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« on: March 19, 2009, 07:36:12 am »
1. Follow the rules completely. The OOC is more lose than the RP forum but remember its still RP related and not for randomness.

2. Talk: The talk threads are for out of charter talking for each RP, whom will have one. Every talk will follow the same setup or it will be removed. “Talk: ‘Name of RP’”

2a. These threads can be used for chat but for RP related chat only. This is to help answer questions if you did not understand what just happened or to discuses the story and how to progress it.

3. Character Sheets: This is where each RP can store the character sheets for each RP. This will help keep the RP clean and make it easier to look up character statistics. The threads need to follow this setup or it will be removed. “Character Sheet: ‘Name of RP’”

3a. Anything other than character sheets in these forums will be deleted.

4. No back-to-back posting. If the moderator sees somebody post twice in a row.

5. No Flame Wars! Flaming will not be tolerated. I can’t stress this enough. Things like "We're Original members so we’re better/ we're new so we're better"/we're mods so we're better; stuff like that. Everyone should be held in equal standards whether an opinion is different than someone else's or not. We want to avoid fights like this as much as possible. If a post is made that looks to be a flame towards someone directly or toward a general group, the “flame” will be deleted and a pm will be sent to the person(s) who wrote it for further discussion.

6. Any threads that do not follow the rules will be removed.
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