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Hey all! On the Flipsidecomics home page there is a list of conventions where Flipsidecomics will have a merchandise table/booth. This is a thread for discussion of the upcoming conventions and who is attending them. Wouldn't it be neat if we(the forumites) actually met each other at con; where we can bug Brion and purchase the awesome flipside merchandise too?

Smiles and I attended Anime Central this past weekend. I loved the table  set up. I even met someone at con who's name is Bernadette and suggested she start reading flipsidecomics.^^ I've even seen some Maytag cosplayers there in the past.(sadly i lost my camera that had that pic on it:( )

looks like A-kon is coming up next in Texas.(May 29th-31st) Is anyone going?(I sadly am not)

Hall of Games / The Truth is not Cake!
« on: April 13, 2009, 11:07:15 pm »
Since according to the end of Portal Cake is a lie! though i'm hoping that doesn't include cupcakes. Please ask away about my other food ponderings and/or my non food ponderings. I shall try to put the answer into words if possible. whether you understand them or not is another thing entirely! ;D 8) :-*  ;)

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