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Old Journal
« on: September 29, 2011, 04:11:14 pm »
Had an old journal with this in it, after reading it, reminded me of Flipside a bit, thought you all might enjoy it

In harlequin nature there be a fool,
one who would call you Columbine,
whisper you my sweet Valentine,
and through ignorance, blissful be.

Thick is my aspect of foolery,
Though there is this,
The clever me as well,
so seeped in trickery.

I taught you the way of empty eyes,
alluring, deep, and full of lies.
I showed you the curve of mouth,
so adapted to your cherry-heart lips.

These schemes I brought to you,
such skills were taught to you,
so you might survive,
and woo those to your bid.

Such a power I gave to you,
not to realize victim I would fall.
In the swell of bosom, curve of hips,
length of legs, lesser men are lost.

Harlequin falls not to shapely birth,
and velvet skin, no, empty promise,
is the spear that cruel fate impales,
withering in truth, absorbed by lie.

That dance I have done before, 
juggles me along, endless agony.
Now strength of will, lack of fight,
is not that which deters my heart.

What ties my tongue speaking thus,
I would call you Columbine,
And in their eyes, let us be one, but..
Am I worthy to be your Valentine?

I think not, my friend,
in this I am no longer Harlequin,
you've wiped away my trickster grin,
And so to end my eternal sin.