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Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 09, 2009, 09:38:23 pm »
how does the ocean make you think of rum?
Well, what would you drink when you're sitting on the hot beach as the sun goes down, meat roasting over an open pit fire?

Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 09, 2009, 09:19:09 pm »
^___^ :-* well I'm glad you made it back to the forums. :-* *huggles you* it's been too long. good luck on the job hunt. and say heylo to salubivires from me^_^
Thank you, smiles, it has been too long. Regretfully that's a message that I won't be able to deliver - we stay well away from each other. With good reason. But I'll try - I have a few people I can pass it through.

do yo miss Australia?
Every frigid, depressing goddamned day.

how old are you now?
Twenty-two as of may the 12th. Didn't do much for my birthday - went to the royal armories, and just had a day of nothing.

what does a tea party consist of? (besides tea i mean)
Cakes, Pastries, and good friends. Salubi once had a Morrocan breakfast/tea party, just the two of us, on my front balcony back in Australia as the sun came up. Very sweet, and very romantic.

are there any movies out right now that you want to see?
I don't know, I've not seen a movie in ages. I don't even know what's on right now, other than Star Trek, so that, I suppose.

what movies do you think will rock on the big screen?
You think movies are good on the big screen, I used to have some friends that worked at the Southbank Cinemas, one of the few True Imax screens in australia - and they had a digital Ad projector that they discovered that you could hook a games console up to. You've not played Halo 3 till you've played it 70 feet tall with massive surround sound.

what do oceans mean to you?
Surfing, christmas, relaxing, and rum.

have you seen "the Color Purple"?
Except for the actual colour, no, unfortunately. I did see Status Quo in Hull, though.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 08, 2009, 11:29:41 pm »
I appreciate the offer of a listening ear, mate. And I'm lucky - Her brother is with me in this(Well, he's technically on her side, but in the "I'm for her health, wellbeing and happiness" kinda way) and one of her closest friends is also with me in this - I raised the medical concern with her, and she listened despite what she'd heard because it was an issue of Salubi's saftey, and ever since she's heard some about Salubi's behavior, she shares my concerns on the issue - I'm doing what I can. She didn't give up on me back then when things were rough, and I'm not going to give up on her now.

As for the Mighty Maroons - I caught the game the next day, I convinced the owner of my local to put a recording up on the big screen and advertise it heavily, plenty of screaming rugby fans there that night. I was the only Aussie, but everyone was going for the maroons.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 08, 2009, 09:06:33 pm »
I am. In fact, I told her that the last time we spoke - I still have my dignity, and while I let it carry on before, I'm not taking any shit anymore. It's hard to explain - I'm talking absolute and utter personality shift, some real Phineas Gage shit, here.

I've been respectful, understanding and kind. It took a while for the people around me to pound it into my head, but I've done nothing wrong. The days of begging forgiveness are long over.

Keeping in contact is hard, though - Chucklenuts twists everything on me, turns the slightest thing I do into some horrible, hitler-esque crime. When I finally lined up what she could have been on, and tried to get the information I had on the drug to her - because I still care for her, and would never, ever want her to come to harm - and tried to get her to get back to me about the situation, he spun it on it's head and made her think I've been telling people she's an addict, and I was doing it just to get a reaction.
The Drug doesn't help. For example, one of the side effects is Paranoia, and chucklenuts plays that up to the hilt, manipulating it to push her further and further into his crazy bullshit ploys - For example, Jessica Baum. Other people figured out that it wasn't me before I'd even said anything to them, but it played right into the paranoid state she was in between the drug and his bullshit, so she accepted it without a second thought.

One thing, though - It's not an abusive situation. If it were, I'd get rid of her and everyone to do with her so fast I'd leave flaming tyre-prints and travel through time. It's just a messed up situation, and it's slowly getting sorted out - and I'm not alone here. I have some help, and I have some friends.

Please don't think any less of her. She's in a very dangerous situation right now - drugs or no - for reasons I won't discuss publicly, for a number of reasons. She's done some very, very wrong and stupid things, but shit, I dare any of you to honestly say you haven't too.
And I'll add that this isn't the way she typically behaves - as I said, some Phineas Gage shit going down right here.

I forgive her for what she has done - It does not absolve her of responsibility, nor excuse her actions, But I forgive her.

I don't trust her as far as I could spit, though - She broke my trust, and continued to try to lie to me even after I made it clear that I knew every time she lied.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 08, 2009, 06:09:04 pm »
Screw the edit, I'll just give you the short version - It's not her Fault, in a way. I'm not making an excuse or anything like that - the full responsibility of her actions still lies with her, but there is a severe third party factor to consider.

Salubi is wonderful. She's really the best person I've ever known - I mean, shit, she put up with a dead-end, useless, lazy unmotivated no-hoper like I was when she first met me in person. She never gave up on me, helped me, taught me a lot of things like compassion and caring, kindness, and trust. We fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, and she made me happier and healthier than I'd been in a long time. We intended to get married when we came over here - and I gave up everything to be with her. My family, my friends, my home, and even an offer for a job that's been my dream for a very long time, that she gave me the courage to follow in the first place.

The problem is that she hurt her back while she was in Australia, and made it worse when she came back to england(a month before I arrived) working at a cafe. She went to the doctor, and I know that the doctor put her on very strong drugs - I suspect that it's Diazepam, as her behavior and presented symptoms, both at the time and in the 10 months I've been here, line up all to well for it to be mere coincidence. She's become someone that the Salubi you all know, that her friends know, that I knew, would be disgusted with.

Well, that was a week before I arrived. Three weeks after I arrived, she left for university - another one of my stupid mistakes. She wanted to go to Newcastle(because I could live in a larger city like newcastle, and it's a good uni), and I convinced her to go to Aberystwyth(Because even though I couldn't live in Aber, and I knew this, it's a vastly superior university to newcastle for her course) because I didn't want her to have a second-rate education just because of me - I'm not worth that.

Well, that's where things went wrong. I won't drag everyone into the minuate of the relationship, but suffice it to say, she cheated on me. She also lied to me heavily, and strung me along for quite a while, and treated me very badly - Things like making no attempt to contact me, not paying any attention to my attempts to contact her, and then going off at me because I hadn't been in contact, and as I said before with the begging for forgiveness to the point of humiliation because I called her out for lying.

Enter even more trouble - Her new boyfriend. A rich, arrogant london scumbag, from Mitcham, Surrey. I know a lot about him - he made some threats, so I went and dug deep, found out a lot of very unsavory things that I decline to discuss in a public forum like this.
 He's been putting stupid ideas in her head, lying about me, so on, so fourth. Not a nice guy, really. He's even gone to the point of when catherine did something he didn't approve of - which was Seeing me over easter(which went well, but we ended up having a big argument over a misunderstanding) - he revealed to her that he'd "Discovered" who was behind this fake facebook account, "Jessica Baum", telling her it was me - when it was actually a fake account he set up himself, using a spare e-mail account of mine that he'd gotten into - It was really stupid, really obvious(some people figured it out most of the way even before I did)
He'd also been spying on my Facebook and Gmail account for quite a while - and as I mentioned earlier in the thread, had my house sprayed up.
He also had been peppering me with "Anonymous"(He's not as smart as he thinks he is, and left a digital trail that an Amish priest could follow) e-mails, with pictures of them together, taunting messages, all sorts of things like that - and when I accidentally caught him on the phone once, and he threatened me, and said some horrible things about Salubi that absolutely defy belief.

He's also been cheating on her pretty much from the start, with more than one girl. Salubi Caught him recently, and got rid of him - but took him back, and while I've been told of what he convinced her of to get her back, I don't know for sure, so I'm not talking about it.
I'll give him credit, though, he's got a pair of stones on him. Not only did he convince salubi to take his sorry arse back, and made her think she'd done something wrong in the process, he told the other girl that he'd gotten rid of salubi, that she had been a horrible bitch to him, but that he forgave her after she begged to be with him again and cried to him about how horrible she'd been, though he told her that they could only be friends, and that she's really broken up about it and still wants him back, but he keeps telling her that he loves the other girl, to her distress, and that she's so heartbroken about it that she's barely eating and barely doing anything.

That's a serious pair of balls, chucklenuts. I can't wait till somebody kicks you right in them.

What makes it all the more painful - not long after she got to uni, she came back and took the time to come see me - and she was my Salubi again, as if the past time had never happened. That lasted all of a week, maximum, and then she was back to being who or whatever that she has become now - and also, it makes it all the more unlikely that there is no outside factor in her behavior.
Sure, people change, but they don't change so absolutely in a week, and then change back just as rapidly after a month or so, and then change again even more rapidly.

But, that's the deal, in short. You should see the long version.

Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 08, 2009, 03:07:28 pm »
Hot Dogs or hambugers?
Hot-dogs, but Australian McDonalds do make some mighty fine hamburgers. No, I'm not kidding, they really do.

Katchup or Mustard?
Tomato Sauce  :P

US or UK?
I don't know. I've lived in the UK, but only visited the US. To visit, I'd take the US, but to live, right now, I'd take the UK.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 08, 2009, 12:16:02 pm »
I had half a reply here, but I'll edit and reply better later on.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 06, 2009, 04:23:02 pm »
I feel a bit guilty, now - it seems I come back, and everyone vanishes!

I see no hands... only awesome.
And the new PSP, too.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 05, 2009, 01:19:58 pm »
Look, She screwed me over very, very badly, but it wasn't entirely her fault - there were outside factors. I'm not angry at her, I'm mostly angry at myself, and angry at the situation, but not at her - I mean, yeah, sometimes I have a flash or two of rage at things, like the time I had to beg for forgiveness, to the point of humiliation, just to get her to talk to me again, because she was angry that I'd called her on a lie she'd told.

But I'll be honest - I knew the whole time what was going on, and I forgave her from the start. If I hadn't, I still wouldn't be struggling, starving, and fighting to stay here for her, because she's in a very bad situation right now, and while people who know her recognize it, she's away from them, and the people around her just keep encouraging her to get deeper and deeper.

But, No matter what happens, I'm not going to give up on her. It's just a very hard situation, and I've had a hard time in the past - hell, the girl I was with before salubi put me in the hospital, by breaking a coffee mug over my head - and it wasn't the first time she'd beaten the hell out of me. It was salubi that gave me the courage, drive and support to get out of that hell, and she's the first woman I trusted enough to share my life with after that.

If I go too far, If I get too ranty, pull me in and smack me around the ear. Just because shit is going badly, doesn't mean I get to take it out on you guys, salubi, or anyone else.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 05, 2009, 11:00:39 am »
Yes, I suppose you're right. Angry ranting won't get me anywhere.

Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 05, 2009, 06:53:29 am »
hot potatoes?
No thankyou, I just had toast with Vegemite.

what is your computers name?
It doesn't really have one, but my PDA is called The Pope.

did you name your printers voice?
I don't even own a printer!

Do you prefer using hard copy documents(paper trail) as opposed to online/virtual documents(anything on the compy) or vice versa?
Either, really. I'll print out important things to have a hardcopy backup, but I don't really have a preference.
are you ready for the summer?
England doesn't have summer.

*blinks* urmmmm...... come on i gotta have one more question....

What is your favorite constellation?:)
Orion. Salubi and I used to have this thing, long ago, where we'd call each other up on the phone, across the world, when it was dark in both England and Australia, and try to spot constellations together - Orion was the only one we could both see at the same time.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 05, 2009, 06:46:51 am »
That HAS to be illegal, any way you can somehow video tape him harassing you?
No, because A)I was asleep when it happened and B)It wouldn't have been him, he's too Cowardly and on top of that, What better way to say "It can't have been me!" than being somewhere else.

Seriously, don't ever wipe that stuff away! Call the Police and have them gather evidence and chase down the freak who did this.  The writing style, fingerprints in the paint, the paint it's self, etc is all good evidence to track the SOB down.

Have you been to jail or anything? Whats this Convict crap and Stalker garbage?
Nope, It was easier to do it this way - Landlord was threatening my bond(He saw it when he came round in the morning), finger-shaped smears in the paint without fingerprints(so they were wearing gloves) the paint cans were absent, and three distinct writing styles - also, they were probably not Yorkshire lads, as this bloke in question is a Rich, arrogant London boy, as are many of his friends.

No - I've never been to jail, And "Convict" is because I'm an Australian, living in England. As for the stalker garbage, It's a cross between salubi being paranoid, and That little scumbag pushing her as hard as he can into whatever bad shit he can convince her of about me.
I'll try to make a thread later to explain it all - I have no qualms about telling you all the truth about the whole matter - with the names redacted.
Over here the police does nothing about stuff like that, only after you are actually hurt.
Pretty much the same in this case - I wasn't hurt, and the best I have is a reasonable suspicion about who called it in to be done. The police can't do anything about it, really, besides collect some evidence and file it.

Edit - In fact, that's exactly what I'll do - as soon as I get home this evening, I'm making a thread to tell you all the truth about it. I'm sick of all the crap salubi's been spreading about me, I'm sick of all the lies and the bullshit, and I'm sick to the eye teeth of just sitting here and copping it because I don't want to piss her off and make her leave. Fuck it. If she can't handle the truth about what she's done, and the truth about this little psycho scumbag she's shacked up with, Then maybe she shouldn't have done it in the first place.
I know you all are not really connected to her, but at least someone would know the truth.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 04, 2009, 04:33:34 pm »
Pardon my language here, but

WHAT THE EVER FUCKING FUCK >.< I just finished spending most of the day scrubbing the front of my house, because it was tagged up with "Go home Convict!",  "Stalker Freak!" and "Leave (Salubivires name) Alone!"

Her psycho little london scumbag lying piece of shit of a new boyfriend has gone too fucking far this time.

More news after I have a shower, a sleep, and calm down a bit.


And people wonder why I'm a misanthropic bastard.

Free Talk / Re: Forumite Picture thread
« on: June 04, 2009, 02:46:23 pm »
Mucky water = bad
Selan = good

Gorgeous as always, ma'am.

Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 04, 2009, 02:04:35 pm »
what took you so long?
I assume you meant it took me long enough to get back on the forum, and the reason was I was spending every waking minute with salubivires.

Will the world end before the sun explodes?
Maybe, maybe not. If it does, it will be human's fault.

will everyone recognize me without a Sailor Moon Avvy?
Of course I do - Avvy or not, you're still smiles.

what are you listening too?
Yo Mama by butterfingers. Choice song.

are you eating right now?
No, but I'm about to be when I finish this post.

what would the doctor prescribe to a cow with purple spots?
If he's an English doctor, probably ridiculous amounts of strong drugs for the wrong reason without investigating the patient's mental history.

what  do you do on your weekends away from home?
Try and find a job. I live in England now, every weekend is a weekend away from home.

do you take many vacations?
Not really, no.

what was the last vacation you took?
I honestly can't remember.

where is your dream vacation spot?
Somewhere with a nice beach, good surf, and good rum.

what name would you pick for your firstborn child?
I should not have children. I would not be a good father.

have you ever seen the Magic toll Booth?
No, but They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I own a tollbooth there.

what is the last book you read for fun?
Black Man, By Richard Morgan

do pigs ever meow?
I've never heard one, I don't know.

what do you think is on the other side of the rainbow?
The opposite end?

have you had Quiche?
Yeah, but I don't like it much.

do you like spinach in things (like on pizza)?
It's alright on a pizza, particularly with fetta cheese. otherwise, not much.

do you know what a Popple is?

have you ever seen "Duckula"?

how long has it been since you first started using the internet?
About 1996 or so, just over a decade.

what do you think of cell phones?
They're called mobile phones, ma'am, and I don't really have much of an opinion either way on them. They're ok, I suppose.
do you like peas?
Yeah, they're alright.

is fog as thick as peanut butter or pea soup?
That depends on how thick the fog is, doesn't it?

how many licks does it take to get to the center?
Of the earth? Millions, and none of them very plesant.

what is your favorite pudding?

Do you like Jello?
I fuckin' love jelly.
how do you eat pie?
There is a joke in there involving salubivires, but I'll leave it out for now. Suffice it to say, I usualy pick the slice up and eat it from the pointy end to the wide end.

what is your favorite color?
Green or Aubergine.

have you ever seen a green sky?

Do you ever remember your nightmares in detail?

what creeps you out?
Small children with English accents.

have you ever had Deja Vu?
Many times.

would you like to live on the moon?
No, there isn't any air.

when was the last time you watched a bugs bunny cartoon?
About a week ago.
what kind of puppy you would be if you were a dog?
Probably a shitzu.

tadpoles or frogs?

Have you seen Madagascar 2?

do you like cute fluffy animal movies?
when was the last time you
:Generaly, no.

went to the zoo?
With salubivires and my sister, nearly a year ago.
saw a swan?
The first and last time I saw a swan was in otley, with salubivires.
fed bread crumbs to ducks?
see above.
watched a squirrel run around your yard?
Squirrels don't run in my yard, but I saw one down the park running about a few weeks ago.
went for a walk?
every morning I walk before I jog, to get my heart rate up.
went for a bike ride?
Don't know, proably a few months ago. My bike broke, I can't afford to fix it.
rode on the back of a hay ride?
stopped and smelled a rose?
A long, long time ago.
did something that embarrassed you till you blushed?
months and months ago.
were really scared?
I decline to talk about the details, suffice to say very recently.

have you ever seen a deer?
have you ever eaten a deer?
Yes and yes, it was very tasty.

have you asked me new q's in my truth thread today?
No, I've been busy.

do you know what Lemmings are known for?
Yes, Being in a popular videogame.

what is the oldest thing in your fridge right now?
do you have popcorn?
Not right now, but I wish I did.
do you like salt or butter on your popcorn?
Both, but I can't stand sweet popcorn.

ever had:
frog legs?
miso Soup?
French Onion soup?
fried green beans?
Yes to all of the above.

ever eaten a worm?
When I was a little kid, yeah.

have you ever eaten turtle?
No, I like turtles, they are spared from my hunger.

how do 5 and 5 make 12?
I see you've been marking small childeren's math homework again.

have you read Alice and Wonderland?

how old is Old?
At least 20 years older than me.

do you believe in magic?
Not in the literal sense, no, however things can be Magical.

technically doesn't money actually grow on trees...?
Not where I come from, it's made of plastic.

have you ever written a fanfiction?
Yes, it was terrible.

What is the worst fanfiction you have ever read?
Half life: Full life Consequences.

what do you think of when you hear the name Bob?

Do you like Dr Suess?
Do I? Or do I not? Little do you know it's all gone to pot.

what is the one nightmare you remember?
Salubivires was in a bad situation, she was being hurt by someone, and not only couldn't I do anything, she didn't even realize she was in it, and was actively helping it along.

does mickey mouse clone his ears for the mickey mouse hats?
Unless he's made of plastic, not likely.

what is your favorite color cotton candy?

have you seen the Broadway play CATS?

do you have to pay taxes?
Yes, quite a bit of tax.

would you like to collect rubber duckies?
Not particularly, I have no interest in them.

do you have a rubber duckie?
I did, but I lost it.

what kind of food do you find erotic?
That depends, who am I eating it off?
do you think oysters are really and aphrodisiac?
Nope, but I'm perfectly willing to use them on people who do think so.

Do you like short shorts?
Only on other people.
do you think the Purple people eater would eat you?
Propably not, I'm too chewy.

icecream and cookies are a great combo yes?

do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?
Definitely answer.

what is your favorite part of work?
Well, at the moment, any work would be nice.

what is your favorite recipe?
I have many, but my curries are particularly good.

would you like to eat a Popsicle right now?
Not really. I'm kinda cold, and feeling a bit down.

do you like raisins?
Love them. I have a big bag of them in my desk.

what is the weirdest thing you've heard lately?
I don't want to say right now, maybe later.

are you trusting of others?
Not really, no. In fact, I'm quite misanthropic.

what is your personal space boundary?
It varies, but when walking, about a foot and a half, unless I'm romanticly involved with the person.

do you like ducks?
Yes, they're quite duckish.

what thought enters your head at the words "klingon love poetry"?
"Virgin for life"

do you have a vegetable garden at home?
No, unfortunately.

and now tonight's q's:

what is your favorite kind of hot tea?
Earl Grey.

what is your favorite kind of iced tea?

have you ever been to or thrown a tea party?
Yes to both. I recall salubi once threw us a morocan breakfast tea party sort of thing on my front deck, completely out of the blue, it was wonderful.

do you think throwing a long island iced tea party is a good idea?

do you still work in a bar?
I quit working at the bar, worked at another bar, quit when they treated Salubivires really badly(she worked there too, at the time) and then worked as a flight attendant for a while, and then at a petrol station, before I came to england, where I've worked at a bar, for a charity, and For a classy resturant(the last one I got fired from because Salubivires Psycho new boyfriend kept ringing in complaints, and they took the lying little scumbag seriously) so I'm now looking for a job.

Free Talk / Re: Forumite Picture thread
« on: June 03, 2009, 09:27:40 am »
Churba... Still sexy i see :p
*Laughs*Thank you, old friend. I still think I'm pretty haggard looking, to be honest, worse than I used to because of what's gone down of late, but it's nice to hear I'm still not entirely unappealing.

Free Talk / Re: Forumite Picture thread
« on: June 03, 2009, 12:33:45 am »
Well, I'm sort of like the Anti-Yahtzee. He's a fast talking Englishman who moved to Australia, with a sweet trilby, and I'm a fast talking Australian who moved to England, with a trilby.

Thank you very much about they eyes, though.

Sorry about the quality of the photo, It's from my iPhone - I'll try to get some better ones soon.

there's always falling back on a service like photobucket, but I don't think you can host mature images :|

Yeah, You're out of luck for posting them on photobucket, however, you can use imageshack if they're not too bad, and if they're too bad for that, there are various services that are very similar to imageshack but for porn, that will allow you to host them.

Hall of Games / Re: The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 03, 2009, 12:23:47 am »
What is the square root of 247?

what is the average rain fall in the Amazonian Rain Forest for a month?
6 inches.

how many Who's in a what?
Presumably none, however, it depends what what you speak of.

Do you know a song that will get on my nerves?

whats more evil socks, mushrooms or Gnomes?
Mushrooms, because I've never eaten a Gnome and been surprised when I started Hallucinating.

Free Talk / Re: Forumite Picture thread
« on: June 03, 2009, 12:17:14 am »
Well, this is me, from a few days ago. Sorry.

Hall of Games / The Truth, Let Churba Show you it.
« on: June 02, 2009, 11:34:01 pm »
Alright, It's been a while. A lot's happened. My last truth hurts thread is lost to the junkyards of the internet.

So go on, ask me anything. I'll tell you nothing but the truth. Ask the right questions, and you might even get bonus stories.

So Lay on, And damned be he who first cries "Ho, Enough!"

OK yeah you're gonna have to do that.  However, we need to dwell on this for a minute.  When you say "these forums", do you mean the Flipside forums?
Yes. The One line version - SalubiVires and I got together, she came to Australia from Wngland and we lived together for 9-10 months, Planned to get married, Then I followed her Back to england, I made a mistake in regards to her university(But not what you're thinking) and things went downhill pretty much as soon as I arrived.

And any further details would be greatly appreciated. :D
I won't post the rest in this thread, but I'll be making a Truth hurts thread directly after I finish this post, and you can ask for whatever you want there. It's a rough story.
Welcome back, btw, forgive me for not saying so before, I didn't know who you were or if you were someone I should know.  I'm sort of new here, given the entire timeline and history of Flipside forums, and I'm pretty sure I didn't even see the "first incarnation".
I came to the flipside forums way back, around chapter 4 or 5. After a slow decline in visits, I stopped hanging here right about the time Salubi moved in with me.
Came back because I was catching up on the comic, remembered the forums, and Found that my old username didn't work, so I went and re-joined, decided to start posting again as a spur of the moment decision.

Are you back in the motherland now, or stranded in a foreign land???
Struggling to say in England, right now - it's actualy better for me generally to be here than at home right now, and I like Leeds. It's a good town, missing a few of the comforts of home, but all in all, pretty good. Better than London, I'll tell you that for free - I don't like London, and lately, I've only got reason to hate it more.

This thread is pretty tame so far - Forgive me, I'm a regular at Ghastly's Ghastly comic Forum, so I'm a little more jaded than most - but I had to post to note this -
take this as a lesson: don't leave the motherland, not even for a woman.

Because That's exactly what I did, for someone I met - through these forums. Fully intended to marry her, too, but it went...badly. To say the least.

Will post an extra sexy post to make up for this downer later, though. Sorry.

Free Talk / Re: The Chat Thread
« on: June 01, 2009, 02:37:10 pm »
As I mentioned, I'm back. If you remember me, Heya. If you don't, hello there.

Artist's Den / Re: Deviant Arts/ Other art sites
« on: June 01, 2009, 11:29:14 am »
If you haven't found me through Megatorg already, I'm at

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