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Flipside Discussion / Re: Mistake Thread
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:51:07 pm »
Long time no see and it's probably a little rude to come back just to post a mistake but...
Chapter 44 page 39: Maytag's ring is claimed to be lost with her clothes at the bathhouse after she was kidnapped.
Chapter 40 page 2-4: Maytag is clearly shown with her ring and asks ThinMan why it doesn't work.
Not sure how to resolve this.
If you retcon Chapter 44 and do have the ring left then logic is the friends would have contacted Bernadette.
If she does have it then there's no logical reason she wouldn't demand to use it and For either Bern to have hers or Maytag to be very concerned if it doesn't work.
One possibility is to say the Thinman is concerned the rings can be traced by a knowledgeable sorcerer with the opposite ring.

If it breaks, you just turn it off and on again XD.

If only engines were that simple ;)

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 33: Discussion
« on: June 27, 2012, 05:24:09 am »
I'm a fence sitter on the Bern VS Maytag relationship stance.  Really I can understand the ideas behind both their philosophies and see the merits in both.  I probably come across as being in the "Bern Camp" more but I think thats just 'cos it tends to be her who's seen as the bad guy in this the most.

Bern is of the philosophy that two people in a committed relationship share a bond that is unique to them.  It can generally make people feel good and important in life to have someone who loves you to a level that they love no-one else.  It makes you feel special to that person and seeing them feel that way about other people can make the bond seem less significant or even insignificant.  Effectively you see yourself as just one of many deep loves in that person's life rather than the one.

Maytag on the other hand enjoys deep and intimate connections with many people, enjoying the mass of it rather than the uniqueness.  Likewise she does feel for these others and if they're being intimate with people other than her is only happy for them to be experiencing what she desires to feel with as many people, as often as possible.

The problem is that Maytag's frivolities are hurtful to Bern.  Just as Maytag is making an effort to be committed, Bern could also make the effort to accept and allow Maytag's sexual freedom.  Actually, she did exactly that for quite some time and bore it in quiet silence.  This arrangement is really Maytag making an effort to return the favor and I suspect they'll likely work to further understand each other's points of view and continue to compromise their stances as they gain understanding.

This latest development with Polly is a problem though.  What Bern is really doing wrong here, and whats been wrong with all Maytag's sleeping behind Bern's back, is the dishonesty.  Misleading each other rather than talking through their differences and feelings on subjects.  You could probably argue successfully that if they had been honest with each other in the beginning then they wouldn't be together today.  Maytag would simply say that she doesn't believe in committed relationships, Bern would inform her that such an arrangement is not acceptable to her and they go their separate ways having not had the time to form a deep relationship.  But they did mislead each other and grew too close for either to really risk the destruction of the relationship by not working hard to cover up the differences or pretend they didn't noticable.

Why o WHY did I go missing for the last 2 days!!!???

Welcome Ducky and AWESOME pics Pwncho!

Loving your friend's pics too Smiles.

@Akashayi:  The movie is "Sex & Zen" (2011).  Supposedly there is an older one which wasn't as good.  I just rented it from the local video store.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 27, 2012, 04:32:07 am »
I'm lost but I'll be there.

Really I think I just need to get in the habbit of making sure skype is open every time I'm on the computer.

Free Talk / Re: I confess
« on: June 27, 2012, 04:27:14 am »
I confess that after 5+ days with an average of 3 hours sleep a night, I am burnt to a crisp.  But glad to have my wife and daughter back from their trip away.

Yeah, she/it then proceed to spin a wagon wheel on "it" *LOL* hilarious scene.  Much of the movie was comedy.

Watched a chinese movie called "Sex and Zen" (2011) as well.  Its not an actual porn but if the sex scenes in it had been real I reckon it could have pulled off a live action porn movie with reasonable plot.  It managed to put comedy, tragedy and supernatural into it's sex scenes and even ended with a decent theme/message somehow.

*meh* it was alright.  Not too bad a storyline although on the "attempt at romantic" side.  Certainly high-quality though.

Its very hard to make a porn that involves good storyline. Porns are generally watched for their sex scenes and the sex scenes just don't add much to the storyline other than the people had sex, except in mainstream movies they have maybe a minues of flashes from the sex scene or just a quick glimpse to pretty much inform the audience that the people had sex with each other and thats really all the porn movies accomplish with the same thing, except they take at least 10 minutes to do it.

Its generally only in incest, rape, alien and supernatural sex movies that the sex scene can mean much more than "those people had sex" as far as the storyline goes.  In those circumstances it can become a real pivot to the story or at the very least an interesting part (I don't count affairs/cheating 'cos its just so over-done that its as meaninless as anything else).  You look in literotica and sure enough its generally those stories that do the best.  hentai is another one that can make it since it goes to such extremes with the sex scenes but I also find they generally don't overdo their scenes and even throw some acting lines into it with reasonable success.

@Chag: I'm not gonna look up old photos of you to confirm it so I'll just take your word for it :p

Strewth! I'm watching a good Porn DVD and the sound is amazing!  Seriously, I normally have to put the sound up to 70/100 for DVDs and the TV can normally sit at 15/100 with comfort but this thing is clear as day at only 3/100!

I though for ages there was an issue with my DVD player... anyway... back to my movie :D

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 33: Discussion
« on: June 23, 2012, 01:40:43 am »
I'm pleased at how May has expressed her feelings here.  She hasn't gone right into the sexual side strongly but much more the emotional.

I don't quite know how Regina will take this.  I don't think she'll be angry but maybe a little confused about how she should respond or feel.

boobs are fun!
But don't forget the boners are awesome!

(I seem to recall we had a good few pages in here about how awesome they were at one point *LOL*)

Dredged this up while looking for the old conversation.

Girl has a cookie and Mountain Dew... There can be no doubt now.


I should really write some kind of cheat script that just comes in here and posts with an incremented number every time it sees Oddball posting.

Don't question it... unless you want proof ;)
We've already been given it in the past. ;)

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 33: Discussion
« on: June 19, 2012, 01:36:37 am »
Well... I guess May has always been on a journey of self discovery, finding out what makes her happy in life.

For years she simply didn't know until she developed her first childhood friend and came to the realisation that she enjoyed forming positive relationships with people.  Then she discovered the joy of deeper, stronger relationships with committment such as that with Xenfer and her current one with Bern.  But for those, and to people in general, she'd been lying to a good extent and while those relationships made her feel good, she felt bad for the guilt at lying and decieving.  Now she's discovered a rush for honesty where the pressure and guilt of holding together the lies is lifted off her for what is usually a temporary jolt of pain that resolves into a deeper connection with those she reveals them to.

Really, Maytag is all about making herself happy and just as she said to Regina, she's still discovering the many things in life that make her happy.

WAIT!!! All she said was that she would reveal something very personal.  She does say on the next page that its something she thinks Regina deserves to know, but maybe we're off track on thinking it has to be something that relates so directly to Regina.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 19, 2012, 01:28:47 am »
Wait... We're more mature?

Bomb dive 'em Emp!

@Chag: I know when my sister had her ears pierced, and when she did it as a hair-dresser, they generally always did both ears at the exact same time so it was over and done with.

In some ways it seems worse but if I was to go a nipple piercing I'd actually prefer a thicker piercing.  It's likely a little different for men as we generally have to get the piercing through the areola while most women can get it either through the areola or the nipple it's self.

Nipple Piercing:

Areola Piercing:

Some blokes do have the nipples for it:

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 33: Discussion
« on: June 19, 2012, 12:53:49 am »

Now I'm wondering if we're going to hear about the stolen kiss or... much more.

Here's the page for those who don't know it:

I wonder if something more did happen before Maytag could drop her off.  I'm pretty sure its just the kiss... unless Maytag got together with Lucient *HORROR*

Here's the page where Regina avoids a kiss with Maytag:
And here's the page whre Maytag feels herself/Regina up:

Nipple piercings are hawt! I'm a bit too paranoid to get one myself though. Nipples are such sensitive things, dun want needles in them! *Grabs boobs protectively*
For that exact reason I wonder if they'd be worth it.  Playing with them would probably send all sorts of tingles through your body.  But yeah... I'd have this fear of them catching on my shirt as I pulled it off too quickly and... ouch.

For what it's worth Razzly, apparently you're about spot on the perfect weight for your height with a BMI of around 21 so great work!  I'm on a BMI of about 26 right now, so I've got to work it off.

P.S. 5'3 is the exact height that pictures and paintings are hung on walls to give the best focus level for exactly that height... or at least it was earlier last century *shrug*.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 33: Discussion
« on: June 18, 2012, 11:04:42 am »
Hmm agree.  I suspect this is the part where she tells her how much Regina turns her on and/or about that stolen kiss... or playing with her breasts during the possession.

Only other option is she goes to wisper it then grabs the hiding bloke as he comes closer to listen in.

Flipside Discussion / Re: The Criticism Thread
« on: June 17, 2012, 12:41:47 am »
I'll have to grab my books and double-check but I have it in my head that you seem to accentuate Maytag's lips more often when she's out of costume than when she's in it.  Again, I'll have to double-check but obviously you don't put in that extra little detail all the time so I can often forget that Maytag has such voluptuous lips and then a close-up hits me.  It could be that her jester hat somehow off-sets the size of her lips so they're just not as noticeable when she's in the suit.

I'll have to check this as well but I usually think you've made Bern's lips fairly narrow in comparison, which I think is somehow a fitting difference between them that sort of fits with their different personalities.  I'd be worried if you made Bern's lips too narrow in comparison but I don't think you have (at least if memory serves me right... then again, maybe Bern's big hair has been off-setting them, much like I suspect Maytag's jester suit has).

Strewth! all this checking to do!  Lucky I have the dead-wood books.

Maybe that bottom lip has been just a tad over-done in a few scenes:




It has always bothered me how men could find me sexually attractive before.
I think this next part answers that for me.
I was nothing more than a shy, cute, skinny girl with big boobs.
Breast size can often make people think of a girl as mature despite actual age and attitude and I immediately think of Dolly Parton by that description but then she didn't take off until she was about 21 or 22 and likely wasn't shy (nor would I use "cute" to really describe her), so this next part makes me wonder somewhat.
I was a child in so many ways

If we're talking boys within two years of your own age then I don't see a problem as they were likely close to the same maturity level and didn't really see you as a child.  But I guess you didn't feel like a woman then and now you do so the last thing you need to hear is that you're the same cute girl you were then when you feel like you've grown and matured a great deal to become a woman who finds it hard to associate herself with that girl.

I'm not entirely certain when I really thought of myself as a man and found it hard to recognize the boy I'd been... probably around 17, half-way through my 2nd last year of school or maybe more towards the end of that year.  I'd suffered from teasing a bullying quite a lot and it had really gotten to me over the years but it suddenly felt like something snapped and the entire process just seemed pathetically childish and I wondered how I'd ever been affected by what I saw as such petty stuff.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 16, 2012, 11:32:38 pm »
How about Benjamin Franklin Versus the Undead?

Yeah I can understand that, and yet I can't if you know what I mean.  As I said, if I'd had the weight previously I probably wouldn't care but because I put it on I do.  And I'm well aware of the flawed logic in that and yet it just seems to be stuck there.

I'll get the photos up but it will be in the back of my mind regardless... and maybe thats a good thing to motivate me into getting some exercise, not really just for loosing weight but just getting healthy again as I've really noticed a decline in the last 4 years on what I was once capable of physically.

Totally understand about the 6kg as well.  I'm 6'1" and 92Kg.  I have a friend who's 1 inch too tall to be classified as a dwarf but she loose a kilo or too at a time and it really shows.

and I'll double that to 002

Free Talk / Re: A little pit of rage
« on: June 15, 2012, 06:34:12 pm »
pfft, its the rage thread.  I was the one who had gotten off topic (although it started in rage).

Yeah, I can imagine that pissing you off.  High stress as he went through the operation to begin with and now you've got hear the after opp complications that could see you go right back through it.  Hope he wises up mate.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:47:03 am »
Well I've got EMP and Kashi... got poked but was passed out from exhaustion in bed.

next time...

next time


I'll create some photos later next week.

Yeah I'm a little nervous as well.  Put on around 15kg... Gotta exercise and eat better.

Its a funny thing.  If I had the weight previously, I wouldn't be worried, but I guess it's the reveal that I've gained weight, since you've seen me before, which is the clincher... which is silly considering I just told you but *shrug*

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 14, 2012, 01:49:48 pm »
Unless you know more excellent sysadins who want to take on some of my work in Santa Monica. This week I've already done two over night maintenances and I'm about to collapse.
*groan* same here.  No sleep through the night, migrating some systems from our stupid VMWare environment to the XenServer virtualisation... 6:43am here and I'm about to head into work...

I agree that the US is super backwards with it's views on sexuality compared to the rest of the world. It can be painful, but I'm always happy when I meet open people with healthy views on sex and life. Sexuality is a very natural thing and flirting is fun! (I'm jealous of you, being surrounded by beautiful women!) What I'm trying to say is, I don't think it's healthy to bottle up or try to pretend that your human nature isn't there. Charles, you probably have it right when it comes to seeing a counselor if you can find a good one.
I would have thought the US was fairly advanced in it's views on sexuality.  Don't get me wrong, there's room for improvement and a number of the asian countries seem to be much more liberal but I always figured the US well above the average of other countries in regards to views on sex and sexuality... I guess what I notice is that the US has a lot of outspoken extremes of opinions and ideas from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other which likely leads to a lot of contention.

Hope to see you all in Skype sometime... but right now I'm going to zombie shuffle to work...

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