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Okay, there are some confusing things going on right now, and if anyone could clarify them a wee bit, I'd appreciate it. There have been some random things happening that aren't related to the plotline in any way. Either I'm missing some pages, forgot some stuff from the beginning, or the plot is straying.


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Re: WTF?
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Not sure what you might be talking about or thinking of.  There are a lot of things that some people are doing which don't make sense since we have a lack of information to understand their motivations.

The original journey to Eschelon was for Bern to track down her father and find the other sword to match the magick one she has.  I suspect this is why she's asking Glyph how well he knows his way around the city.  She'll probably ask him to guide her or take her somewhere that she might have a chance of tracking down her father's where-abouts.

Moss and Fata Morgana primarily seemed to use Maytag and friends to assist in their escape from Danzig, but Maytag has also shown to be the most promising subject for entering "Dark Cell" whatever the hell that is, so if Moss and Fata Morgana are interested in "Dark Cell" as well, they may well keep track of Maytag in order to test her further or even encourage/force her to enter "Dark Cell".  Fata Morgana has read both Moss and Maytag's memories and is parading around in the guise of Maytag with her old Jester costume.  Its likely that Fata also read Bern's memories and might try to track her father down first since she'd know about her quest.

Kin was in a relationship with Suspira and got killed during a battle with Bloody Mary.  They reconstructed his splattered skull and performed a burrial ceremony which involved sending him sky high for whatever reason.  Supposedly Suspira is known for being a bit of a bitch around the Eschelon campus and Kin was the only friend she had.  Glyph offered a sort of olive branch but she's just refused it and stormed off.  Its been highly suggested that Suspira and Crest may have a "thing" for each other, or that she's just come to value his company in her grief.

After the last chapter, Danzig and Escher were arrested and portaled to Eschelon (the home of the Phalanx who are effectively the police/law) but we haven't seen or heard any more about them.  Maytag, Bern, Glyph and Crest all travelled the remainder of the journey to Eschelon by carriage.  Moss and Fata Morgana took the Portal to Eschelon but avoided the Phalanx and are presumably somewhere in town, plotting mischief.  Suspira took the Portal to Eschelon to get home early and waited the day or two it took the others to come by carriage.

It took three days for Maytag's arm to be regrown and attached so Bern, Crest and Suspira have probably been keeping themselves busy with assisting the Phalanx in finding the Thin Man and reading or exploring the university campus.

The Thin Man is supposedly the one responsible for creating Bloody Mary and was in charge of Danzig's opperation to capture people for him to experiment on or test them for "Dark Cell".  Moss has confirmed with his gift to see weakness that Danzig was indeed just a puppet who was unaware of that the Thin Man wasn't really giving people the option to participate in his experiments or that the reasons for his experiments are likely to be completely different to what Danzig has been told (which was that they're trying to reveal the "Truth" about the world. Whatever that supposedly is).

The Phalanx have very little idea about how to find the Thin Man, but they have the memories of Bern, Maytag and presumably Crest, Suspira and Glyph.  They also have Danzig and Escher in custody who are presumably the only ones who ever actually met the Thin Man or possibly knew more about his opperation, so if there isn't some kind of special enchantment which prevents their minds from being read or a "Nagelring" spell from forcing them to tell all, then I'd imagine the Phalanx should have a great deal of information on The Thin Man now.  Not to mention whatever clues they find in Danzig's castle/warpbox (seriously, WTF was the deal with those rubber balls?).

Beyond that, Qtalda and two other members of the Phalanx were busy chasing down Bloody Mary, who was already very close to Eschelon before they left the town she'd slaughtered.  So it wouldn't surprise me if she shows her face again either.

Note: A sorceress named "Lana" was also mentioned as someone Suspira and Kin had a threesome with.  Apparently Suspira got jealous during it and caused her hair to fall out and her skin to turn blue, so it wouldn't surprise me if we meet Lana around here either.
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Re: WTF?
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Thanks, Charles.