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RP World / Stranded
« on: March 18, 2012, 07:18:27 am »
In this RP your votes decide the protagonist's fate. Will he survive in this strange realm? Will he ever return to civilization or will he die in this forsaken place? There is no OOC thread, all discussion is to take place in here.

[Statistics Block]
Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Description: Early 20's.
Background: Exiled prince

Health: Light injuries.
Conditions: Starving. Fatigued. Sick (poisoned)

Skills: (When buying points, 2 points of any type can be spent to buy a different skill)
(Each * = 1 point in the skill, ? = unknown skill)
Crafting: *
Adventure: *
Mining: 0
Survival: *
Construction: *
Engineering: *
Magic: **
Alchemy: **
Social: **
Available Upgrades: 2 Adventure points

You wake up with the taste of salt and sand in your mouth. Every part of you is in pain and at the moment it?s impossible to remember what happened to you. Standing up you look around and see you are on a small strip of beach near some trees.

The sun is high in the sky.

What do you do next?
(Vote for one option. Feel free to detail what should be done)
A. Gather wood and build tools and shelter
B. Gather food
C. Explore
D. Other (Write in option)

Votes will be tallied Monday morning my time, default is A if nobody votes.

OOC Talk / New Fantasy RPT?
« on: September 21, 2011, 10:47:49 pm »
Since the Sci-Fi story isn't as active as I hoped I feel I can run two simultaneous stories here so the second one (if there's enough interest) is going to be fantasy based.

I already have some pre-fabricated worlds but there are two I am most interested in running, for now I would like to know if there is more interest in one or the other.

1. The New World. Everyone is a player in a new Fantasy MMO on a roleplay server. There are quests, dungeons, adventures and everything without a need for an over arching storyline.

2. The Age of Frost. A no-magic fantasy RPT setting. In a late medieval European type setting the climate is changing. Storms are coming and winters are getting longer and colder. Famines are beginning as well as invasions as weakened kingdoms battle for ever more scarce supplies of food for their people.

If people are interested in playing another setting, please say so. I'll try to go with the story which the most people will be happy with.

RP World / Tainted Lucre (Sci Fi RPT)
« on: July 30, 2011, 03:52:36 pm »
Planet: Haverly's World
System: South Beacon
Eco Index: 30 (last reported, current estimates are high 20's)
Population: 18.7 Million (last reported, suspected to be falling)
Political Alignment: Sol Sector (Growing pirate tendency)

Haverly's World was just on the wrong side of collapse, there was still wealth left to buy equipment to attempt to stabilize the biosphere and the ignorant masses were not yet broken enough that they were still able to force the government to waste that wealth doing so. Sadly such worlds were the majority of the customers for independent traders like Captain Veriss' ship the Lucre.

Down on the world there were riots at the spaceport as people realized that a ship heading outsystem was in orbit taking cargo. People were offering life savings for passage to a world that was not dying, one without huge droughts and dust storms that completely erased entire tracts of formerly fertile farmland. One without periodic famines or chronic water shortages. A world without the explosion of insects that fed on the dead remains of civilization.

Stephen Colblatt sat strapped to his chair watching the monitors. The ship was currently attached to the large transfer station in high orbit around Haverly's so was unable to spin for gravity. "Captain, mail has arrived. Without delving into the filter, you have about 70 marked urgent. One is from the system governor asking a private meeting. Want me to dump that one with the rest or shoot it over to you?"

OOC Talk / We are the hero (OOC)
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:38:49 pm »
Now for something completely different. In this roleplay everyone plays one character. When I post here asking for the next action the first response becomes that action if it is possible.

I don't care what that action is going to be, you can unzip and piss on the king just after accepting the quest if that's the action posted. To reduce strange events, people can discuss and pre plan actions and all be ready to post the same sensible thing but if some random guy posts something else first, you're screwed. :D

Now, the story.

You are the legendary hero who has just killed the great black dragon Rogout who was threatening to destroy the kingdom. Even as the beast dies, the blood splashed on you begins to harden and your flesh becomes stone. The dragon declares his dying curse that you will become stone for a thousand years.

To begin, we have to create our hero. Each post below can contain one defining feature, such as gender, hair color, height, first and last name etc. No double posting. Also, if three people vote out a particular selection it get's cancelled and the first person to post afterwards with a redo of that feature has it locked in.

OOC Talk / Sci-Fi Roleplay Discussion/Signup
« on: June 14, 2011, 08:33:16 am »
The year is 3216, mankind has spread across 600 light years of space and colonized hundreds of worlds. Linking these worlds were vast and robust trade routes populated by merchants, wanderers and explorers.
When the problems first appeared they were considered a minor statistical anomaly, slightly more new worlds had failed or were failing in the previous century than the one before. This was not a big deal, Terraforming was not an exact science even then and the problems were assumed to be due to errors in the process.
As the rate of failures of new worlds increased more established worlds, being overwhelmed by refugees, closed their ports and the lifeline of trade broke down. Systems began to band together where all were once independent and tensions rose eventually leading to the great war of 3170 where Sol Sector and Midgard battled leaving one world uninhabitable and several others with severely damaged ecosystems that have yet to recover.

The great trading companies have all disbanded and the trade routes are owned solely by privately owned traders, the great City Ships and pirates operating from dying systems.

The Lucre is an ancient relic of a ship that was rebuilt from a Titan gunship, a class disbanded nearly 400 years ago. It's crew survives the old trade routes using whatever means necessary to continue.

Anyone interested in signing up post below. Every player will have 2 characters, one for on the ship (a bridge crew sort-of) and one for ground missions (an away team, sort-of again)

Positions that need filling
Bridge crew:
Scanners: (This is the spot I'm taking. Since I am going to be directing this RP I do not want a leadership position)

The ground crew will need people who know how to use weapons, people who can break locks as well as those who can treat wounds.


Stephen Colblatt, Navigation/Scanners ($tormin)
Mari Lairde, Engineer & Raize, Away Team (NightWraith)
Ahzek Namirha, Physician & Torgal Aumudssen, Away Team (Emp_Dragon)
Tentsul Veriss, Captain & Aleov Tanrak, Away Team (Brekkjern)
Mitchell Gant, Engineer & Frazer Naylor, Away Team (Oddball)

OOC Talk / Talk: Toys and Insects
« on: March 17, 2010, 05:49:28 pm »
Since the Flipside revival didn't catch on we need something new here. Toys and Insects is one I participated in years ago and it might be interesting enough to catch on here.

The situation is this. The game takes place in a mall where all of the toys have come to life and all of the animals have gained intelligence. Each player picks a faction, such as Stuffed Animals or the Cafeteria Cockroaches, and plays as it.

If there are at least 3 other interested players I'll start making the map. Call dibs on what you want to play as if you want. Player vs Player is allowed but must be consensual between both of them with details worked out between them, either in Private Messages or in the OOC thread. I will play as the Lego Army for my faction if this happens.

OOC Talk / Talk: Zombies: Survive the Night!
« on: January 08, 2010, 05:43:18 pm »
While we wait for Crystal Dragon to start up the next Roleplay Story I figured I would try running a very short one. This is a typical Zombie situation and the entire story takes place over the course of a night, from early evening to dawn, hopefully not taking longer than 2 weeks real time. Characters will be limited to normal people with even limitations on that mostly excluding military personnel.
If I get at least 3 interested people posting in this thread I will open the OOC/Signup thread and the main game.

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