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Flipside Discussion / Who will survive?
« on: August 02, 2018, 02:30:50 pm »
I was gonna do a poll, but couldn't find that option.

Back when I watched alot of horror films, I used to guess at who survived the monster/murderer/curse/whatever.

Since I said in the thread, I was gonna do a poll, I'll just straight up ask what people think.

  • Nobody survives
  • Just Crest
  • Just Suspiria
  • Just Melter
  • Just Mary
  • Just Moby (somehow?)
  • Crest & Suspiria
  • Mary & Melter
  • Crest & Mary (Crest loves monsters, so now he has a sweetie that could just eat him up  :-* )
  • Crest & Suspiria, Mary & Melter
  • Everyone lives (even the guy who just got stabbed)
  • Everyone lives. Except Moby, cuz I hate her.

I think that's everything.

Flipside Discussion / What is Corona's Vision?
« on: November 09, 2015, 06:27:01 pm »
We can tell May's vision is, from character context. Bern basically tells her off, and she is left alone, rejected by the last person who cares about her.

But has anyone figured out what Corona is afraid of?

We see her standing looking at at a shadow on the lucid dreaming page.
We see her sweating over a Transmography book.
We see her with Rhodes, implying she has been here awhile.

Flipside Discussion / Chapter 44: Discussion
« on: July 28, 2015, 07:27:15 pm »
First post!  ;D I'm not sure if Brion always starts these threads, in which case, sorry.

Well, two comics now, so may as well get started. When last we saw May she'd pretty much given up on the Dark Cell. It's not clear whether time has passed or whether we're rewinding to that point (the problem of split perspective).

So yea, she doesn't seem to have much motivation. Probably because she wants to go back and perform at something she's good at versus "oh hey why not  walk through this impossible dark chamber while you're preoccupied with your own stuff." Seriously, they have horrible timing, given that she was in the middle of performance.

I have a beef with them wiping her memories. First off, who does that? That's straight out of MIB spooks stuff. Second, he's all like "I don't like forcing anyone to do anything" as he said in an earlier chapter, ummm the thing is, other people's memories aren't yours to take! That's precisely the definition of a manipulator, they either view people  as useful to them or get rid of them. People have inherent worth, whether or not they do anything dramatic with their life.

Third, and this is important, it's her memory so it's not a given that she'd be happier without these memories, even if he managed to deliver her back in time for the performance (which btw if you've made her miss, she'd have happy memories of the event then be broke and without options, which is kinda... cruel I guess), there is a difference between knowing the truth and doing the mundane and not knowing anything and the same. It's like Jupiter Ascending, after the adventure she had a brush with greatness, and so rather than her crappy janitor job being a personal hell where "I hate my life" it was just part of things and she could do it with enthusiasm. Or to put it traditionally, there's a story about a monk who before enlightenment chopped wood and carried water. What did he do after? He chopped wood and carried water. The difference however was him, and how he viewed life. Erasing her memories is taking that away from her.

That's my thoughts. Other observations?

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