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Rules and Guidelines for "Pop Culture"
« on: March 16, 2009, 01:27:52 pm »
Welcome to the Flipside Forums! These are the rules, make sure to read these before posting. They are subject to change, and new rules may be added when necessary.

General Forum Rules

I. Read the Rules For Each Sub-Forum Specifically Before Posting
Each sub-forum has it's own posted rules, and these may differ depending on the sub forum. Make sure to read the rules to a specific sub-forum before you post there. If a specific section has a rule which contradicts one of the general forum rules, then follow the specific rule for that section.

II. Treat Others With Respect
Make your best effort to get along and treat others respectfully. Don't cause trouble.

III. Contribute Constructively To Threads
When you contribute to a thread, try to stay on-topic. Be careful not to take threads on tangents that might cause the thread to be derailed. Try to make sure your post contributes something, it is not acceptable to spam threads simply to pad your post count.

IV. Be Careful Posting Offensive Images
Do not directly post images that might be seen as offensive, such as nudity.  However, it is okay to link to them, as long as you specifically describe the offensive content of your image.

General Forum Guidelines

I. Create Appropriate Threads
Try to create threads in the appropriate section.

II. Forum Language
Please make an effort to keep your posts legible and coherent. Do not overuse "internet speak" or shorthand like "how r u". Swearing is okay, as long as it is not excessive. Some sections of the forum are more leniant about these guidelines than others.

III. How Do I Get An Avatar?
Just click on User CP, Edit Avatar, and upload it from your computer. Images can be as large as 100x100.

IV. How Do I Switch The Forum's Appearance?
There are several templates you can use, on the bottom left corner of the page. The newest one is "Flipside 2.0"

V. Use the Report Button
There is a "Report Bad Post" button on the top right corner of each post. If you feel that a person is breaking the rules, please hit the report button and type a short description of the problem. Please also use this to report spam.

VI. Send Me A PM
If something is bothering you about the forums, or a particular member is rubbing you the wrong way, send me a PM directly and I will be happy to assist you.


Specific Rules for "Pop Culture"

I. Civility
You are expected to be respectful here, just like all the other forums, but joking around is okay as long as it is not too mean spirited.

II. Lax Language Rules
Swearing is fine, as long as it is not over-the-top.  Also, we aren't as picky here about your language, so you can do things like use "internet speak."

Specific Guidelines for "Pop Culture"

I. What is An Appropriate Topic To Start A Thread About?
Anything about anime, video games, movies, books, comics, TV, or anything else pop culture related.
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