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« on: March 19, 2009, 06:57:51 am »
1) Remember to follow board rules. These are there for a reason and Brion would not have set them if they were not important.

2) Try to think of a plot BEFORE you make it. Don't just have something random and hope for the best, that's the worst thing you can do.

3) Try your best to move it along and keep it alive

4) Try to make it interesting so more people can join, and don't wait until late in the RPG, because people are going to read the first few posts and decide then whether or not they're going to join.

5) No back-to-back posting. If the moderator sees somebody post twice in a row. The second Post will be deleted. Use the edit button to add second post stuff to first.

6) Don't control anyone else’s character unless they give you the permission to do so.

7) Only two characters allowed per thread, unless the rules of that thread specify otherwise.

8) No God Characters. Characters that can not be harmed, or can never die, unless the thread is a godly thread.

9) Check in to post as much as possible. The more you’re here, the faster the Game will move, the more fun and active it will be.

10) Spelling…As much as Emphasis on Spelling is unimportant and can usually be looked over; using the spell check in Microsoft Word Programs is suggested to those with the tendency to misspell their words.
>>>> a. “If you don't know how a word is spelled or aren't sure, just put it how you think it's spelled and [SP?]Afterwards so we can find it easily and help you by telling you that you spelled it correctly or the correct way to spell the word.

11) Swearing… Just don’t over do it. Really using a swear for ever other word is unnecessary and lacks quality in a post.

12) If a thread hasn’t been posted in for a month or more there will be a week’s notice through pm to the players to pick it up again or it will be closed.

13) No Flame Wars! Flaming will not be tolerated. I can’t stress this enough. Things like "We're Original members so we’re better/ we're new so we're better"/we're mods so we're better; stuff like that. Everyone should be held in equal standards whether an opinion is different than someone else's or not. We want to avoid fights like this as much as possible. If a post is made that looks to be a flame towards someone directly or toward a general group, the “flame” will be deleted and a pm will be sent to the person(s) who wrote it for further discussion.

14) Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun. Us mods are here to help you and to make things here in Flipside RP world easier for you and we hope everyone can cooperate to make this a better place.
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