Author Topic: Chapter 39: Discussion  (Read 21799 times)

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Re: Chapter 39: Discussion
« Reply #90 on: February 18, 2014, 05:24:26 am »
Actually, Bern was fine with paying, it's the whole "treat the deadbeat like trash" (by literally throwing him IN the trash) despite ignoring their own deadline for Bern to raise the needed funds for care, and then threatening Bern with swords when she objected that made her violent.

[sarcasm]Yeah, word getting around about how the healer grants patients' families 15 minutes to round up funds for treatment and then throwing the unconscious patient IN THE TRASH in less than five minutes after the relative went to find said funds will do WONDERS for their business.[/sarcasm]


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Re: Chapter 39: Discussion
« Reply #91 on: February 19, 2014, 11:52:39 pm »
[Technically this is Chapter 40 discussion, but while we're waiting for that thread to be created...]

So, dinnertime, and we find out the enigmatic Marce is a bit of a seamstress. Lehm's evidently done his research and found that May tends to be more confident when wearing her jester outfit.

As for the ring not working, it may be that Lehm's disabled it, on the other hand, it may be that in her current predicament, Bern's no longer wearing hers.