Author Topic: Chapter 31: Discussion  (Read 39339 times)

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Re: Chapter 31: Discussion
« Reply #180 on: June 04, 2012, 05:30:38 am »
And Maytag once again proves that she is capable of sage wisdom. In this case, she can speak about it with first hand knowledge.  :D


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Re: Chapter 31: Discussion
« Reply #181 on: June 04, 2012, 05:32:00 am »
I think the greater significance of Grant's statement is that Bern thought he was seriously teaching/training her and has built much of her life, views and dreams around Grant's lessons.  But Grant has just informed her that it was only a game as far as he was concerned and he did not intend for her to take the lessons seriously into adult-hood.  Quite possibly, he even held the same views against female knights at the time but Bern believed he seriously gave her the hope and goal to overcome that and one-day join the knights.

I always thought that Grant was supposed to have the same streak of white hair which is why Orransong spoke of the resemblance between the two here:

AHHH! Now I recall, it was a response from Brion to a question I made about it.  guess he's changed his mind since *shrug*.  There still seems to be a certain level of resemblance in build and hair structure.

I'm not sure it was neccesaraly a game to him, its just that he only taught the split-rose technique as Bern was only a child at the time.

It might well be that Grant did intend to teach Bern some adult fighting styles as she got older, but then the brothel burnt down and he believed she died in the fire.

Ofc that does not mean that he intended for Bern to join the knights when she was older, it is possible that Grant shared the belief that only men could join the knights, and was slimply teaching Bern some swordfighting skills so she would be able to defend herself if needed.

RE: Bern's white patch of hair.
Since there has been no mention of her mother having a smilar patch of white, and Grant has no white patch, it's possible that Bern didn't have it growing up and it turned white as a result of the shock of the brothel burning down and killing nearly everyone she knew (i'm sure there was a page which showed Grant training Bern as a child, but i cannot remember if she was shown having a whitespot at the time ).  That might explain why Grant didn't recognise her when he opened the door.
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Re: Chapter 31: Discussion
« Reply #182 on: June 04, 2012, 07:08:47 am »
He describes the Split Rose a page or two later as a simple way to teach kids some simple defensive techniques and discourage aggressive behaviour.  Its considered by him to be more of an educational lesson for children than something to really prep them for knight training or any serious fighting in the adult world.  He describes it as useless.

Obviously, refined to the extreme, its not useless as Bern demonstrates.  But really its the intention behind his actions back then.  Bern's just finished telling him that he's inspired her and helped her form much of her outlook on life while teaching her the all important split-rose which turned out to not be all so important as far as Grant was concerned.

He's told her he failed in everything at life, she's tried to tell him he succeeded in her, he's informed her that he never really tried.  Strong speculation with this next point but I think she's believed all her life that her father passed on the elements of a grand style passed down the LaShoar family.  Something she holds sacred and dear to her and counts herself significant in his eyes for having being taught it.  Like a sacred family sword being passed down, she thought he'd passed on a significant legacy in teaching the technique but now there's nothing sacred or significant about it.

I only had the information on Grant having a white patch from an old "ask Maytag" or "ask Brion" post when I either queried what Orransong meant by that or what their similarities are.  Its easily likely that Brion has long since changed his mind and either she inherited it from her mother, its a sort of scar of some kind of birth defect/mark (birthmarks are actually the most common cause from my understanding).

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Re: Chapter 31: Discussion
« Reply #183 on: June 04, 2012, 09:32:39 am »
Re: Bernadette's hair stripe, I was playing around with the idea of Grant having one, but to be honest I just decided it would look silly with his design, so I decided against it.