Author Topic: Art that is meant to express, inspire, explore, or appeal to...ANGER  (Read 2870 times)


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Something that has been on my mind lately. Outside of death metal music, anger seems to be a rare subject in the arts. I can think of dozens or hundreds of songs, and to a lesser degree books or films, that explore all sorts of aspects of human emotion...I mean love and lust songs are a dime a dozen...there's songs about angst and sadness...tragedies meant to show the exquisite and paradoxical beauty of sorrow and suffering...or just meant to explore and offer a sense of empathy to our suffering...on the flipside we have comedies that aim to inspire joy and laughter, and in a broader sense show us that life can be good or at least paint us a dream-like picture of a world we might like...likewise stories or songs to uplift and inspire hope against the tragedies. There's a whole segment devoted to horror and inspiring fear, which is especially popular in some sectors. But there's one basic emotion I don't find a lot of, and that's anger.

I can't find many good songs or works of art that express the idea of "anger" in a truly poetic way. There's tons of "fml i hate you all" emo songs, and there's generic angry metal that's all "blood crush rar" and that's all well and good, but I'd like something more eloquent and philosophical, introspective about it, so to speak.

Maybe it's just a rare worldview, in the arts in particular. I suppose it's because out of everything, anger is such an unpopular emotion that we like to avoid at all costs...possibly because it tends to lead to violence, but I can't deny the sense that anger and hate seem to be such taboo emotions in our society for being portrayed in a positive or acceptable light.

Thoughts? Examples of what I'm looking for?


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Re: Art that is meant to express, inspire, explore, or appeal to...ANGER
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2010, 09:13:41 am »
Metlallica's All Nightmare long fits this category I think :)