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Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 53: Discussion
« on: August 08, 2019, 10:42:55 am »
I didn't post in long time, but seriously I have to agree that this whole conversation looks like some badly written joke compared to what we know happened to Polly and could happen to Bern. Polly even died and was ressurrected in that event. And now suddenly of course poor Bern tries to make these awful mental gymnastics and has to agree with our dear "always right" Maytag viewpoint?

Bern didn't cheat cause she wanted to do it in that moment, she cheated cause she was forced to do so to save Polly from being sex slave to monsters in human bodies and to get out from that awful place. And if we compare that to literal years of Maytag cheating on Bern with whoever caught her fancy while going out from time to time, it's laughable Bern has so much problem with this.

Yes Bern basically forced the monogamy on Maytage here and Maytag ageed, Bern cheated first, but having such thoughts now from cheating on poor May in the situation Bern and innocent bystander Polly were in, are just completely unfair. And I bet May would be the first one who would completely understand it. We know May was cheating for trill and pleasure cause that is who she is in her own image, Bern did it to save their lives.

I just hope this whole "plot" won't be used to turn Bern to become someone else like May like May always dreamed about, to get a partner with who she could fuck everyone she wanted just because. She now discovered she is in love with 2 people and want to have sex with both of them, but as we know Polly was Bern original first love where the feelings between two never actually disappeared, it's not really the same as fucking strangers like May did. I honestly don't know what I would do myself if my crush from highschool I loved so much but we had to cut ties since she gone abroad would suddenly turn to my door and would tell me she's still in love with me, I'm serious monogamist, even if I have loving gf currently? Threesome rather would not be an option sicne my gf is completely straight, so secret cheating? Ugh...

It would be interesting if Bern would present all these facts to May and to be honest about it, Bern should not really feel here like a dirty cheater on fault and kill herself inside over the issue. We all know May would understand it. Question remains is if Polly wants to have relation with May or just with Bern while not with May if there could be such option opening up now, maytag for sure would ot have problems with fucking both Bern and Polly, it would be actually funny if May dreamed threesome situation where Bern would be willing to go in cause she loves them both, would not happen cause 3rd party would not be interested in May :P

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: December 07, 2018, 10:00:47 am »
Let's be frank.
What was the reason I started reaing this comic more than 9 years ago and why I'm keeping reading it till now?
It was an advert on some webcomic list about a comic about nymphomaniac jester girl and her loyal female knight.
I expected some cheap erotic/porn and instead I got deep psychological comic about the couple struggles which as for everyone it can't be easy if the characters definition of what they want is completely different for life, but then, hey they love each other so they stay together anyway, like most of married/partners poeple...
And imagine my negative surprise when I'm start reading it in the past and I got some boring teenage poor boy as MC in that first chapter, thanks God there were more chapters to read then where I learned May and Bern are indeed the MCs of the story, if not I suppose would drop it right there if there wouldn't be shift to their perspective and finally taking over the comic like it should be :P
I don't much like or care about Crest but again having 3 full chapters of his adventure updated by 60 pages each which took over whole year of comic updates while completely sidelining Bern and May turn made me cranky about this issue. For me as being over 30 now, there's nothing worse than story with teenage boy MC being the lamest thing ever existing, hell I even more prefare a story about girl finding her jerkish prince she wants to change plot going and that would say a lot ;)
I simply think Crest if he is indeed the MC too on the same right as the girls he didn't suffer enough like other two girls just for being a guy reason and he has it easier on the abuse or sexual assault or similiar themes compared to female MCs.
Did we see Crest mouth getting raped in magical bath by Glyph by magic excuse reason?
Did we see Crest getting his eyes ripped off (imaginery) or getting chewed on by cannibal monster like other woman?
His serious arc was about being assaulted by a sexy girl he would normally like anyway in normal circumstances, and if we would compare that what Polly had to go through to save herself and Bern, or May in the past, it's just not fair.
Sorry I had to say it.
And in the end we now see Suspiria saved him.
I really hope some next chapter will get a bit even more into the comic lore and why such kind of magic fueled by qualia/nanomachines even exist in such technological level of a world and why some can communicate with qualia better to bend them to their will to change the world and some not.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:11:18 am »
Lame attack is the key word to use here :P
Maybe I'm indeed too old to read this comic anymore which turned more into teenage boy wet dream seeing today's page over the year of Crest chapter than what it was before a comic told mostly from it's female characters perspective which intrigued me more.
I suppose I read this comic for different things than the few readers above me and Crest is rather a big minus here seeing how his plot got resolved by instant "cheating" sword which saved the situation completely.
Let's say some readers want a bit different things than male MC being your standard teenage boy hero of the story like in millions of other works with this theme.
Now the real question remains if the people who died actually died, or will be now restored to life by the evil monster defeated or not.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: November 21, 2018, 03:44:20 pm »
A bit disappointing result, I thought it would be a bit more serious for a bit longer, but the sword deal, is a bit too much for me...
But then Bern sword got some other power in usage, so maybe that's a given power of any magical weapon, they always have a hidden second mode which will get used and revealed in perfect moment to save their users from certain fate when needed.

I still hope to see this Crest arc to end (to finally get back to the duo of MCs I actually started and still read the comic for even if I can't see them for more than a year of real life time by now in the actual storysince I don't care at all about Crest) with something interesting cause I actually belived the characters would try to work together to get out of this mess than it being resolved just like that with magical weapon outcome.

Or we will soon learn all of them were just sleeping and everything happened in their minds :P

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:44:28 am »
So Ladies and Gentlemen, Crest was saved by literal ASSPULL  :o

So now I wonder if every other one will get similiar treatment or stay dead, but as I understand the setting and how magic fueled by some nanomachines in reality works, you can't revive a person whose brain died for too long or was minced, so that should be rather impossible.
But then we have Bloody Mary so who knows...

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: August 21, 2018, 07:33:29 am »
So this pit turned into big blender/meat processor?
In the end Vennice got better fate than Buzz as endings go for sides.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Who will survive?
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:30:49 am »
I hope Vennice will get revived, she didn't deserve to be the only one getting killed in such a lame way ???

I don't really care much about all other if they will survive or not to be honest, but if I would have to choose favourites, then Suspiria and Bloody Mary are the ones I want to see survive the most aside of Vennice.
But i wouldn't be surprised if all of them will get saved somehow by some deus ex machina syndrome, especially Crest.

Or all of this will turn to be a nightmare dream or just mind manipulation than actually happening to them, like another test done by the Thin Man.
That would be the worst outcome so I hope it's not the case here.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 51: Discussion
« on: July 07, 2018, 04:59:59 am »
I'm more sad that this is another Crest group chapter, 3rd in a row...
For some reason it got boring for me, seeing Vennice killed off for drama sake didn't help either.

Maybe Brion got bored with May and Bern and Crest became the MC for real?
It's really strange that last time we saw May it was around 1 year of our real life time ago (august 2017), and Bern almost around 2 years ago (september 2016). And this chapter content means that next half year of Flipside updates will be again all about Crest storyline.
Where's the variety of the 3 people stories being separated as it was at the beginning to change perspective?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« on: December 12, 2017, 12:23:46 pm »
We will get two outcomes here:
1) the characters do whatever they do due to psychological trauma, depression, pressure, situation etc playing the big part on their mental health
2) or the infamous characters do whatever they do due to evil magic forcing them to do so
First is an interesting outcome which could force the characters to develop by fightning their problems head on, in similiar way what May and Bern had to do, act and survive through in their stories, and the other is simple we did whatever we did cause a third party magic forced us to act like that and it's of course not our fault at all, so lets move on and forget about it.

Seeing how Crest dealt with Moby like a true Maytag would it's rather the 2nd easy one happening, but maybe i still cling to some hope that what happens started with the characters having these ugly feelings inside and the magic just made it stronger than it being complete mind control evil magic to do bad things. Also since we don't see what other two, meaning Vennice and Glyph, are doing with the knives, seeing Moby was defeated by Crest eyes and voice already, that should be more interesting to see as a result, especially since Glyph has someone to stop him in that moment, while Vennice was looking like someone who will cut her veins alone in the room to just bleed out without anyone noticing.

Seeing the result of Crest vs Moby I'm just disappointed, since I hoped Crest wouldn't get out of it so easy like usual, but maybe that's the boon of being the only male MC in this comic.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:09:19 pm »
Geez, you're rough!  :o

Also, not entirely true. This trope is common because men tend to have self-induced guilt for their entire gender for what the worst ones do.

It's generally seen as hard or impossible to abuse men, but this is simply not true.

Bottom line, even if it were equal, Crest doesn't deserve this stuff any more than they did.
Of course but if author decided to abuse the female MCs in both physical and also sexual way so many times already for various reasons, then won't you agree that a 3rd MC too should get a piece of that ugly pie for equality reasoning?
Bern didn't deserve most of the things which happened to her, basically from start of the story with Maytag cheating spree, but as we see they happened.
I know it's more welcomed to do such things to female characters cause it sells better as fanservice motive and abusing females is more common than guys, especially seeing the good honest female pushed into doing dirty things she is ashamed of doing etc. but Crest is basically male version of Bern as morals and monogamous feelings go, so I want to see him getting broken as Bern was pushed to do or at least have a hints of that from psychological standpoint, give him some depth than throwing new girls at him as his character developoment :P
If a person is an MC of the comic he deserves same fate like other characters, gender should not be any excuse here to not give such fate to Crest.
Basically it actually would be interesting to see Crest pushed in similiar way like Bern, May and finally Polly were, to have sex to earn his freedom or to save someone, and then be sulking about it after. But like I said I don't think this comic will ever go that way for guys since i bet many readers self-insert too much into Crest persona than trying to judge him as actually important character in the story they prefer him as joke harem protag...

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« on: November 24, 2017, 11:11:09 am »
Gasp, I knew it! Crest is evil.  ;D It looks like the only thing Crest is guilty of is being too decent (not a compliment, he basically told her that she's scum for cheating on her boyfriend).
Look what being decent and trying to be a good 'wife' to Maytag done to Bern over the course of the comic?
Decent characters always get the bad moments, especially females, so it would be nice to at least once see things done to Crest like they were done many times to either Maytag or Bern or Polly just for wanting to act in a good way for someone.
In a way I want to see some kind of equality in either abuse or humilitation done to Crest on similiar level that was done to May and Bern in their chapters since he is basically a 3rd MC of this comic.
But then Crest is a guy so maybe he will get spared since it's easier to do such things to female characters.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:25:02 am »
It kinda makes me wonder why people are thinking that of what we are seeing in recent pages to be some mind/behaviour manipulation?

Moby is really into Crest and as we saw already she doesn't take no for an answer plus she can't really live it in that someone can reject her after she would go with her full attack mode. She isn't really acting OOC if what Vennice are saying about them to be true. Poor girl simply doesn't know what to do with her feelings and this is the only sad way she can express herself.

And maybe who knows, Crest will get raped and he will lose his pesky virginity once and for all ;)
It would be a really rare thing to see a male character dealing with rape issue from being forced into sex by a woman.
In previous chapters we saw Polly getting turned into sex slave for Bern sake, Bern and Polly making out to some guy watching pleasure, we saw May getting abused to reach the truth in really horrible way, so maybe it's Crest time to finally get as much sexual, humilitation or abusing attention other MCs get in the comic too for once?

Also seeing what Glyph is doing he really took a liking to Regina, and as we saw Regina took a liking to him too, so maybe it might be mutual and just natural to happen in such stressfull environment they are now.

The only way I could take it as something unnatural/mind control is if Vennice would suddenly go for Buzz, since both of them of what we saw so far weren't really interested in things like that and that would be OOC.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Flipside Patreon
« on: September 13, 2017, 12:12:35 pm »
Since I saw mention on the main page about Flipside adult comic starting on Patreon, I'm kinda curious is it something completely cut out from Flipside main comic story like new story/new characters or it's extended version of some sex scenes from the main comic or uses existing characters from the comic in some new sex story? Can spoil a bit?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 47: Discussion
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:04:07 pm »
So the eyes got out...
Ouch, May looks so much creepy...
Seeing May smile I think her goal here is something else completely than moving forward with the injury and earplugs, trying to force this qualia being into acting its role as Bern who still dumps her while not giving a damn about her injury which she should, could really make May's subconcious realise this is all fake?
I don't think so.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 47: Discussion
« on: January 19, 2017, 12:11:01 am »
So a small quiz?

What body part May cut or injured with that knife?

Or a finger she cut earlier in the comic to save Bern as a reminder?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 47: Discussion
« on: December 28, 2016, 02:26:26 pm »
Relaxing Xmas ::)

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 46: Discussion
« on: August 18, 2016, 09:32:39 am »
So, Bern is a violent criminal, the same for Polly? Bern wanted to help her father. Polly's there for Bern. Warden, your logic, however well-thought out, is flawed. Your country is flawed and screwed-up, the same for their system. Forcing them to fight for their freedom really does nothing to rehabilitate the violent criminals. If anything, it reinforces their violent tendencies. Screwy, that's what it is, screwy....
I don't buy Warden logic either, she and this whole justice system treats the same a person who would willingly and joyfully harm, torture and beat up another human being with a person like Bern(and also Polly in a way)who just forced someone into saving another person life as the big crime while not harming anyone in the process...
Hell in normal case Bern should just get a fine and a time to repay it, either with borrowed money from Polly or as working as bodyguard, than being sent in prison without any kind of fair judgement.
The system is flawed as hell and Warden killing another incompetent corrupt adminsitrator won't make things better if the system is not working in the first place.
Fixing violent criminals by making them spread more violence in fights or in extra night tasks to become sex slaves or to cut or torture others for wealthy sponsors wants and fetishes?
Everything points to idea that Warden is indeed a former prisoner who is either so rich who decided herself to correct and keep the whole system in check, or she has so much marks "earned" during her time that her only real choice as best fighter who can never leave arena now is to be a Warden for the rest of her life.

Also did they forget that Polly for the time of their conversation stays dead and her brain doesn't get needed precious oxygen from some time now?
I know this is magical world but even if they will manage to fix her brain and regenerate all nerves and connections in it due to magical nanites system so it would work properly, but the lack of oxygen time for the brain cells to die can make her completely different person after revival process who can even forget Bern or who she was.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 46: Discussion
« on: August 06, 2016, 10:42:27 am »
So how many of us would love to be under Warden's boot too?

If Warden was indeed fair to all here as she presents herself, she should make the guy pay the marks needed for Polly resurrection which he intentionally caused which was a crime in breaking this place rules since she is looking to be truly neutral to all and rules apply to all evenly.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 46: Discussion
« on: July 26, 2016, 09:32:05 am »
Well, it's not like she has a choice..
What I don't really get is why they presented them with the choice to stay in A-rank in the first place. If they wanted them in S-rank, why not simply inform them they will be fighting in S-rank from now on, just like they told Bern she will no longer fight alongside Polly? They don't really have rights to begin with, right? Was it a ploy to keep Polly there forever (dart aimed at Bernadette), or perhaps start a new "auction" like before? 
What would've happened if the guy never got to shoot?
The answer is simple, the guy who is the administrator of the arena doesn't want to force anyone officialy to do something what they don't want to do, new policy and all that, he wants to keep the good clean guy image of what the Marvallo ruler now wants and supports, he instead uses ugly tactics to make them do it out of their own "free" will where in reality they don't have a choice at all on the matter.

Bern choice here is either to let Polly stay dead as reward for saving her or be forced to do something ugly and/or grow their debt to stay there longer, I really doubt it will be just about moving to S rank seeing how this guy acts.

After all he can easily say now that to Bern and Polly tab there will be added 2000 marks cause the ressurrection of someone is more expensive than just saving someone liver, he can pretty much blackmail Bern into doing anything he wants(like torture someone or become sex slave for free) and add to that more marks to keep them both here for longer. Then after some time he will repeat some underhanded move on them which will again worsen their situation and make their debt grow larger, it can go forever till the prisoners won't give up and will just remain in their cells, or till they won't bring profit anymore. I can't really see an escape from this, maybe May coming here after her part of story will be done and will buy out Polly and Bern with her winning gold instead of doing that radio show...

I feel really sorry for Bern here, May in her worst situation had only one monster to deal with her wits, here Bern and Polly are surrounded by monsters in human form to who they don't mean anything more than being a peace of meat to use and sell to earn money and in reality they can't do anything against them cause there's simply too many of them here. So far we didn't see one positive person who would take their side of their good will or just plain empathy, I had some hope for Warden wanting to remove the leading guy and move the arena into more respectable position but then all the paying supporters would never allow it and it looks the Warden knows it, I wouldn't be surprised if we learned that the Warden herself is an arena prisoner who is still paying off her debt...
I had some hope that maybe the ruler of Marvallo to who Polly served in that task force would somehow help her but clearly he doesn't really give a shit about anyone who is sentenced to the prison.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 46: Discussion
« on: July 18, 2016, 10:30:21 am »
WOW. Okay Polly better damn well get better, cause if that guy says she's going to die or some shit then I'm just done with this comic.

Any other death whatever, but this would basically be the same lesbian takes a bullet for the one they love bullshit every tv show in the world seems to pull, and it would seriously disappoint me if Flipside did the same.
Looks like Brion is a fan of "The 100" and also "Once Upon a Time" resolution for lesbian characters this year ;)

Shame to see the best character in the comic so far which really grow on me much more than May or, blasphemy even Bern at some point, ended her life with such fate.

You would think that arena masters would not finish their profitable warriors in such way, but it really looks that there are no second chances for them after the prisoners refuse their promotion.

And we should remember that the poison was aimed at Bern not Polly, but from the guy's thoughts it looked he just got orders to poison one of them to break up the duo and make other suffer.
Kinda shitty deal for Polly, reunite with your life's love, then sacrifice your freedom for her, finally sell your body for her sake and now give up the life like previous deeds weren't enough...
Granted she heard that Bern loved her, she even got sex with her, but still the outcome is bad cause she never had a chance with May since May is the MC.

I still have some hope that this will turn into some poison which just slows down the heart rate and later could be reverted, but the chances are slim.
And if this is truly the end for Polly then at least I hope this will change Bern moralityand give her enough hardened resolve to kill all the arena masters and Warden in cold blood for what they did to her, semi-Gladiator movie style.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 26, 2015, 02:36:58 am »
Bern was always into such things. With May, and it's heavily implied that Polly and her were an item at one time.
You didn't read the extra Bern x Polly origin chapter from Book 7, did you?
I don't know if it's ok to spoil things here which would give you proper context about how they met.
But then you are right in one thing Bern was into Polly from start, and Polly was also heavy in love with Bern but they were never an item.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 25, 2015, 03:54:04 am »
Thing is if the rich guy behind the mirror won't think that Bern and Polly cummed enough for his taste and if he will treat it as disservice to him then I think the whole deal can be taken off and Polly will have to return to being sex slave or Bern and Polly will have to do it more with each other while the guy watches till they will make each other cum in such way the guy can accept the act.

I'm quite surprised they didn't ask about it again and just gone with the wind of things.
After all this is all arbitrary and everything is solely based on the guy's reaction to the lesbian act, because the guy who is paying enough to take Polly off from 18 days of being sex slave to paying customers will have the final say in this, and we really don't know if he is a good guy and just harmless rich pervert who gets off from seeing girls doing each other as just a watcher who are his favourites or if he has darker side if his wants aren't met.

Stil if you compare such paid hobby to guys who paid for girls being their personal sex slaves, mutilating themselves or mutilating others, can be considered a good one, cause he only intrudes on girls privacy during the sexual act.
And I really hope this whole exposure won't make Bern suddenly into such things and won't change her ways of who she is.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 22, 2015, 10:48:38 am »
But honestly... was there any other choice that would have left her heart not feeling sick?  Yes, she is honest, she does want to help her dear friend out of a demeaning and terrible duty.

I expect Bern will tell Maytag of her infidelity and ask for forgiveness... I'm sure May will understand considering the terrible circumstances.  Maytag herself said something to the effect that friends are the people you suffer for... and if a little infidelity would save a friend willing to sacrifice so much for Bern from such a demeaning and degrading experience.. That's what friends are for and are supposed to do for each other!

Besides.. I think Maytag will like Polly... and would likely be the one to suggest a triplet relationship.  ;)
Did May ask for Bern forgiveness when she was cheating on Bern constantly with people who interested her in the past? ::)

Also we should remember that May was herself willing to cheat on Bern in her own shitty circumstances with Moss, if Moss wanted he could have had her like that, and May was willing to do it even after promising with Bern not to cheat on her anymore just to get out of there to be with Bern.

Bern plot pretty much is the same, with one small difference with Polly taking the blame of Bern wanting to see May faster.
And well it indeed sounds a bit bad if Bern only motivation to do it with Polly is to repay the debt she put on Polly herself by her own actions or rather lack of them, it would be nice seeing Bern opening up and confessing she is into Polly like that and that she wants to do it with her.

I really doubt Polly and May will ever meet, this whole chapter point looks to be directed to change Bern a bit, both in her fightning mindset but also to break some sexual barrier.

And when Polly role will end I doubt we will see her anymore, not with her loving Marvallo country so much she will want to stay here anyway than going with Bern where she knows she can't really win Bern from May and polly also strike me now more as a monogamous person than someone who want to share her love with anyone, this sex if it indeed will happen will be her one time goodbye gift from Bern.

Still it would be amusing as hell if Polly gone with her and May and they would meet.
Makes me curious how the hell will they know if Bern and Polly came, with guys it's easy, but with both being girls it can be a bit tricky.
Magical orgasm meter device?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:21:12 am »
Ok, I laughed a bit :P
And Polly face, how to try to defend Bern honor while not rejecting such perfect offer.
And Bern?
She was willing to become a sex slave and have sex with random strangers for the night and even more with such determined face, but I think this situation is different cause she has feelings for Polly if the dream is any indication...
But it should not be a problem for both remembering all awful past choices if this offer is indeed true; from other side showing something such private where I think both would prefer their first time with each other be something private and special than it being a sex show for random lesbian porn fan.
Tough decision, if Polly would want to keep Bern pure and all that she should pass the offer and reject it, since her having sex with Bern for some guy watching eyes would still make Bern dirty in a way.

Dang. I didn't know Bern was sexist.
How she is a sexist?

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 08, 2015, 07:25:05 am »
Actually looking at today's page and the previous two ones(kinda thanks for the skip on the Polly case but seeing how the story goes I doubt we are from the hook either), it more looks that the fat guy will want to pay a hell lot of marks of Bern and Polly debt if his new favourite duo will pleasure him for some time, maybe he even had Polly in these two days time but he now will want to do everything to get Bern too in a package...

Or I think too much on the negative scale of things and the fat wealthy guy is a good one and due to sportmanship rules he will help them out of true altruism.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: July 05, 2015, 01:46:39 am »
The thing here which hurts the most is that Polly is completely innocent in all of this and she is taking the whole blame from Bern only cause she loves her so much(if we recall she took half of Bern's marks and now the ugly punishment for the rank-up).
At least seeing her reaction to Bern's determined face last page she can go to her happy place completely cutting out from her body while doing the deed, at least that I hope prostitutes do when doing their things to stay sane.

It is horrible fate, but since author decided to show us this in detail what is Polly fate here, and it's looking like that, and we already know Polly did this once time before, then it must be the thing Brion said before that violence and sex fanservice regarding especially females characters, since no one is naive enough to expect for example Crest being put in such trial at all soon(makes me curious if there will be male gladiator sex slaves here too), sell and it's a lure to the more extreme readers, and seeing past posts there are people here who wanted to see Bern raped to get "character development" and see in details what happened with Polly anyway so it's not too shocking that author wants to cater to them too...

Or at least I hope this is the case, we see this cause Bern will enter the scene due to following Polly here, and Bern will witness what Polly really does for her safety each night.
And that can basically go in few ways, most even having worse fate as my mind tells me:
- Bern tries to stop it and it turns ugly, either she is punished or raped, and it also sets of Polly which might even end with Polly execution, or even more punishment added,
- Bern steps in and starts undressing too and make out with Polly and the ugly guys to help here, and Polly will go with it charmed by Bern to lose her resolve,
- Bern showing up somehow stops it and we get someone else helping them seeing how their love each other and all that which is most unlikely seeing how dark these Bern chapters became.
For me from story perspective Polly sex slaving pages are needless fanservice of worst kind if they would not be connected with Bern seeing that.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 43: Discussion
« on: June 10, 2015, 05:57:17 am »
Now finally seeing the outcome, tell me that Bern's father was a smart person and that he managed to borrow some money and he bet on Bern winning here, cause with the prize won he would be able to easy buy her and Polly marks out.

Makes me curious how this will really play out, if the fights are to the death for both sides and not only Bern slaughter, then if Bern won't kill them now in cold blood, maybe she won't be given the A rank after all?
Seeing how Warden acted so far I bet she would do everything and use everything she can to make Bern wrong here and to show Warden's harsh viewpoint is the only truth here in the colloseum.
But then i expect the audience to "boo" her and Warden be giving Bern a B rank or something for her efforts.

Also I wonder if the swords are genetically marked, like no one that Grant and his blood relatives could use them fully, and what their real power is, if Crest super sword could have 2 modes depending on the side of the blade used, then Bern's ones may have even more uses than just absorbing the attack power and then sending it back and also being a storage, they maybe also work as dispelling feature to magical weapons making them useless after.

I kidna want to see how Bern will want to repay Polly after all this will end, first Polly taking half of her marks on her and later throwing herself willingly under the bus for Bern so Bern could stay pure in her morality slate.
I suppose Bern offering Polly sex is out of the question? :P
I doubt Polly would even want that since that would feel forced anyway on similair level of what Warden did to them with the options.
Can Bern have a room in her heart for someone more than just Maytag? We saw the dream, but is this just only sexual attraction or there's something more going here in Bern head?

I would want to see Bern willingly doing it with someone whose she would start having feelings for, and then see how May would actually react to this situation. What if Bern won't want to share Polly with May, and she will want to have two exclusive relations? ::)

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« on: February 25, 2015, 01:19:32 am »
2. Bernadette (Colosseum Storyarc)

This choice shouldn't be surprising cause the actual chapter while getting heavy into the psychological state of the characters during the conversations doesn't deliver actually any kind of fights when the actual special swords would be used, I have to admit that when I was hyped for Bern fights in the colosseum, I wanted to see her fight random opponents and use different tactic and grow up as a knight and warrior in her new style to defeat them and also to adjust, or team up with Polly against stronger opponents, that is what I'm lacking the most, would you guys like "Gladiator" movie if all it had was just talk without arena fights?
I wouldn't.

And I hate cliffangers like that when the chapter goes down and down with the negativity I fell for the characters used, I really got disappointed in how Bern acted and that she allowed once again for Polly to take the bullet meant for her, I know love is a strange thing, but again if Bern really loved May so much she would never choose option 1 to cheat on her morally wise(but like we see from May past chapter she was willing to do the same to see Bern so maybe that's why author used such plot point) and if Bern was so morally pure like Polly seems to think, then Bern would never throw Polly under the bus for her own personal gain of having a possibility to fight to see May further; where you don't see any light and the plot gets just more heavier with each page, I simply want to see some light for Bern out of that situation.

And I want to see anger, really it's a shame that Bern doesn't know that all of this was just arranged, that no matter what option she would choose, she would be set up for a match to get killed, I just want to see her waking up and finally trying to fight for her own survival, what Warden said that option 1 would harden Bern, well I don't think so it would work like that, it would make her more depressed and emotionally wrecked seeing who Bern is, and Warden should know that not everyone reacts the same way. I'm quite curious to see how this will go, for me there's no way she can win this fight staying morally good with her own set of rules, she should really grow up and see that the world is ugly place and she needs to react in proper way for it, for all people, not only for monsters or people who want to hurt her close ones.

Polly screaming the things she learned from Warden and also begging Bern that her own sacrifice would not go to waste might be the way to shake Bern here. Or maybe the father will try to react...
The thing is that as we see the male warrior is stronger than Bern, the woman I would say is faster, and the older guy is for sure more experienced in battle and tactics used, if three of them would work together Bern has zero chance, her only chance is to eliminate them one vs one, before they would learn what hit them.

And big plea for the author if you will ever make Crest chapter, please make him experience at least half of shitty things May and Bern get all the time, and make his choices have some negative consequences for him too(because I'm really find it unfair that Bern for saving her father gets such plot and Crest for saving his mother gets magical sword, beats thugs right and left and gets fangirls), and also put him in some very uncomfortable fanservice situation like May and also Bern were put already, I just want to see some equality in treatment of main characters and that even if he is a guy he too can get similiar treatment as female characters get ;D

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Hey all. Been wandering Asia for a little.

As one of the first to support option A (or really anything but option B), I'm glad to see Bern stepping up. I've said it before, the current arcs are interesting because they take the chars out of the existing party dynamic, letting us see them as individuals and addressing areas of their personality that need to be tested/fleshed out.

Bern just sacrificing for a 'new scar' isn't meaningful to her, and being willing to torture another is outside her bounds. We are defined in many ways by the challenges we face and how we do it, so I'm glad Bern is stepping up and hopefully will feel more plausible/fleshed out as a result.

That said, I personally have no real interest or need in a whole chapter of prurient exploitation of Bern and doubt Brion is going there. Obviously, can't just have Bern's need to follow through with her decision be 'saved', but I'm sure he has a path in mind. :)

Interesting here that Polly is making it harder for Bern to make her own choices, and actually more expensive. I don't see Polly's logic though. The Warden doesn't have to do anything. She gave Polly an option, but there is no contract involved here. What she wanted was Bern, and she got it. Lets see if Polly has just doubled the cost of Bern's owning up to her actions though.
I have to say I'm getting a bit bored here, now we can bet it will turn into some kind of pissing contest between Bern and Polly who will sacrifice herself more for the woman they love, ironically I'm still kinda surprised that author didn't try to tackle this problem more openly from that angle.

Everything Bern is doing is done out of love for Maytag, to see her sooner, and being scared that if she was in prison for longer then Maytag for sure would find someone better than her, at least I see it like that, and from that comes Bern utmost desperation to do such options than trying to step on her two feet and fight normally and honest in choosing option D even if it would take longer. Like I sad I dislike Bern hipocrisy here that she can't hurt a random stranger who had choosen himself to be punished like that in option C, but by choosing option A and being an utmost pacifist out of the blue, she willingly will hurt herself both physically and emotionally, also will very much hurt Polly feelings of who she looks to be not caring at all or taking them into account, and indirectly will also hurt Maytag too who for sure would tell her not to do it for such little advantage.

If you look at it the slight possibility that Bern will be able to win against 3 trained warriors to get a rank up is for me very small and not worth the effort(but we know as readers that due to magical swords she will be able to do that anyway as plot goes), if it was certain promotion then maybe but it's not. And after such mundane forced scenario as option A gives to Bern I don't think she will be ready for such fight right away.

And it's a bit funny Polly loves Bern so much that she is willing now to sacrifice herself even more just so Bern would resign and wouldn't have to do it, well that's dedication and love. But I can understand her, she's now too as much desperate as Bern is here and too don't want to back down.

I bet Warden has a blast here, she just need to wait a little more, sit, eat some popcorn and soon instead of just of one night scenario Polly will be a slave for few months time of her remaining punishment and Bern one will change into weeks. better than she would bargin with and more money to her and the organisation.

But we also should try to imagine different scenario, would Bern want to see Maytag choosing option A just so she would have a slight possibility of seeing her earlier? I don't think so, Bern would gladly wait for her. So maybe Bern should start really thinking that her own actions here don't only affect her but also the people who love her the most. And should finally act a bit selfish and sacrifice a random stranger so she could get the best option for her and Polly who also loves her.  Also what if Polly said to Bern as last resort born out of desperation that she would hurt herself or maybe even kill herself if the love of her life meaning Bern would still choose option A and would be gone from the cell? People in love do the most insane things out of that feeling.

Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 42: Discussion
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I hope Warden won't agree, but why not?

She sees that Bern is too weak to really do any of them, and that if one girl will do all 3 then her organisation will get quite a nice profit.
And we clearly see that Warden became bored and annoyed with them so allowing Polly to do it out of love and devotion for Bern will even more punish Bern here which she might allow for "fun".

Wouldn't that be a real character development for Bern, become a complete coward and ultimate pacifist who will sacrifice a woman who clearly loves her for her own personal benefit of seeing May quicker?
That would be quite selfish which many wanted to see Bern acting like, using someone else well-being and body for her own gains :P

And everything to stop it is just Bern saying either "I choose option C or D", cause as we see Polly is quite fanatically desperate to be again Bern saving angel, I bet even if Bern choosed A Polly still would want to cover for her instead. So now we can see that Polly is on the same level as May in love for Bern, she's willing to sacrifice her body for her like May did.

I just hope Bern is better than this to allow it.
Maybe this will finally push her to make a choice for herself.

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