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I've been thinking for a while about the scene where Moby snapped at Suspiria and Crest and pushed them both over the edge, and the more I think about it, the less sense it makes. She sounds out of character, like a bitchy teenager, probably just like how Suspiria remembered her from school. She could of course theoretically still be that way, but there are a bunch of reasons why this isn't normal for her under the circumstances:

1. Isn't she a Phalanx soldier? Don't these people have professional emotional training to deal with difficult situations, e.g. staying focused in the face of death, but also staying forcused during a mission, if not all the time?
2. They knew that they were powerless against Suspiria. But they went on this all but hopeless mission anyway, with one goal: Support Crest to give him an opportunity to talk to Suspiria and maaaaaybe she won't kill everyone. So, what are you not supposed to do? Yell at Suspiria. And what else are you not supposed to do? Yell at Crest. And what else are you not supposed to do? Lose your shit while being inside a dangerous room that nobody was supposed to enter, ever, while also being in the presence of Melter and Bloody Mary. Did Moby realize any of that? Nope.
3. Why did nobody stop her and make her regain focus until shy Regina dared to speak up? Regina's not Phalanx, right? I don't thinkg that Phalanx training makes you stupid. I prefer to think Suspiria bent reality so much that nobody was able to stop her in time?

Thus I can only conclude that the anti magic sphere didn't cancel out all of Suspiria's influence. Maybe for Crest, because he was holding the thing, and maybe for Regina, because she held it right before (so the reality-bending had to start over for her), and Melter held it the day before (and possibly Mary, too) but not for anyone else.

I know I keep making fun of the Phalanx and the Conclave for looking like incompetent buffoons almost all the time (except for Qtalda), but Moby outclassed everything I've read so far by a rather large margin and nobody had the sense to intervene. That can't be right. I mean, until now the stupidest thing I've read a Phalanx do so far was Glyph eating the poisoned sandwich before he made out with Bernadette in the pool. I believe that an elite soldier should've been taught about poisons and how to analyze food, but that was merely a rather large mistake that can happen if the guy prefers to analyze women over analyzing anything else. I guess he was also caught off-guard by the fact that the hotel seemed like a nice and safe place. A stupid and big mistake, but nowhere near the mistake of losing focus in the worst danger zone they've ever been in.

So, what does everyone else think? Was Moby herself or not? The sphere likely comes from that continent where level 6 sorcerers are relatively common and the thin man should be rich enough to afford something of adequate power. Did Melter analyze Suspiria's power by himself or did the thin man paint the answer and Suspiria has gone beyond level 7 by now?


I recently had a thought: Assuming that all the people from the sources I'm going to quote tell the truth:
1. Dissolving tests for sorcery levels 4 through 6 are supposed to keep you firm on your emotions, yourself and reality in general:
2. However, the thin man says that reality is a lie. (I don't think I need to quote any page, because it's pretty much all he says all the time).
3. And Suspiria said that her power feels like she got rid of constraints, see last panel of

That makes me assume that those high-level dissolving tests have the purpose of "keeping you in the matrix". Imagine you're in the matrix and unknowingly take the red pill and suddenly you can do neo-like stuff and have no idea why. Of course that would be terrifying and you might become insane and even bend your body out of shape, so naturally people would create tests to counter any of those effects. However, those tests sound as if they're a huge effort to strengthen the constraints you actually might want to rid yourself of.


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