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Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on November 20, 2017, 05:36:55 pm »
I'll say it again. There is something not right about these three.

Individually, these seem like separate actions. But all of these served to string Regina and Crest along, to get them to join up in this "investigation." It feels more like a Body Snatcher plot to me. Like at some point, they get their fangs in (so to speak) and try to change them into their way of thinking. 
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by Kiran on November 20, 2017, 10:25:02 am »
It kinda makes me wonder why people are thinking that of what we are seeing in recent pages to be some mind/behaviour manipulation?

Moby is really into Crest and as we saw already she doesn't take no for an answer plus she can't really live it in that someone can reject her after she would go with her full attack mode. She isn't really acting OOC if what Vennice are saying about them to be true. Poor girl simply doesn't know what to do with her feelings and this is the only sad way she can express herself.

And maybe who knows, Crest will get raped and he will lose his pesky virginity once and for all ;)
It would be a really rare thing to see a male character dealing with rape issue from being forced into sex by a woman.
In previous chapters we saw Polly getting turned into sex slave for Bern sake, Bern and Polly making out to some guy watching pleasure, we saw May getting abused to reach the truth in really horrible way, so maybe it's Crest time to finally get as much sexual, humilitation or abusing attention other MCs get in the comic too for once?

Also seeing what Glyph is doing he really took a liking to Regina, and as we saw Regina took a liking to him too, so maybe it might be mutual and just natural to happen in such stressfull environment they are now.

The only way I could take it as something unnatural/mind control is if Vennice would suddenly go for Buzz, since both of them of what we saw so far weren't really interested in things like that and that would be OOC.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by MaronaPossessed on November 20, 2017, 08:00:41 am »
Now I instantly hate that girl.
Flipside Discussion / Re: The Criticism Thread
« Last post by SirBananaPie on November 20, 2017, 12:13:47 am »
Also current page
"reahed out"
"out friendship"
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by weirdguy on November 19, 2017, 09:47:13 pm »
oh no, they've caught the naked disease
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by sunphoenix on November 19, 2017, 09:19:06 am »
Sorry... but I'm still not buying that Suspiria is mad, or delusional.. I think she is quite certain and quite correct... but she might have been misled as to whom Qtalda really is and WHY her parents were killed, replaced, duplicated, or just plan mind-screwed as everyone else I'm thinking.. 

Clearly, Melter, was thought to be a minion of Lem... but who is REALLY pulling Lem's strings?
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on November 17, 2017, 08:34:02 pm »
Yeah, they're giving the Phalanx a bad name. Or, if they were just hypnotized to act this way, they merely look weak. So, pretty much anyone besides Q'talda and that elderly guy who was able to resist Suspiria's hypnotism (but still died afair) reminds me of this:

Maybe it's because the Phalanx had to be replaced almost entirely, so now there's a bunch of Noobs in power.

Are we in fact sure that Suspiria has hypnotism? Crest believes this, but Crest is also getting fooled by this weirdness. For that matter...
This question remains. Not only is Suspiria in a position that her revenge couldn't be justified even with a confession, but it basically shows her as more confused than her allies.
And this. Only thing that makes sense, Suspiria wasn't hypnotizing anyone, because she was controlled too.

Another thought.
Using scams and accomplices. I don't believe Mr. Smoker Guy is a bad, I think he's a dupe too. However...
  • Who led the party to that weird inn? (Glyph)
  • Who led them to the town of Convergence? (Vennice) Who asked for this info? (Glyph again)
  • Who verified the story of the parents when Mr. Smoker Guy believed he saw them for years? (Glyph, Vennice, Moby)
  • Who tried to seduce him?(Moby) And Regina? (Glyph)

We currently don't know what is in fact going on, but it seems like they aren't as innocent as they appear.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by SirBananaPie on November 17, 2017, 07:01:16 am »
If you refer to sexual abuse in reality, then sadly the problem is way bigger than what happened recently, because it has happened throughout our entire history. What is happening nowadays is that more and more of that horrible stuff comes to light, because more and more people actually care about it. Also thanks to the internet, victims can make themselves heard a lot louder (see #metoo).
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by SAGG on November 17, 2017, 03:37:02 am »
Okay, this is beyond creepy. Yet it's quite timely given what's going on with what some men are doing these days to some women, don't you all think? 😞
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