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Dragon_Huik's Guide To Combat
« on: March 19, 2009, 06:59:42 am »
Hello all. It's time to broaden the rules a little bit to add a Guideline to Combat.

The first thing you need to do when planning a battle scene is ask yourself and others these questions:
1. Why are they Fighting?
2. Where are they fighting/ what kind of terrarian is there?
3. Who's fighting?
4. What special abilities/ knowledge would allow them to get the upper hand in battle?

Otherwise those questions, there are several rules you must follow!

First Rule of Combat! Know your enemies!

In an Rp, there are several good guys and bad guys. Know who you're fighting and why! Add emotion to the battle. Ask yourself why these two (or more) are fighting. Try to add the emotion to the battle and let people get into the mind of your char.

Second Rule of Combat! Obey the Laws of Physics to at least a moderate degree!

Unless your character has special powers to do otherwise, don't try to break them! No one can jump 100 ft. without a little help by something or another! Figure it out before you post.

The Third Rule of Combat! In situations where it is Player Vs. Player, never powerplay the opponent's character!

For all you people out there, I strongly reccommend that you discuss Most battle scenes that involve more than one Rp-er's character. This breaks down most sorts of confusion and keeps other people from getting mad and leaving the thread.

The Fourth Rule of Combat! Research the battle!

Not really something that you should do for every battle, but for some it is needed. This falls in line with the Laws of Physics Rule of Combat. There is no way a person can....let's a gun and kill a person through two steel walls. Know the limits of the battle objects and things that you are using!

The Fifth Rule of Combat! No One-Hit wonders!

A sudden death kill every now and then is understandable whne dealing with massive battles with many enemies, but when only battling one person at a time, take the notion to slow down and add more detail and substance to the battle scene.

The Sixth Rule of Combat! No one is invincible!

Everyone has their weaknesses. Whether or not you and your character would like it, everyone has weaknesses. Whether it's cheese or a pesky meteor rock, everyone has one or more. Not to mention that eventually someone is going to get hurt.

The Seventh Rule of Combat! There are limits to people and animals!

Not everyone can run forever! Some have to rest or reginerate. Stamina and ability can only take you so far.

The 8th Rule of Combat! Give someone else a chance!
When in situations where there are more than one Player-controlled Character fighting, give the opposite side a chance to retaliate! During a battle there are many blows exchanged; let the other side get their's done so you can hit them back!

The 9th Rule of Combat! Don't attack when you have no clue what you're fighting about!

Make sure you understand fully about everything in the battle scene before entering!

The 10th and final Rule of Combat! Don't tell a person the specifics of their character!

Each individual person knows what their character is capable of! Don't tell them what their character can and can't do! This breeds contempt and anger between forum goers.

This has been a presentation of "Dragon_Huik's Guide To Combat" we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.
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