Author Topic: CAST: A GREAT TREASURE AWAITS  (Read 9339 times)


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« on: April 02, 2009, 01:34:09 am »
Profile skeletons:

Appearance: -I want good descriptions or links to pics-
Short Bio:
Favorite Weapon to use:


Name:Aretha Smothle(Air*eth* uh Smoth* el) but mostly known as "Kid"/"Mouse"
Age: 14
Appearance:( at the start) her clothes ragged and tattered she wears scuffed up boys clothing, pants ripped practically to her knees and too big for her, A black belt with a silver buckle to hold them on, a pouch full of marbles hangs to the left side, a sling shot in her back pocket no shoes. She has long, mousey brown hair she wears in pigtails usually. She wears a big hat she found to hide her hair. She's skinny, short, and lanky and beneath the dirt she is fair of skin with a few freckles on her cheeks. She has the greenest eyes of the purest green of nature.

Status: Stow away/thief
Ship: looking to make due with whatever she's floating on.
Personality: spunky and cautious, a sadness is in her eyes behind the fire that burns there. Has a lot of guts for a small girl.
Short Bio: She's been living among thieves and bad un's as long as she can remember. She might be more well off if her mother hadn't died when she was 8 yrs old. Her father, good for nuthin drunk that he was, had abandoned them both when she was born. Boys seemed to keep alive longer in these times so she figured if she looked like one she'd last longer. She ended up having to steal to eat and became rather good at it. She picked up a sling shot like a pro when she'd been four. A boy she had been friends with taught her to use it well. No one could outshoot her in slingshooting marbles for miles around. If only the friend hadn't had to move away she might have gotten past the hard times. But he had gone before the incident with her mother occurred.
she uses her size and wits against her opponents in a fight. And she's been in her fair few to get away from those she'd stole from or swindled.
Favorite Weapon to use: Slingshot and marbles, though she carries a small knife for close combat.
Other: Pursues her mother's killer when she's isn't being pursued herself. her only clue is a Pirate Symbol that had been burned into her mothers skin.
Just loving it! :-*
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« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2009, 01:55:20 am »
Name: Hennet
Age: looks to be in his late teen maybe his early twenties.
Appearance: (begining):5' 5" slim build, Forest Green eyes, Wears a black silk suit, with a mask that comes up to his nose.
Status: Captain
Ship: Longbow
Personality: Quiet and withdrawn Hennet doesn't give much trust in people nor does he ever share much about his past. Not often at least. Most of the time calm and calculating, but can be set off by certain things, making him rash and impulsive.
Short Bio:Banished from his home when he was only 13 due his twin own brother's evil intentions Hennet ran into an old man that had been an inventor, and took Hennet in and taught him the ways of a tinkerer and inventor. Not long after leaving on his own did he run into some rather odd groups of people, but he never stayed anywhere for very long, seeking revenge on his brother and always pushed along by the demon Nihil Hennet finds himself alone more so then not. As such has become a very proficient thief, using what he'd learned from the old man along with what hes picked up.
Favorite Weapon to use: (Now) Knives, his own claws, and his flute.
Other: Is now a half cat demon.

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« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2009, 05:09:18 am »
Name:Jones "Blackpowder" McGee
Age: About 25, he's not too sure himself.
Appearance: Male. Wears a leather aviators cap as well as aviator goggles. His face is always smeared with some form of black charcoal-like substance. Missing one of his front teeth. Average height. A little on the scrawny side, but strong for his build. Wears a belt with all manner of tools and gadgets attached to it as well as a brace of flintlock pistols.
Status: Master Gunner
Ship: (for hire)
Personality: Naturally curious, intelligent, easily excited. Good natured and always ready for an adventure. Hard to anger, but if he is, boy does he go off!
Short Bio: As far back as he could remember, he's been around docks. He never knew his parents and had to make a living on the streets. At the age of seven, he was taken aboard a pirate ship and learnt the tricks of the trade. He managed to achieve the position of 'gunner' after some time. It was there that he fell in love with all things technological and blackpowder. He was promoted to 'master gunner' after he excelled his shipmates with all things explody. His tendancies to try and optimise and improve the ships machinery often lead to unexpected results. His latest 'experiment' resulted in a catastrophic explosion, shattering the hull of the ship he was aboard at the time and subsequently sinking it. Needless to say, the captain of said ship felt it was time for him to move on.
Favorite Weapon to use: A rudementary, unsafe, fully customised, crank operated, miniaturised gatling gun. (like the ones back in the 1800's, you know, the kind that shoots lead everywhere except where it's supposed to go?)
Other: Highly accident prone.


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« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2009, 05:17:30 am »
Name: Mai
Age: 20s but she has never bothered to count the years.
Appearance: Short, asian in appearence. She has black hair that is cut short (no more than an inch in length). dark eyes. Due to malnutrition when she was growing up she has never really developed and as a result looks like a child, something which annoys her. She wears tight black trousers and tight sleeveless top that does not cover much below her chest. Only very occasionally wears boots.
Status: Crew-member,
Ship: Bloody Rose
Personality: A little short on temper and trust, fiercly loyal to Kairi. selfish. Has some "odd" habits from her life on the street. Wont take orders from anyone, nor will she give them, however if Kairi asks her to do something she usually does it. Not afraid to speak her mind. Has a code of honor which is is very prickly about even the slightest percieved insult to.
Short Bio: Mai doesnt talk about her past much, as far as anyone knows she grew up on the streets and has spent most of her life looking after herself and another girl, although she refuses to say what happened to the other girl.
Favorite Weapon to use: knives, a vast number of which she carries on her person.
Other: cant read or write.


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« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2009, 08:24:32 am »
Name: Ekri (Full name is unknown)
Age: 19

By the way, she doese not have wings, and she wears a white blouse, and pants of somekind of light black fabric.
Status: Crew member
Ship: Bloody Rose
Personality: A little rude, seems a tend slow, quite strong, doesn't fit in on a ship.
Short Bio: Ekri was taken in on a ship when she was very young. She grew up there and later went out on her own and got different jobs on different ships. She never got to know much about her past, and wishes to uncover it.
Favorite Weapon to use: Her big battle hammer.
Other: She tends to get kicked off ships.


Name: Sarah McJay
Age: 20


A short girl, looking far younger then she is. But she has a grownup look in her eyes, and she is well formed, like a woman. The pinky on her right hand is missing.

Status: Crew member / temporary "guest"
Ship: Bloody Rose

Personality: Sarah is very childish, and very sure of herself. She tends to believe that she is the best, and likes to do big stuff without making plans or tactics.
Other from that, she is a nice person, with almost no temper at all.

Short Bio: Unknown. Sarah don't remember much of her past.

Favorite Weapon to use: Her sabre and her revolver.
Other: She seems like she is living in a fairytale, not caring if she should live or die.
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« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2009, 11:45:32 am »
Name: James “one eye” Mason. Nick name comes from left eye being partly closed while the right is normal comes from looking down the telescope sight of his Lee Enfield with his right eye. When in the Royal Marines got called “Guns” or “Gunny” due to his rank.
Age: late 40’s
Appearance: sea beaten face Permanent ingrained powder burns on his right cheek faded red coat and bleached white trousers of His Majesty’s Royal Marines wears a black beret with the number 45 scuffed black boots and gaiters. Height: 5 foot 6 inches short graying hair and deep voiced.
Status: Pensioned off Royal Marine sharp shooter instructor turned Bounty Hunter.
Ship: None but has served on most of the Caribbean Fleet of the Royal Navy.
Personality: Grizzly old Royal Marine with a dark sense of humour always manages to find a flagon of rum from some where.
Short Bio: ex-Gunnery Sergeant Major/Master At Arms (MAA) of His Majesty’s Royal Marines enlisted at the age of 16 in the Edinburgh port of Leith. Has been involved in many actions and has served aboard most of the Caribbean fleet of the Royal Navy. Was re-deployed as a sharp shooter instructor at Saint Kitts after being severely wounded during an encounter with French pirates in which his ship got badly holed under the water line and sunk. Ten Marines, the second officer and 15 crew survived rest went down with the ship or got eaten by sharks.  Got pensioned off when the Royal Marines got disbanded turned his skills to bounty hunting for the King, East India Company, who ever pays the highest or pays in Rum.
Favorite Weapon to use: Flintlock Lee Enfield rifle with removable telescope sight for long range shots. Also carries a Marmaduke sword, Bayonet and a flint lock pistol also pretty good with his fists from bar brawls.
Other: Has never ending supply of sea stories of engagements with the French, Spanish and pirates.
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« Reply #6 on: July 13, 2009, 08:15:39 pm »

Name: Kate "Wobbles" Pearson
Age: 26
Appearance: Young girl with messy hair, brown eyes and short stature but strong build.
Status: Drunken Sailer lass.
Ship: Whatever she wakes up in
Personality: Giggly drunken girl who's wits are not all there. Prone to rapid mood swings.
Short Bio: Born to a whore in a sea port, she scampered aboard a merchant ship at the age of 6 and was at sea before she knew it. The crew discovered her and put her to work for the trouble.  She loved the sea life... and the rum.  Upon coming ashore she continued to stowe aboard other vessels at each port, eventually ending up on a pirate ship at the age of 10.  Her seaworthy skills from 4 years on merchant ships saved her life as she became a useful crew member and the captain insisted on keeping her aboard for the labor rather than kicking her off at the next port.  The crew and captain taught her weaponry as well and eventually she was joining them in the tavern brawls and giving her own with a chain she used to tangle up the larger men's legs and bring them crashing down.  After 6 years with the crew the ship eventually met it's match from the navy and was blown appart close to port, capturing what survivors it could, watching as others died in the turmoil but missing "Wobbly" as she swam for the shore.  There, she begun her usual heavy drinking and ended up waking aboard one pirate ship after another, but always spared because of her reputation and experience.  She took part in a raid for the first time at the age of 19 and has been an assett to every pirate crew she's sailed with ever since... But a burden on their rum supply.
Favorite Weapon to use: Iron chain, 2m in length.
Other: Dagger, flint lock pistol and Rum.
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« Reply #7 on: July 17, 2009, 12:22:59 am »
Name: Jealousy Quinn
Age: 25

Ship:Whichever one has the least damage, most cannons, and is furthest away from the enemy.
Personality:The consummate survivalist (read: coward), Quinn is willing to do just about anything to avoid horrible, grisly death. Despite her desires, however, she has the most dire luck in the world, finding herself in tight situations just about every other minute. A hedonist, she loves good food, good drink, and drink music. Her voracious gluttony is balanced by the fact that she's running for her life almost every moment she isn't stuffing her face.
Short Bio:A typical gutter child, Quinn's mother died in childbirth and her father soon abandoned her (trying to escape sentencing for desertion), but not before instilling in her a deep fear of danger. From the age of eight she decided she would do whatever it took to avoid getting raped, killed, or sold into slavery, and he's been completely successful the past 17 years, with no signs of failing yet. Of course, her life just gets more and more complicated, so who's to say?
Favorite Weapon to use: Cannons. Failing that, flintlock pistol. Failing that, straight sword. Failing that, dagger. Failing that...what am I doing in combat anyway!?
Other:A jill-of-all-trades, Quinn's managed to pick up a variety of skills useful simply for getting by in the face of dangerous situations, wilderness skills, medical training (such as it was, back then), cooking, tailoring, and the ability to do most odd jobs on a ship. She's an extremely skilled fighter, despite little formal training, her style makes heavy use of improvised weapons and her surroundings. She's traveled far and wide, gained a considerable breadth of education, and speaks several languages (including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese). She is also an extremely fast runner and an even faster talker.