Interview with Vajra

Zealot in the Chair
It's time for another character interview! Say hello to Vajra, an old lady who is the town healer for the beseiged town of Brahma. Hello, how are you Vajra?
Let's get started. First question is from Chag4: Do you know either Maytag or Bernadette from somewhere? If so, where was that, and what was it about?
You mean the two women who I pulled out of the rain? No, I've never met them before...
Kerostasis: Hi Vajra, you seem to know something about the monstrosity running around your town. I don't know how much you're willing to tell us about it, but...has it been a standard danger of your town for a long time, or is it a recent arrival?
Well... I only know what I believe. I believe this creature is what we Vespel sorcerers call a "Heirophant." Heirophants are demons of death, which come to our world to drag the unlucky down into the Vorpal Sea. As for why this demon is plaguing our town, I can only guess that we must have done something to anger the Angels. To answer your other question, I would say it has been about a month since people started dissapearing...
Wynni: Vajra, why haven't the phalanx stepped in? It would appear to me Bloody Mary rates a serious enough threat to warrant their intervention?
We sent for them about 2 weeks ago... it takes almost a week to walk to the nearest town with a Nexus, and today a member of the Phalanx finally arrived. However, I must tell you, I am dissapointed to see just one... and a little girl at that. I had hoped they would take the threat more seriously.
Vampyric: Vajra, Have you yourself lost someone close to you? If so who and when?
Why, yes... I did lose my husband several years ago. But if you mean in regards to our recent ordeal, then no... no one close to me personally.
rc5: Is the triangle tattoo above your eye purely aesthetic, or is it symbolic of something? Does it have anything to do with your line of work?
It's a symbol of Vespel religion... it denotes that I am a fully ordained vespel sorceress.
Sparrow: Hey there Vajra! If there are additional people still alive in Brahma, did you place similar enchantments on their homes so that Mary will not attack them? Also, if Mary's been around for a month, what are all of your doing for food--with Mary terrorizing the town for so long, personal stores should've run out by now (and the personal supplies of people who've already died should probably be spoiled by this point... ), so is there an outside source supplying the town or are you guys just living on rats and bugs by this point? Good luck!
No, I haven't... it would be impossible to enchant the whole town in that manner, however I have tried to give as many people charms as possible that will ward away thier smell. As for food, we have tried our best to stock everyone up as much as possible, but it's difficult...
Remorseful Gods: Greeting Vajra, would you mind telling me what the what is The Vorpal Sea and how is it connected with demons?
When someone dies unfulfilled, they are dragged down to the vorpal sea by a demon. When this happens, they themselves become a demon, and must drag down a thousand more souls in order to be granted a second chance at life.
Iceurai: Why are you so fat?
What...?! What an impertinant question...!!
Ameria: Hello Madame Vajra. I suppose this ties in a bit with Zoreaster's question, but what is the process to becoming an ordained Vespel sorceress? And is the method of going from one level to the next the same as it is with other sorcerers?
Essentially, to become an ordained Vespel sorceress, one needs only to reach the second level, and be approved by a Paragon. Generally, you are also expected to live and study at a convent for at least 3 years, usually 5. Incidentally, there are "convents" for both men and women. The method for breaking seals is of course the same... sometimes vespel sorcerers will even travel with traditional sorceress in seal-breaking quests.
MaronaPossessed: Excuse me Mrs.Vajra,As you stated "Anyone who gets damaged by Bloody Mary dies."But for the month it has happened why didn't you use the time to search for another type of healing spells even if it was impossible.If you didn't find any,why not mix some spells...or maybe create a new spell?P.S.If you already did that and if that still doesn't work,why not learn from Suspiria?
*sigh...* I'm afraid you don't understand, dear. It's not an issue of healing spells... you see no healing spell will work, in fact no spell will work at all as long as thier is an anti-magic enchantment. That anti-magic enchantment turned out to be a strong level 3 enchantment. So you see, at my level there was nothing I could do.
Chag4: Is it some tradision for the vespel scorserers to cut their hair short, or do you just like it that way?
No... there's no rule about hair.
Treebeater: Vajra you are so sexy, when you gonna let me hit that?
Well, uh, thank you... I think... but I don't understand. What is it exactly that you want to hit?
kimbulimbu: How do the sorcerers of your religion differ from other sorcerers? Are there any spells in which you specialize or must not use?
Not as such. There is a strict taboo on magic expiriments on living subjects... however, this is a sentiment also shared by the traditional sorcerers. The main difference between us is our philosophy.
Darque: Greetings, Madam, Do such demons as do vex humanity do so unopposed, or do we mortals have some sort of goodly allies against such monsters? In other words, according to your beliefs, are there angels and the like as well, or just evil otherworldly beings?
Yes, there are angels as well. Technically, it is not correct to call the demons "evil..." They are simply enforcers of the natural order and balance of the world.
Wynni: I think I need some serious clarification here: "Demons are a part of the natural balance of things"; yet their whole purpose is to drag down people who have not "fulfilled" themselves. Children are automatically sent to the vorpal sea then?
Children? Well, I wouldn't like to think that could happen...
Danakir: Pardon my blunt inquiry, madam, but humor me if you will. Why did you choose to serve as a Vespel sorceress as per opposed to a traditional sorceress? That is, what do you get on a personal level from this religion, to be more precise.
I was lucky enough to be raised this way.
Josh: Are you a guy or a girl? I honestly can't tell.
Such rudeness...!!