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Re: A Great Treasure Awaits
« Reply #90 on: September 14, 2009, 05:46:13 am »
"You better." Mai told him firmly letting his hand go.

She stood on the shore and watched him as he rowed back out to his ship then with a sad smile turned to head back into town.

"An interesting man." A familiar voice spoke from the shadows behind Mai.

She span, hand going to a dagger as Lord Lau stepped into view. Mai let her hand drop but continued to watch Lau cautiously.

"I am disappointed you have found a replacement for me." He said crossing the distance to her. "Still it had to be expected at some point." He smiled at her. "I hear Kori has been interfering again, one day that man will learn that you are mine and not his. Do not worry he will not get his talons into you."

"It is too late." Mai said sadly.

Lau chuckled, "I think I have something that will help. Come with me."

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Re: A Great Treasure Awaits
« Reply #91 on: September 15, 2009, 09:15:03 pm »
Hennet slowly climbed back aboard his ship and started towards the wheel when he was nearly tackled by Kish hugging him around the waist burying her face in his chest. "Dammit Hennet, you are suicidal! The Cimson Thorn of all women." Kish looked up at Hennet through eyes nearly overflowing with tears. "Why can't we just go back to 'us'?"

Hennet sighed as Kish collied with him, "Kish its okay, you don't have to worry about Mai, she won't hurt you, not as long as I'm alive." Hennet hugged Kish back as she started to cry into his shirt, "You know why we can't go back, it was nice, but it wasn't right, not to her." Kish only buried her face back into Hennet's chest.

Petting her head with his other arm around her back she tried to quiet her sobbing, "Shh, it'll be okay Kish."

Looking up and over to the cabin he went to call for Nihil to bring up the anchor and start the ship out but before he did he heard the demon's voice, "I already got it." Nihil was already at the wheel, having taken up the anchor and setting the sails out he pulled the ship towards open ocean.

Looking up at Hennet again she pulled on his arms saying "Orexis"

Meanwhile in the brotherhood house...

Lordrin was sitting by his desk hands folded in front of himself deep in thought. He was furious as evidence by the half-dozen cold corpses of servant girls strewn around his room, how dare his brother defy him like this. "That little mongrel will learn to break from my script, he would of never have gotten this far if it wasn't for that dammed woman. She must be removed, permanently."

A rapping came at his door standing he started to the door saying in an hard annoyed tone, "This had better be good, I am not-" but before he got two steps his vision started to waver, his muscles became tense and started to force him to the ground. "Ar, what the hell is this? No! This is..." his own body pulled itself to the ground, kneeling and bending over for his forehead to touch the floor. His door opened and the light tapping of heels came across the floor as Lordrin was forced to keel. "My mistress, I did not expect you."

"Where is my prize?" The woman had a low and slick voice, almost literally dripping with venom.

Lordrin tried in vain to move his head, "I failed you my mistress, it did not go as planned."

"Do you have anything that would let me spare your life?"

Lordrin swallowed "Yes my mistress, there is a woman interfering with Hennet. The Crimson Thorn, Mai"

The woman tapped her boot, "I see, she will be dead soon enough."

Lordrin could feel his muscles loosen up but he dared not look up. "What shall I do my mistress?"

"You will continue to play your part my knight, I will have use of you again."

Lordrin could hear the light taps of his mistress's boots and then the door open and close, only then did he look up, "Mistress Kealanah, you are truly frightening."


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Re: A Great Treasure Awaits
« Reply #92 on: September 16, 2009, 01:55:51 pm »
"There." Lau said a short time later. "A suitable present for the Crimson Thorn and her new life I think."

Mai looked at him puzzled as they stood together on the docks of Canton then followed his gaze.

"No!" Mai almost yelled, "you can't give me that, the Bloody Rose is Kairi's. I wont take it."

"Then you have not heard?" Lau asked sounding a little surprised, "Oh Mai, if I had known I would not have sprung it on you so suddenly like this. You captain Kairi has met an unfortunate end at the hands of some of the local thugs, she did manage to kill all five of them. Went down fighting you could say. I'm sorry Mai."

Mai looked at Lau in shock. She couldnt take this, first Hennet leaving her, now Kairi dead.

"I know it is a lot to take in Mai, but right now is not the best time I am sorry. Kori is moving fast if I do not get you out of Canton tonight then I cannot protect you. You must take the Rose and leave now."

"No. I can't." Mai said trying to keep her emotions under control. "I can't what about.. about." She hunted esperatly for an excuse.

"I don't know how to run a ship Lau." She admitted finally. "Kairi did all that, I just watched her back."

"That would be where I comin then C'ptain." A familiar voice spoke behind her.

Bartholomew Jackson, known as Jack to his friends, Kairi's first mate. No former first mate, by rights the ship should be his.

"No. No. That ships should be yours Jack." Mai said, "Not mine, you take command."

Jack laughed mirthlessly, "Wouldn't mind 'aving a ship like that if truth be told Mai." He said, "But I's reckon that the name of the Crimson Thorn is more likely to drive fear in the 'earts of man more than is the likes of Bartholomew Jackson. 'sides Kairi trusted you with more information about his great treasure than she ever did me. I'd still be lookin' to you fer orders if Kairi had met her end out there than here in this place, without old Lord Lau 'ere tellin' me what's what."

Lau gave an amused smile. "Go Mai, spread the name of the Crimson Thorn and the Brotherhood on the High Seas, do you Captain Kairi proud." With that he turned to leave.

Mai looked at Lau to the ship back at Lau and finally at Jack. "Come on then Mr. Jackson," she said finally, "lets leave this place."

Jack gave Mai a sad smile, "She was a fine lass Kairi, dont let her death play on yer too much Mai. Let's find that treasure an' do 'er proud."

Mai nodded and walk down the docks to the Bloody Rose.


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Re: A Great Treasure Awaits
« Reply #93 on: October 27, 2009, 12:09:52 am »
It seemed the air had cleared as whoever had been shooting had stopped or Sarah would be dead by now Aretha figured. her being so out in the open as she was. wobbles seemed to have disappeared completely. she had begun to like her outrageous personality.

"Sarah  you okay? she asked as she crawled over to her. just as she reached her though the woman had the decency to faint. Jones was still hiding as best he could. Aretha dragged  Sarah behind where she'd been when the whole thing had happened only moments before.

Aretha tore a part of her sleeve off and wrapped it around sarah's arm where she'd been hit to stop the bleeding.

"now what? Aretha muttered to herself. she still didn't know if the one attacking  was still waiting to get a better shot at them.

 it wasn't long after that that Wobbles returned with a man who's face was seriously in need of repair.

"wha the--?" Aretha starts but drops it shaking her head.

At least things wouldn't be dull with Wobbles there.

"ne 'er mind. so let's go get out of 'ere then! this place is scary! Crazy people shootin at us" Aretha says looking up at Wobbles with Sarah's head  laying in her lap.

((OOC: I thought this could work since chag is out for a while. Sarah's outcold and we can string Jones along if we need to i'm sure. i figure Mai gets on board before we can really take off or something.;) ))
Just loving it! :-*
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