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Free Talk / I'M A PARENT
« on: January 21, 2011, 06:50:31 am »

Flipsiders, i.e. those I call friend, please meet a little one I have affectionately nicknamed



Pop Culture / Remix Competition - 'Love Of Reign' or 'Candylane'
« on: October 14, 2010, 08:10:07 pm »
Quote from: 'brion'
10/14/10 Hey, can you guys do me a favor? My cousin is involved in some sort of online music contest, and he needs votes. If he gets in the top 10 he might be considered for a record deal. If you go to this link: you can click on vote to vote for him. (It's right above the sound bar thing towards the bottom middle.) I'd appreciate it!

Done.  I also "liked" it in facebook and twittered it.  Have you "liked it in the Flipside facebook page?  Probably a heap of extra people there who can help as well.

Free Talk / CHUCKY IN THE U.S.A.
« on: September 05, 2010, 06:33:10 pm »
Why not have my own thread?

Pop Culture / Exercise, Sports and Martial Arts
« on: January 07, 2010, 06:30:46 pm »
Use this thread to discuss the various physical activities available out there for being fit and in shape or just plane awesome.

This started when I mentioned that I was thinking of getting back into martial arts after being out of it for so long.  I asked for people's opinions so lets start with that but feel free to fill this thread with your own experiences with other physical activities such as sport and basic exercise.

...Yes Sex is obviously the best exercise out there... provided it goes more than two minutes  :P

« on: December 31, 2009, 03:00:39 am »
Well, it’s been one hell of a year.  The flipside forums have shifted from the old site which originally covered a number of comics  to it’s own space in the flipside domain and with that shift we gained a new start to many threads, lost some and brought back a whole range of debates and conversations which had been spoken before but forgotten.

New forumites joined us including fellow Australian Churba who shared with us his plight to help a friend and survive in a foreign country despite all adversity.  Andre who quickly swooned the ladies with his ripped abs while I sent them screaming with my beer gut.  Leana who knew Selan from other forums or places and threatened her anonymity at every turn.  Sister Aluicious who is probably the only family member of a forumite to join our number and together with her sister, Smiles, continues to bring nothing but happiness to the forums.  We also regained P-Fae, an old forumite who returned to find the forums completely altered and refreshed but reminded us of old times and past members who had helped make this the wondrous place it is.  There are many more who should be mentioned here but the truth is I can’t remember the forums without you so I hope you take it as a complement.

We’ve said goodbye to a few as well, such as Dragon the Huik and Evil Kitten who were long time friends on the forums and ran a side comic that the old forums often referred to.  Their wisdom is still missed to this day but their legacy continues in rules that are still found in the debate room today to help keep discussion from turning into argument.  Razzly shared her trials and joys with us and joined in many of the discussions with open and honest opinions from someone who’s seen much of the harder times that life and has moved on but still finds the time to wish us a Merry Christmas.  Deatzh made her exit a bit more permanent as she deleted her account and all her posts except for those which held topics, but she is still remembered as one of the more knowledgeable artistic talents and for the rages she shares with all of us together with the good times that made her smile.  No one can forget the more dramatic exit of Apocolypto who deleted not only his account and posts but a large number of important topics that he had started which were full of discussions that are now lost forever in the bits and bytes that make up the internet.  Malki who had been involved in many debates and other discussions left us to join the military and Chag4 is still a frequent visitor but awaits the reawakening of the RPG forums… which is probably my responsibility.  Finally we all remember the insane Lordkat who still seems to drop by once in a blue moon to inject some insanity where it’s needed and none of us will soon forget the man who has hopefully gone on to a successful career as a comedian since his time in the Flipside forums.

Flipside herself has progressed from late chapter 19 where Suspira (Inverness) nearly killed Maytag in a moment of hysteric grief and rage as she sought her vengeance for Kindred’s death on Bloody Mary but it ended with the truth that Mary was incurable and a hint that things would develop between Suspira and Crest.  Bloody Mary herself was the topic of many debates on criminal punishment and rehabilitation, together with discussion on blame and responsibility in 2008 but showed us an ending that seemed to suit everyone as she disappeared into a life that would see her punishing criminals but never again knowing love or friendship.  We then returned to our Scooby gang as they begun a journey by carriage and the secret of Maytag’s infidelity was finally revealed to Bern only for us to discover that she wasn’t nearly as stupid as we’d all presumed and knew all about the naughty jester’s deviations.   This resolved to a new commitment between the girls as Maytag swore to remain faithful to Bern and the two found their relationship stronger than ever in what I still regard as one of the greatest shows of compromise between the conservative and the liberal thanks to love.  We then moved onto our rocky horror show as Danzig made them a bed and breakfast with a bathwater that saw Bern turn from Maytag to begin something steamy with our cool pervert Glyph which sparked up more outrage in the forums as people suddenly wondered if Bern had gone straight.  Our heroine, Maytag, fortunately overcame the bathwater’s enchantment and put a stop to anything further as she dragged Bern away from the situation but right into the next trap that awaited them.  This moved on to our staircase dilemma as Crest and Suspira faced their never ending descent but were able to overcome it together and hint even more strongly at a developing love interest between the pair despite the recent loss of kindred.  However they two were captured despite Suspira’s power and we instead watched as Maytag was reintroduced to the second book 0 character to make a re-appearance this year when Regina suddenly became very frisky and tempted Maytag before dissolving to nothing but an illusion from yet another new character to enter the series.  Finally we ended the year with the proof we’d all been waiting for that linked this haphazard party of new characters to the very boy who seemed responsible for turning the young and innocent Mary into the cruel, violent and ruthless Bloody Mary.  Beyond that a shirt became available with the awesome villain of Book 3-4 and we continue to look forward to the future developments in the group’s epic journey to find Bern’s father and the second anti-magick sword he holds together with Maytag’s reappearing and disappearing arm ;).

Back to the forums and the debate area sparked up many new and old topics that saw heated yet intelligent debate and discussion with a wonderful group who still manage to argue like mad in one area and play Jellow Strip Twister quite happily in another.  The RPG forums started strong but slowly ground to a halt as many found the time too much or moved on to other areas and just generally got lost.  But there are those who still hold vigil for a return and I myself hope to assist that sometime early in the new year, probably to much glee of those who wait.  The Hall of games has caused many to tell truths they probably regret while others have revealed their plans to blow up the world and still found the time to put their hands and feet in the right colours to retain their clothing or various other items until only one remains outside the Jellow Stirp Pool.  But we still try hard to describe each other with quotes or make quotes up for them and run each other into the ground with Haiku while guessing who the hell is going to come next and fight for the last post in the Last Post wins.

Finally, other threads have popped up over time to mourn the loss of Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and most importantly, Farrah Fawcett the woman responsible for so many of our father’s boyhood fantasies.  But we’ve also been invited to comment on Razzly’s puppy who became the loved Freya that she introduced to us while Akashayi introduced us to many new advanced in technology and CDSM converted many a Forumite to the religion of Awesomeisim.  I myself decided that we were all gods and decided to try and fit us into the various aspects that would be the Gods of Flipside while Kaeoden Silverstride worked out how it could be played in a card game which has become the latest craze and wonder as we watch ourselves defined by RPG rules.  Akashayi begun a thread to discuss bondage which became interesting for some time and an area for psychological discussions on the Shrink Sofa was opened by UIS.  The forumite picture thread continues to be a grad place for images of our forumites and their rooms together with discussion on it and ninja photos by those such as Selan who continue to retain their anonymity or No.Na’s never ending collection of hats and goggles that cover a face we’ve seen maybe once.  But most of the blokes such as Pozf, Churba, Oddball, Andre, CDSM and myself still show our ugly mugs whenever possible. However none of these threads seem to compare to the mighty Sex Thread which has seen steamy images of cartoon girls and boys together with real men and women and cosplay that’s made us quiver in delight.  Of course none of that compares to the pictures that forumites posted of themselves which begun with images of people’s feet, hands, tummies and underwear (not forgetting my Smurfette jocks) before progressing to some images from Akashayi which resulted in a competition from myself to replicate the images and went on to many other forumites doing the same or creating images for the two of us to replicate.  Bums were seen from myself Akashayi and Smiles who posted some very sizzling postures following Selan’s classy B&W SNes shot and Akashayi’s awesome sword stances but finally the forumites ripped their eyes from their sockets as I posted full frontal photos of myself that were later made safe by some helpful Smurfs.  It continues to be a thread that has seen some serious discussions about various sexual topics and even a point for relationship advice but, thanks to Akashayi’s hard work, has retained it’s sexyness.  If Ronin Angel continues his return then we may see some of the more deviant topics and discussions return to it and the debate thread but only 2010 will tell.

Now it wouldn’t be a message from me if I didn’t open my heart to you all once again and let you know what, not just this forum, but all of you have meant to me this past year.  I can’t tell you how much I love the intelligence and excitement combined with the friendly atmosphere of this forum.  You’ve all shared your tears and triumphs with myself and everyone, together with giving your support those in need and seeking it from us when you’ve need it.  You’ve all helped make it an interesting, wonderful and glorious year for me and I aim to stick around and see what we can do together in 2010 as one decade ends and another begins.


P.S. on a side note.  I'd like to share with you a whole range of resolutions (or maybe more, goals) that i've made for the new year.  Some of these might change as I notice a lot of them involve learning something rather than necessarily doing something but in total it's 43 things.  Many of you may have heard of the site 43 things but it's basically a place for making and setting goals which becomes very popular around the new year.  Make and account and see what goals you'd like to make or pick from the millions what already exist. HERE ARE MINE but I'll list them below as well.  As before, they may change but many of them are things I already have a knowledge in but have let die overtime while more still are things I only ever half learned and wish to finish.  It's not in order but my number 1 goal for this year is to sort my marriage be that to turn it into something that brings me happiness with or to end it.

   1.    improve my memory
   2.    master sudoku
   3.    Learn to play go
   4.    brew my own beer
   5.    camp
   6.    travel
   7.    learn to play the harmonica
   8.    financial independence
   9.    learn to invest
   10.    crosswords every day
   11.    Broadcast myself on Youtube
   12.    learn photography
   13.    Learn to speed read
   14.    renovate my house
   15.    improve my IQ
   16.    get a tan
   17.    Read more non-fiction
   18.    twitter more
   19.    Exercize brain
   20.    have a costume party
   21.    write a book
   22.    learn how to massage
   23.    learn to dance
   24.    Get back into Martial Arts
   25.    draw manga
   26.    read more manga
   27.    watch more anime
   28.    master linux
   29.    Create something in the steampunk style
   30.    Learn Japanese
   31.    sort out my marriage
   32.    Organize my workshop
   33.    Tone up, get fit and become more flexible
   34.    master IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
   35.    master poker
   36.    cook more
   37.    keep up with housework
   38.    make a comic
   39.    plant a garden
   40.    PMP certification
   41.    become ITIL certified
   42.    learn OS400
   43.    Take AIX Sysadmin exam

« on: December 24, 2009, 06:00:13 am »
Well, people.  Many of you might not agree with the Christian holiday of Christmas and many of you may even celebrate alternate ones for your own religions, but be it Christmas or any other of the religious holidays, I like to think they all bring man-kind closer together.  So many people like to find something to justify their hatred and intolerance in just about anything, but I like to think that these things are all about love.  The love for your fellow man.

To all the forumites of Flipside... Thanks for being you.  Thanks to Akashayi for her wild and untamed self.  Thanks to Churba for his Loyalty and Honor.  Thanks to Oddball for his friendly self. Thanks to Deatzh, Razzly, Dragon the Huik, Chag4, Lordkat, Malki and many others who have left us or reduced their attendance to the time they've spent with us and the tears and triumphs they've shared. Thanks to Emp_Dragon for your intelligent yet friendly discussions. Thanks to Smiles and her sister for your joy.  Thanks to pozf for taking time for every forumite. Thanks to our enigmatic Selan and NoNa for your ninja photos and hidden selves and thanks to Leana for trying to unravel them.  Thanks to Ronin Angel for not holding back. Thanks to Night-Wraith for your playful attitude in any game. Thanks to CrystalDragonSpaceMarine for confiding in us and seeking our aide. Thanks for UmberIsSexy for all your observations and shared experiences.  To the remainder who I'm too drunk to recall... Thanks for something, I'm sure ;)

Most of all, thank you Brion for the wonderful tale of Flipside that you continue to share with us all and for the community that you have allowed to build around it in the forums and the rest of the Internet.  Thank you for a tale that preaches little else but tolerance and understanding… Together with simple awesomeness XD

I may not call you my Brothers or Sisters, but that’s probably because it would sound like some nerd quote from The Lord of the Rings or something.  But I’d call many of you “Friend”

Merry Christmas Friends.

If you have your own Chrismas message, please share it with the rest of your fellow Flipside Forumites below.

Free Talk / in your DREAMS
« on: December 21, 2009, 06:51:06 pm »

This is a thread for posting your dreams.  If you can remember them, then get here while it's fresh and post 'em quick, or maybe it's an old or repetitive one that you want to share.

Discuss the dreams as well if you like.  This is the DREAMTIME.

My own dream last night:
Australian Senator Conroy had implemented his firewall and Flipside was blocked.  So myself and Churba decided to get around it to grab the next comic page image... After that it gets REALLY strange... Somehow, getting to the image turned into us needing to trek through the African jungle in fully army uniform.  Steadily approaching this flipside comic page which was propped up against a tree.  Well we made it there and then these two cats dress in fully ninja outfit, jumped out of the tree and stole it away.  Churba said something to me about them being Akashayi's cats and then my memory gets fuzzy as to what happened next.


note: There's no NSFW tags on this thread, so if its a "steamy" dream then either post it in the Sex Thread or (better still) describe it like you would in a cheesy romance novel  ;D

Free Talk / Posting under the influence - (NSFW R18+ NC-17 R21 AO R21 K-18)
« on: December 20, 2009, 05:08:13 am »

NSFW R18+ NC-17 R21 AO R21 K-18

That should be enough to cover us.

This topic is actually for posting pretty much any old crazy shit you want.  You might post under the influence of say 13 beers like I am right now, or you might just have some weird, perverted, scary crap to share.  Hell, maybe you regard this as the second SEX THREAD and want to make it sexy. Whatever.

Just remember Brion's rules.  If it blatantly shows real genitals, or shows them under stimulation (or with an obvious errection in the case of guys) please link it and warn people appropriately.  If we're talking basic nudity or some hot action that doesn't include the groin (or freckle) of either sex, it's probably fine to show directly with an IMG link.

If we're talking violence, etc. Then it's probably all fine as long as it's fake... If it's real or anything, then please link with appropriate warnings.  I don't know if we'll get too much of this stuff but *shrug*

If you're a little uncertain then always best to err on the side of caution and just link it with warings.

but remember


Pop Culture / ONLINE POKER
« on: October 16, 2009, 09:09:55 pm »
Where do you play poker or other card games online?

What are some of your experiences?

Free Talk / Death Online
« on: September 30, 2009, 05:35:46 pm »
I think it's an interesting thought

What would happen to your online contacts if you died?

Recently I travelled to NZ and my wife's grandfather told me that his daughter, who died 5 years ago at the age of 34, was quite active online and he asked if I could find some of the people she'd been talking to and let them know what happened to her.

It was quite a task but fortunately some Google searches yielded her online username to me and further searches on that put me on to a couple of forums that were still active and there I found several people who she'd talked with heavily and still posted.  They thanked me for letting them know, asked me to pass on my condolences and promised to pass on the message to some others they knew who had been in touch with her.

So what do any of you think would happen if you just stopped posting one day without warning due to your death?  Would you search for the reason a fellow forumite or online chatter suddenly stopped chatting?  Do your friends or family know of the sites you visit so they can let other know or would they be able to access your accounts/web history and discover it?  Heck, any personal experiences with an online friend who's passed away or tracking down the online friends of a friend or family member who's passed on to let them know?

Pop Culture / HARRY POTTER - books, movies and all.
« on: July 15, 2009, 05:41:51 pm »
Just seeing this come up with the latest movie out.  I'm about to go see it myself actually.

Discuss Harry potter here. Your good and bad experiences. What you think of the books, the movies and the Author.

Free Talk / RIP Farrah Fawcett 25th June 2009
« on: June 25, 2009, 06:24:23 pm »
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Not the greatest Pin-up girl of all time!

Died from Cancer at the age of 62 on Thursday.

RIP Farrah.

Pop Culture / Clan of The Cats - 10 Year Anniversary
« on: June 19, 2009, 03:33:24 pm »
Turns 10 this Saturday the 20th of June

First page/strip of CoTC June 20th 1999

Quote from: CoTC
CoTC is an urban fantasy about a witch, Chelsea Chattan, who is also afflicted by an ancient family curse. In times of stress she transforms into a black panther. This, coupled by her increasing magical power, makes having an ordinary life rather challenging. The stories deal with supernatural themes mainly, but also creep into the realm of normal everyday life.

Beginning with the strip above and improving to it's current, amazing art work by Jamie Robertson, I followed CoTC for quite some time.  The Artist/Author is an amazing person who's continued the work despite numerous health problems over the course of the comic's life including repeated bouts of blindness.  His archives show work with a number of other popular web comic artists, many of whome have since ceased work while CoTC has continued it's epic journey.

The story has been amazing using a beautiful mix of drama and supernatural thriller with comedy in between and through the middle.  His current series, involving dracula, is by far his longest and showcases much of his greatest work.  He also created a side horror/thriller comic from the same universe called Melpomene and a news-paper type comedy strip focusing on the comedy of everyday life in the household of CoTC's werepanther witch and numerous cats.

So please join me in congratulating Jamie Robertson on putting 10 years of his life into sharing the tale of "Clan of The Cats" with us all.

« on: June 10, 2009, 07:53:07 pm »

Foulke: High God of Black and White. The Lobster. Host of the Final Word.
Delusion: High Goddess of Colour. The Vivid Layer.
Akashayi: Demon Goddess of pleasure and pain. The Warrior Temptress.
Charlos: Naughty God of Revelry. The Cheeky Dancer. Patron of Trickery
Umberis: God of Fear. The Stunned Observer. Patron of the Bashful.
Razzly: Goddess of Cuteness. The Cuddly Panda. Lady of Warmth
Deatzh: Goddess of Rage. The Unrestrained Brush. Harper of Wrath.
Churba: God of Hope. The Desired Chance. Champion of Lost Causes.
Pozf: God of Persistence. The Relentless Waves. Leader of the March.
C'Deasum: God or Goddess of Ambiguity. The Questionable Existence.
Ronangelus: God of Taboo. The Unquenchable Fetish. Lord of Unsavoury Liberty.
Aluicious: Goddess of Joy. The Playful Puppy. Lady of Laughter.
Smiles: Goddess of Bliss. The Snuggly Bunny. Mistress of Excitement.
Foof: Goddess of War, The Orphan's Cry, The Bloody Lust, Mistress of discord.
Kaeoden: God of Patience. The Crouching Shadow. Master of Observation.
Selan: Goddess of Abnormality. The Unique Deviant. Priestess of Contortion.
Night-Wraith: God of Bonds. The Knotted Rope. Priest of Unions.
Oddbalus: God of Chaos. The Red Flying Squirel. The Unhinged Spirit.
E'ampea-Draco: God of Reason, The Voice of Logic, Master of Balance.
Lordakat: Reforged God of Madness. The Serious Giggler.
Chagfore: Lost Goddess of Life. The Youthful Glade. Empress of Children.
Dragon The Huik: Lost God of Order and Reason. The Wise Guide
Apocolypto: Lost God of Death and Disaster. The Seeker of Destruction.


In the Beginning, there was Foulke, High God of Black and White and Delusion, High Goddess of Colour.  They saw over the universe and their dreams formed the Vorpal Sea of thought until Foulke reached in and gave substance to the dreams, bringing forth Iscariot, while Delusion found beauty in it and made it so.  Then the High Gods formed the first Lesser Gods to give their creations purpose and direction; Dragon the Huik, God of Order to govern the world, Chagfore, Goddess of Life to guide it's inhabitants and Apocolypto God of Death and Destruction to rule the Vorpal Sea.  For a while, it was good.

However, Apocolypto, God of Death and Destruction lusted for Chagfore, Goddess of Life, but her heart was already taken by Dragon the Huik, God of Order, and from their consecration was born Aluicious, Goddess of Joy and her sister Smiles, Goddess of Bliss.  Apocolypto's jealousy gave shape to demon's in the Vorpal Sea, mirroring his desires for life in death, until in a moment of insanity; he took Chagfore by force and destroyed the harmony and balance of the world.  In the wake of his actions, as shame took hold of him, Apocolypto did what his fellow gods would have no-doubt done and turning his own destructive power inwards, gave in to his own realm becoming lost to the world.

The other Gods and all Iscariot wept for their beloved Chagfore and as the Goddess of Life she could not bring herself to abandon the spawn she bore from that terrible attack and thus was born Lordakat, God of Madness.  But with that task complete she faded from the world, no longer able to feel the happiness she once knew and with her, Dragon the Huik, God of Order, followed, bringing the "Old Order" to an end.  Delusion, Goddess of Colour, turned from the world as she wept for her lost creations and it was in this time that Foulke, High God of Black and White, sought comfort in the arms of a creature from the Vorpal Sea and from that union was born Akashayi, Demon Goddess of Pleasure and Pain.

As the Gods continued to folly in their sorrow Akashayi, Demon Goddess of Pleasure and Pain, Seduced the other Lesser Gods and hosted a great fornification between Lordakat - God of Madness, Smiles - Goddess of Bliss, her sister Aluicious - Goddess of Joy and herself.  During that cursed session, thanks to the perversions of Akashayi, Lordakat poured all his essence into the three goddesses, until he was no more and became lost to the world.  Aluicious gave birth to Oddbalus, God of Chaos, while her sister Smiles gave rise to Churba, God of Hope and his sister Razzly, Goddess of Cuteness.  Akashayi herself created from that union, Foof, Goddess of War, who would lead the Vorpal Sea’s demon horde against the people of Iscariot, and Charlos, Naughty God of Revelry who she would love as no mother should be thought to love her son.

The forbidden match of Charlos, Naughty God of Revelry and his mother Akashayi, Demon Goddess of Pleasure and pain, brought forth the aptly designated fruit of Ronangelus, God of Taboo.  In Lieu of this Churba encouraged Oddbalus, God of Chaos to join with Razzly, Goddess of Cuteness and their deeds gave form to Selan, Goddess of Abnormality and C'Deasum the God or Goddess of Ambiguity who both caused Savant Sorcerers of unfathomable power to be born, who could challenge the demons.  As the influence of these new gods left the world of Iscariot bereft of balance, Delusion, High Goddess of Colour, was torn from her sorrow to view the world and so petrified was she that in her moment of shock Umberis, God of Fear, was formed.  Delusion turned from her world again and wept for a world she felt was lost as the new God Umberis became the natural victim of the other God's games.

Umberis, God of Fear, was pitied upon by Churba, God of Hope, and the two conspired to bring the High Gods to action. Churba saved Delusion, High Goddess of Colour from her grief and gave her reason to believe the world of Iscariot could still be saved and brought to balance.  Umberis showed Foulke, God of Black and White, what his abstainment had bred and he was jolted from his state of apathy.  Together the two High Gods cast such a baleful eye upon the world that their divine will formed into Deatzh, Goddess of Rage, as the two rained destruction upon what they saw.  Realizing the folly in their haste they created Keaoden, God of Patience and he observed quietly from the shadows to advice the High Gods on all that took place.

As Foulke, High God of Black and White and Delusion, High goddess of Colour resisted the attempts of by many of the Lesser gods to drive them back to abstinence and ignorance once again, Keaoden, God of Patience, relayed that Deatzh, Goddess of Rage, was punishing much of the hurtful pleasures inflicted upon the previously fearful victims as they now responded with wrath.  However, the daughters of Chagfore, Lost Goddess of Life, and Dragon the Huik, God of Order and Reason, came to the High Gods and Aluicious, Goddess of Joy, Smiles, Goddess of Bliss and her daughter Razzly, Goddess of Cuteness, showed them that Akashayi, Demon Goddess of Pleasure and pain, together with Charlos, Naughty God of Revelry and Foof, Goddess of War, prospered in this repeating cycle.  The High Gods realized that they must remain vigilant in their quest for never ending improvement and formed Pozf, God of Persistence, so that they may never give up and turn from the world again.

After a time when Keaoden, God of Patience, continued to observe the influences of the Lesser Gods such as Oddbalus, God of Chaos, Ronangelos, God of Taboo and C'Deasum, God or Goddess of Ambiguity together with their parents the High Gods began to understand that Iscariot was a place of liberty and diversity but was laden with selfish actions and had little concept of community and unity.  Thus, in their greatest wisdom, did Foulke, High God of Black and While, together with Delusion, High Goddess of Colour, give shape to Night-Wraith, God of Bonds. This final god helped the people of Iscariot feel a connection with each other and gave rise to feelings of compassion and respect.  Like this, did Iscariot exist for many centuries, as the gods Dreamt on, loving but watchful.  But nothing lasts forever...

As the High Gods begun to rest, content in their works, Akashayi, Demon Goddess of Pleasure and Pain, together with her spawn worked to reforge Lordakat, God of Madness. When the only seed of Apocolypto returned to Iscariot his presence brought with it, once again, the seeds of insanity which even now continue to sew themselves in the Gods and the beings of Iscariot, once again upsetting the balance.

Ever read the webcomic The Gods of Arr-Kelan?  Well, among us are the Gods of Flipside and they are listed above.  Discuss in this forum topic who is likely to be the God or Goddess of what aspect and he or she will be listed above.  Note that the Gods can be overthrown and have their seat taken by another who has proven more worthy a representative of the position, however Brion can at any time nominate somone to a designation.

The basic structure I use is: NAME: God/Goddess of FORCE, The SOMETHING OBJECT, Master/Mistress/Lady/Lord/Patron/Etc of [SYNONYM FOR FORCE]

The SOMETHING OBJECT usually has some association with the FORCE which the God prepresents involving a call to something representing the forum member if at all possible.  And who doesn't feel unexplainable bliss as they Snuggle a Bunny? *lol*

My inspirations are primarily from Raymond E. Feist's pantheon of Midkemia (you'll see why in the link) but obviously I've taken a great deal of the rough knowledge we have on Iscariot and Flipside into account in order to create something which vaguely associates it's self with the comic (i.e. the Knights worship the "Old Order" before magick, when Dragon The Huik saw to the natural order, Demons from the Vorpal Sea were a reality at one point and Magick existed far and beyond the current limitations in a forgotten era).

I've also tried to find roles/forces which the forumite is well known for, but your welcome to contend for a title and put your story forward.  There's no stopping someone from rising up and displacing a god to become the new primary "awareness" behind the force in question.

Artist's Den / ART ASSIGNMENT 02 - Demon Goddess of Sex - Akashayi
« on: May 13, 2009, 10:49:06 pm »
The next exercise to help enhance your artistic skills will involve taking a real life person, from a few pictures, and drawing her in a style of your choice as a fantasy figure.

Thats right, the challenge/exercise is to draw our very own forum member, Akashayi, as a Demon Goddess of sex.

For the sake of images we can actually display, rather than link, try to think more temptress than full frontal.

We're progressing from a requirement for a face only, to a front on, full body view in B&W pencil, pen or other.

For some extra effort and points draw her blowing a kiss, or inviting you close with a twitch of her hand or finger. To go a bit further, feel free to try drawing Maytag making an offering to the goddess, or add in her domain as a background if you want to test your scenery skills.  You might picture her in leather or in a seductive, whispy silk but by the pictures below, she does appear to like a good, pointy knife or sword and almost certainly has an affinity for felines.

To really test your skills draw her eating Sushi, using someone's nude body as a platter.

Artist's Den / ART ASSIGNMENT 01 - Catboy Crest
« on: May 07, 2009, 11:46:37 am »
Alright, for all those out there wanting to be given challenges to exercise their artistic skills, here's the first of a series we'll get rolling around here.

Your first assignment is to draw Crest in a catboy costume.

This is the beginners run here so feel free to simply draw his head on any angle with cat ears in B&W only.  If you'd like to push it, draw the full body but you probably don't want to start out with anything too tricky or you might loose patience and give up. Keep it easy and make multiple submissions if you'd like.

Those wishing to really push the challenge could draw him in some special pose, on a leash, getting petted by another character or even try drawing him as a real catboy (see below for different levels of 'furriness' you might choose from for a real catboy).

Flipside Discussion / Flipside SECRET AREAS - Hints
« on: March 29, 2009, 10:33:34 pm »
The following are a list of hints to finding some secret areas within the primary flipside website.
They were originally posted by Brion in an earlier forum.


Secret Flipline: Look for the secret "phone" by a counter.

Secret Madman's Stash: Somewhere in May's interview...

Secret Gallery: Look for an image of strip poker.

Secret April Fools Archive: Look for the approriate date in the update log.

Secret Map Room: Step 1: Make a mistake. Step 2: Find the map.


With respect to other's fun in figuring out the clues and finding the areas, please don't post a link the them in the forum.  If someone asks for a link because they simply can't find the area despite the clues, kindly PM it to them.

« on: March 26, 2009, 10:15:23 pm »
Shadowgirls recently submitted a design of their Shadowchild character to be made into an action figure/statue here:

I'm just wondering, how many people would buy an Action Figure of Maytag, Bern or Bloody Mary, given the option.

Looks like they'd retail for around $38.00 US. (give or take $8)


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