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Hey it's truth game time!! What better way for me to bond with the community and tell everyone about myself is there? I can't think of one for sure!

Ask away, questions one and all.

The Debate Room / The Dichotomy of Fact and Opinion
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:35:17 pm »
Hi there, thought I"d break the ice here.

It seems to me that human logic follows a simple pattern. This pattern, to be put simply is that whatever can not be proven as fact must be broken down into an opinion, and conflicting opinions must be made into fact by a majority influence.

The biggest example here is a real kicker, and that is religion. There's no indisputable proof that there is a god, so groups are formed and labeled and they all try to fight for their idealisms. People are simply afraid to not have a label or an answer for something. Nothing can be just as it is. Every single speck of every single molecule has to be quantified. Even agnostics, those who claim they don't know what they believe in, aren't saying they're giving up on the whole thing entirely, they're just saying they don't know which side they're on.

Now by saying this the pattern will continue by you categorizing me, but that just further proves my point of humanity's need to categorize and understand.

Am I wrong?

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