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Salutations and Congratulations!
« on: May 31, 2009, 11:34:36 pm »
Normally, I don't bother with comic forums.  I find they involve being more invested in the material than I usually am...what with me being such a wide webcomic reader, (and by wide, I mean wide...we're talking hundreds at this point). 


In the rare case a comic both captures me and envelopes me in its characters, I feel obligated to let them know.  This is such a case.  The writing here is absolutely top notch, so top notch, in fact, that it managed to sell me on a story that I was positive I would hate.  Not just sell  STEAL me, and do so in a way that only the most amazing authors have ever done.  Seriously, good job.  I can't express it well enough in words how amazingly good the story has been so far.

The artist probably needs a raise too.  I'm pretty sure there are some manga guys out there that are preparing to kill you and steal your power in the ways of artsy ownage.  Incredibly, though it borrows heavily from that particular vein (manga) I found that I quickly forgot about it being such, and began to even regard it on its own merit, removing it far from its roots.  Even more magical is the fact that I somehow managed to see color in it at all times, and only remembered that it was black/white upon visiting the site for the first time each day.  I'm not really sure why that happened, and until I hear science explain why...I'm going to accuse you all of being witches that hexed my brains.

I'm also not sure which I would find more awesome IN that situation.  Perhaps Rocket Scientists that are also Witches.  Rocket Witches.  Yeah.  Awesome.

I've ranted long enough to fill a room full of ego's.  Suffice it to say, I've enjoyed my time here and intend to follow it for as long as you and yours wish to keep bringing it out.  Thank you for it, and here's to hoping you don't suddenly lose both arms and legs and develop amnesia.