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Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: April 11, 2015, 07:43:28 am »
I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that Bern appears to have to go through basically no character growth so far. She just sort of gets handed magic weapons that will let her win the fight.

I'm reserving total judgement until I see how this plays out, but I think this particular arc has left a lot to be desired so far.

I remember in college, a guy from my drama class was convinced that if a character wasn't completely different, the writer hadn't done their job. I wasn't sure I agreed. Now I know I don't.

A character can be made one-dimensional (that character is "evil/good", that character is their job title like a guard or smith, that character is pretty/ugly, basically they can be summed up in a single word) or flat, two-dimensional or have personality (basically you choose a list of traits, and the character is basically the sum of their traits), or three-dimensional (they act like a real person you would meet on the street rather than a persona, they have flaws, they have pain, they may have addictions or moments of darkness) and "well-rounded". Now, being one-dimensional isn't always a bad thing provided the character is minor, likewise, a story is said to be really good if minor characters are at least two dimensional. Likewise, unless you are doing a melodrama, the hero of the story should not come across as one-dimensional, as people will accuse you of bad writing.

Among fully fleshed out characters, there are two distinct and equally valuable character types. The static character and the dynamic character.

The static character, despite their name, actually can undergo character development along the course of the series, but they tend not to. That is, a static character has character development as an optional feature. Bern is a static character. A good example of this tye would be Naruto, he spends over half the show talking about how he won't take back his words, that is his ninja way. Character development on his part is extremely subtle, and he simply adds character rather than changing any of his current ways (he still won't do this or that because of his ninja way, but gradually learns to trust his comrades and not try to do everything himself).

The dynamic character, undergoes character development frequently, changing gradually from one person to another. They are not afraid to let go things that aren't working for them, and massively revamp their personality. Maytag is a good example as she started out deadpan, and then became the mask, and is expected to change even more. A good anime example of this  is Luke from Tales of the Abyss, starting out as a nice jerk, becoming just a jerk, realizing the error of his ways, then he finds out he's a clone, then gradually becomes a proper hero.

I guess it's fair to just assume that beambro is a seasoned veteran and wouldn't do such a rookie mistake just like we just accept that the "split rose" is the "ultimate defense technique" even though it probably doesn't make much sense in a real fight in which lots of sword "clang clang" never really happens.

Do we in fact know this? Maybe he's a person who has gotten by on a heavy weapon and using gravity-self magic. Sort of like if you have wolverine-style healing, and something hits you that can't be healed, you wouldn't normally be good at dodging, because you would be expecting to shrug it off (wolverine, oddly enough being an exception, because despite being night-immortal is also a seasoned fighter). Bern on the other hand, has had plenty of experience in all types of combat, and knows when to get out of the way and when to try to block. She uses a style that requires studying the enemy rather than just slashing people down. It seems to me, that she is the seasoned warrior, he's just a big thug with a big sword. Especially given that his attacks leave openings all over the place, and after being blocked, his first instinct is to just do a big overwhelming downswing. Oh yea, the other stuff worked so well, let's try the same tactic. If he was a seasoned warrior, he would try to disrupt her balance by attacking the ground or something (we know the sword can disrupt direct attacks, but maybe not shock waves or indirect stuff).

I was thinking this as well, but the problem is, that sword isn't a tiny bokken, so any feint would require teamwork with the others.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: April 07, 2015, 06:17:42 am »
So... why didn't berns dad just visit her to tell her how to use those incredibly complicated weapons she doesn't know what they do?

If I was in jail for threatening someone and my dad gave me a custom AK to use in the daily deathmatches to get out of there and I have never fired an AK, only pistols and it's a weird, mutant AK that I'm not even sure what it does if I pull the trigger so I can only apply my pistol knowledge in a vague way that may or may not apply, you'd think he'd tell me how to use the custom safety, how to load the thing properly, what not to do with it etc. because it's his weapon, he knows everything about it.
In fact I'd probably not use the darn thing at all in a situation with exactly 0 room to fuck around.
I'd stick with what I know works, even if the weapon is "better" cause it's worthless and dangerous if I don't know exactly how to use it.

Grant seems pretty chill about his daughter fighting those incredibly dangerous dudes with his weapons that she knows nothing of.

Uhhhh, this was answered in the comic itself. She already knows how to use this. Because it's part of the sword style she's mastered and learned all her life. Unlike magical items, this seems to work automatically so it's closer to "here's a bazooka, pull the trigger" to someone already trained in lifting heavy stuff. They just hoist the bazooka, aim and pull it. It looks like aside from blocking she's giving virtually no effort on this.

That said, to win she's gotta find an opening. And at least finish him before the others pull more tricks on her. 2 on one, when the two are effect users, not as hard as 2 effect users, and one physical threat.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: April 03, 2015, 08:06:09 am »
Welp, she's doing a good job of blocking.

And a very good job of making him look like a chump.  ;D

Uhhh, guys, weren't you supposed to be ummm "killing her"? Far from that, he hasn't given her a scratch.

That said, as long as she stays doing what she's doing, and isn't cocky, I doubt he could give her one. She's a good swordswoman, and she's got a weapon that can stand up to him, the most he could do is hurt her arm or something with powerful blows. But given that she's now blocking one handed, I'm not sure that's an option.

I think this sword operates based on repulsion.

If someone cast a fire spell, normally, all you could do is counter it. Form a barrier, or using an opposite effect. In the opposite effect, this would be using water or ice against fire (real science says you would need to watch for a steam explosion too). In the case of a barrier. Most barriers operate on a constructed field that enough pressure can break. It doesn't look like this is operating that way, however. In fact, it doesn't look like she is being magically drained, or expending any real effort. She's just blocking, and the sword is pushing the blade back (it doesn't look like it, but the entirety of the force is going pfffft). It's not a force shield, so much as the sword is exhibiting targeted repulsion. If someone cast the above flame spell, a force field would last until heat destroyed it. A heat repulsion sword would simply bounce the heat off.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 30, 2015, 02:57:46 am »
Huh. That's interesting.

Best I can understand about these swords is that they're magnetic, and they work together by generating a force field by having a mixed positive/negative charge (that is, they are alternating versus all positive or negative on one side, so they create an energy field rather than attraction). This is a visible electromagnetic field rather than the other sword's power.

I'm thinking less "power stealing" and more "power draining". He probably can't use the sword again.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 28, 2015, 06:06:56 am »
I remember there was a law of physics that said that an object (say, a glass of water) was equally broken on the floor and on the edge of the table, that until momentum/gravity/other forces were applied, it would always be between those states.

The swords are antimagic, because they are made from something that is magic in the original sense. If the "magic" here is a type of science, these swords have the power to suspend all of it, by operating on some principal that is beyond science. The other stuff is fake, these swords can somehow dismiss them as such. Since most magic operates under effects that can be produced through science, this effectively protects against everything that the qualia can project; logically, this has a kitchen sink effect against a very wide range of effects.

Let's give an example above. If you sliced this with the sword, the glass, besides whatever wounds the sword produced, there would be no effects of gravity or momentum. It would be on the floor, but it would be whole. It maintains the original cause of how it got from A to B (you knocking it off), but removes all forces applied in the process.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 27, 2015, 06:04:23 am »
So.... heh we have an eye opener here...

This seems to mean to me.. IF the source of magic here is the nanites... what they have done..I can only assume physics-wise... the swords are a nano-colony that is dormant until the two swords are used in hand together... the nanites communicate this as the key to do what they are supposed to do.. for the wielder of the swords. 

I personally don't believe the sword is "magic".

I believe Bern's sword works by being a substance which is intrinsically toxic to the Qualia (yes, remember them?) or which when used together, produces a shockwave (think EMP) that kills nearby Qualia. If the former is true, the substance could very well be something way more atomically dense than say steel, but light like aluminum.

Also, kudos for this scene. Given how Mister Lobster has been dragging his feet on narration, I fully expected a Naruto-style flashback of Bern's life without any resolution to this, and have a part 3 showing her block it.  ;D Okay, that would be terrible.

As it is, this short "goodbye everyone" followed by an Oh Crap moment. The expression on their faces is classic.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:32:57 pm »
Ugh, we've got an issue here.

If it were a side swing, the magic cancellation effect would indeed rip his arm off.

However, a downward swing, if the cancellation hits, I would imagine this would become heavy at exactly the wrong moment. Or... someone help me out here with the physics. Would it pull him off balance?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:39:04 pm »
Welp, her legs are pinned. She's dead now.  ;D

Okay, I'm trolling a bit. She's got a few things left to try. Tricky old man, though.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 18, 2015, 09:54:56 pm »
But many things are force in a way that isn't readily apparent.

Violence is force because it forces people to die, or it forces (through threat) people to do as you want. A bar room brawl isn't inherently about force unless it can be proved something coercive about it was intended (i.e. "you take that back", "make me", brawl starts). Rape would technically also qualify (forcing sex).

Stealing might be fine (as long as it is slight of hand, and not armed robbery), because while someone is technically giving you something without their knowledge but you are not consciously attempting to force them to do anything. Taking a loaf of bread, a baker might need to count it as a loss because forcing them to pay would be a crime.  :'(

The statement about the force is interesting. Bern can't dodge anymore if this is true, and she hasn't nerve to fight right now, but maybe another tactic. If she could find the nerve even to block, these swords (if they're all they are cracked up to be) might cancel midswing, doing an Izuru Kira (Bleach) imitation.  That said, we have no idea how these things work. But if she does manage it, it might be interesting to see how things play out in all its gory detail.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 15, 2015, 09:12:00 pm »
Oh my.  :o Thanks for pointing that out (well, there's also imprisonment).
And remember, Polly decided that only violent insane people would choose torture.

She's not a warrior though. She's a would-be knight.

The D&D equivalent of what this group is, would be closer in terms of code of conduct to paladins (you saw how her superiors basically flipped out about her being lesbian). Rigorous moral standard, and so on, and so on. Let's say she did get it together, and plowed through doing whatever would let her win at all costs. What would someone with her temperament do? Commit suicide. Immediately. Forget being a lesbian, doing something that would disgrace who she was, yeah pretty much be unable to handle the day to day if she did keep alive. You think she's bad right now? Let's say she ummm went crazy berserk and tore them apart? Would she trust herself to get near another soul again? Nah, more likely she'd just stick herself in a corner and talk to herself or something, being frightened literally of her shadow.

(This movie preview from about 1:10 onward)

At the end of the day, Bern needs to be able to live with herself.

She needs to fight, yes. But she needs to fight cleaner and better than her opponents, to fight as she is. Basically, make them look like complete chumps without killing them. Which, as hard as this situation is, is even harder. That doesn't mean she can't do some "disarming" though.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 14, 2015, 05:09:31 am »
You might have something there, maybe the Warden has an inkling as to what the swords can do and wants to force Bern into a position where she -must- block or Polly gets squished?  Would also be a situation where Bern could discover what the swords do together as a pair.

My theory is that the Warden recognised Bernadettes ability, but also her weakness: Innocence.

Bernadette lives the live of a fighter, but has found a way to maintain her innocence in it. She has a code that goes way beyond a usual Knight's Code of Honor, she is basically a pacifist with swords.
Her entire fighting technique reflects that. Be passive. Be evasive. Do not risk. Do not become guilty.

But if you are against a foe you cannot win othervise, you must risk. You must seize a moment. In the right moment, in that split second, you do not need to be innocent, passive, concerned, you must act, dash forward, take the price. Shut out the thoughts and the concerns, shut out passivity. It is impossible for Bernadette to do that, she rests in herself - this is good, but not for a fighter.

But as I said it goes beyond this: with her style Bernadette also does not risk to become "guilty" in any way. She does not risk having to kill a feo. She fights, but the killing? That do others, people who fight with her and are more rash. She does not risk doing something morally questionable, does the other person deserve death, no matter this fight? Maybe, maybe not. Bernadette has no problem, she stays back.
To use something visual: In her profession she might get literally her hands bloody but her whole fighting style is there to minimise the chance to metaphorically get her hands bloody (funny inversion of how it usually goes).

If Bernadette wants to unlock her maximum potential - and thus her ability to survive as much as she can; something she needs here in this arena - she somehow has to lose a part of that innocence. She has to understand she won't make it with her full conscience intact, that while she is a good person, she has to do bad things if her profession is a fighter and if she wants to survive.

Warden offers her that before she puts her in a fight where she a) needs to use it for b) the price to have a perspective to get out of the arena.
Polly takes away all offers from Warden. The offers all have one thing in common (as was pointed out already): they make Bernadette suffer through unfair hardship without killing her. In short: They take a part of innocence and leave a black mark where it was, so Bernadette must come to peace with that black mark. This can then fuel the power she needs for her chosen profession.
Polly gets Bernadette into the arena without all that.

What is left here where Bernadette can "suffer, but not death. Lose something that leaves a black mark on her soul". There is only one thing left. Polly.

I think this is at least what Warden thinks and I find it possible that when Warden starts talking next she will make Polly understand, which leads to Polly "doing all she has to do protect Bernadette". She'll dash in a sacrifice herself. Being killed in those cirumstances? Yes, totally is on par with the options that were offered to Bernadette.

I can't read all of this because I'm on a touchphone and the superbig keyboard and supersmall lettering is eating the page.

You guys all agree that innocence is a weakness. Okay, story time.

This reminds me of something my dad told me about his father in law. Much like the song Rude, he wanted the daddy's blessings. Her dad however dismissed him as someone who was a "dreamer" who didn't know about how life could be cruel (my mom basically worked herself through college, probably because he was a jerk and wouldn't pay). Trust me, he knew, he even told me as much.  I know. All of us know. But... unlike this (ahem, a-hole) he seemed to know that life could be better. He wanted to be a priest because he wanted to work for a better world. A world where people Didn't Have to bloody their hands on a regular basis.

Bern didn't just choose  this path because it was easy. In fact, she was willing to break even her vow of fidelity (yes, reread the comic, bern and may swore they wouldn't cheat on each other, meaning the one option that she could pick was B, not A). She willingly gave up her dream as a knight btw, so the whole safety and innocence bit is not really valid (I dunno if you mentioned safety, but you seem to be under the impression that her life until now has been soft choices). Bern would want a world where Polly doesn't have to go through what she's about to. But she does. The one thing she can do for Polly is keep her request to not sink to the level of these people. She doesn't need a lesson in brutality, in fact she'd rather die a hundred times over than become the sort of crazed person the crowd and her target seems to be. If you think she's weak for that, well... can't say much to you.

Bern has not given up, she is still fighting, as a knight, not a common fighter. She's studying her opponents, and if she can win, she will. That said, this big overhead swing looks a bit ominous.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: March 11, 2015, 09:06:51 pm »
She needs to do a Kenshin Himura and jump atop the blade.  ;D

Sunphoenix is right, also, the problem with a heavy weapon like that is that every swing fully commits you to following through so if he swings right, it moves all the way right. Bern doesn't really need to commit, she can bob and weave, feeling him out until she has a good sense of him.

Just hope he doesn't drive her into a corner.

She doesn't necessarily have to be aggressive, so much as face him in a way that isn't head on. Sidestep, and strike so force doesn't matter.

(From Chapter 42)

Going back to my point: How this will be achieved? What must Bern do to reach your point without the martial prowess? These people want blood. They're animals, basically, though the warden is at the least giving Bern a tiny chance. Bern has to win, or at least fight like mad to gain their so-called "respect"...

(Backtracking a bit from the fight proper, but as there's only so much you can say about a giant beam of metal) While we're talking about proving herself... why does she need to prove anything to these jerks? She doesn't know them, she doesn't identify with them (dyed-in-the-wool pacifist, and the "fans" are all bloodcrazed), and couldn't care less if they are impressed with her, she just wants to get out of here alive.

She went out with the intention of saving a loved one. Got no help (on the contrary everywhere she went, people demanded money and resources she didn't have) until finally frustrated she's like "look, do it or else", so she got jailed.

Someone criticized her for letting Polly take 10x. Ummm, yea, not much she could do to stop her. She was emotionally pushed into a wall. She had three or four monstrous choices, and by the time she got around to choosing, her friend takes that away from her. And if she tried to take responsibility, her friend basically told her "nuh huh, whatever you do, I'll outbid you, so you're just hurting me." So yea, she's in a situation, where she can't seem to push out, and now she's in a battle where she doesn't see an opening.  That she's even in this battle and doesn't say "forget it, keep me in here forever, I'm not fighting" takes some nerve. But unless she can find some gap in her enemies or in this situation, she's pretty screwed. It was good that she managed to get those swords, even if it wasn't her doing.

Basically, she needs breathing room what she can just look at the issue of how to counter this fighter, and bounce back from all of this.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Intermission 30: Special Voting Thread!
« on: February 24, 2015, 06:49:36 am »
I'm actually more interested in Crest.

Maytag with likely get through her fear, possibly offscreen, only explaining in flashback how she did it. I don't see her as being a "dedication" type, but I do see her as having a great deal of drive for the short haul. That said, she might just say "#*%$ it" to an effort that is getting her nowhere, ask for her dimension bag back and leave. May would probably be my first choice, though, I'm just picking Crest to have a change of pace.

Based on what we know of Bernadette, based on what I know of the reality of this world as explained by Thin Man, I have a good theory of what happens next (now that I say this, our creator will likely try to Joss said theory). We know that the world isn't actually as it seems, that monsters called Qualia maintain the illusion called magic. We know that these swords are somehow toxic to magic, but if magic doesn't exist, this means that antimagic is not actually a type of magic (as in the sword is not "enchanted" with magic destruction, so the original assessment of it being a sort of "hypocrisy" might be off), but rather an energy (the swords might operate on a sort of EMP burst that shocks Qualia) or substance that allows the user to see the world or touch the world of the Qualia, possibly slashing them in midair or something.

Now, Bernadette could try hard to be something she's not, overcoming the "coddling" as the warden says. But I don't think she's gonna fight in the conventional sense anyway. And I think she is fine as is, actually at an advantage because she feels guilty and depressed.

Let me explain. Remember how with one sword, she was unable to block magic? It was because she was actively trying to survive. She was also because of that seeing the world as a world of magic. That is, she was actively playing by the rules of such a world. On the other hand, here, her feelings are raw and honest, and rather than a survival instinct, she will fight exactly according to her style. That is, she is in the right mindset to attack something besides conventional enemies. Which brings us to Bern's character.

Bern has a direct, functional style of sword fighting, more suitable for slashing objects or killing monsters, than cutting at humans. It is the same style she should be using to view the world, as something that is just a smoke and mirrors to be cut apart, revealing the truth. Normally, her survival instinct would kick in, as I say, and she'd be like "I've gotta survive against the magic/weapons etc." Instead, she is like "I don't care." Because or this, she can actually unconsciously transcend the "magic" of the Qualia and start to notice things don't add up.

Now, on the other hand, we have the three thugs she's against. As the warden said, these three have probably had this very drive to survive. Where has this led them? Well, naturally, they learned any techniques they could to win. That is, cheap tricks. Their power is based on magic, on smoke and mirrors, on appearing to have an edge. For most people, yes, the warden would be right, and she would lose. But she is wielding the exact best weapon against such things. The truth. The first one True Strike, is probably rather strong, but it looked like his sword in the last comic was possibly either getting his own magic boost (something like a Bless Self spell) or was itself a magic sword. Low Blow sounds like his fighting style is like Maytag's, using magic weapons and tools to quickly get the drop on people. And the Blue Fire sounds like a straight up mage.

In all likelihood, how this would go down, assuming she figures out how to properly use the swords? An embarrassing curb stomp battle, possible ending with all opponents completely disarmed and Bern walking away without having spilled a drop of blood.

Yea... as satisfying as that scene might be, that was alot of buildup for what might be little actual fighting.

In a side note, that was almost more padding and filler than the Naruto anime series.   

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