / Meg Demming
David's page "Strugglefest" / David Wickum & Greg Henry
Eve's page "Synthetic Life" / Eve Z
Thunder & Lightning "Thunder & Lightning" / ADK & Lara
Mike's page "True Groove" / Mike
Akira's page "Tsunami Channel" / Akira
Black Chen's page "Twilight Lady" / Blake Chen
Aywren/Syntyche's page "Wayrift" / Aywren & Syntyche
Selie's page A Ray of Hope / Selie
Alipes' page Alipes Art / Alipes
Diana's page Diana's Illustrations
Gensen Figure Gensen Figure
B-Man's page Twilight Tangents / B-Man "Ballad" "Tangent Artists "Twisted Kaiju Theatre"

Many sites are link-free, meaning you are encouraged to link to them. However, this site
is link-mandatory. That means you have to link to it, or Maytag will come to your house
and throttle you. Better get those links up! ^^

Seriously though, I generally accept all link-exchanges, so feel free to ask!
Although if it's not a comic related site, it should be art related or something I like.
If it is a webcomic site, I ask that your comic have at least 30 online pages before I link to it.
I have over 1,000 pages, so I don't think 30 is much to ask!

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