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Half Breeds
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Half Breeds…
A RP based on the World Of Warcraft

In a time long ago in the land of Azaroth the ancient ones wrote laws. And it is written that no class or race shall mingle or combine. It has been that way for thousands of years and there has only been a few cases in the history of the world where two classes meet and produced and where banished as soon as they where found out.

But just before the opening of the Dark portal the world is fixing to be shocked and shaken in a different way. A event of the young generation will change the world for the better?

- Rules: You can choose Hord or alliance.
o Horde will be trying to create a new breed of super soldering by Combining races and classes secretly.
o In the Alliance the young people are outcast and trying to hide who they are but be heroes at the same time.
o You can choose to races and to classes for your char to have. Give a brief detail of who had the their mother or father, and maybe where their parents met and are.
o The main goal is to develop you character and will move to outland where maybe the two groups will meet. What happens then will depend on who is involved.
o A Character can only do what the race can do in the game rules.
o No Death Knights (this is starting before the outlands and I have another plan for them if we make it that far.)
o Try to have more that one line replies. A char. not only talkes it movies to.


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Re: Half Breeds
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Name: Draco Smithhammer
Race: Night Elf / Human
Class: Warrior / Mage
Parents; Dad was a Night elf Warrior and Mom was a female Human Mage. Dad was tall with a light blue skin and sky blue hair with blue glowing eyes. Mom was average height with fiery red hair and blue eyes.
Hight: 6”2’
Age: 21
Hair: Sky Blue with red high lights
Ears: Slightly pointed and long but only half as long as a normal elf.
Skin: Pale with a hint of blue
Eyes: Look human but can see a blur glow at night. With blue eyes.

Draco walked into the Inn at Goldshier looking around to see if he was alone. He lifted his hand to confirm that his hood was still up hiding his ears from plane view and with his head tiled to conceal his skin and slanted eye brows. He knows he resembles a elf but looks human as well. But he finds it easer to travail in human cites than elf cities. Humans are knows for their secrecy and covering them selfces up all the time.

Draco walked up to the counter and ordered Honey Dew water as we surveyed someone setting beside the fire place.

The bare tender handed Draco his drink and waited for payment. Draco handed the mad a few cold pieces then headed to the closest table to enjoy his drink. As he looked around he could tell this place was not fancy and is accustomed to want-to-be heroes coming in all the time. The grave yard next door was full of want-to-bes.

After finishing his drink he stood up to leave and noticed a wanted poster on the billboard on the wall:

REWARD: 100 gold pieces
CRIME: Destroying crops, and killing people on the road to westfall.
LOCATION: Last Know Location was west of town south of the watch tower.

After seeing the poster Draco smiled and started to walk out the door.


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Re: Half Breeds
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Name: Rekt Worgspear
Race: Orc/Troll
Class: Shaman / Warlock
Parents (Heritage): No set parents, was the combination of nearly four different trolls and orcs. Born and raised in the Apocatherium of Undercity, under the scrutiny of the Grand Apocatherium
Height: 5'11"
Age: 25
Hair: White
Ears: Slightly pointed, more orcish
Skin: Dark Green
Eyes: Black


Rekt moaned in his sleep. His eyes took their time to focus in the never ending gloom that was the Apocathary of Undercity. The steel bars of the cage came into focus, and his ears picked up the moans of others like him. An underling, came and unlocked the cage door as soon as he noticed movement from Rekt.
"Come on," the underling rasped, "the Grand Apocatherium wants to see his first success."

Out of the gloom behind the underling, two Abominations grabbed the young half orc and dragged him to his feet. He stood up under the pressure of his own body. The Abominations didn't let go but shuffled towards the gloom.

In the blink of an eye, the trio, followed by the underling, came into a room filled with vials and tubes. In the centre of the room, the Grand Apocatherium slowly dripped a bright green solution on the head of an unconcious human being. The solution disappeared into the pores of the young girl. The Grand Apocatherium turned away, knowing, it was now a measure of time to see what this solution would do.

"Ahh" the gurgle of the Grand Apocatherium's decaying throat. "I see you are ready, Take him away!"

The Abominations once again dragged Rekt into another room, it was quicker this time. Two Forsaken looked up at the trio, and one incanted a long spell. Opening a portal the Abominations shoved the half orc in. The blinding light was less forceful this time. A Mace was in his right hand, and an axe in his left. His opponent started casting something, from its hands, arcane bolts raced towards him. Batting them away with his mace Rekt Charged, "Fire Elemental!" he roared, and out of the ground a huge fire being loomed over the happless Hunter/Mage. Rekt Jumped up, and incanting words, a shadow bolt erupted from his mace and into the head of his opponent and a Bright Light flashed.

Rekt roared as he bolted up from his slumber. It was a memory, a dream of the past. The half orc saw his mace on the ground beside him and grunted. It was the fifth time this dream played in his mind. Since he was released from the training grounds five years ago, the eve of the release brought back painful memories. It was still night, and the stars overhead burned brightly. Beside him, his Imp slept quietly, knowing nothing of its masters plight. Dawn soon rose, upon a dead campfire and a silent half Orc and his minion. Rekt kicked the Imp awake, it was always trying to sleep.
"Come Illthos, we find out our quest today." And the orc picked up his pack and moved on with an imp in tow.


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Re: Half Breeds
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Draco raised his hands above his head to make sure his hood had his ears and eye brows covered and no stray hairs could be seen. He could not pass as a full blooded Night elf but he looks like a strange human.
He walks past the watch down in a southern direction avoiding a few bears and trogs with his Night elf agility. Draco reaches to his side to un sheath his long sword and untie his robe so his mail armor was no visible. ‘That money would help me save up for a set of plate armor’ he thought to himself. But as he was lost in his mussing a stray trog smells him and starts to charge. Draco notices just in time to raise his Long Sword up to block the ravenous claws aimed at his mid-section. In a retaliatory strike he raises his right hand and a small fire blast hits the trog square in the face doing little but ticking the trog off. “Cruses, this not being able to train my spells” he said out loud and the sound of claw and metal could be heard as the trog made contact to his left shoulder. Draco shifted to the right to cover his shoulder and made a mighty swing slicing through the neck of the trog bringing it to its knees coughing up blood. Draco then raised his sword and brought it down onto the head of the trog severing it from the trogs neck. Draco thought to himself ‘My spells are too weak, I can’t get mage training in Stormwind since everyone thinks I am a warrior’.
Draco stepped away from the dead trog then heard a sound so horrible it sent shivers down his spine. “MY CHILDERN” a voice could be heard yelling as draco spun around to see the biggest ugliest trog he has ever seen. Its head was as been as a pumpkin and its claws where the size of babies head. There was dried blood around his mouth and on his tattered cloths. ‘This has to be Hogger’ thought draco as a mighty fist came down and smashed draco to the ground.


OOC: I like the way you did you char. Better than what I was thinking of doing a horde.


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Re: Half Breeds
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Rekt and Illthos squated behind a ferntree. On the top of the hill in front of them stood Zalane, the Witch Doctor of Echo Isles. At his feet was the pile of skulls that the old Troll had told Rekt about. For too long had Zalane terroised the trolls of Sen'jin village, and now Rekt, the newest of the super soldiers the Horde had started to create, would test his mettle against the power of someone uncontrolled.

Rekt unhooked his Mace and his Axe, weighing them in his hands he incanted four words, the head of the mace and the blade of the Axe glinted with magic. The dark of the Shadow surrounded the Axe and the Light of the Wind surrounded the Mace. In front of him, two totems sprung from the ground. A strength totem and a healing totem. Illthos mumbled something in Demonish, Rekt batted him with the flat of his axe.
"Don't swear!" Rekt warned hushed. "NOW!" Roaring, the Witch Doctor's back to the half orc.

"Lightening STRIKE!!" He thundered, as his two weapons fell on the Witch Doctor. From the ends of the weapons, lightening came out and surrounded Zalane. From behind Illthos threw fire balls at Zalane as if they had gone out of fashion. Within seconds the sound and smell of burning flesh filled the air.


Rekt walked into Sen'jin Village, slightly singed, and wet. "Can you please get me a boat, if i need to go back?" Rekt asked, and laughed. The old Troll heard him, and walked his way over. "Hey mon, I can feel the spirit of me brodah bin released. Ya did good mon. Here be a bit o' coin. It ain't gonna cover everything, but it someting mon." he handed Rekt a purse.
"Sir, I can't take it." Rekt said. "The Horde pays everything for me anyway."
"If you don take it mon, I dunno how i am gonna fit it in me cabin mon," the troll said. "I gotta clean out de place, and find all that gold I got from my time as adventuring. I got lots mon." And the troll walked away.

Rekt opened up the blue purse and saw nearly a hundred gold pieces in it. Closing it quickly he tied it to his belt and laughed a bit. Daily life in Sen'jin could return to some normality.


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Re: Half Breeds
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Story Line (Allaince)

   Anduin Wrynn walked into the thrown room located in the Stormwind keep and looked around at his subjects.  Highlord Bolvar Fordragon bowed as the young menarche entered the room. Anduin did not notice that Lady Katrana Prestor did not bow but rolled her eyes at the young king. One of the guards noticed and started to snicker until Katrana shot him a look. The guard shot to attation keeping his eyes to the ceiling as to not see the fire in her eyes.
“What’s the news” Anduin asked Bolvar.
“Same old stuff your highness. We had a attack on southshore but nothing the guards could not handle but I am afraid that all attempts to reclaim Scarlet monastery had failed. Also the stockaids have been over run by the defies but we have them contained in the Dungun. Also Van Cleive is demanding the surrender of westfall as well.” Said Bolvar looking through a roll of parchment.

“We are short handed but we will not surinder westfall to those thugs without a fight. I understand the people there have formed a militia?” asked the young king.

“Yes your highness, and we have started recurring heros to hlp reclaim the temple as well.” Said Bolvar.

“Good, Good lets prepare for the day send in the first cilvian.” commanded Anduin as a guard opened the door to let the first cilvian in to get wisdom from the king.
Lady Katrana slid back to the wall andwispered to a guard “Are all the prepeation perpaierd?”

“Yes your majesty” the guard whispered.

“Is that fool out of the way?”

“Yes Maim he is looked away in the Black Room Mountian and his message will never reach Stormwind, the people think he is a raving lunatic.” The guard whispered.

“Good Good all goes as planned Once Stormwind falls so does the alliance and the Horde will be next” She whispered with a smile on her face.


Story Line (Hord)

“My lady” whispered a near by Siren.

Lady Sylvanas turned and look at the floating spectral “What news have you?”

“The first batch of super solders are ready and willing to follow your commands” Said the siren.

Lady Sylvanas smiled evilly that fool Thrall does not know what we have in store for him. He thought that combining races was a abomination but we will show him. My Master will show him.”

“For the master” the siren said as she bowed in from of Lady Sylvanas.

“Any word on the where about of Onixia?” Lady Sylvanas stated.

“We have no reports on where she is my lady” The siren whispered.

Lady Sylvanas frowned “She will be our first test I will send some solders to destroy her and appease my master. No go and find her”. Lady Sylvanas Seat back on her thrown thinking ‘First Onixa then the Horde will fall under my command, those fool alliance are no threat.’ She thought.