Author Topic: What scares you? THE FEAR THREAD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!  (Read 12932 times)


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« Reply #30 on: October 12, 2009, 12:25:25 pm »
I Squished one yesterday cause it freaked me out when it flew into my window X~X;

I absolutely love horror movies, but I am afraid of a lot of things:

I want to see a ghost.
the advertising campaign for the movie pulse was too invasive and scary it makes me uncomfortable, and it has been taken down. it was a cool site, but it scared the shit out of me. youtube 666 scared me as well.

I want to see a ghost recording
youtube 666


sea plants:
i became really phobic of seaplants even seaweed, and i think it is due to how much animal planet i used to watch where they would explain how deadly reef, and certain sea plants could be. to this day going in the ocean freaks me out a little.

not all mostly arachnids. Even though there is a long list of bugs that creep me out. i know I could never live in australia, I am too afraid of seeing big spiders >.<

Regular stuff.

I know i am afraid of something when I get this terrible taste in my mouth. i feel uncomfortable, then my heart clenches up feeling like i have been stabbed, followed by a taste of acidic quality, that makes me sick to my stomach it is the worse taste and feeling I can ever imagine.

I get this feeling in hospitals, and nursing homes. i feel very scared when i am in nursing homes, and or seeing a person wired up in a hospital.

when I make someone uncomfortable and they ignore me I. it has happened twice so far, and it happens when i am interested in someone and I ask them out, and that person says no, which i am fine with but the next time I see that person they hide or turn away trying not to look at me. it makes me feel terrible for causing them to feel uncomfortable. and i am afraid of people doing that.

not feeling. it is something i cant understand and it scares me not to be able to feel or think. like being paralyzed scares me.

anything to do with touching or damaging the eyes, the feeling causes me to cringe, and being blind freaks me out.
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« Reply #31 on: October 15, 2009, 04:26:42 am »
cockroaches.  :(

I just type that word and I shiver.
Yucky Yucky Yucky!  :(
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