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Re: CrossRaced
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With one last growl at the feathered long-neck Falcon turned her attention to the man as he spoke to her.

Lifting her head she sniffed the air for a moment then moved off into the darkness.


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Re: CrossRaced
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After a short while of walking through the woods, Ruby judged them to be at a safe enough distance and got herself into the air. It was hard to see the group in the woods from up in the air, but she was able to follow them. She felt a lot safer away from the predator, and the fact that she didn't have to rely on Drogaen made her feel less useless even if she was still a swan.
It would be easier for their enemies to spot her or shoot her down, but they hadn't seen her and would probably think her to be a normal bird if the saw her, so she watched the surrounding area for dangers. She couldn't spot anyone following them. Good.

After a few hours the forest came to an end and flat grassy fields with a few trees and a few hills stretched out ahead. They had moved diagonally away from the crevice and from the road, so they were away from any main throughfare. A small pool of freshwater lay just ahead. Ruby circled downwards and flapped her fings softly untill she touched the moonlit surface.
The group was just arriving at the edge.

She glided a long for a while, relaxing. Finally some peace and quiet from the running.
It is a beautiful night, isn't it, she thought, looking up at the cursed moon.
She spent a while washing her feathers and dipping her head under the cool surface, before she glided towards the shore to see what the others were up to.

(OOC - I was thinking we'd talk, get to know and decide wtf we should do from here on. Hope I get a couple of people to get back to this.)
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