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Title: Flipside Kickstarter for Book 8!
Post by: Brion Foulke on February 11, 2016, 02:10:01 pm
I am doing a new Kickstarter for Book 8!  It's going to be running all of February, and it's primarily for funding the new print versions of Book 8, as well as reprints of older books.  There will be other surprises as well, along with possible finally getting a print version of Book 0!  Check it out! (
Title: Re: Flipside Kickstarter for Book 8!
Post by: bulmabriefs144 on February 11, 2016, 08:00:26 pm

Best and/or most honest review ever.

If you're interested in polyamory/monogamy and negotiating incompatible sex drives and relationship orientations, with a backdrop of magics and quests - rejoice!

I'm not much for the author's descriptions of his own work (stop calling this character a nymphomaniac bisexual with a split personality, I disagree with your interpretation of her and you are pathologizing needlessly and oppressively). I also didn't especially love the first few chapters (the ones in this book I'm reviewing), as they use the tired "awkward male protagonist likes girl" schtick, and there's a fair amount of sexist and homophobic characters. Plus, the very first page is about how sex is a universal, integral experience, which, asexual erasure much.

BUT - as the series progresses, it turns out that this annoying male protagonist was mainly a plot device to (re)introduce the real main characters (since there is actually a lot of canon backstory which exists in "Book 0," the older and less-pretty webcomics), and he gets rightly background-ed. The homophobia and sexism are predominantly symptoms of the small town we start out in, and we leave it soon enough. I can write off the "sex, it must be important to absolutely everyone" bit as part of the character's overexaggerated stage show.

And, I fell in love with the characters, their dynamics, the exploration of their compatibility, and with the world-building and sorcery and plot.

I was worried about the "hypersexual/nymphomaniac bisexual non-monogamous girl" trope, but the actual representation of her character is very well-done and nuanced. The way she talks about her perspective on things like sex, nudity, and relationships sounds like the things a pansexual non-monogamous person with a high libido would actually say. She doesn't feel over-exaggerated or (too) over-sexualized, and she is presented sympathetically.

She is juxtaposed well against her partner, and both of their feelings and belief systems are treated with respect and carefully explored as they try to negotiate a way to stay together. Throughout their adventures, they continue to struggle and have genuine, unfabricated conflicts. They have meaningful discussions with other characters about honesty and compromise, about the nature of sex and what is "natural" or "disgusting" - and all of this flows with the adventure narrative.

I am seriously invested in this webcomic and the ongoing relationship between two characters who love each other intensely, have fundamentally different beliefs about relationships, and are fighting to stay together (along with fighting some serious enemies and some moral battles - sometimes with very cool magic). Hardcore recommend.

Pffft, sounds like someone doesn't like Crest.

Personally, not into the books 1-8 (since I like to just marathon through a self-contained work, such as Bone), but I think I'll definitely try to get a hold of Book 0.
Title: Re: Flipside Kickstarter for Book 8!
Post by: Brion Foulke on February 13, 2016, 02:22:42 am
Yeah, I have seen that before, I thought that was a very cool review.  It's nice to read a review by someone who really seems to "get" what you're trying to do.  I even agree somewhat with his criticisms of the early chapters, if I could go back I would do a lot of things differently with them.
Title: Re: Flipside Kickstarter for Book 8!
Post by: bulmabriefs144 on February 17, 2016, 06:09:29 am
Urgh yeah, I have a pet peeve about making a game or something, and having the person playing it quit before they make it through. Granted, I have a short attention span, but when they then proceed to review the game as a whole without playing the game as a whole... yeah, it's so refreshing to have a reviewer that looks at the entire thing.

That said, I could forgive anyone for not getting through Bravely Default.  ;D

Title: Re: Flipside Kickstarter for Book 8!
Post by: Brion Foulke on February 26, 2016, 10:13:08 pm
Hey everyone! Update on the Kickstarter... it's almost up to the goal, $5,000! But there's a new stretch goal which is to get Book 9 printed as well! With that in mind, more support would be great! And it's a good opportunity to get the books with sketches in them, as well as other goodies!

And if you can't afford to support it, please spread the word and tell everyone you can about it, that would be very helpful!