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L0g0s General art crap
« on: July 09, 2011, 06:19:58 pm »
Well, I don't have as much time for art as I used to, but I felt like doing something, so I did some sketches of Bernadette and May.  Then decided I didn't like them, so you don't get to see those.  :P

But, then I did some inks and colours on an Ed Benes sketch for practice, and I don't mind posting those, so you get that instead.

Clean version

And because even superheros should look rough when they come out of a fight with a super villain.

And just for kicks, I'll throw in some older bits and pieces.
More lines, this time from Chris Foreman and a project that never got off the ground for me.

Something I sketched up with an airbrush on a piece of cardboard.

And something really old that I somehow still like, even though it looks so... so...  I dunnoh, amateurish? But I AM an amateur, so what does that even mean?  Who cares.