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Hall of Games / Outragous LIes about the last poster!
« on: October 01, 2009, 01:33:48 pm »
This is a cute little forum game that I am shamelessly stealing from another forum. It goes like this.

Poster A: Outrageous lie.
Poster B: It is actually a little known fact that Poster A is actually the accedental inventor of the washing machine. She made the great discovery when she climbed into a barrel filled with soapy water and went over Niagra Falls. When she emerged, all of her cloaths were clean.
Poster C: Poster B has a collection of all of the skin he has ever lost in a huge jar hidden underneath his floorboards.
...And so on.

Sense I am the OP I guess I shall start by making up a lie about myself.  :P

You see, I am really a disembodied soul that inhabits all the internets. That chick from Ghost in the Shell has nothing on me. Everytime you masturbate to porn online, I am watching you.

 :o :o :o

It is October today and I want to start a thread about things that are scary. And things that make you anxious. And thongs that give you the heebie jeebies.

Some things are fun and scary like some tv shows and movies, and some things are scary in a silly way like clowns or small rodents, but discussions here don't just have to fun scary things like horror movies and haunted houses, but also things that make you scared in real life, like not being able to pay the rent on time, or the fear of being lonely.

If it is involved with things that scare you, you can post it here.

« on: July 08, 2009, 11:09:21 am »
Looks like a female St. Pug

needs more nipple. :P

Do you have any tatoos?
Haha, I didn't feel like putting the nipple in there last night.  Probably won't now, either.  If I have other artists draw her, it's really likely that they'll make it too high.

And no, I don't.  I didn't want to be like everyone else around here, going and getting one as soon as I turned eighteen.  I have a couple in mind that I'd want, and if I still really want them in a couple years, then I'll go and get them.  If not, then they weren't that important to begin with.

Well no one wants to get tatoos from some one who doesn't have any. Just sayin'

Free Talk / The Where the Hell is Smilie?!?! Thread!
« on: May 11, 2009, 01:32:05 pm »
I like Smilie and I miss her!  :(

Also if Smilie is never here who is moderator to the hall of games?  ???

Pop Culture / PANDORA!
« on: April 28, 2009, 11:54:22 am »

Like the chat thread, but 169.3% sex-sex sexier!  :P

Have an embaressing fetish you want to share?

How 'bout a problem in the bedroom you need advice on?

Have a disturbingly strong crush on Zach Effron?

Just need someplace to shout out nonsequiters about boobies!

Want to pretend-make-out with someone on this forum?

Just have a burning desire to ask a random bi guy (i.e me  ;)) something?

Do it all here!

This is also the place to discuss Sexual Politics and gender-related issuses. (eg. your school is realy sexist or homophobic and you need to rant about it... or whatever...  :D)

(caveat: sex-related issues are a sensitive topic, so try your best to be as sensitive and consiterate as you can. If in doubt, err on the "This person is not a total freak for thinking that..." side of the disscussion, if possible.)

Be nice to each other and have fun!

Free Talk / So I am a hypocrite. And sad. :(
« on: March 30, 2009, 11:57:29 am »

So 3 weeks ago I met this girl well running errends and we really hit it off. I thought I maybe she could be my new girlfreind.
She is a busy girl and lives in another town but I thought we could work it out. Then she started going to school on top of having a really demanding job. I said that I was willing to put forth the extra effort just to see her. Then she told me yesterday that she is engaged! This is after we went out together and had what I thought was a really good time.

I couldn't jive with it. When I thought she was single I was willing to put in the extra effort to see if it would become a real relationship but now I don't really want to see her for a while. I am kind of resentful that she has a fiance and she neglected to mention it until it she could use it as an excuse not to see me.
I told her that she can give me a call if she ever breaks up with him, but till then I don't want to see her anymore.

All pretty standard right? In the dating scene, stuff like this is the costs of doing busness...


I also have a boyfriend.

For those of you who don't know, I have been involved with or living together with another man for more then 2 years. We have an arangment. I can date other girls, just not other guys. I'm fine with that becuase two penises is more then enough for me already. I can occasionally mess with girls I like as long as he doesn't have to hear about it too much.
But I thought this girl was special and I was hoping she could be my other monogomys partner. I was going to tell her about my boyfriend the next time we were alone together and hopefully we could begin to start dating for real, become a real couple.

Now I sad and miss her but I also feel like a hypocrite for dumping her for the exact same thing I am currently doing!  :(
I don't know how to feel about this. But I feel really sad. :(


Pop Culture / What Are You Reading Right Now?!?!?! :)
« on: March 17, 2009, 11:55:04 am »
Post here about what comics and books and magizines that you are currently reading, and tell us your reviews and opinions about them and thoughts about what others have read. Remeber Reading is Fun(damental!) :D

Currently Reading: Kurohime, Flipside, Kushiel's Mercy, The Year of Living Biblically, Imajica.

Reviews: Soon to Come!

Hall of Games / "The Sate of Being the Case."
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:51:50 am »
So here is the new "truth" thread for your's truly.

Have fun!

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