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Hall of Games / Quote the avatar above you
« on: August 12, 2012, 10:52:55 pm »
I was looking through the games and noticed We dont have a thread for this game yet.

the game goes like this. all you have to do is decide what the avatar of the person who posts before you is saying/thinking.

like ie if someine had a avvy like this:

"what do you mean rabbit is the other white meat?"


"come by and see me sometime"

Or what I'd do for my current one: "No I'm not winking at you I got something in my eye!"

so lets play!

Artist's Den / banners for sigs
« on: December 27, 2009, 06:31:15 pm »
i think it'd be neat to have a thread for making sig banners.  people can make requests and/or show the neat banners they'd like to make for our forum goers here at flipside. :-*

here are a couple of mine

« on: October 14, 2009, 10:36:28 pm »

Hall of Games / MOVED: Vote For Smile's new Avvy
« on: September 10, 2009, 10:17:00 pm »

Hall of Games / Apples to Apples (online)
« on: September 06, 2009, 12:32:04 am »
 okay everyone; apples to apples is such a fun game that between me a pozf we thought we might get a version of it going here.

So the rules are as follows:

1) the judge posts an adjective

2) The judge gives a good amount of time for people to post one noun each that they think is described by that adjective.

3) the judge then decides what out of the posts made is the person/place/event/thing most like the adjective according to them.

4) the winner judges the next round.

to begin the first  word is:



Hall of Games / MOVED: Pick Smile's Avvy
« on: August 03, 2009, 02:54:16 pm »

okay now I don't know how many of you lot used to watch Zoobilee Zoo but I always loved it. and I was looking at it recently and thought gee talk about the furry community... Gawd I hate growing up and learning how bad things really could be. :( stupid sexual innuendos ruining all my favorite childhood shows. it's like in planet of the apes and I'm standing at the statue of Liberty yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

for those of you who don't know what show I'm talking about this is Zoobilee Zoo:

Free Talk / Life rants.
« on: July 01, 2009, 01:00:42 pm »
we all have stuff that makes us mad or just annoys the hell out of us ad I figure it's about time we had a rant thread to get all those feelings out.

My rant:
i was really angry yesterday in a way that i haven't been angry since the fifth grade. this person at work named Marcia has been getting on my nerves for a while and yesterday morning she has the nerve to yell "DONT HAVE A FUCKING FIT!" at me. i was completely fine before that. i swear my blood boiled. i hate it when people assume I'm in a bad mood when I'm not and she had taken the last straw and mutilated it. it didn't help that when i asked if she just didn't hear me or if she just doesn't listen she bluntly said she doesn't listen. if i hadn't been at work i would have clocked her. i really haven't been that angry since the 5th grade. I'm not a violent person really. my bark is worse than my bite type of thing when it comes to me physically fighting anyone. but I could have punched her right then and there. i don't even care if i woulda hurt my hand. she just... growls...

Hall of Games / Truth Thread Notice:
« on: April 18, 2009, 10:39:19 pm »
"We speak the truth!"

Hey to all you happy truthers out there! :-*

A truth thread is a good way for us to get to know the real you.
They can get personal or silly or serious or generally vague.
A truth thread can have a creative title. 
No truth really comes out the same way twice because everyone is different.
Having a truth thread is like having a personality quiz that keeps going and going and going... well you get the idea. ;D

If you don't want to answer an onslaught of questions, then please don't create a new truth thread.  :-\ We are a curious bunch and ask alot of questions so be prepared. ;D If you don't believe me take a look at a few of them first.

 IF you already have a truth thread and you decide you don't want to answer questions anymore please tell me via private message and I'll be happy to move the thread to the graveyard for ya. ;) 

Luv :-* and huggles,
from your gaming mod,

Smiles :-*

Pop Culture / Anime!
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:33:20 am »
it said we could discuss anime! so let's! I <3 the stuff. :-*

what's your fave anime?
how many series have you seen?
how many anime movies?
What series would you never watch again?
what is your favorite anime Genre?
Do you prefer Manga to Anime?
how much Anime/Manga do you own?

do you watch Hentai?

Do you like Yaoi?
or Yuri?

let's discuss anime!^_^ :-*

« on: April 02, 2009, 01:34:09 am »
Profile skeletons:

Appearance: -I want good descriptions or links to pics-
Short Bio:
Favorite Weapon to use:


Name:Aretha Smothle(Air*eth* uh Smoth* el) but mostly known as "Kid"/"Mouse"
Age: 14
Appearance:( at the start) her clothes ragged and tattered she wears scuffed up boys clothing, pants ripped practically to her knees and too big for her, A black belt with a silver buckle to hold them on, a pouch full of marbles hangs to the left side, a sling shot in her back pocket no shoes. She has long, mousey brown hair she wears in pigtails usually. She wears a big hat she found to hide her hair. She's skinny, short, and lanky and beneath the dirt she is fair of skin with a few freckles on her cheeks. She has the greenest eyes of the purest green of nature.

Status: Stow away/thief
Ship: looking to make due with whatever she's floating on.
Personality: spunky and cautious, a sadness is in her eyes behind the fire that burns there. Has a lot of guts for a small girl.
Short Bio: She's been living among thieves and bad un's as long as she can remember. She might be more well off if her mother hadn't died when she was 8 yrs old. Her father, good for nuthin drunk that he was, had abandoned them both when she was born. Boys seemed to keep alive longer in these times so she figured if she looked like one she'd last longer. She ended up having to steal to eat and became rather good at it. She picked up a sling shot like a pro when she'd been four. A boy she had been friends with taught her to use it well. No one could outshoot her in slingshooting marbles for miles around. If only the friend hadn't had to move away she might have gotten past the hard times. But he had gone before the incident with her mother occurred.
she uses her size and wits against her opponents in a fight. And she's been in her fair few to get away from those she'd stole from or swindled.
Favorite Weapon to use: Slingshot and marbles, though she carries a small knife for close combat.
Other: Pursues her mother's killer when she's isn't being pursued herself. her only clue is a Pirate Symbol that had been burned into her mothers skin.

OOC Talk / Rules
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:36:12 am »
1. Follow the rules completely. The OOC is more lose than the RP forum but remember its still RP related and not for randomness.

2. Talk: The talk threads are for out of charter talking for each RP, whom will have one. Every talk will follow the same setup or it will be removed. “Talk: ‘Name of RP’”

2a. These threads can be used for chat but for RP related chat only. This is to help answer questions if you did not understand what just happened or to discuses the story and how to progress it.

3. Character Sheets: This is where each RP can store the character sheets for each RP. This will help keep the RP clean and make it easier to look up character statistics. The threads need to follow this setup or it will be removed. “Character Sheet: ‘Name of RP’”

3a. Anything other than character sheets in these forums will be deleted.

4. No back-to-back posting. If the moderator sees somebody post twice in a row.

5. No Flame Wars! Flaming will not be tolerated. I can’t stress this enough. Things like "We're Original members so we’re better/ we're new so we're better"/we're mods so we're better; stuff like that. Everyone should be held in equal standards whether an opinion is different than someone else's or not. We want to avoid fights like this as much as possible. If a post is made that looks to be a flame towards someone directly or toward a general group, the “flame” will be deleted and a pm will be sent to the person(s) who wrote it for further discussion.

6. Any threads that do not follow the rules will be removed.

RP World / Role-Playing Chat:
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:11:01 am »
Yes indeed. The RP World forum Finally has it's own chat thread. Now, before I move on, anything that deals with the plot line of a thread will still (and should) be in the thread's talk thread. This is for something else entirely.

I'm sure if you like rps but don't like actually being in them, this thread is for you. This thread was created for the purpose of talk about the threads, but not of the storyline.


person001- Hey, what's going on with your rp?
person002- I ran out of ideas.
Person003- Hey why don't you.......

Get it? Good.

This is why the thread has been created. Same rules as the original chat thread, but it has to be remotely related to one of the rps.

have fun, talk, and enjoy.
forum section names have been changed to protect the innocent. ;D :-*

i don't know why this hasn't been brought over already. ::) and I don't know why the rules and important guideline stuff were brought over by me instead of a mod :P. but they are important so yeah. ;) lolz ;D

RP World / Introduction to Role Playing and Character
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:01:37 am »
Part one: Introduction

Role Playing is unlike many other games because it allows you to create everything about the character you play, from what color their hair is, to where they went to school, to how strong they are. Because of this, Role-Playing is unlike a video game, in that, although you control a character, you don’t just control how they move and attack, you control what they do, say, and think. The goal of any good Role-Playing is to tell a story.

- Character Development

The most crucial part of Role-Playing is how a Character is set up. Coming up with a name, background, sex, story of your char and any other characters to help people know about your character is very important.

- Defining a Purpose

As stated before, the most crucial part of any character is their motivation. Motivation is the thing that answers the question ‘what makes them tick’, essentially. Why they do the things they do. Is it for glory, prestige, honor, acceptance, money, boredom, proving your skills? The numbers of different motivations a character can have are as varied as the characters themselves. Because of this, the Role-Playing world is always diverse and exciting, as you never know what character you’re going to meet next or how they will react to what you do.

So, to get started with the Character Generation, the first thing you must do is define your motives. This is, essentially, the nature of your character’s Nature. How your char. acts in public to other people is essentially important.

Once you have your motive in mind, you can set about creating your Character. If you favor swords, or guns, then Tell this or whether your cup of tea is bombs.

RP World / Dragon_Huik's Guide To Combat
« on: March 19, 2009, 06:59:42 am »
Hello all. It's time to broaden the rules a little bit to add a Guideline to Combat.

The first thing you need to do when planning a battle scene is ask yourself and others these questions:
1. Why are they Fighting?
2. Where are they fighting/ what kind of terrarian is there?
3. Who's fighting?
4. What special abilities/ knowledge would allow them to get the upper hand in battle?

Otherwise those questions, there are several rules you must follow!

First Rule of Combat! Know your enemies!

In an Rp, there are several good guys and bad guys. Know who you're fighting and why! Add emotion to the battle. Ask yourself why these two (or more) are fighting. Try to add the emotion to the battle and let people get into the mind of your char.

Second Rule of Combat! Obey the Laws of Physics to at least a moderate degree!

Unless your character has special powers to do otherwise, don't try to break them! No one can jump 100 ft. without a little help by something or another! Figure it out before you post.

The Third Rule of Combat! In situations where it is Player Vs. Player, never powerplay the opponent's character!

For all you people out there, I strongly reccommend that you discuss Most battle scenes that involve more than one Rp-er's character. This breaks down most sorts of confusion and keeps other people from getting mad and leaving the thread.

The Fourth Rule of Combat! Research the battle!

Not really something that you should do for every battle, but for some it is needed. This falls in line with the Laws of Physics Rule of Combat. There is no way a person can....let's a gun and kill a person through two steel walls. Know the limits of the battle objects and things that you are using!

The Fifth Rule of Combat! No One-Hit wonders!

A sudden death kill every now and then is understandable whne dealing with massive battles with many enemies, but when only battling one person at a time, take the notion to slow down and add more detail and substance to the battle scene.

The Sixth Rule of Combat! No one is invincible!

Everyone has their weaknesses. Whether or not you and your character would like it, everyone has weaknesses. Whether it's cheese or a pesky meteor rock, everyone has one or more. Not to mention that eventually someone is going to get hurt.

The Seventh Rule of Combat! There are limits to people and animals!

Not everyone can run forever! Some have to rest or reginerate. Stamina and ability can only take you so far.

The 8th Rule of Combat! Give someone else a chance!
When in situations where there are more than one Player-controlled Character fighting, give the opposite side a chance to retaliate! During a battle there are many blows exchanged; let the other side get their's done so you can hit them back!

The 9th Rule of Combat! Don't attack when you have no clue what you're fighting about!

Make sure you understand fully about everything in the battle scene before entering!

The 10th and final Rule of Combat! Don't tell a person the specifics of their character!

Each individual person knows what their character is capable of! Don't tell them what their character can and can't do! This breeds contempt and anger between forum goers.

This has been a presentation of "Dragon_Huik's Guide To Combat" we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

RP World / Rules
« on: March 19, 2009, 06:57:51 am »
1) Remember to follow board rules. These are there for a reason and Brion would not have set them if they were not important.

2) Try to think of a plot BEFORE you make it. Don't just have something random and hope for the best, that's the worst thing you can do.

3) Try your best to move it along and keep it alive

4) Try to make it interesting so more people can join, and don't wait until late in the RPG, because people are going to read the first few posts and decide then whether or not they're going to join.

5) No back-to-back posting. If the moderator sees somebody post twice in a row. The second Post will be deleted. Use the edit button to add second post stuff to first.

6) Don't control anyone else’s character unless they give you the permission to do so.

7) Only two characters allowed per thread, unless the rules of that thread specify otherwise.

8) No God Characters. Characters that can not be harmed, or can never die, unless the thread is a godly thread.

9) Check in to post as much as possible. The more you’re here, the faster the Game will move, the more fun and active it will be.

10) Spelling…As much as Emphasis on Spelling is unimportant and can usually be looked over; using the spell check in Microsoft Word Programs is suggested to those with the tendency to misspell their words.
>>>> a. “If you don't know how a word is spelled or aren't sure, just put it how you think it's spelled and [SP?]Afterwards so we can find it easily and help you by telling you that you spelled it correctly or the correct way to spell the word.

11) Swearing… Just don’t over do it. Really using a swear for ever other word is unnecessary and lacks quality in a post.

12) If a thread hasn’t been posted in for a month or more there will be a week’s notice through pm to the players to pick it up again or it will be closed.

13) No Flame Wars! Flaming will not be tolerated. I can’t stress this enough. Things like "We're Original members so we’re better/ we're new so we're better"/we're mods so we're better; stuff like that. Everyone should be held in equal standards whether an opinion is different than someone else's or not. We want to avoid fights like this as much as possible. If a post is made that looks to be a flame towards someone directly or toward a general group, the “flame” will be deleted and a pm will be sent to the person(s) who wrote it for further discussion.

14) Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun. Us mods are here to help you and to make things here in Flipside RP world easier for you and we hope everyone can cooperate to make this a better place.

Hall of Games / My truth is funner!
« on: March 18, 2009, 11:18:37 pm »
Well if you don't know what to do then just ask cuz this is the thread where you ask me  stuffs ^_^

Do I know all? ??? ... even if I did I wouldn't tell all.  ;D but I love lots of fun questions so ask me anyways  :-*

Free Talk / ooh pretty!
« on: March 18, 2009, 11:08:37 am »
 :-* well I've finally gotten here. it's like a shiny new toy!^_^

time to play ^_^

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