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Free Talk / Discord server: are you interested? (Instant messaging/chat)
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:58:43 pm »
Now I know at least the non comic discussion part of the forum is kinda dead and that essentially a chatroom might seem like an idea doomed to fail from the start, BUT I figured I'd ask anyways. Partly because I figure instant messaging can be slightly more of a passive thing than checking a forum and people might feel like it's more easily accessible in a way because they can just pop in and chat for a bit now and then if they have the program running anyways.
I might be wrong.
I'm not overly active in the chats I participate in myself, but personally I thought it would be nice, even if I'd only end up having a conversation a couple times a week or something.
Anyways, if there is interest I think it's worth at least a shot, doesn't cost anything anyway.

So for anyone not knowing what Discord is, it's an instant messaging program that also has voice chat. Similar to Skype except better. You can set up servers, essentially group chats, and add multiple separate chatrooms or channels, not unlike a forum with sections and threads, as well as voice chat channels that you can just pop into.

I'm proposing we try making an unofficial Flipside forum discord server (if there is interest) and see where it goes. (I'll take responsibility.)

Pop Culture / Chag4 reads...
« on: July 25, 2011, 04:57:05 pm »
I'm obsessed with books!
I literaly didn't know what was more important in my life when I thought it over; reading or my boyfriend (who is now my ex boyfriend, so maybe one day I'll find someone worth more than reading to me).

Anyways, I thought since its the most important thing in my life I have to have some useful or interresting knowlege of it, so heck, why shouldn't I share!

But first, are people even interrested in hearing about what I read and what I think about it?

I would also love reading suggestions in this thread. But know that I am kinda picky, and I usually only read fantasy because whatever else I touch feels like eating dirt in comparison, even sci fi, which is wierd since its so closely related.

Anyways, would you care for my ramblings?

Free Talk / The tale of Chaglet and the unknown dark force!
« on: July 18, 2010, 04:49:58 pm »
Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her parents, as most parents do, thought of her as a princess, and for a while she lived in the happy naivety of childhood. But then she got into school, and the life with other children, and they stepped on her and made her feel like a pile of dirt.
Though she had friends most of them didn't treat her as well as friends should. But she had things in life she loved, and she found something that became very special to her; an internet forum. She found a lot of great friends there, and ways to express herself creatively that she came to love, and almost entirely live for for a while.
Every day she got through the necessities of life just to be able to write. She slept reluctantly, ate fast and went out only when she had to. But she was happy. Very happy in deed, and she hoped it could continue like this.
But times change, and she changed schools and got some new friends she thought she would keep forever, though it turned out only one would be a true friend to her. And when she changed schools again, her days became so busy she didn't have the strength to do much when she got home, even posting on the forum. She ate and slept, and maybe read a little, but not much more. Even though she was exhausted every day, she was happy. She had made a lot of great new friends whom she hoped she would keep forever, and if she couldn't she knew she would always remember them.
She even started going out on her free time, and spending time with her friends, and she became what she regarded as a healthier and happier person. She even found herself a long longed for prince, and finally someone saw her as a princess again, and it made her shine and feel confident.
All her new friends made her feel more like a real person of real worth again. But there was something she missed. The forum that had made her life so bright at times had somehow fell out of it, and she didn't know how to grab a hold of it anymore. She missed it, she missed what it had given her, and she truly tried to get it back into her life, but every time she got near to it, a weird feeling sneaked up on her that she could not quite understand. She tried hard to figure it out, and thought that maybe even though the forum had been so great to her, it had still been with her in a time of her life that she would rather not dwell on. Maybe it reminded her of that time? But it didn't feel like that could be the only thing keeping her from it.
But she tried very hard to get it back into her life, and she is still trying. She is closer to it than she has been in over half a year, but she is still not confident she can actually make it feel as it felt before.
But she will not give up, and she will not back down! Not even for an unknown enemy will she give in! For she has become a confident woman, a fighter, the magical senshi Chaglet, and no enemy can overcome her (she tries to make herself believe)!

Free Talk / Unknown action. O__O
« on: August 09, 2009, 06:02:53 pm »
Ever checked out the "Who's Online" list and seen the action "Unknown Action".
Does it freak you slightly out / get you curious?
It does with me.
And you know what, once or twice, I also saw "Nothing, or something you can't see."

The mysterious actions. Hmm.
Let's discuss what it might be.

Artist's Den / Chaglet's Notebook of Random Works
« on: July 18, 2009, 06:00:27 pm »
This is hearby my notebook where I can post any work I would wish to share.
Feel free to comment.
I'd love some serious critique.


I will start with this, which I am fairly proud of. I just found some words in my mind that I felt really emotional about, so I put them down on paper, and this is what I got:

- - - -

Silence. Darkness.
I cannot hear my own voice screaming, crying. I cannot see anything, not even my hands before me.
I reach out to touch my face, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.
I feel nothing. Only the tears on my cheeks. I feel them, I hear them, like droplets hitting the still surface of water.
I know they are there, but I cannot reach them with my hands, or wipe them away, as if my sorrow is so deep that I cannot reach it, and wipe that away.
I know nothing, other than my sorrow.
“Still your tears little one, for they are all too saddening to listen to.”
A deep voice, seemingly from everywhere around me, breaking the endless silence.
Then a light, a bright light appears before me, spreading all around me turning darkness into light, and inside the light, is a great shadow. A figure of a person.
I am floating.
Above bright white water. It seems endlessly deep, while it also gives the impression of being awfully shallow. I think it is only the surface. Only the surface exists and nothing underneath it.
A stream of tears fall into it, with low harmonic splashes. Mine.
“Come, little one.”
I can still not see my hands, or my legs. As if I don’t truly exist. But I feel myself moving.
Ripples of water are forming underneath me. Ringlets. One here, and then one up front, a little to the side, as if my feet are touching the surface. They make a slight sound, barely a hint of a splash. Soft and comforting, mostly because it makes me feel as if I am.
It all grows brighter as I come closer to the figure, as if the shadow is the source of the light.
I am now right in front of it, almost inside it, and still I cannot see anyone in it, as if it is no person, but only a shadow. Still my feet move me forwards and I feel the light leave my sides as if I am going into a tunnel.
I cannot look behind me, I do not have the knowledge of how to turn, and I feel myself tilting forwards, soon I am falling head first into the shadow.

- - - -

I have a very good feeling about this, my head is swiriling with ideas that might make this into a complete story. For now, this is all I can manifest properly.
But I am honestly proud. I was really inspired. It's sad though that I cannot seem to chanal my inspiration to one place, like the RP's or the other stories I'm working on.
Hope you like it.

Hall of Games / The COOL "Last Post Wins" Thread
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:00:33 pm »
The reasons for this thread to be made are many.
One is that I simply hate the rules of the official last post thread, and miss the old democratic one.
But there is another more selfish one:
I regret to say that I currently look upon me and The Admiral's relationship as strained. This is my fault since I have been both mean and unfair to him. I'm sure it will fix itself and that I am simply being childish, but this is the truth of the current situation.
So this thread was partly made to annoy him, and to contest the other last post thread, out of the sin of vanity in the form of pride. I simply believe the old rules were better, and I want to fight for them, and I want to shove The Admiral's rules ut his ass. ^^
This is how I understand the old rules. Forgive me if any of the wise old ones disagrees.



1. The number is not the post number but the reply number. No need to +1.

2. If you post on the set number you win the chance to set a new number.

3. You may post the number, or you may keep it secret, but make sure to come back regularly enough to reveal the winner. If you beleieve you cannot get back soon enough for this, please post the number.

4. After some period of time after someone has won, depending on the amount of posts and time that has gone by, if the winner has not come back and set a new number, another number will be set in democratic agreement.

5. As for conversation, any topic will do.

6. Anyone who isn't the winner of the current round may set a number without voiced agreement that the real winner is too late and it is due time to set a number.

7. No one, not even mods may evade these rules.
(Mods may modify this thread and it's post as is their job, but as these rules are not invalid in any way, it should not be neccesary to alter them. Also if someone feels like deleting this because we already have a last post thread, I have to point out to you that the rules are completely different, so even though the game is based on the same general idea, it is a completely different game.)


As a side note, not a rule, I wish you to respect your elders. Not neccesarily the old ones of age, but those who have been in the forum longer, and not THIS forum, but the flipside forum in general, and are well known.
It is incontrovertible that those who have been here the longest are those who have the most experience and those who are, most likely, the wisest.
But I will root for the new generation, it has most times proven to overtake the old, but not momentarily. New knowledge, new ways, new traditions are healthy to this forum. Change is good, and should be welcomed.
But I still beleive "my" rules are better. ;D

Now spam this thing down with something so we don't have to look at this boring, formal post any longer!!! 8D
And yes, I do get hyperactive from writing formally.

Hall of Games / How to destroy the earth
« on: March 29, 2009, 06:58:43 pm »
I had to make this thread because I find a sadistic thrill in thinking of the many ways of destroying the earth.

There are no real rules, just tell how you would do it in any way you'd like, and feel free to comment and discuss peoples ways. ^^

Example1 (Simple action):
*destroys the earth with a t-spoon*

Example2 (Explanation):
I would destroy the earth with a t-spoon, slowly and gradually digigng it away untill all would be rubble.

Example3 (RolePlay aka The fun way):
The earth trembles beneath the feet of the allmighty ExamplePerson as it holds a shining t-spoon for all to see, while laughing maniacly. Before anyone can start their screaming of fear and running of panic, ExamplePerson lowers the spoon into the first spot of grount it sees, lifting it out again only to tip it over, a hole and a pile where there was once flat ground.

No, it was a simple normalsized t-spoon.


My very favorite way, would be to crash the moon into the earth. Just think about it. People around you look up into the sky and see the moon growing larger and larger. At first they will surely be in complete denial or not know what is going on. But then thet will realize and start running around screaming and crying, and you HAVE to see that large moon right before it smothers you and crashes into the face of the earth!
It would look so beautiful.

Hall of Games / The Goodbye Thread
« on: March 17, 2009, 11:32:50 am »
This wasn't all THAT useful in the old forum, but cozy and nice.

Say goodbye when you go so people know.
You don't HAVE to though.

Also, it works great if the Goodbye isn't just for the day, but if you are going away for some time, for vacation maybe.
People start to worry and miss people in this forum, beleive it or not.
At least I would like to know when people go away.

(Mod note: Pinned for not being a damn truth thread.  And no, not gonna pin Haiku.  Sorry for editing your thread, Chag, but it was the first one.)

Hall of Games / The Truth - Just another lie. (Chag4)
« on: March 17, 2009, 08:36:02 am »
Anything you want to know?
I'm an expert on this topic.:P

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