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Random Reviews
« on: October 30, 2009, 11:51:35 pm »
Just a thread if your feel like reviewing/bashing something, be it a new game, a book, some kind of article, an appliance, it doesn't really matter. Just a few obvious things I'd like to point out:
- Have some kind of actual review. While I'm sure we aren't expecting anything long and groundbreaking just avoid 1 liner yay or nay things, there are other places you can put that.
- Put all spoilers in very small text such as this so that those who don't want to see them don't have to.
- While it isn't necessary that you finish what you're reviewing *such as a book or game or something to that extent* at least have solid grasp on what's happening, for example my review of the game Borderlands, I'm a little over halfway through the game * probably more * but the game hasn't and won't really change game play wise. So I'm comfortable doing a solid review of it.
- Try not to do the review when emotional, your mood will generally skew what you're trying to say.
- And most obvious of all, State what you're reviewing, I probably wouldn't have put this if I hadn't forgotten myself just now >.>
Again all obvious things, but it's something to be reminded of.


Before I get into all of the details and guts of this post, Borderlands is a great game, if you were on the fence about getting it, or you were just thinking about it, Do it. The game is great and is absolutely worth getting, it's extremely well rounded, it has a solid level up system with a strong first person element.

The Classes:
There are 4 separate classes each with 1 unique usable ability, 3 trees worth of passive skills, and 50 levels. Each class is very customizable, The 3 different trees being plenty diverse, but at the same they all complement each, usually through the 1 usable skill.
Each class can use any of the types of weapons, so it's not restricting in that sense, while some classes have bonuses to certain weapons it doesn't make a huge difference. It's very nice in Co-op because you won't be fighting over weapons.
All 4 of the classes work very well in co-op and solo, though some are obviously better in solo play, and others better for team support.

Solo vs. Co-op
- The core game play in solo is relatively easy you'll hardly die unless you're completely reckless, while the boss fights are can be particularly challenging, dying more than once isn't uncommon, because unless you grind, the boss will usually be a level or two above you, decreasing the damage you do quite a bit.
In Co-op the core game play is much harder, enemies your level will kill you fairly often if you're close to the enemies. And if you get separated from your member(s) things can get very hard to cope. It's not a problem though because you can revive your team mates as long as you're nearby. While the boss fights are never harder than moderate, the 2nd boss of the game was beaten literally in under 10 seconds * with 3 people * we all used our action skills and he dropped like a rock.
-Item drops are not a problem in either solo or co-op play, item drops are greatly increased depending on how many people are playing, and money seems to be split between everybody evenly. *Note: money picked up, not money from things you sell.*
- Experience in co-op is Not a problem, you get Slightly more experience and the achievements you get that give you exp won't make a difference after a few levels.
- You can get gear called class mods, they can have bonuses to the Entire Team, which is a really nice thing, I've seen them vary from Damage, to heath or shield regen, to experience bonuses.

Misc Pros:
- SKILL RESET, for a menial fee you can reset your skills. This is great for later on if you want to switch up your play style, or just want to check out the other skills in action.
- Fast Travel to certain areas it extremely nice when you have go back two large zones for a quest.
- You only need the disk to start the game up, and there are no CD-keys, so with one disk you can lan play.

Misc Cons:
- The game is fairly linear and the story line is minimal
- Sometimes the quests don't activate properly, the quest markers can be in the wrong spot, and can tend to pile up quickly. *though that last bit isn't a problem just annoying*
- You get your first skill point at level 5, again it's more annoying than problematic.
- For a good amount of time you have only 12 item spaces, you find a lot of weapons and shields, expect to make runs back to town to sell things

- How much damage you deal is heavily based on your level and enemy who is 2 levels above you take noticably less damage, 3 very little, 4 or more levels are pretty much minimal even on a critical. That is good though because you can use only a moderate weapon and still get by without many problems.

and that's all I can think of right now...

If you want to see the skill trees for the classes you can go to the official site  * Here * and click on fortune hunters
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