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Title: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 18, 2012, 07:18:27 am
In this RP your votes decide the protagonist's fate. Will he survive in this strange realm? Will he ever return to civilization or will he die in this forsaken place? There is no OOC thread, all discussion is to take place in here.

[Statistics Block]
Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Description: Early 20's.
Background: Exiled prince

Health: Light injuries.
Conditions: Starving. Fatigued. Sick (poisoned)

Skills: (When buying points, 2 points of any type can be spent to buy a different skill)
(Each * = 1 point in the skill, ? = unknown skill)
Crafting: *
Adventure: *
Mining: 0
Survival: *
Construction: *
Engineering: *
Magic: **
Alchemy: **
Social: **
Available Upgrades: 2 Adventure points

You wake up with the taste of salt and sand in your mouth. Every part of you is in pain and at the moment it?s impossible to remember what happened to you. Standing up you look around and see you are on a small strip of beach near some trees.
The sun is high in the sky.

What do you do next?
(Vote for one option. Feel free to detail what should be done)
A. Gather wood and build tools and shelter
B. Gather food
C. Explore
D. Other (Write in option)

Votes will be tallied Monday morning my time, default is A if nobody votes.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 19, 2012, 07:20:51 am
With a good part of the day already gone you decide shelter for the night is the most important thing. Finding a dying tree with still solid wood you break chunks off and fashion into crude tools. A shovel and pick for digging and a sturdy club.
Around one of the trees you find a red tasty looking fruit that had fallen to the ground. Stashing it away in case you can?t find anything else to eat today.
The shelter you made is a more just a bunch of wood leaning against a dirt hill than a proper house but it should protect you through the night.

During the construction you managed to dig up some good chunks of stone which you use to craft a spear.

Most of the day is gone, what do you do next?

A. Search for water and food nearby.

B. Improve your house.

C. Explore along the coast.

D. Explore inland

E. Other (post)

Votes will be tallied Tuesday morning my time (if any). Default is option A.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Obsidian_Dragon on March 19, 2012, 07:19:24 pm
{OOC} God Bless you Survival Studies! Former Air Cadet Representing! {OOC}

D) Gather Firewood and prepare a fire. The Psycological effects of a fire will soothe our frayed nerves as well as keep any predators from wanting to investigate.

Also with night approaching, it's better to do this NOW rather than later.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 19, 2012, 08:30:28 pm
I went a little bit early just cause.

You give your head a shake. With how damp it is you are probably going to need a fire to keep warm through the night. You have plenty of wood left but none of it is particularly dry. You try rubbing sticks together but nothing ignites.
Realizing it wasn?t working you try digging rocks out the back of your shelter to make a proper fireplace.

A few of your larger pieces of wood are put over the heat so they will dry out and burn much easier later.

Oddly enough the makeshift fireplace puts off enough light that you see some sort of glinting from something embedded in the stone. Trying to pry it out with your wooden tools proves fruitless.

This work has made you hungry. You wolf down the apples you had gathered earlier. Then regret it, you haven't explored anywhere around where you washed ashore so you don't know what the food supply is around here.

Outside you can hear a lot more movement and you just realize it?s completely dark out.

What do you do next?

A. Wait out the night, try to get some rest.

B. Investigate the noises.

C. Keep trying to get whatever that is you found embedded in the wall.

D. Other (post)

Votes will be tallied Tuesday morning. Defaulting to A if nobody votes.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 19, 2012, 09:00:50 pm
By the way, this is not a playthrough of the game, what happens in the game will usually be part of this RP but not everything. I will add items, structures, npcs etc as the story requires. I'm also limiting game mechanics, the wooden pick can't actually break stone for example but it's being used to pry loose rocks.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 20, 2012, 06:41:39 pm
Setting down a bed of leaves near the fire you get ready for the night.

Your rest is interrupted by a loud noise. You grab your spear and club and investigate.

It?s something you can?t quickly identify in the darkness but it?s clearly hostile. You feel a pain as an arrow fired by your attacker hits you, luckily it was just a grazing shot.
You throw your spear and get a solid hit but the thing doesn?t fall. You must have hurt it badly because it leaves.

Figuring it must have been attracted by the light you drag several branches and cover your home with them.

The rest of the night offers only a few snatches of sleep as you await another attack.
Finally dawn seems to be breaking.

[Results of the action: Lost 1 spear. Gained 1 minor injury. Current condition is now Fatigued. ]

What do you do?

A. Explore along the coast for food and a more secure location

B. Explore inland for food and a more secure location

C. Investigate the scene of your fight in greater detail.

D.  Explore out to sea a ways.

E. Other (post)

Votes will be tallied Wednesday morning. Defaulting to A if no votes cast.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Obsidian_Dragon on March 20, 2012, 10:15:47 pm
I say D) Tend to your wound and Barracade the entrance to the shelter before hunkering down for some well deserved sleep.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 21, 2012, 06:49:40 am
D is actually explore out to sea. But I get your meaning on what to do.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 21, 2012, 07:17:39 am
You are tired and you?ve already made too many mistakes so far. It?s clear that the natives are hostile but nothing you can do now will help you protect yourself. You lean a heavy piece of wood against the entrance of your shelter as a makeshift door.

Then going back in you rest through the morning after binding your wound with tatters from your clothes.

On awakening you go outside, club readied but there?s nobody there. The site of your battle is very close and you are able to recover your spear. You must not have actually hit your attacker because there is no blood on it or the ground. You also find a fairly large bone, close in size and shape to one from a person?s arm.

You are now very thirsty and fairly hungry. None of the trees nearby have any more available fruit.

[Results: Neutral action, no EXP. +1 spear and +1 Humanoid bone.]

What do you do?

A. Explore North along the coast for food and a more secure location

B. Explore South along the coast for food and a more secure location

C. Explore Inland for food, water and possibly better shelter.

D.  Explore out to sea a ways.

E. Other (post)

Posts will be tallied either tonight or tomorrow morning. Defaulting to A if nobody votes.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 23, 2012, 01:42:48 am
This is no place for you you realize. You have to leave and find food, water and a better location. Picking a direction based on the sun you strike out along the coast to the North. Along the way you realize you made a good decision to not go into the woods judging by some of the creatures you see through the trees.

You spend most of the day walking and you come across ducks who are not afraid of a person which is strange. You manage to kill two but lose your trusty spear again. No matter, your club has served you well.

In the water near the shore you see majestic sea beasts but can?t bring yourself to attack them.

It?s only a couple hours from when the sun will begin to set when you find something even more unusual.

Surface pockets of coal, something even the most primitive people would use for heating and cooking. Among the rocky outcrop you find small pools of water which you gratefully drink.

Something white catches your eye and you investigate. It is a large surface vein of marble with a natural looking pit leading deep into the ground. Just at the edge of darkness you think you can make out wooden posts and supports.

[Results: - 1 spear. +2 Adventure exp. +2 dead ducks]

What next?

A. Explore the cave

B. Shelter you idiot! Find a defendable cave.

C. Continue along the coast until nightfall.

D. Make your way inland.

Default answer is A.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on March 24, 2012, 07:12:24 am
You decide to explore the cave a short ways before bunkering down for the night. Prying some of the exposed coal loose you quickly fashion crude torches to light your way. You try to carefully crawl down but begin to slide, ending up near the bottom. This is where you find the worst thing you could possibly imagine.
Oh god, giant freaking spiders! They come at you in a wave forcing you to retreat. Your trusty club snaps against the hard shell of one of the creatures but you manage to escape.

As you shiver in fear your eyes finally adjusted and the torches and you can see an amazing sight.

[Results: +5 Adventure exp. + a few torches, - nearly all other tools]

You can spend your Adventure xp to gain 2 points of Adventure or 1 point in any other skill.

What do you do next?

A. Continue exploring at current depth

B. Explore deeper!

C. Return to the surface.

D. Attempt to get some rest.

E. Craft tools.

F. Other (Post)
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Daris on June 27, 2012, 04:15:53 pm
C:  You still need to find a good place for a camp, and well.. dark and scary caves aren't good for your health. 
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on June 28, 2012, 04:24:38 am
(game file was corrupted in the months since I last posted so I had to generate a new world)


That's probably a good idea. You return to the surface and find it is daytime again. Everything seems clear except for the dangerous looking sharks in the water but hopefully those won't bother you.

You construct a temporary shelter to rest in and as you lay down your mind begins to un-fog. You start remembering bits about who you are and how you got here.

Who are you?

A. An engineer

B. A magician

C. Other (write in)

How did you get here?

1. Shipwreck exploring a newly discovered continent

2. Teleportation experiment gone wrong.

3. Attempted murder by a jealous rival.

4. Other (write in)

What is your name?

(write in)
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Daris on June 28, 2012, 03:34:01 pm
C: Royalty.

Name:  Haven't remembered it yet.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on June 28, 2012, 04:01:26 pm
Hoo... royalty is going to be a tough one to play out. If nobody puts up anything further I'll start writing later tonight.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on June 28, 2012, 10:14:39 pm
"My Prince...what is wrong?" The old man looked up and saw the worried look on your face.

"It's my brother." You referred to your elder brother. "His men have taken Father and Mother hostage along with my sisters. The council has either turned traitor or is dead, I had to come to warn you. He'll come after you next."

"No, Brother. I came here first." You turn at the familiar voice. Your brother stepped through the doorway flanked by a pair of guards with wicket crossbows. "Tell me if you heard this story before. The council was balked by Father on the border issue so they decided to replace him with you. I was too late to save Father, Mother or my dear sisters but I was in time to almost catch you. Hiding like a rat while others died trying to put you on the throne."

You back away into the next room and turn when you hear the humming sound.
The experimental world gate was there, fully activated.

"Yes dear Brother. I know what that is. The people will hear about how I heroically nearly stopped your escape and since you murdered the court's mage, I could not find out where you had gone."

The old man turned to your brother in shock at those words, realizing that his treason would not result in the favors and treasures promised. He grunted as a crossbow bolt lodged itself into his throat. You take this chance to run. You know you wouldn't be allowed to live when it would be just as easy and far safer to just throw your corpse through the gate.

You stumble to dodge a crossbow bolt and spot something between you and the gate. On the book pedestals were two of the warlock's most prized possessions. A simple Philosopher's Stone was on one and his book on Engineering and Design Principles was on the other. As you race you can grab one but not the other.

Which did you pick?

A. The book

B. The talisman.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Daris on June 29, 2012, 11:25:05 am
A.  Magic will be useful to help you return
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on June 30, 2012, 07:09:21 am
You had grabbed the talisman. The memory shocked you awake. It was dark out but you felt around the tatters of your once fine clothes for the item but couldn't find it. If it fell into the water you can only hope it was while you were crawling ashore or it may be lost for good.

You feel a painful hollow in the pit of your stomach, the little food you had since first waking up is starting to take it's toll on your body and the sun is setting.

There are animals nearby, they are wary but not frightened.

There were other options, you could begin the trek back up the way you came and try searching for the amulet.
Or you could wait until morning and hope you're not too weak to act.

Status Update:

+2 to Magic and Alchemy, +1 to Engineering. New skill added: Social with 2 points.
Currently have 2 points to spend in Adventure (which can be used to boost one other skill by 1 point, up to level 3 instead)
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Brekkjern on August 27, 2012, 06:41:06 pm
Get food. The amulet will probably not move much.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on August 29, 2012, 07:39:01 am
Foraging at night was a complete waste of energy and your condition is worse than before. Crawling into a quickly made shelter you wait for light and go hunting.

Moving inland you discover it to be a fairly open forest. Among the trees you find a few mushrooms.
Except for animals which seem quite flighty from you now these are the only things you have found that might be good to eat.

Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Daris on August 29, 2012, 09:43:15 am
Decide to cautiously try a bit of the mushroom, i.e: A tiny piee.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on August 30, 2012, 12:34:03 am
Poison Mushroom: Difficulty 3 trap
Encounter modifiers: skill Adventure (-4 modifier) current health (-2 modifier) cautious tasting (+1 modifier) Total is -5
D10 roll = 7
Modified roll is 2

As soon as you took a bite something seemed wrong but you force down the piece. Immediately your stomach begins to cramp and you heave.

Negative condition: Sickened has been added.
Title: Re: Stranded
Post by: Stormin on August 30, 2012, 12:38:11 am
Just a note, the roll actually was so close that if the two available Adventure points had been spent the result would have equaled the difficulty which would have been a negative result but not debilitating.