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Wikipedia - Flipside on my userpage
« on: March 24, 2010, 01:04:42 am »
Just as a reminder: There is a copy of the article about flipside lying in my userspace since 2007. Back then there were many heated voices, that it got deleted, and I got an admin to undelete it and move it to my userspace, so it could be improved  to the point of showing, why flipside is an important piece of internet history.

I can think of many points which make it notable, but I won’t go working on it alone. If you care about having flipside in wikipedia, you can go to its page and make it beautiful, well written, founded and fully referenced.


This is about the standard for the wikisite to reach, though the references are likely to be different (since Flipside is less about technology and more about society, psychology and similar):

If it gets up to the standard, I can ask the admin to include it again.

If you want to work on it, it might be worthwhile to discuss structure and important topics in here, while you work on the article - or use the article talk page for that, once enough people are there.