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« on: November 18, 2011, 04:18:28 pm »
<Sry for a bit of spam this post will be, but whatever, I just need to get some thoughts to outside world...>

I just discovered this comic today spent like half of day reading it from the beggining to latest page and damn it, this is the biggest one I saw in net. And I don't mean numbers of pages ofc, but the quality . The way the story is build, how it connects romance, comedy and adventure with full harmony - I don't remember last time when I saw such good connection between all that. And it's really hard to do it right, you can find many more failures and good effects in comic series that tried doing that IMO. I also like the art very much, while it's all black and white, after like 15 pages I completely forgot about it and was absorbed like if I was watching a very good anime. I like how plot twists are rather subtle and still hard to predict... It all just works out so well that I'm suprised it's even possible. :P

To not be just like a crazed fan, I will admitt that chapters with the warp box got me a little bit bored, that thing lasted a bit too long for me, the story was progressing quite slow. But with current chapter it's all back to being damn interesting (and more suprising then just confusing :P). Also Maytag is sometimes too much of an Elfen Lied-like case - a human being that acts COMPLETELY not like a human being. But who cares, I loved Elfen Lied. :D

Keep up the good work, Brion! What you created is a rare jewel in mass of mediocre webcomics. :)

PS Sorry to anyone that felt insulted by my terrible English. Or the amount of emoticons I use. :>