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Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on August 20, 2019, 04:35:29 pm »
I feel like Brion is writing some sort of very heavy allegory where this couple represents something or other.  But every time I try to puzzle out what Bern, May, and Polly is supposed to represent, I wind up with a headache instead. 

My best theory?
- May represents love of self. She a kind of grey character, down to her costume choices. Similar to Gaara in Naruto, she's not totally suited for company. But Bern has decided to love her anyway.
- Bern represents virtue, which is why she's frequently super-moral, and her willingness to sacrifice and put herself second often gets her into  trouble.
-And Polly represents vice.  This is not to say that she's wrong for Bern.  She's actually an okay person. But she's kinda like that person you meet who has been abused in the past and has traces of toxic behavior. You sorta see this in the Arena where she is willing to torture people, and can't understand Bern being unable to do so.

Update: Omg, is that ever true. About not being able to say what you wanted to say.
My best friend and/or crush has been talking for years about buying a house and moving to the big city.  Having made numerous trips over the years - South Africa (including both safari areas and cities like Cape Town), UK, Ireland, China, and much of the mainland US - I can honestly say that I'm pretty well disgusted with travel. So basically it feels like a slap in the face to everyone who cares about her when she basically decides that her family is cramping her style (more about this later), and yes there is a creepy guy in town that probably needs locking up as a sex offender.  This totally justifies moving to the city when people like me and her were able to make poverty wages, and she might wind up without any friends and stranded. With just an apartment, I had issues with bad housing. With a real house, if things go south, you have to sell it. Nevertheless, I like her alot, and I wanna try to be supportive, even though I am really worried about the success of this. And also really worried that she's gonna save for years on it (as a librarian, she has part-time hours), putting aside happiness she could have made for herself actually trying to go out and enjoy what thw town has to offer.
She does have a great deal of stress, to be clear, since her sister has two children but is one of these deadbeat moms that either has an even worse deadbeat husband who doesn't earn enough so she works full-time, or maybe she thinks it's responsible to be a full-timer when you let your sister be your nanny. And the house is crowded and noisy, and she's all thinking that they never treat her right, but I have never seen her stand up for herself. So what, she hates living with her folks which is rent-free, so she's gonna pay property tax in the city, plus utility, plus food, plus likely to commute everywhere even to meet friends. Yes, some ppl do live in the city just fine, but if you can manage with your family, you can manage without. If you can't, problems will probably recur.  If you at least live nearby, ppl can help out! Sigh...
Honestly, I do not think she'll afford most houses, but still the idea of her moving away is very sad, because she is one of the first ppl who actually made me really feel like I belonged here, and there's not much to replace her.
Today, I decided to help her look at one of those catalogues, and I think I got kinda too nosy. Even wanting to help her and stuff, not so much.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by sunphoenix on August 19, 2019, 05:53:55 am »
Not to put too fine a point on this.. Maytag does have principles ~ they are just different from Bern.  When Bern said she had an issue with Maytag having lovers outside their relationship... May promised to not do that... she gave her word she would be faithful to Bern.  You can say many things about Maytag... but she has NEVER broken her given word.  She does have principles... but they are different.. not lesser than Bern's own moral compass.

Cell 1# - Awe!  Bern must have ravished her thoroughly last night ...Maytag's still knackered!  :-*
Flipside Discussion / Re: Mistake Thread
« Last post by Brion Foulke on August 15, 2019, 11:07:32 am »
Page 35 (currently newest) there are two blank bubbles from Bern.

It's possible this is still unfinished?

It was fixed.  Try refreshing.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Mistake Thread
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on August 14, 2019, 11:46:31 am »
Page 35 (currently newest) there are two blank bubbles from Bern.

It's possible this is still unfinished?
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on August 09, 2019, 01:48:10 pm »
Yeahhhhh... it's possible that May may not be the angel of light Bern idealizes her as, and there may be toxic elements to their relationship.

I'm gonna bring up this link because idealizing love is an actual problem.

What a relationship needs to work is actual work. If May is willing to do that, sure that's fine. But there is a chance things will crash and burn in the future.

Recall though that in fact one of these partners is an extremely principled person. The other one is not a a hypocrite inasmuch as she didn't claim Bern couldn't have an open relationship, Bern just decided not to take her up on it.  Which is kinda the point. Yes, it seems like "but May is the only one in the wrong here," but the fact of the matter is Bern's moral rigidity is an actual issue for those around her.  May don't really care about faithfulness, yes. But Bern has such issues with faithfulness that she can't forgive it easily, whereas May can.

The point made is both of these are issues.

I don't predict Bern becoming a polygamist. But I do predict her learning to forgive May more for her indiscretions. 
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by Kiran on August 08, 2019, 10:42:55 am »
I didn't post in long time, but seriously I have to agree that this whole conversation looks like some badly written joke compared to what we know happened to Polly and could happen to Bern. Polly even died and was ressurrected in that event. And now suddenly of course poor Bern tries to make these awful mental gymnastics and has to agree with our dear "always right" Maytag viewpoint?

Bern didn't cheat cause she wanted to do it in that moment, she cheated cause she was forced to do so to save Polly from being sex slave to monsters in human bodies and to get out from that awful place. And if we compare that to literal years of Maytag cheating on Bern with whoever caught her fancy while going out from time to time, it's laughable Bern has so much problem with this.

Yes Bern basically forced the monogamy on Maytage here and Maytag ageed, Bern cheated first, but having such thoughts now from cheating on poor May in the situation Bern and innocent bystander Polly were in, are just completely unfair. And I bet May would be the first one who would completely understand it. We know May was cheating for trill and pleasure cause that is who she is in her own image, Bern did it to save their lives.

I just hope this whole "plot" won't be used to turn Bern to become someone else like May like May always dreamed about, to get a partner with who she could fuck everyone she wanted just because. She now discovered she is in love with 2 people and want to have sex with both of them, but as we know Polly was Bern original first love where the feelings between two never actually disappeared, it's not really the same as fucking strangers like May did. I honestly don't know what I would do myself if my crush from highschool I loved so much but we had to cut ties since she gone abroad would suddenly turn to my door and would tell me she's still in love with me, I'm serious monogamist, even if I have loving gf currently? Threesome rather would not be an option sicne my gf is completely straight, so secret cheating? Ugh...

It would be interesting if Bern would present all these facts to May and to be honest about it, Bern should not really feel here like a dirty cheater on fault and kill herself inside over the issue. We all know May would understand it. Question remains is if Polly wants to have relation with May or just with Bern while not with May if there could be such option opening up now, maytag for sure would ot have problems with fucking both Bern and Polly, it would be actually funny if May dreamed threesome situation where Bern would be willing to go in cause she loves them both, would not happen cause 3rd party would not be interested in May :P
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by SirBananaPie on August 08, 2019, 06:25:04 am »
So, are they ever going to mention that the sex happened to save Polly from getting raped 19 more times?
And that Polly got into this situation to save Bern from getting raped 1 time?

Because I kinda can't really take this whole conversation seriously, given that background. Not simply saying it is SUCH an Anime-ish thing to do and it was vexing every single time it happened, no matter which series.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on August 08, 2019, 05:03:48 am »
Because Polly is there, and she's basically explaining to Polly what May is like. What's more interesting to me is that they didn't mention this before, but I guess Bern didn't know Polly was condering leaving before.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by SAGG on August 07, 2019, 08:25:28 pm »
It's interesting that Bern is having this conversation, but not with Maytag. Why is that? 🤔
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« Last post by sunphoenix on July 26, 2019, 05:02:43 am »
OH! Now I get it! Maytag read the lie in Polly's words... the other day... hence 'The Look' she gave her in that one panel.. she read her and insisted she stay ~ at least one night.  There were 'words' still unspoken between her and Bernadette.
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