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Title: Flipside Roleplay
Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 19, 2009, 04:58:02 pm
Marrik sat among the branches of a tall oak, resting against the trunk of the great tree as many of his thieves made camp below. They were a day out from the nearest city, and at a crossroad no less. Prime land for highway robbery. The dense forest make it easy to conceal their numbers and even better for escaping without pursuit. Even being the lord of thieves Marrik still liked being out and about. The knights were nothing to worry about, he had them well dealt with. The most powerful magics couldn't compete with the mystic allure of money, and its hold on the hearts of men. No what worried him now was something all together different.

"Malic is starting to move..." Marrik spoke to a small black cat that stood at the end of the branch. "His cult is gaining power quickly..." The cat just kept looking at him like it understood. "We're going to need some help..." the black cat nodded and then looking at if fading into its own shadow disappeared.

From below one of Marrik men called up to him, "Oi! Boss, scouts say there be a few people heading here form the south."

Marrik smiled, "Tell eveyone I'll take this hit, the rest of you stay hidden." Hopping down out of the tree, slipping from branch to branch before effortlessly hitting the ground he started off towards the crossroad.

"Time for some fun."

((OOC: Now I'm not as versed in flipside lore as some of you so if you could post anything that would help in the OOC that would be great. Also if any or all of you want to be the people heading into town or the would be guards that would be a great way to start. ))
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Post by: NightWraith on June 23, 2009, 03:32:13 am
No birdsong nor the rustle of small creatures permeated the woods, even the wind itself was still and quiet, it was like the wood itself was frightened to make a noise. Everything was quiet, except for her.

She could feel her heart beating, its thumping loud in her ears, louder than her feet crunching in the leaf litter as she ran. She wasnt runnig anywhere in paticular, just away. She risked a glance over her shoulder, she couldn't see him, but she knew he still followed. The air itself seemed to have a menacing edge to it as thought it were hungry, hungry for her. As she turned back a twig brushed against her face and she screamed in panic, but it wasn't him. She ran, dodging trees, jumping roots. Risking another look over her shoulder she looked back again. Suddenly her foot found nothing but air and she pitched forward into a ditch with a yell.

Gasping for air she started to struggle to her feet and out of the ditch, but something made her stop. Rolling over onto her back she froze he was there standing over her.

Vadaan looked down at the girl on her back in the ditch her face a pleasurable mask of terror, her eyes wide she stared at him, unmoving. She wore leather trousers and boots and a leather coat with plates of metal sewn to it. An empty scabbard hung from her belt. Shoulder length, wavy, blond hair framed a pretty face with blue eyes, it had been a face full of confidence until he had drained the life from her sorcerer.

"Please.." she croaked, then swallowed and tired to work some moisture into her mouth, "Please dont kill me. Please, I am not threat to you, no threat, I wont tell them where you are, I promise. Please. Let me go and you wont see me again. Don't kill me, please."

Reaching down Vadaan grabbed her wrist and dragged her to her feet, pulling her in close he stared into her eyes. "What's your name girl?"

"H-H-Hayle." She stuttered.

Placing the back of his hand on her cheek he ran it down the side of her neck before flipping it over and resting it over her heart. She flinched slightly at first, then grimaced but did not try and pull away.

"I can feel the blood running through your veins Hayle." He told her, "The beat of your heart, the rhythm of your life. I understand it is delightfully painful to have it ripped from your body."

"No." she whimpered, "Please no, please I don't want to die. I want to live, please. Let me live. Please, I'll do anything you wish of me, anything, just let me live."
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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 23, 2009, 04:30:01 pm
Marrik stood just out of view of Vadann, looking at him from round a tree. He could hear most of what the man was saying, none of which was very pleasant. Then there was that oder, of something long dead. Marrik knew his men couldn't smell it, but he did, and now it was far worse. Marrik never carried any weapons on him, he never needed too, his martial arts were always enough, even against mages and sorcerers. Even if it wasn't he still had his own, powers, he could use.

Tucking his emerald necklace into his loose shirt he came out from behind the tree slowly, walking along like nothing was amiss he wore a confident smile addressing Vadaan. "I do believe the young lady said no, so if you would kindly release her I'll let you be on your way."

Getting a better look at the man, Marrik started to understand what exactly was making that dead smell, along with the dead feeling in the air. It was this man, or just something that looked like one. Marrik wasn't surprised, nothing surprised him anymore.
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Post by: charles on June 23, 2009, 04:57:24 pm
Raxis watched the thief lord disappear from view as he moved towards some voices that were beyond his and the other thieve's hearing, but they could still make sense that voices were talking.  One was a girl's, panicked, the other was uncertain as it spoke more softly, but Marrik's voice crossed the distance back to his band of thieves with clarity, strength and confidence.

Raxis shifted uncomfortable in the undergrowth.  This was his first time taking part in a road heist and he surmised that he much preferred using his magick to open locks and safes in the towns for other thieves to do the work than the thought of weilding his magick for fighting.  He was even willing to admit that the dank sewers and back streets were more welcome than the country-side and bushland, but a boss from Marrik's crew had insisted he come out and get some experience in the muscle jobs that the guild took part in.  No matter how important Raxis thought he was to the guild as one of their few sorcerers, he was only a level 1 and when a basher insisted you join his team under the command of Marrik, you obeyed and earnt yourself another day without bruises or less favourable punishments from the teamsters.

Raxis turned his attention from the bush that Marrik had vanished into and back to the crossroads, squinting against the brighter, open area to see who else may be travelling the paths.
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Post by: NightWraith on June 24, 2009, 02:38:11 am
Vadaans head turned slowly to look at the intruder for a few seconds before turning back to Hayle.

"It seems this young man wishes to be your hero." He said to the frightened girl. "How very interesting. Do you think he'll kill me if I dont let you go?"

Hayles head jerked in a nod, then another, a little of her fear seemed to recede as she nodded.

"A sorcerer and your sword could not protect you." Vadaan said quietly, causing Hayles nods to freeze. "Tell me Hayle how do you kill something that is already dead?"

"I-I-I don't know. Please, I dont know, I'm no threat to you, let me go.. please."

Vadaan smiled and moved his head closer to Hayles, just before his nose touched hers he stopped, his lips silently forming words. Then, suddenly, he released her wrist and she collapsed to the ground as if Vadaan had been the only thing keeping her on her feet. With one arm Hayle lifted her upper body of the ground and supported it there. She didnt look up but just let her head hang, her hair obscuring her face as she shook with a mixture of fear, relief adrenalin and tears.

"Th-Thank you," she said quietly.

Ignoring her Vadaan turned to face the young man. Slowly he drifted over to the man, stopping not to far away.

"You did not come out here alone just to save a girl Marrik." Vadaan stated.
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Post by: Chag4 on June 24, 2009, 05:05:13 am
Lu-ulianne sat watching the people who had appeared a short distance infront of her, from the thick branch of a tree nearby.
She had come into the forest simply in the hope to find a rare bird or animal to make a sketch of, but then something a lot more interesting stumbled by.
No one seemed to have noticed her yet, but she felt that theese men were strong. They would notice her sooner or later.
The gray haired man was most cirtainly the odd one, however it was the black haired one who fascinated her the most. She had a strong feeling she knew who he was, even though she couldn't recall ever seeing him before.
She turned her sketchbook to a blanck page, and sketched a perfect likeness of him, determined to some day find out who he was.

(OOC - Possibly a rusty start. I'll get into it again.)
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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 24, 2009, 03:22:52 pm
A small smile perked along Marrik's strong face, showing just how much he was amused by Vadaan knowing his name, this was going to be fun. Marrik played off his name like it was nothing and contested Vadaan's statement "Can you be so sure? Maybe I am the heroic type..."

At the same time Marrik's long pointed ears twitched, the light scratching sound of pencil on paper was caught by his keen hearing. Not allowing it to bother him,nor allowing for Vadaan to notice he kept his attention on the situation on hand. The stench of death was wafting all around this odd man, making Marrik wrinkle his nose in obvious notice. "Thats where that smell is coming from." Marrik scoffed. "You should really consider doing something about that, any dog could pick that up."

During this whole time Marrik had been walking around Vadaan and towards the girl he had just had his hands on. "I may be a thief but I do still have my honor."

Bending down to take a look at whatever Vadaan might of done to the girl Marrik turned his back to the man, almost taunting an attack, "I have much more than just swords and sorcerery to fight with...necromancer."
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Post by: NightWraith on June 25, 2009, 01:17:36 am
Vadaan chuckled, "I doubt many of your men could say the same thing, keep her safe from them."

Hayle flinched as Marrik bent over her, "I'm-I'm fine." she told him. "I-I.. get me away from here."

Vadaan watched the girl thoughtfully for a while, certain oddities beginning to stand out in his mind. Things about his meeting with her sorcerer, something about the fight, there was something about her too but right now he couldn't quite place it. Or was he being paranoid? No there was more to this, something going on but he couldn't quite place what.
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Post by: charles on June 25, 2009, 05:42:17 pm
Raxis continued to turn his sight between the crossroads and the bush that Marrik had vanished into waiting with anticipation as the murmer of words continued to catch his and the other thieve's ears every so often.  Finally he looked back to the teamster.

"Should be go down and-"

"You shut yer hole kid!" he said in a harsh wisper. "We does whut Marrik tells us ta, an' if he tells us ta stay hidden, we stays hidden."

As he spoke, Raxis spied a blur of movement in the trees far behind the thieves.  Something moved quickly between them for a brief moment.  He looked hard in the hope of catching another glimpse but shook the thought from his head when he realised that nothing human could move as fast as whatever it was.  Probably just a large bird swooping low through the forrest.  Raxis turned his attention back to the bush and crossroads.
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Post by: Smiles on June 25, 2009, 09:14:30 pm
Esseme sat in her wooden rocking chair looking out her bedroom window. She would escape today. She was a prisoner in the only place she'd known and she hadn't even done anything wrong. As soon as she saw her Uncle, no Jenoh, if the was even his real name, leave she started on her new escape plan. Climbing out her window had been her last resort. After all four stories up was along way for a girl such as herself. She tied her sheets together and several of her less favorite dresses. she sighed as she thought about all the things she would miss. having no money she grabbed her jewelry from its box. she would have taken the box with her but it was too big and heavy for her to carry. She listened to it's beautiful music as she threw in he last of her personal things into a small purse. Esseme tied one end of the sheets to the bedpost of her canopy bed. she took one last look around her bedroom before throwing the end of the makeshift rope out the window. She wiped away a few tears before looking down the lng stretch before her.

"Don't think, Just do," she muttered to herself as she climbed out the window.

Getting own was the easy part as she slid down to the last dress and landed roughly on her bottom. She had barely been able to stifle her protest of pain. she dusted the dirt off her skirts and straightened them out gently. Escaping was no reason not to look her best. She wiped away a smudge from her left shoe before standing up. she brushed the back of her skirt off as she smiled in triumph. She was outside! She looked around her taking everything in like a sponge in a tub of water. She looked back up at her window.

"no turning back now," she muttered as She turned away.

"what now?" she thought aloud as she looked at the road in front of her.

To the left was a massive forest to the right was town. She studdied the edge of the forest.

"Good place to hide, but it looks a bit scary," she muttered again.

Esseme wasn't used to being alone and had realized in her week's captivity that thinking out loud helped break the awkward silences if there was no one to talk to. She looked to the right again. She knew that was the way her captor had gone. So obviously she decided to head for the forest. Just as she finally made up her mind she heard a chilling scream from above. It sounded as though Nana had discovered she was missing her charge. Esseme picked up her skirts and ran into the forest, fear driving her onward.
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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 25, 2009, 11:01:37 pm
Marrik slowly bent down and picked up the frightened girl in his arms whispering to her that she would be safe. Looking over his shoulder at Vadann, Marrik kept a bit of a smirk on his face. Standing with the scared Hayle huddled in his arms, Marrik took a long look at Vadaan. "We are much more alike than you would surmise, tell me what is your name?"

As he asked his question a glint of light green started to shine from under his loose, white cotton shirt.

As Esseme ran into the thick forest she started to hear something, it was faint at first the as it became louder she knew what it was. The small jingle of a single bell was chiming along side her. Whoever it belonged to was just out of sight, then with a loud 'Mew' the owner of the bell made itself known. A pure black cat, with bright green eyes was running along next to her. Easily keeping up with the girls pace it seemed to want to lead her somewhere.
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Post by: NightWraith on June 26, 2009, 01:04:43 am
Vadaan gave a mock bow, "Vadaan Darkmere."

Hayle whimpered and clutched tighter to Merrik.

A small smile played on Vadaans face, "She at least has heard of me it seems."
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Post by: Chag4 on June 26, 2009, 04:18:03 am
Lu-ulianne scowled in dismay as she heard the name of the gray haired one.
This would bring nothing but trouble.
Time to leave it seems, she thought to herself.
She stood up on the branch and hurried away inbetween the trees towards town.

(OOC - Lol. She leaves before anything happens. xD She is smarter and less dramatic and show off. She'll be watching any possible explosion from the walls of the town.)
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Post by: Smiles on June 26, 2009, 12:36:34 pm
Esseme stops running when she notices the cat next to her. It's presence startled her. Her heart beating in her throat from the running, all words escaped her. She begins to wonder if Nana has caught up to her and she's lost in an illusion.  She shakes her head and looks around. No this was too real to be an illusion. Nana hated cats. At last she caught her breath.

"I- you-- why--?" she stopped. cats didn't talk. so it'd be silly to ask this feline what it was doing following her. wouldn't it?
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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 28, 2009, 07:04:24 pm
Whispering a few comforting words to the girl huddled in his arms. Still with his calm smile Marrik looked back up at Vadaan. "I have heard, 'of' you. The arrogant, excuse of a sorcerer thinking he could get away with using necromancy."

The light coming off Marrik's emerald was bright enough now that even Vadaan could see. To Hayle the light seemed soothing, it was warm, like she knew she was safe, and protected.

"And when they did catch you using it, what did you do but run." Marrik laughed a little, mocking the necromancer even more, "Now look at you, can't even walk, reduced to scaring innocent woman."

The cat stopped when Esseme did, standing just ahead of her, looking at her confused face. It was wearing a single silver bell that gave a ring at the lightest movement. It mewed a few times, looking ahead at the path and then back at her. After a bit of her just looking at cat with a confused face it started to do something odd. Scratching at the dirt in the path it made a small sign. An arrow pointing down the path. Then it patted the ground, emphasizing how important the sign he just made was.

One of the other thieves came and kneeled down next to Raxis, a girl almost about his age with shoulder length auburn hair asked him in a sweet whisper, "See anyone yet?" She was done up much like the others but with one exception, she carried a bow, and not a crossbow. Raxis had seen her a few times before, always following Marrik around like some sort of aide or messenger, but always giving Raxis a happy smile whenever she saw him.
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Post by: Smiles on June 28, 2009, 11:52:49 pm
Esseme thought for a moment as she watched the kitty make a sign on the ground. She went over to it and saw that it was an arrow. She looked behind her before looking at the cat again. what a clever cat. she began to  wonder if she gave it some boots if it really would talk to her.

"Okay we'll go your way," she said aloud.

After all she had no real plans of where to go next.  so she started walking the direction of the arrow, following the cat down the path it chose.
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Post by: NightWraith on June 29, 2009, 12:44:27 am
"And yet here we are having this conversation." Vadaan chuckled, he glanced at Hayle, "Tell him what you were doing here."

"They sent me to kill him." She said, "Me and Elk. They said it was a test, to.. to see if I was ready."

A piece of the puzzle slid into place.

"A test." Vadaan snorted, "They sent you to die." He shifted his attention back to Marrik, "The question is why would they want her dead?"

He drifted forward towards Hayle and Marrik, but stopped half-way, "I decline your offer for a fight Marrik, watch your back and keep her safe."

And with that he began to drift off.
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Post by: charles on June 29, 2009, 01:45:54 am
Raxis' face flushed slightly as he caught his breath from the girls' sudden appearance beside him.

*cough* "ummm". He looked closer. "I think I see a bit of a green glow somewhere in there. I can't make out whats being said but it sounds calm so, ummm, probably no danger."

A loud snap from the bushes behind the thieves suddenly alerted them and they all turned to look, the archers, aiming their crossbows and the girl with raxis notching an arrow, but they saw only the still scenery.  Raxis noticed that their rear look-out wasn't in view as the teamster cursed under his breath.

"If'n that blumin' Nakor 'as abandoned 'is watch ta go take a leak, I'm gonna-"

Suddenly Nakor came into view from behind a large tree, but his head was slumped forward, his arms hung loose, free of their crossbow, and Raxis noticed that his legs dragged slightly along the ground rather than walked as he continued to come out.  As Nakor's body fully emerged, an arm followed it into the middle of the back, like he was a puppet, shortly followed by a strange looking woman.  She had purple hair and wore only the barest of black clothes, more like underware than actual attire, but the strangest thing about her was her pale skin, covered from head to toe, all over in scars.

Suddenly, Nakor's body dropped forward and a gaping, bloody hole could be seen in his back while this strange girl's clawed hand was covered in blood.  She looked up through her hair and Raxis could see into her unnatural eyes as she spoke.

"You are all my food!"

The air filled with the sounds of crossbow fire...

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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on June 29, 2009, 06:30:52 am
Marrik watched Vadaan drift off like a ghost. Still a bit curious about his little encounter, but he didn't have time to think before his pointed ears picked up on the sounds of combat back with his men. Hayle couldn't of know how fast Marrik was, but before she could think they were somwhere else. The only sound of their travel being of a swift breeze. Marrik looked around at the already mounting carnage and the girl who was perpetrating it all. Marrik didn't care what, or who she was, she wouldn't exist long enough for it to matter.

Placing Hayle in the hands of one of his standing thieves he rushed the girl, who, to Marrik's dismay saw him coming. Coming to his feet after being thrown down by the girl he placed his palm on the ground and started to grin. His necklace had started to glow again. "You picked the wrong day to mess with me..."

The girl that had been next to Raxis when Nakor was killed had already unloaded a dizzying amount of arrows at and into the murderer. Knocking three and four arrows at a time she emptied both the quiver on her back and the one on her belt before she started to look for her spares. She had made sure Raxis was 'safe' by kicking him into some thick shrubs just before she had started firing.

As the little black cat Lead Esseme on it all of a sudden stopped and started to look around almost frantically. Its ears moved from side to side like he was trying to pick up on some sound in the distance. His tail started to wag furiously, there was something out there he didn't like and he made his discomfort very clear.
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Post by: Chag4 on June 29, 2009, 04:05:10 pm
Sitting on the town wall, Lu-ulianne watched the forest as if hungry for something interresting to happen. She picked up her sketchbook and studied the face she had drawn. There was defineatly something about this man...
She snapped out of it as a bunch of birds came flying up from some trees in the forest, not far from where she had just been.
So, something interresting has indeed happened, she thought.
Curiosity, mostly for the black haired man, made ever fiber of her itch to go check out what was happening. But instinct and common sense made her stay.
She had absolutely no need to kill herself for curiosity. That would be a waste. So she stayed put, watching from a distance.
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Post by: charles on June 29, 2009, 05:13:01 pm
Raxis froze in terror as the daemonic girl quickly disappeared back behind the tree, avoiding the first volly of crossbow darts, then he winced as a boot from the girl next to him sent him sprawling into the bushes.  He looked up just in time to see her firing arrow after arrow at the girl who now moved with inhuman speed towards the closest thief who was desperately trying to redraw his crossbow.  She didn't miss a step as she ripped his throat out and continued to the next man.

Raxis saw a couple of the girl's arrows protruding from creature's shoulder and side but they were having no effect.  As the death girl closed in on the next man, Raxis quickly cast a fire enchantment on the archer girl's last arrow as she pulled it from her belt quiver and sent it flying.  With no response from torso hits, the girl had aimed to maim her and the arrow struck the daemon's calf, sending her sprawling behind the running thief who had nearly become her next victim.

As the Archer girl flew to her nearby pack to fetch more arrows, the scared girl ripped the still flaming arrow from her leg and quickly did the same to the ones in her side, before turning an angry eye towards Raxis and the Archer girl.  Before she could attack the demon girl suddenly reacted to something rushing her from the side and in a blur of motion, Raxis watched as she deflected a tackle from Marrik who appeared out of nowhere, and threw him to the ground beyond her.

Raxis watched as the evil arrogance which had covered the creatures face was replaced with a more cautious look as she watch Marrik pick himself up, a green gem on his necklace putting an eery glow to his facial features in the shadow of the forrest. His words caused her to change her arrogant stance to a more battle ready crouch as she studied this new opponent who appeared to have some powers of his own.
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Post by: Smiles on June 30, 2009, 12:28:58 am
Esseme stopped when the cat did. She noticed the cat acting strangely. IF that was strange for a cat. She wasn't sure. She hadn't been around cats much. It did seem upset though.

"what's wrong?" she asked and she shook her head.

she took a silk cloth out of her purse and laid it down on the ground before sitting gently down near the cat. she straightened her skirts before turning her attention back to the cat. she gently stroked the cat's fur.

"Shh. good kitty. All is well. Shhh," she said soothingly trying to calm down the cat.

She scratched it softly behind the ears. She didn't know what had startled it but she didn't want whatever it was to find them.
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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on July 01, 2009, 07:45:09 am
The black cat visibly calmed when Esseme started to pet and stroke his fur. His tail still wagging a bit he slowly came to sit next to her. Allowing her to hear his soft purr. The cat still gazed down the forest path, looking where he had been before but seeming altogether laid back with everything. Then Esseme hit a good spot right behind his left ear, tilting his head back and closing his eyes he let out a soft mew at his enjoyment.

Marrik grinned at the scarred girl, she would be no more, he would rip her apart piece by piece. These thieves weren't just his men, some of them were his friends. They weren't disposable, they were important to him. "Kish get eveyone out of here." Marrik called out to the archer girl.

"Marrik we can-" She stopped as a glare from Marrik startled her, "Yes sir!" Grabbing Raxis out from the bushes she pushed him in the direction of town. "Go on ahead with everyone else."

Marrik who had taken his eyes off of the scarred girl for an instant was thrown back by one of punches. Skidding to a stop he stood up again, "So you fight dirty..." The girl looked at him a bit confused, as if he wasn't supposed to get up.

Smiling he set himself up for an attack, calling out the the girl, "Behind you." Just turning her head the slightest bit Marrik let loose his own strike. Plowing his fist into her face, then as she was reeling back grabbed her wrist and spun her around. Grabbing her other wrist he placed his boot on her back and started to pull, and pull hard, attempting to rip her arms from their sockets if not completely off. "You're done." Marrik smirked, looking as if he had already won.
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Post by: charles on July 01, 2009, 08:13:02 am
Raxis took Kish's hand and left the bushes but hardly heard her call to retreat as his eyes fixated on Marrik when the scarred girl suddenly moved with an unfathomable speed and delivered a punch to Marrik's face which caused a collosal cracking sound to echo through the trees, but to Raxis' amazement Marrik managed to stay on his feet, though they left a trail in the dirt as his entire body skidded backwards.  Then Raxis watched as Marrik returned fire and with amazing swiftness he suddenly had the scarred girl turned and pinned with both arms behind her as Marrik's boot pushed into her back before he begun pulling like he intended to remove her arms from her body.

It was over, Raxis thought, but the scarred girl's cry turned to a growl as she suddenly crouched slightly before launching herself up in the air causing Marrik's boot to slip from her back.  She quickly somersaulted forward, twisting out of the lock and attempted to brab Marrik's hands with her own claws.

Raxis quickly cast "Baruto" a spell that delivered a strike.  It wasn't very powerful at level one but with her body in the air, it was enough to push her away so she couldn't reach Marrik.  The girl landed and growled again, then suddenly she begun to cough violently and convulsed before vomiting some foul black and red substance onto the ground.  but the substance suddenly sprung tendrils into the air and although he and Kish were a fair distance away, they could just make out what appeard to be an eye in the middle of it, opening up...

OOC: I can't believe no-one else is getting in on this action, C'mon people! It's Bloody Mary!  P.S. Damn! Just how Powerful is this Marrik character?  I can imagine him pulling off such a move thanks to a dominant skill like Bern did but I'm trying to tell if he's faster and/or stronger than Bloody Mary.  I'll have to read your Bio again... Bio didn't shed any light.
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Post by: Smiles on July 01, 2009, 03:21:14 pm
(OOC: lol bloody Mary  would kill me. I'm not playing my usual girl that can kick ass type of char. XD))

Esseme heard muffled voices behind the bushes ahead of them. She kept scratching the cat behind the ears for a moment.  whatever was behind those bushes had been what had made the cat fuss so. She was sure of it. She grinned at the cat as it purred.

"Good kitty. Let's go a different way then. Shall we?" she whispered to the cat.

she winked at it. somehow it seemed appropriate. she got up on her hands and knees. she folded the cloth up and put it back in her purse.
so much for not getting her dress dirty. she patted the cat on it's head and watched to see where it would go next. it obviously wouldn't lead her into danger. She trusted this new friend.

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Post by: Keaoden Silverstride on July 02, 2009, 02:48:54 am
The cat tilted its head to one side as it watched Esseme, then after a brief look around made another arrow in the dirt. This time off the trail and away from the noises. Soon it was leading her along, every so often it would stop and look around then continue. All the while making sure Esseme was right behind him.

Marrik looked at the thing that the girl puked up as wriggled around on the ground, he knew exactly what it was. Then looking up into the eyes of the scarred girl he became very stern, his face blank of emotion. "You think that can scare me? You don't know what fear is."

Slowly he knelled down and placed his palm on the ground, the gem around his neck glowed like a green lit candle flame. Marrik began to whisper something, the girl couldn't quite make it out, nor could she understand any of it, before she knew much else the plants at her feet whipped around her legs and dug their way into and under her skin. The leaves and bark turning red as they stared to drain blood from her body.

The girl jumped the instant she knew what was happening, but to no avail, as soon as she landed the plants attempted the same as before. Three times she ripped herself free from the attacks but could only figure that she had to kill Marrik to stop the onslaught. Faster than Marrik could react the girl was behind him, bringing both claws down on his back. She grinned as she felt the warm blood running onto her hands and the yell of pain from Marrik.

Then as if the fight hadn't brought enough surprises Marrik whirled around and grabbed her by the throat and started to crush the air from her lungs. He shouldn't be moving, not with what she had just done to him, and the poison, he couldn't be moving. As Marrik gripped the girl's windpipe he lifted her off the ground and squeezed harder, then he started to use both hands. She tried to get him off, clawing at his arms, kicking him, pulling at his hands, but it wasn't any good. What was he? No human, no where close to one. She was actually scared.

Thats when she felt his grip release, she fell to the ground and skited away from him. She sat there looking up at him. Then she ran, getting up and turning she ran, not even looking back to see if he was chasing her.

Kish and the others were nearing the town as they heard Marrik's yell. Kish stopped for just a second to look back then she was running again, still with a hold on Raxis's hand he could feel her start to shake, she was scared.

Marrik fell to his knees after the girl had run off. holding his clawed arms out in front of himself he laughed, "I'm getting careless. What the hell was she?" He cringed as he felt the sting of his wounds, "This is bad...I need to get back soon. Heh, Bix will have my hide when she sees these."

((OOC: Yah Charles, Marrik is on par if not a little bit more powerful than Mary, but he's Emo so it all balances out.  ;D
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Lu-ulianne sat still and watched the forest. The sounds had silenced, and birds didn't fly up from around anymore, some actually came back to settle down in the trees. But of course, she couldn't be sure. But her fingers itched, and she was about to explode with curiosity.
All because of that black ahired man, she thought. Heh, I'm probably just imagining things, I can't recall ever seeing him, yet he seems familiar. I'm probably just interrested in him in different ways, and it makes me imagine things that aren't true.
Yet she let herself down from the town walls and dashed away to the forest, running in a comfortable speed that she could keep up for a long time, inbetween trees.
She passed a few people headed the other way, about 10 meters away, but didn't stop. they didn't interrest her.
She switched to going from tree to tree, when she neared the scene, moving slower and more carefully so that no one would notice her.
She stopped, crouched down on a thick branche when she could finally see the remains of the battle.
Dead people scattered around, a whole bunch of arrows that had been fired, broken and scattered, as if whatever they had hit hadn't been affected more than that it could rip them out, and shrug them away.
And there, in the middle of it all, was the dark haired man, bloody scrathes downwards his back, on his knees, still concious.
The danger seemed to have passed however, so Lu-ulianne let herself down just a few meters right up front of the black haired man, approaching him slowly, not trying to hide or anything.
"Need assistance?" She asked, a small smile on her lips, as if trying to be friendly, something she didn't usually do.

(OOC - The "few people" are the archergirl and Raxis. She didn't notice Esseme it seems, let's blame that on "she knows how to hide". Also, when she is in town, and she talks to people, she will constantly wear a broad smile, and her eyes will narrow as if they smile with her, but when at work, and such, she looks cooly and calculatingly at people and rarely smiles.
The town thing is just an act, and she doesn't really like the normal people, becuase she thinks their lives are too simple to be of importance. So even if she doesn't look nice or friendly, and maybe even as if she has no feelings for anything when she is at work, that is actually when she truly feels something for anything. So that little smile meens a lot, even if no one sees, and even if they come with a set of cool only-professional looking eyes. She is confusing, I know. Also; "interrested in different ways" probably means for sexual matters. ^^,)
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Marrik looked up at Lu-ulianne with a soft smile. Slowly he tried to stand, hiding his cringe as best he could he nodded to the woman. "You wouldn't happen to have some extra bandages that I could use?"

Marrik's wounds dripped blood from his arms and back, Lu-ulianne could make out the tiny pit-pat of the drops even as Marrik seemed to play them off as less then they should.

Marrik didn't know what to make of the woman that was standing there in front of him, she had come out of nowhere, and wanted to help, something didn't quite sit right so he kept is guard up just in case she was to pull something.

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Lu-ulianne sent Marrik a measuring look as he stood up. She could see that he didn't relax in her presence.
Heh, she thought, with a slight irritation towards herself. That I can understand. I wouldn't normally help complete strangers.
"I do, actually," she told Marrik, and took out her pouch of medical 'equipment'. "Not enough for that, I'm afraid. Want help with it?" she proceeded to ask, but didn't wait for an answer before she walked around him, facing his back.
She put her pouch on the ground, before gripping Marrik's shirt, ripping it up carefully, so as not to cause him more pain.
She had a quick look at his wounds and bit her lip. A lot worse than he seemed to want to admit.
She quickly started to cover his back in bandages, moving her hands carefully.
"I have no healing experience," she told him sternly. "So don't expect this to fix anything at all. You should get to a healer at once."
The bandages would soak soon enough, and she didn't even have enough to cover up all of the wounds on his arms.
She took a step back to get the full view of her work. Pausing for a slight second to admire the remaining exposed skin of his back, and his broad manly shoulders.
She shook her head, and regained her focus.
"This wasn't Vadaan's work," she stated. "Then who did it?"

(OOC - I'm surprised at how bad this post ended up being. I thought I was out of my dead zone. Apparantly not. Too little description, and the sudden attractions came a lot more suddenly then I had planned.)
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Marrik tried not to cringe at the treatment Lu-ulianne gave him. She was being gentle as one could be tending to his nasty wounds, and he was thankful but still curious about what she was doing there and who she was. Smirking at her stern words he nodded, still with his back to her, "I know."

Then came her words about Vadaan, and Marrik stopped and chuckled, was she really concerned or just as curious as he was. "No, this was the work of a very strange girl..."

As Marrik turned to look at Lu-ulianne something was wrong, a wave of pain shot through his back and forced him down to his knees, he stifled his scream of pain as much as he could, swearing a few times in a language unknown to Lu-ulianne's ears. "I need to get back to guild..." Looking up at Lu-ulianne he gave her a pained smile, "You wouldn't mind helping me once more would you?"

(OOC: Chag relax, I practically have writers block, its okay.)
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A girl...? Lu-ulianne thought. Now that she thought of it, his wounds didn't look as if they were made by any sort of weapon. More like claw marks.

Marrik suddenly went down on his knees once more, making halfway smothered sounds of pain, and Lu-ulianne went pale.
Wounds didn't suddenly hurt that much more, unless you moved too violently.
She went over too him, crouching down, taking a hold of his arm, around her neck and over her shoulder, helping him onto his feet and preventing him from falling, letting him lean on her.
"We shouldn't move too fast, but I don't think we have a choice," she staded. "Where too? I hope it isn't too far."
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*Raxis and the other's arrived just outside of town. It felt like they'd waited forever on that roadside but he knew they'd only just arrived.  Kish stood looking back up the road and Raxis kept half expecting her to leave any moment, hell he'd follow if she did.  Marrik had saved their lives from that horror and if he was injured or in trouble they could tip the balance for his survival or victory.*

"Should we head back?" *he ventured*

"You shut yer 'ole kid!  Marrik told us ta run so we's runs an' waits fer 'im" *the boss retorted*

*But Raxis ignored him and looked for Kish's response*
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"See how the children run," Vadaan said in amused tones as he drifted out between the trees and looked over Marriks "gang". Immediatly a dozen or so crossbows were trained on him. Vadaan raised an eyebrow and looked at Kish.

"That would be a waste of arrows." He told her, "besides," he added dismissively, "I'm not hungry." He held up his hand and waggled his fingers.
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Kish looked over Vadaan quickly still with arrows knocked on her bow she scowled at him, "Rauko" she said venom dripping from her words. "Who are you? and what do you want? Answer quickly." Kish slowly came to stand in front of Raxis. Relaxing her bow she put away the regular arrows that were there and took out a glass one.

Marrik tried to smile when Lu-ulianne helped him to his feet. "There's a town just north of here, on the west wall is a hidden door." Marrik swore again as another wave of pain ran through his back. "Please take me there."

After a bit of traveling Esseme and the black cat came to the tall, stone perimeter wall of some town. The cat just sat there looking at it for the longest time before a secret door built into the wall opened up. A tall, beautifully built woman with long, copper red hair looked down at the cat then at Esseme with an amused smile. The woman was wearing a blue near black, tight silk gown. Kneeling down to talk to the cat she asked him, "Now Jinzo you know we can't take in every stray you find." The cat just looked up at her like he wasn't giving in, "Very well, but you're the one thats going to get it when Marrik gets back." Standing the woman motioned for Esseme to come in. "Well come on." The woman chimed, "Lets see if we can't find you a free room."
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*Raxis quickly raised his hand at Vadaan, ready to cast a spell at a moment's notice but as the creature mocked their weaponry and his foul stench reached their noses Raxis quickly worked out that this was no mand but a 'thing' and as Kish replaced her wooden arrows with one that Raxis presumed to be Enchanted, he prepared himself to cast flame enchantments as many of the crossbow bolts aimed at Vadaan as he could.*
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Esseme had crawled behind the cat as it led her out of the forest. She sat on her knees in awe as a the stone wall opened up in front of them.
The woman who appeared before them seemed to know the cat. she felt slightly insulted at being called a stray. but She stood up and brushed her dress off before speaking.

"Hello. Nice to meet you," she said with a curtsy. "My name is Esseme and I would be happy to pay for my accommodations."

She pulled out a solid gold necklace with two rubies in laid with an emerald in the center. She opened her hand slowly. she would miss her favorite necklace. But she wasn't going to be considered some 'stray' by anyone if she could help it.

"Is this satisfactory enough?"
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Vadaan ignored Kish instead his eyes searched the nervous huddle of thieves, searching. Finally his eyes locked onto the one person he was seeking.

"Come here girl." He ordered Hayle.

Stood at the back with as many people between her and the necromancer as she could Hayle had thought she'd avoided notice, but he'd spotted her. At his command she found herself pushing through the others to the front, her fear rising, but with this many people around surely he wouldnt risk hurting her.

As Hayle reached the front Vadaan reached behind his back and produced a sword. It was too much for one Marriks men and a crossbow bolt shot through the air, barely missing Vadaan who didnt even flinch.

"Tell your men to relax," he told Kish, "I did not come here to harm any of you, but if you try and harm me, well, then it becomes a different story."
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The woman chuckled and gave Esseme a warm smile as she led them along, "There is no need for that, now unless you want for it to disappear you should put that away."

The three of them were walking down some dark hallway, lit sparely Esseme couldn't see the ceiling. Every so often some would pass them on the opposite side, and each time they would give a nod to the cat, instead of the woman. After taking a couple of turns and deceding some stairs they came to a large open room. There were people training at all sorts of things, some with swords, others with their fists, many running through mock traps and over walls. All the time there was this massive ,bald headed man, seven feet and then some tall, with strong sculpted muscle, yelling out commands to the room and its occupants. The woman gave a sharp whistle and the man looked over with a gruff grin. He was standing in front of them in all but three steps. "Eh? what do we 'ave 'ere now Bix?"

The woman smiled up at him, "Munthrek do we have any free rooms left?"

The man looked at her then at Esseme still with his rough grin tapped his chin, "The only one we 'ave left is Jinzo's extra."

Bix smiled and gave the cat a sly grin, "Well I guess if its the 'only' one it'll have to do."

Kneeling down Munthrek studied Esseme looking her up and down, then nabbed one of her wrists and held her hand above her head. "Oi, shes we soft one she is." Letting her wrist go Munthrek stood up and snapped his fingers, "Eh! Max come 'ere fetch 'is girl eh suit, a small one, will eh."

The boy Munthrek had called rushed off and down into a closet at the end of the room. Munthrek grinned looking down at Esseme and her confused face, "Yeh ain't gonna do much thieving in those." Then he laughed at Esseme's surprised face, "Fwahaha, welcome to the Silent Footfalls thieves guild recruit!"

Kish walked and stood in front of Hayle, with her bow ready, "Back off demon...the rest of you stand away." Kish drew her bow and gave a small whistle, and the glass arrow started to change color to a light blue. "Now are you the one responsible for that attack earlier? Answer!"
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Vadaan peered down at Kish.

"Marrik really should teach his minions manners," he commented partly to himself before looking at Hayle, "I do apologise but it seems this young lady is desperate for my attention, I must ask you to wait a moment as I fear she will do something rash if she does not get her own way." He looked back at Kish "Which attack would that be my dear young lady?"
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After mostly carrying Marrik up towards town, Lu-ulianne was finally standing infront of the west wall, studying it closely for any sign of an opening. She found none, but then again she hadn't expected too. If you make a secret door it is supposed to be secret anyways.
"You know you owe me one now, don't you?" Lu-ulianne stated more than asked Marrik as she looked up towards the top of the wall, just in case someone happened to take a stroll and might see them. Fortuneatly, there were no one.
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After putting away her necklace and following the woman in front of her through the twist and turns in the building she was now in. she was more than dumbfounded when she saw the room she'd been led too.
She did her best not to seem too startled as they spoke of her rudely as if she weren't really there. She was to stay with the cat was it? well the cat seemed to be the nicest person here so far. Jinzo was a nice name for a cat.

she felt rather odd as Munthrek looked her over. almost as though he were trying to see through her. Her cry in protest never left her lips as he released her arm. she now held it as if it were precious to her. Her eyes went wide as he announced that this was a thieves guild. she looked around again at her surroundings quickly.

"I-I- what? I beg your pardon, but I'm no thief," she barely managed to say in her bewilderment. She took a step backwards for the first time.

she somehow pulled herself together and looked back at Munthrek.

"This is a real thieves Guild?" she said in awe as she looked around again this time more slowly.

She only knew of thieves from story books. but they never made the thieves seem very nice. Not to mention they always had horrible endings.
She repressed a shudder as she thought better of pointing this out. Better not to insult a lion in it's den. When her attention came back to Bix and Munthrek she saw the suit they wanted her to wear. it was obviously a size or two too big on her and an ungodly color.

"Must I really  wear that thing?" she asked with a sour look on her face.

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*Raxis watched the stand-off with this demon escalate as the girl Hayle, moved towards him and he drew a sword causing one of the men to startle and fire his bow, narrowly missing the creature in his panic.  Kish moved in front of the girl and told the rest of them to get back from the scene, obviously knowing the standard weaponry would be of no use against this thing.  Raxis was the only sorcerer but he'd already sapped a good deal of his essence today and he doubted, even with all of it, that he could do much agianst this foul being.  He calmly put his hand on Hayle's upper arm to get her attention and lead her away from the situation with the other retreating thieves.*

"C'mon, lets get you away and back from this." *he said soothingly*
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Munthrek laughed heartily at Esseme's protest of the attire, "Oi, its much mer 'an it looks. An' relax, padfoot, you be leanin' from Bix an' Jinzo 'ere"

Munthrek's laugh swiftly changed when his huge hand came down and gripped Max's arm hard, "You gonna 'ave to do bette' 'an 'at ifen you wants me wallet." Max only smiled nervously as he was released, and ran off back to his training after handing the black suit to Bix.

Nodding to the huge man, Bix started off leaving Munthrek to his 'students' as she lead Esseme back up to what seemed like the main level. Bix walked at a pace that felt just faster than what Esseme was used to, almost on purpose, as she started to explain what would be happening to her. "You will be woken up at six and begin chores with the other girls, after that you will come down to start your training. Your first lessons will include learning how to fight, how to escape the authorities, and how to sneak." After a bit the hallways seemed to become more open, young girls were walking along behind them and on the opposite side now. Many seemed not much older than Esseme was.

"And don't worry about getting lost, just follow the signs." Bix instructed as she pointed at some golden plagues that were posted at every intersection.

Esseme noticed something else, whenever one of the girls would pass Jinzo going the same way or even the opposite way, they greeted him with a smile, a wave, a nod, and his name. "If you need something, just ask one of the girls wearing a black armband."

Finally after what seemed like a mile walk they came to Jinzo's room. A large silver plate bearing the name of the cat was plasted on the front of the door. Upon entering it looked like a normal room for a person, all the fittings and furniture were there, with one door off the side that was obviously a bathroom and another on the opposite wall that Bix pointed to. "That would be your room." Opening it up it seemed almost the same as Jinzo's albeit a bit smaller.

"I'll send one of our girls up later to get you fitted for your outfits. For now, you should stay here and get some rest." Bix's tone had changed, in the halls it was very professional, but here it was warm and caring as she left Esseme alone with Jinzo.

Kish growled at Vadaan, "That bitch monster that attacked Marrik, were you the one that produced it?" Kish glared with a gaze that could pierce steel, "Tell me what that was, or I'll take your magic away."

Marrik laughed weakly when him and Lu-ulianne came to the stone wall. "I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something to repay your kindness. Though it is kind of hard not knowing who to thank." Marrik gave a charming smile at his attempt at Lu-ulianne's name. "I am Marrik Silverstride,the lord of thieves, its a pleasure to meet you...miss?"
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"Oh this is hopeless," Esseme cried into her hands as she sat down on the floor.

 Chores? She'd never lifted a finger to anything a day in her life. what would they have her do? she supposed it was only natural she'd have to learn to fight in this world. She had supposed her small amount of jewelry would only get her so far to begin with. It seemed like it wouldn't do her any good here.
"Oh don't you look at me like that! you're the one who got me into this mess in the first place," she yelled through her sobs at Jinzo.

She pulled her knees up and sobbed into her skirt. Her nice soft skirt. She didn't want any of this. What had she gotten herself into? She felt so alone.
after a couple hours she looked up. the cat was still watching her.

"oh I hate this. It's not your fault My uncle is a murderer and a fake. but Jinzo I'm so afraid," Esseme said after a while. She had a feeling that the cat understood more English than she could have imagined.

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Jinzo hopped off the small be that was there and slowly padded his way over to Esseme. The small bell around his neck jingling all the while. Jinzo rubbed his head up against the girls legs and let out a small mew. He was trying to comfort her, none of this was her fault, but he had seen what was happening to her, and this was one of the only ways to keep her safe.

There was knock on the door and then a cute, peppy voice asking, "May I come in? Mistress Bix sent me for the new girl." Jinzo gave Esseme what she thought was a reassuring look before trotting over to the door and pawing it three times. Right after the door opened and a tall girl with blue eyes and shoulder long brunette hair walked in carrying a clipboard, and some lengths of measuring tapes over her shoulders. She was wearing some simple clothes that seemed just a bit baggy on her, brown trousers and a loose white shirt.

"Hello there." she said in her perky tone, then looked at Esseme and Jinzo, "Am I interrupting something?"
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Lu-ulianne stopped dead in surprise as Marrik uttered the words 'lord of thieves'. She calmed, and then gave him a slightly sly smile.
"Lu-ulianne," she said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice, as if her day had just become a lot more interresting, which it had indeed. "I knew you were someone important. Not this important, but still. It was a good thing I helped you, someone like you wouldn't have much problem helping me if I should ever need it."
She looked up at the wall once more.
"You wouldn't want to reveal your secret hideout to a complete stranger, even if you have already revealed the doorstep," she stated as if it was a matter of course. "I will take my leave if you want me to."
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*Raxis relaxed somewhat.  He knew from his time with the smith that magick manipulation of living beings was forbidden and figured this half-dead creature was evidently someone who had undertaken heavy modifications.  Kith's arrow hadn't initially given him much comfort since a being could easily be enchanted to resist many enchanted things such as fire, ice and thunder, but an anti-magick arrow would be something to fear for a creature so heavily enchanted that his life almost certainly relied on those enchantments not disspelling.  He continued to coax Hayle back from the confrontation.*
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Esseme had looked up when Jinzo rubbed her leg. He felt so soft. She wiped her eyes with her hands at the sound of another person in the room. She sniffled before answering.

"nuh-nothing important. really," she said hiccuping a second time after she finished her sentence. just great the hiccups were the last thing she needed.

She looked up at the girl. At least soemone was happy it seemed.

"my na-ame is Esseme. wha-at's yours?" she asked not wanting to make new enemies.

She still hugged her legs close to her but at least she had stopped crying, for now.

((OOC: The dashes are hiccups. not stutters. just fyi.))

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"Do not take her very far Raxis," Vadaan said, his head twisting to look at the boy. "I still have questions for the young lady, questions that may very well save her life."

He turned his attention back to Kish, "You may want to aim here for better effect girl," he said tapping a point in his chest, "If you're going to do it you could at least do it right. If there's one thing I can't abide sloppyness. As to that Bitch Monster you mention, I imagine you mean the creature known as Bloody Mary, she is the Thin Mans work not mine. Besides Marrik is of more interest to me alive than dead. Now until you have learnt some manners my dear girl we're done."

With that he turned and drifted toward Raxis and Hayle.
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*Raxis pushed the girl back and stood between her and Vadaan*

"If it's only words you seek with her than she can here you just fine from there. Now come no further."


*Raxis felt his knees give way as he cast the enchantment on the crossbow bolt of the teamster boss who crouched next to him with a bead on the beast.  He thought for sure that he had enough essence left to enchant at least three but the run to town must have sapped his strength in other ways.  His legs became so num he didn't even feel he knees as they struck the ground and he put his arms out to keep the rest of his body from doing the same.  But as he looked up he noticed with satisfaction that the teamster's arrow blazed brightly and Raxis knew the extra essence he'd felt sapped was from pouring far more power than he intended into the spell.  Raxis didn't know if this would be any worry to a creature so heavily enchanted, but he did know that fire was used to cremate the dead... then he passed out.*
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"You idiot boy," Vadaan hissed, "You are going to kill yourself if you don't learn control. Either that or earn yourself some very unpleasant attention from the Phalanx. Never put into a spell more energy than you have."

He looked up at Hayle and held her sword out to her, hilt first. Swallowing nervously Hayle stepped forward and reached out for her sword, as her hand closed on the hilt Vadaan quickly grasped her wrist. Panicked Hayle attempted to jerk her wrist free.

"Quite struggling girl. I have no intentions of hurting you, as I told the boy I have questions for you, unfortunately the first is not one you can answer in words."

Hayle stopped struggling, but it was clear from her expression the first chance she got she was going to bolt. There was a moment of quiet, then Vadaan spoke again.

"Yes, I thought so. Who cast this spell on you girl?"
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Kish relaxed her bow and ran over to Raxis checking to see if he was still breathing, "Raxis! Raxis! Come on wake up." She shook him a few times and then pressed her ear to his chest and let out a relieved sigh when she heard the beat of his heart, "You idiot." she whispered before turning to Vadaan, and spoke as if answering his question. "Malic"

"I'm Lisa, its nice to meet you Esseme." Lisa couldn't help but giggle a little at Esseme's hiccups, then she held out her hand to Esseme to help her up. "Come on now, lets get those measures, then I can make all sorts of pretty things for you to wear."

Marrik smirked when he heard Lu-ulianne's name, "I couldn't let you leave without properly repaying you." Marrik looked up at the stone wall as a small click sounded from somewhere within the wall, then a small stone wall opened up and Bix appeared looking at first confused by seeing Lu-ulianne standing there, then she caught sight of Marrik and all his wounds. She sighed and put a hand to her forehead. "Why am I not surprised."

Marrik just gave her an amused smile, "At least is wasn't the knights this time."

"O really now? What did you try to do, take on a mountain lion?"

"... Would you believe I was mauled by a young girl?"

Bix looked unimpressed, "I just might." As soon as she finished Marrik was hit by another wave of pain from the poison in his back and arms. Bix rushed to his side, and looked him over, "Agh, Marrik what the hell."

Looking over her shoulder at Lu-ulianne she ordered her like it was totally normal, "Grab his legs and help me get him in."
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Esseme took the girl's hand and stood up rather quickly. it made her kind of dizzy and she almost fell backwards. somehow though she maintained some form of balance and didn't topple over. at least it got rid of her hiccups.

"Can  you really make it pretty?" she asked skeptically.

after seeing the suits she rather doubted it.
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Lisa laughed some at Esseme's question, "Well thats not all you'll be wearing, those suits are used when you do jobs." She looked Esseme up and down for a little bit. Then at Jinzo, "If you don't mind master Jinzo..." The cat perked up then headed to the door, and Lisa closed it behind him. "and you better not be listening from the other side either."

Placing the clipboard down on the bed, Lisa took the tape from round her shoulders and stepped behind Esseme, "I'll be able to make all sorts of clothing for you." Lisa lined the tape across Esseme's shoulders, then after a small pause wrote a number down on one of the papers on the clipboard. "I'll make up couple of nice work skirts first then, hold out your arm, I'll make up a cute little nightgown, stand up straight, after that I'll be able to make anything you need, or want." After a bit Lisa had almost all of Esseme's measurements, say for her bust. "Hold one one second would you." Lisa went to the door and just cracking it open a bit looked out to see if Jinzo was anywhere near.

"Good." Lisa said closing the door once again. After she had finished she looked at her measurements with a smile, "Now if those aren't some perfect numbers I don't know what is."
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Esseme was used to having her clothes made for her, so it didn't seem weird at all that this girl was taking her measurements for outfits. in fact it gave her a comfort she didn't think she'd have for a long time. She wondered why  Lisa paused to check on Jinzo. didn't she trust the cat? She thought about that while Lisa finished taking her measurements. She blushed when Lisa said she had perfect numbers.

"Perfect  for what?" she asked trying not to feel awkward.

after a brief silence she added "Oh and No wool. I'm severely allergic. I won't be able to do anything if I'm breaking out in hives all over."
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"I can taste Key Lime Pie" *raxis said with a groggy voice as he continued to remain unconcious*
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Lu-ulianne raised an eybrow in dissatisfaction at Bix' order.
"I can carry him just fine like this," she said, and made sure he wouldn't fall off her back, then she smirked slightly at bix and said: "You just be a good girl and show me the way."

(OOC - Lu-ulianne doesn't seem to like Bix much. After a long while of thinking I figured that rather than follow and order from a stranger she would be stubborn. That order was real challenge Keaoden. xD It made Lu realize that she was doing something she normally wouldn't do. It was hard figuring out what she would do, since she wouldn't normally be in such a situation.)
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Lisa smiled at Esseme's question, "Perfect for just about everything."  and after Esseme added in the little bit about wool Esseme giggled, "O don't worry, the fabric we use are silk, cotton, gold, silver, steel, hemp..." Lisa paused as she realized she was rattling on, "So I'll get to work on your new wardrobe, and as for that suit, I'll tailor it up all nice for you. Now then one last thing, whats your favorite color?"

Bix scowled at Lu-ulianne, but she lead on nonetheless, "This way" she said in a sour tone. Walking into the wall the stone door closed behind them, leading Lu-ulianne down the same dark narrow hall that Esseme had been in not so long ago and after a few turns came to the small medical wing. The first room was clearly where they made and mixed all the potions and medical supplies, the second area was a set of beds clearly for the less severe cases, but thats no where they were headed, the last part in the back had four large separated rooms. "Come on hurry up, now place him on the bed there." Bix ordered as they entered one of the rooms. At once Bix tapped the simple black ring that was on her left hand three times. Then she started to look over Marrik's wounds. "What the hell is all this?" Bix swore as she caught sight of something black oozing out the claw marks.

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"Well that is easy to answer; dark blue like the sky just before it goes dark," Esseme answered feeling the familiar feeling of awe at the thought of the sky above her.

 she looked up as if it would be there and then quickly down again due to the apparent lack of sky just there. she thought of the sunsets she'd seen back in the mansion and wondered what mess she had really left behind. they would certainly be looking for her.

"Do you think we're safe here?" she asked cautiously.
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Hayle look puzzled, "I don't know anyone called Malic." She told Kish, "and no-one's cast a spell on me."

"But you've been staying among sorcerers though, havent you?" Vadaan asked.

"Y-Yes, but they didnt cast spells on us, they trained separately."

"One of them did," Vadaan snarled, "Think girl. This kind of spell needs a lot of time to get right, where did they train you? and do you remember anything unusual after going to sleep?"

Halye look more scared, "N-N-North Pastures, nothing happened to me I... wait, One thing I remember but I-I thought it was a dream, a man bending over me and a strange smell"

"Yes... what did he look like?" Vadaan said leaning in toward Hayle.

"I don't, I can't.. please let me go."

"Describe him girl."

"Nose, nose like an eagles beak, green eyes, that's thats all I remember I swear."

Vadaan looked thoughtful for a moment, "That sounds like Zakkah, interesting, he never struck me as one to be part of Malic's little cult. But I doubtr anyone else has the knowledge to do to you what they have done. Except me. THe question is were you meant as a gift or a trap. I guess there is only one way to find out."

Hayle screamed and began jerking hard to get her wrist free.
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Lu-ulianne placed Marrik carefully on the bed, back up so Bix could examine his wounds.
While Bix cursed and tried to figure out MArrik's wounds, Lu-ulianne searched her mind for where she had seen Marrik before.
She was quite sure now, that she had met him, or at least seen him before, but she couldn't remember where.
But when he had revealed he was the lord of thieves, she had gotten an easier job locating him in her mind.
The only possible time she could have seen him would have been at work.
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*Raxis awoke at the girl's scream, Kish still crouched next to him, watching as Hayle struggled to free herself from Vadaan's grip.*

"What is he doing to her?"
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Vadaan chuckled, "You let your fear and your imagination rule you girl, I have no intention of harming you."

He let go of Hayles wrist and she stumbled a few steps away from Vadaan, watching him warily.

"I am going to pay Zakkah a visit, he'll give me the answers I need, one way or another."

He turned to Raxis and Kish, "Make sure no-one attempts to remove the magic, it is twisted in with her life-force, removing it will likely kill her."
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Kish looked up at Vadaan with a harsh glare and a growl, "If he's with Malic he already knows your coming...he'll destroy you..."

Lisa looked at Esseme with a confused expression, then she smiled nodding to the worried girl "This is the safest place in all the world, not even the most powerful sorcerer could get in here, even if they did, with master Jinzo, Bix, Munthrek and the others they wouldn't get much further than the front door." Starting towards the door she stopped, "Why do you ask? Is, there somebody after you?"

A tall white haired man, strode down a sunlit hall, his hair short say for a single long braid that made it down to his knees. Opening a tall door he strode over to a book case and started searching though the tomes. His long platinum robes nearly glowed in the light coming through the tall crystals windows. A large ruby hung lose from its gold chain around his neck. "Your little experiment nearly killed our lead actor"

". . ."

"You need to deal with her before she turns into a real threat"

". . ."

"And I have to thank you Zakkah, with Vadaan on his way I can obtain the last piece I need for the resurrection of the One True Race."
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"I have good reason to believe there is" Esseme answered looking at a white dot on the floor.

" I ran away from someone very bad and I'm worried what will happen when he finds me," she said looking back up at Lisa.
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*Raxis' face became one of confusion.  What the hell had happened while he was out cold?  Suddenly Kish and this deformed being appeared to be talking like they were allies.  With his strength sapped, he could do little else but listen on and fight the fatigue that threatened to make him sleep.*

"Whats going on?" *he said weakly*
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Jon meandered through the forest aimlessly. He had wandered off the main road about an hour ago, and had no clue where he was. He figured he would reach somewhere eventually.

(ooc: yeah, a sucky intro, but I'm trying to get him out an about)
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Vadaan turned to Kish, "That is if it is an invitation, if it was a trap he'll expect it to have been sprung and wont be expecting me." He shrugged, "you suddenly seem awfully keen on saving my life girl for someone who was pointing an arrow at me and yelling a few moments ago. Still if you wish to come with me and watch my back it would be of some amusement. Same with you boy," he said to Raxis, "Hayle on the other hand is coming, time to face up to her fears and the man who is trying to kill her."
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*Raxis was still completely confused.  But whatever he was needed for he doubted how useful he would be with so little essence left that he struggled to even remain awake.  It would take nothing short of a night's rest to recouperate.*
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Kish shook her head at Vadaan, "So your bringing her to her death, demon?" Kish started to lift Raxis up in an effort to carry him back home. "I don't care how powerful you think you are, but Malic will sunder you down to nothing."

Lisa smiled at Esseme and put a hand on the girls shoulder reassuring her, "Its okay, you'll be fine here. Now then I should get to work on your new wardrobe." As Lisa went to the door it opened up right before he touched the knob. Jinzo strode in seeming a little miffed at Lisa. Sticking her tongue out at the cat she giggled, "O don't get your whiskers in a knot, I'm almost done with your new stuff, relax, you can wait just a bit longer." The cat only bobbed his head once and Lisa waved bye to Esseme and left shutting the door behind her.

Jinzo hopped up on the small bed in the room and grasping the corner of the blanket and sheets pulled them back. Looking over to Esseme he padded the bed where he had just removed the blankets from. Beckoning her to get some rest.

Bix worked on Marrik's wounds trying her hardest to remove the black fetrid venom from his back and arms. Pouring some sort of glowing blue liquid into and over the gashes it would fizzle and steam as more and more of the black ooze would vanish. Bix would constantly berate Marrik as being careless or overconfident as she worked. Bix would also look up at Lu-ulianne from time to time, scowling at her, measuring her each time.

Marrik kept a smile on his face the whole time, or tried to. Whenever Bix would apply the healing draught to his back he would cringe. It sounded almost as painful as it looked. Even so Marrik still tired to make conversation with Lu-ulianne, "I'm going to have to think some sort of thank you, for you miss Lu-ulianne."
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Esseme looked wearily at Jinzo as he moved over and made the bed look inviting. She sighed as she walked over and sat down on the bed. She looked ahead of her as if in a trance. She shook her head.

"no, I know he's going to find me. It is just a matter of time now," she muttered to herself.

She looked at Jinzo again. He'd brought her here. It really did seem safe for now. A thieves guild. She was in the hideout of thieves. She wondered if they killed people too. She yawned. She hadn't realized how tired she was. A lot had happened in such a sort time. She looked around the room.

"If I'm going to be staying here then we should try and make the best of it. So where is a good place to hide things?" she asked Jinzo. It was 'his room' she was in after all.
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Jinzo gave Esseme a little mew as he rubbed up against in an effort to comfort her. Then when she asked where she could hide things the cat perked up as if excited. He hopped off the bed and trotted over to the wall where the dresser was against. Looking over he mewed, calling her over to see something. As Esseme looked over the cat she could see a large knot in the wooden floorboard, and as Jinzo pressed it the board flipped over to reveal a small space enough for most if not all of Esseme's trinkets.

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"oh that's perfect!," Esseme exclaimed as she saw what was revealed when Jinzo pressed the knot.

She reached under her skirts and pulled out her purse. She took out her brush and mirror and placed them on top of the dresser before crouching down and  putting the rest of what she had left of her own into the small space available. She pressed the same knot that Jinzo had and it was if there was nothing there. She was very impressed by the way it worked. she opened it and closed it again making sure she could do it on her own before she looked back at Jinzo again.

"thank you for this,' She said scratching Jinzo under his chin gently.

After a few minutes he got back up and took the ribbon out of her hair. She placed it between the mirror and the brush. Esseme walked over the the bed and sat down again.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep tonight?" she asked Jinzo as she took off her shoes and slid them underneath the bed.

She climbed under the blankets. It felt strange  that there was no one to tuck her in. But she had left that all behind now.
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Lu-ulianne stood quite still while Bix tended to Marrik's wounds. Everytime the woman shot her a measuring look, Lu would look determinedly, directly into her eyes.

"I'm going to have to think some sort of thank you, for you miss Lu-ulianne," Marrik said to her.

"Oh, you shouldn't make a fuss of it," Lu told him. "After all I'm sure you shouldn't do much at all for a short while. I'll just get going and mind my own buisness, and if I ever need you to repay me, I'll let you know, that is if I can find you."
She gave an ironic looking smile at the if part, which probably just made Bix even more discontented at her.
It will be unfortunate if I can't find him when that day comes, she thought to herself. She had a feeling she would be in a lot of trouble when she would need that favour.
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Vadaan chuckled, "Believe me girl that is furthest from my intentions. Still you have a choice girl, come with me, or not. When you have made up your mind, there is a set of ruins North East of here deep in the forest if you wish to come meet me there in two days time."

Vadaan began to drift off but then stopped and turned back to Kish, "Oh and tell Marrik he's invited as well." And with that he drifted off into the trees.
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Kish growled at Vadaan as she picked up Raxis in her arms and started towards home. She needed to tell Marrik about all that happened. She still couldn't believe Vadaan, he didn't know, what Malic, was capable of. The experiments, violated the bounds of everything. Jinzo is proof enough of that.

Marrik smiled at Lu-ulianne, and gave her a small nod, "I'm sure I'll be able to find you when you call." Smirking he mock shrugged, "Not likie I could resist a request from such a lovely woman." Then he cringed as, Bix, upon hearing his comment slapped his wounded back, saying "If your feeling good enough to that nonsense then your fine." as she started to leave, fuming, something about Marrik 'Learning to keep it in his pants'

Standing now he gave Lu-ulianne a bow, and to her confusion Marrik's wounds were no longer there, say for some tell tale scars along with few dozen older ones. "In the meantime, allow me to lead you out, and if you need it, there's a nice little inn on the east side of town. Good beds and even better food."

Jinzo received all of Esseme's attention with gracious purring. Jinzo gave the girl a little nod when she asked if he would stay with her for the night. He hopped up onto the the bed with the lightest of steps, and curled up next to Esseme, and closed his eyes right after she did, almost wishing her sweet dreams.
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Lu-ulianne followed Marrik as he lead the way for her.
She had been surprised that the wounds were completely gone, but didn't think much of it, seeing as thinking about it would be fruitless, but still she said: "She must be a great healer..."

(OOC - I know I should have written Lu's reactions at everything else, but truthfully she wouldn't react much, and she isn't too talkative either.)
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Esseme fell asleep to the sound of Jinzo's purrs as she rubbed behind his ear gently until she fell asleep. Unfortunately her dreams were not sweet much at all.

She kept running in the darkness, feeling watched at every turn. There was no where to hide no place to go just darkness and running. Running. Running. she wasn't getting anywhere; something was holding her back, a pulling force she couldn't see. she stopped. She was afraid and alone in the darkness. She tried to scream but no sound escaped her lips. she blinked. it felt strange as she hadn't realized her eyes had been opened. She tried to turn around but she couldn't move. she couldn't feel the rest of her body. She realized all she could do was blink into the darkness. A bright light slowly seeped into the darkness. she closed her eyes and opened them again. the light wasn't blinding it had only seemed like it at first after being in total darkness for so long. it was a soft glow sort of light. It wasn't until the source of it drifted into her plane of vision that she knew the moon was the light filling the darkness. As the moon reached the peak of the sky above her, a deeper dreading fear over took her and...

Esseme woke up screaming into the dark room. Quickly she backed up against the wall, at least she felt the coolness of it against the back of her dress. why had she gone to sleep in her dress? Nana would have brought her nightgown before... oh right she wasn't there anymore. that made this so much worse. she shuddered as she held herself tightly. it had been years since she'd had the moon nightmare. she closed her eyes.

"it's not real. it's not real. it's not real..." she muttered to herself.
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"She has quite the talent in it." Marrik lead Lu-ulianne out the front of the thieves guild, right out into town. The guild house was the town hall of all  things, so coming out along with Marrik didn't seem odd to anyone. After showing her to the inn and getting her a free nights stay he was off. By off as in when Lu-ulianne turned around to thank him, he was gone, a single brilliant red rose resting where he had stood.

Kish along with the Raxis and the rest of the small company had returned shortly after. Bix throughly chewed the boy out, or as much as she could while he was on the edge of consciousness. Marrik seemed pleased with the invitation that Vadaan had given to Kish. "I guess it wouldn't hurt."

As Esseme sad huddled in the dark she could hear someone else in the room moving about. Jinzo, she must of woken him. In the dark she could hear him padding close, coming up along side her. Then she felt the touch of a hand on her shoulder, a human hand, not a paw, and a voice a kind and warm voice. "Its okay, I'm here, you're safe Esseme." She couldn't see him in the pitch black, but she could feel him, hear him. He was real.
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"Aiiieeee!" She shrieked and jolted away from the voice and his hand.
the voice was male that much she could make out. It wasn't one she recognized. But it had sounded sincere. she made an effort to calm down some.

"I-I- who are you?" she asked afraid to hear the answer.
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There was a bit of silence before she heard the answer to her question, along with it came the same light padding as before, "Esseme, its alright, its just me, Jinzo." Esseme could hear him come close again, then the same light touch as before, taking her hand and leading her palm up to, something, fuzzy. It felt much like Jinzo's fur, but it was clearly his ear, she could feel the warm pulse and the leathery texture.
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Esseme didn't pull away this time. she let Jinzo 'show' her who he was. At first she was speechless. She wasn't sure what to say. But her voice found her before she could think straight.

"what are you?" she asked in awe.

She shook her head.

"No. Don't answer that unless you want to. There is just so much I don't understand," she said trying to make sense of things.
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Jinzo didn't answer at first, Esseme had felt him cringe when she asked her question. "Its okay Esseme, I know this place is strange, and new. But, I want you to think of this place as your home. The people here as your friends. They will all help you, and protect you." She could feel start to pick her up. One arm under her knees, the other on her back. "We are all here for something, a mistake we made or, being made a mistake."

Slowly Jinzo rose with Esseme in his arms and carried her back to her bed. "I'll be right here if you have another nightmare."
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Esseme didn't protest as Jinzo lifted her up and laid her back on the bed. It felt warm and comforting to be in his arms. Somehow she felt there really was no place safer in the entire world at that moment.

"that wasn't just any nightmare. It did start that way but it turned into a nightmare i have had before. I almost can enjoy this darkness in comparison. No. I relish it," she whispered as she shivered when Jinzo put her down.

" i just... i will not be able to sleep for a while now. can...Can I ask you something?" she asked.
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When Jinzo gently placed Esseme down on the bed he sat on the edge of the bed and kept his hand on hers. Trying to bring her some comfort and assurance. She could as well hear the light brushing of what she could only surmise as his tail along the bed covers. Jinzo listened to what had made her so terrified, but kept quiet until she asked her question. "Sure, what is it you want to know?"

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"why did you bring me here?" Esseme asked simply.

 she still didn't understand how she would fit in a thieves guild. it had bothered her some since she'd first walked into the training room. what was she going to do in a thieves guild. she was no thief. she was certain of that.
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Jinzo was quiet for a while before answering this new question. "I know whos after you, I know whats been happening." Esseme could feel him move his and from hers and up to her face, like he could see perfectly in the darkness. "I know what its like to be a prisoner Esseme." Jinzo laughed a little bit, "I was trying to find a way to free you when you did that for me. Esseme I brought you here to protect you."
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"To protect me?" she repeated a little bewildered. he knew what had been happening? How long had he'd been watching her.

"You barely know me. why would you want to protect me?" she asked curiously.
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Jinzo laughed quietly at Esseme. "You ask that like its such a strange thing. Maybe I just wanted to help. Thats the kind of, per-, cat I am." He gently rubbed the side of Esseme's cheek with the back of his hand. "And don't worry about becoming a thief, not everyone here is, and I don't expect you to do anything you really don't want to." She could feel Jinzo shift on the edge of the bed a little, "Now, you should really get back to sleep."
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"But I--" she interrupted herself with a large yawn.

She felt herself blush in the darkness. She was glad it was dark. She didn't want Jinzo to see her blushing over something as silly as a yawn. she wondered at that a moment. She had grown so close to him already. She felt as though there was a strange bond between them that couldn't be broken.

"how come you have not spoken to me like this before now?" she asked sleepily as she closed her eyes.
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Jinzo held his laughter at bay, he could see her blush even through the darkness. She was cute. As Esseme laid back to sleep, Jinzo pulled the blankets over her. "I don't like being seen like this. Its, it makes people uncomfortable to be around me. Its easier for everyone when I just stay as I should..." Even Esseme could hear it in his voice, he was uneasy talking about himself, but in an instant it was back to, calm and reassuring. "Now sweet dreams, I'll be here when its time to wake up." As Esseme closed her eyes she could feel Jinzo, back in his cat form, walk across the bed and back into the spot he had curled up in before, softly purring away.


Kish was asleep, her head resting on the side of Raxis's bed. She had carried him all the way home slung over her back, and then into a hospital bed. Bix had treated him with a bodily bolstering potion. Just to make sure he would be well after the night was over. Bix had even tried to get Kish back to her own room, without any success. Kish had said something about 'twatting him good' when he woke up. In truth Kish liked Raxis, and this wasn't the first time she had dragged him back home on her back, and it wouldn't be the last either. "Brave idiot." she mumbled as she slept.

The night passes quietly as the all in the Silent Footfalls thieves' guild sleep well. As the sun just starts to peak over the skyline the whole house is already bustling with fervent activity.

Esseme could feel her sleep gently washed away by someone rubbing her shoulder.
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The ruins lay on a large island of solid ground in the middle of what was otherwise a large swamp. The canopies of great trees blocked out any view of the sky overhead and gave the area a feel of eerie dimness, one that made travel here treacherous. An old path wound its way through the swamp to the ruins, where dry land ended slippery wooden bridges took you to the next island. It had been paved once but now only a few stones were visible, poking out from under the earth like something trying to claw its way out of a grave.

The path ended at a gap in what remained of a large grey covered in moss and creepers. The gap had once housed large gates made of iron formed into beautiful twists and whirls with the occasional form of a woodland creature. Now the broken remains of one gate lay on the ground smothered in moss and the other clung to the wall by a single hinge, it's once beautiful decoration seemingly twisted and macabre. The wall itself formed one side of a large courtyard, the ruins of a large squat structure forming the other three. Much like the path the courtyard had been paved but now only patches of that paving remained. The centrepiece was a large tree, now dead, it's bare branches reaching out like claws.

The dome shaped tops of a number of strange brown mushrooms poked out of the ground around the courtyard at sparodic intervals whilst vines and moss clung to the ruined walls. Impossibly, standing against the tree was the skeleton of a grown man a rusted sword thrust into the tree between his ribs, when he was alive that sword would of held him there as he rotted and decomposed, with no flesh to hold it together the skeleton should of collapsed at the bottom of the tree, yet it stood there it's empty eye sockets staring straight ahead and its jaw hanging open.

Vadaan regarded this oddity for a moment before turning back to the swap with a smile, he spoke a word out loud and one by one a number of torches lining the path burst into a brilliant blue flame. Marrik should have no trouble finding him now.
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Pratham looked at the mirror, helmet off, making faces, trying to copy from what he has seen attempting to focus on the eyes, as that was the only part of his face that could be seen while he wore his helmet. He still could tell from his eyes that he could not fake emotion well enough yet. "Hmmm, I'll just have to keep trying." He said aloud as he reattached and secured his helmet over his head and face. "Ahhhh" he sighed, always more comfortable while he had his old body on.

He double checked to make sure his swords were in their proper position, grabbed his coin purses and proceeded to go downstairs for a walk.

"Will you be returning later sir?" The innkeeper said to Pratham as he walked towards the door. "Yes, I will return miss." he said smiled as he spoke, even though she couldn't see the smile behind the mask. He opened the opened the door to the inn and left quickly.

The sun was still low on the horizon, the rays of light filled the walkways. He strolled through the streets as they quickly filled, looking left and right at all the faces, listening to the chatter. 'All these emotions, such expressions, such conversations ...' he thought as he wandered through the streets, not watching where he was going at all. Even though he would experience "bad" emotions, such as the envy he felt now, he always enjoyed it. Every moment was a new experience. Although he enjoyed the new experiences, he waits for the day he can blend in perfectly... emotionally at least.

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Lu-ulianne woke the next day quite puzzled from a strange dream. All she could recall was Marriks face as he winked at her and turned away.
She sat up on the bed adn immediatly her gaze fell upon the rose he had left her last night. She had taken it with her and got it some water.
She really couldn't figure out what could get her so interrested in Marrik, she had never been interrested in men before.
Only her assignments had ever interrested her.
She cleared her head of him, now wasn't the time to figure it out, got dressed and went out.
She gave the innkeeper a tip as gratitude.

She went to the market, stopping by a few stores to buy some paper and a new pen, then to the bakery open to the streets to get some bread.
"Ah, Lu my dear, I see you have got youself an admirer," the baker's wife said, looking at the red rose Lu had kept with her. "No wonder, a lovely girl like you would have hordes of them."
"Oh, he's just a friend," she said and smiled shylike. "It's a thank you gift I guess."

She got some fruit from a nice old man's vegetable booth, and as she reached to pay him he exclaimed: "No, no my dear Lu, you don't have to pay me, it's a gift! I couldn't charge a lovely girl like you for a couple of apples, now could I."
"Oh, but it's your buisness," she protested her cheeks slightly flushed as if she was flattered. "It's what you do for a living. I want to pay for it. It would be wrong to make an exception just for me."

After getting what she needed she made her way north, through ever smaller and more empty streets, untill she was just a couple of houses away from the north of the town wall.
She went inside a small house of just about one room.
A bed in a corner, a desk, a chair, a bookcase, a small counter for food preparation and a fireplace with a stovetop. She left the bread and fruits on the counter and then went for the bookcase.

She reached onto the side of it, where an indention in the wood had been carved, much like a handle.
She slid her fingers inside it, got a good grip and slowly, carefully pulled the bookcase away from the wall. It swung outwards on hinges on the side, and she directed it slowly so none of her books would fall out.
There was a dooropening behind it, and a hidden room. It was a slim room on the side of the house, so people wouldn't at once notice that the outside was bigger then the inside of the house.
There were shelves with papers and books inside and also a glass cupboard with throwing knives and short swords nicely arranged inside.

One part of the wall was free of shelves, and there, many handdrawn portaits hung, some with a piece of paper attached to it, some crossed out over their faces.
She got out the sketch she had drawn of Marrik and hung it up on the wall beside the others.

(OOC - So, I hope you could see the difference between Lu at work, and Lu in town. Note that I never described it as if she actually felt the feelings of shyness or flattery, but only as if. Also we got to see where she lives, and yay, she has a secret room. xD And a wall full of pictures of her assignments, and now Marrik is hanging there. Is this a foreshadowing maybe? Also, I adjusted it slightly so that Lu might have been around the places where Pratham was, just in case.)
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The streets now filled to capacity with people, he had spent most of his morning walking around, and observing those around him. He came upon a produce stand 'Maybe some interaction will do some good' he thought, he went up to the stand and started to pretend to examine the various fruits and vegetables, as his eyes watched as the young woman next to him interacted with elderly man who ran this stand.

"Oh, but it's your buisness," he heard the woman say, blushing ever so slightly. "It's what you do for a living. I want to pay for it. It would be wrong to make an exception just for me." Pratham heard the words, watching her face closely. 'She's lying' he thought 'and she is extremely good at it.' 
The young woman walked away as Pratham turned his head to the right slightly as if to look at other fruits, while still watching the woman walk away. "Spectacular." Pratham said still seemingly staring intently at the fruits. "What is son?" the elderly man said looking at him oddly. Pratham feeling the need to cover what he was doing said "These apples sir, they are spectacular" He quickly paid for the fruit and started the follow the young woman.

'Why am I doing this' He thought to himself 'She is no mark, I have no need to study her.' But his legs kept moving, he tossed the apple he had just brought to one of the beggars on the street, 'I suppose I will not be eating anytime soon.' he thought as he followed the woman.

The crowds became less and less prominent as he stalked. He started to use his training to ensure he wouldn't get caught as the young woman seemingly would check behind her as she walked on occasion. She reached a house near one of the walls of the town, and entered. A few moments later Pratham appeared from the shadows and peered through a window into the small room, and watched the woman go to her bookshelf and swing it open.

'I have seen enough' He thought as he broke his gaze from the woman and headed back towards his inn still very confused on why he had done what he had just done.. On his way back, before he got to the massive crowds of the market, he pulled out a small book and pen, and jotted some notes down about what emotions just overtook him, and what occurred as a result.

(OOC- Lu appears to have a stalker now  :P)
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Esseme awoke feeling the warmth of Jinzo nudging her shoulder. She opened her eyes lazily and smiled at Jinzo.She wondered is she had dreamt thier conversation during the night. Sat up and stretched. She yawned in her sleepiness. she looked at jinzo.

"I had the strangest dreams last night," she said as she rubbed Jinzo's chin gently.

It wasn't until she had spoken that she noticed someone else was in the room.

"So what, May I ask, is on the agenda for today?" Esseme asked still watching Jinzo.
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Jinzo raised his chin eagerly accepting Esseme's touch. It was Lisa from the day before that was standing there waiting. She wore an amused smile as she watched Esseme treat Jinzo like her own little pet. "First we have to see if these fit you." Lisa chimed as she looked to the small bundle of work clothes she held in her arms.

"And after breakfast its off to see James, the foreman. He'll give you your work for the day."

Jinzo stretched out a bit and then hopping down from the bed and out the half opened door, Lisa quietly shut it behind him and turned to Esseme, "Hes just picking out a ring for you, he'll be right back."

Marrik was running on top of the swampy water on his way to meet Vadaan. His emerald glowing like a flickering candle, each step making a single tiny ripple atop the water. He had to make this meeting quick, Bix had told him of the new girl at the guild and Marrik was a bit curious about her. Jinzo almost never held such interest in the new recruits. This girl must be something special. Finally standing across from Vadaan, Marrik took a little time to look about the chosen meeting place. Not a bad pick, least not for someone like Vadaan.

As Lu-ulianne looked at the wall where she had placed her sketch of Marrik something else caught her attention. The rose that he had given her, even in the dim light, it had already bloomed, its petals unfolded into a brilliant red flower.
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"You're early." Vadaan stated, "I told that child two days, but then there's no counting on the impatience of some people. Still as you're here I take..."

"Is this him then?" A slightly hard-edge female voice echoed across the courtyard. "He doesnt look like much."

The owner of the voice was a young woman slightly older than Hayle. Her white hair was cut short except for two long tails that hung from her fringe to her chin across each eye and some which was gathered into two short bunches that stood up from the top of her head like ears. She was dressed head to foot in black scaled armour which hugged all the curves of her body and seemed to shimmer in some unseen light. She carried a large two-handed sword, dark like her armour and with a series of runes carved into the blade.

Placing her sword down on the ground she began to cross the courtyard to Marrik, swaying her hips in an enticing manner as a hungry smile crossed her dark lips.
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Esseme turned around to see what she'd be wearing. She supposed they could have looked worse. she grinned at Lisa trying to be nice. but the smile left her face when Lisa mentioned work. she had almost forgotten that part.

"A ring?" she asked curiously.
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Marrik seemed altogether unimpressed by this woman clad in dark armor. By contrast Marrik looked just as he should, wearing a simple outfit of trousers, shirt, leather vest and, traveling boots. The only thing that stood out was the large emerald hung loosely around his neck that glowed with a simple light.

A serious look came to Marrik's face as he crossed his arms, "Hm, so who would this be Vadaan? I didn't take you for a man that would dip into woman as such." He said coldly as if the woman was of little concern.

Lisa smiled and nodded as she started to lay out Esseme's work clothes. She held up her hand to show off a small black metal ring that adored her pinky finger. "Its how we're able to hear what Jinzo is saying when hes a cat, as well as get messages from our masters."

In some holy conclave Malic adored in platinum robes finished up one of his many sermons. His followers slowly filed out of the many pews and back to their labors. Each and everyone, their hair dyed stark white in respect of their new faith and prophet. Malic on the other hand retired to a small dungeon underground the conclave. Each and every cell held one of his inane experiments. Say for the last few which held those he claimed guilty of heresy against him. There was a young brunette haired woman in one, bound by chains to the wall. Her beaten and broken body hung from the wall, rotten blood stained the ground under her, her clothes only torn rags, her body thin from hunger, she was on deaths door, if only, something wouldn't allow for her to die.

"Now my dear" Malic began as he slowly opened the cell's barred door, "Are you ready to accept the new world or are you still stuck with your human beliefs?" The woman didn't answer. "I will forgive you, and even restore you to how you were before all this." The woman didn't answer. "I cannon tolerate this distention within my holy sanctuary. Let me free you from those pesky human trappings." This time the woman shivered and started to look up at him. Malic grinned hand grabbed the woman's head. "Let me show you the light." The woman's fractured screams echoed through the dungeon. After releasing her head the woman looked up at Malic with a cute smile, "Yes my master I understand, please forgive my heresy. It will never happen again, I promise." Her eyes were void of color as was her hair. After being released from her bonds she bowed to Malic, getting on her knees and pressing her head to the floor. "I thank you my master, I live for the eternal flame."
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Vadaan chuckled, "As you have noticed my dear boy I am more dead than alive so I do not partake in pleasures of the flesh any longer."

The girl completed her walk to Marrik, looked him up and down before tracing a finger down his upper arm. She smiled at him and then looked over at Vadaan.

"He is quite handsome close up though." She commented, "Can I keep him?"

"My dear Jealousy I did not ask him here for your amusement." Vadaan admonished her.

"Oh." Jealousy sound disappointed as she moved around behind Marrik and draped herself over his shoulders. "Can I at least play with him for a bit Master?"

"Put him down," Vadaan said firmly, "Marrik and I have things to discuss and I do not need you hanging over him like some..."

"Slut." Jealousy breathed into Marriks ear, her tone far more honeyed than it had been. "May be I am, but I use all the weapons I have at my disposal. Dont you? Marrik?"

She ran her hands up Marriks chest and over his shoulders as she pulled away from him. "If you did not bring me him to play with, have you at least bought me a sister?"

"I already bought you one." Vadaan said sounding irritated.

"But she was fragile." Jealousy spat, "weak, not suitable to become one of us."

"I told you to be gentle with her." Vadaan replied sounding even more irritated.

Jealousy leaned forward and whispered playfully in Marriks ear, "I don't do gentle."

"Jealousy," Vadaan growled.

"Yes Master." Jealousy responded with a sigh. Crossing the courtyard she retrieved her sword and waited.

"I must apologise for Jealousy," Vadaan told Marrik, "Sometimes the girl does not know when to behave."

Jealousy opened her mouth to respond to this, but decided better of it and closed it again quickly.

"Now, you can only be here for one of three things I suspect. You intend to talk me out of going to see my friend Zakkah like that young woman of yours, I find this unlikely, but none the less amusing. You're here to tell me I'm on my own, which seems the more likely at the moment. Or you are here to tell me you will be coming. Which my dear boy would be the more sensible of the three options. You may not like me, but the fact is we're the opposite sides of the same coin," his eyes flicked to Marriks amulet and back, "life and death. However Malic and his little cult would be easier dealt with if we were to work together, despite our differences, would you not agree?"
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Marrik ignored Jealousy completely even with every enticing movement and word he showed less than any interest in her, say for a single glare to her when she walked away, he was disgusted with her. Like her touch had made him want to vomit. Looking to Vadaan, Marrik shook his head with a long sigh.

"You are an unbelievably arrogant human, you know nothing of what you are doing." Marrik growled

"Do you know what Malic is? What he is using his cult for?" Marrik queried

"Malic is one of the last of the creatures your race has named Elves, and his cult are the lambs he will slaughter to bring them back." Marrik shook his head at Vadaan.

"Even with all the power you have, he would take you apart for mere amusement."
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Lu-ulianne was astonished. The rose Marrik had given her had already bloomed, as if by magic.
She lifted it up, and smelled it. She smiled sweetly, lowered it to her lips and gave the petals a slight kiss.
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So that wasn't all a dream, thought Esseme.

"Cat Form?" She asked at she looked at the place Jinzo had last been before he went out the door.
the door was closed now. Esseme stared at the ring for a moment.

"So we can hear him... Does he read our thoughts then?" She wondered aloud as she reached for the back of her dress.

The buttons on the back were a little trickier than she remembered. She didn't really want help with them but she had truly forgotten the tiny buttons.

"could I have some help with these please?" she asked patiently as she turned around.

It was hard for her to let her gaze drift from the pinky ring but she held up her hair to show Lisa the stubborn buttons down the back of her dress.
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"Hm, well it has been a while since I was that wrong." Vadaan commented idly, "so this is the don't go speech, or maybe it is your be careful speech. Either way your concern for my existence is touching, if ultimately false.

You may think of me as arrogant my dear boy, but I am not arrogant enough to think i can do everything on my own. I know when I need help and when to ask for it, why do you think I invited you here. But with or without you I do not intend to let that young girl die so I will be going to get the answers I need. If the only help you wish to offer is knowledge then I will listen.

If however you intend to stop me then here do that girl a favour,"

Vadaan tossed a long knife at Marriks feet.

"Put this knife into her heart, or cut off her head if you are concerned about me using her later on, save that girl the days of agony she will go through as that spell unravels and finally kills her."
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After going back to the market for some food, Pratham returned to the inn so he could eat in peace. " Welcome back sir!" said the innkeeper as Pratham walked through the door "There is somebody waiting for you in the other room." Pratham sighed, 'I am never going to be able to eat at this rate.' he thought, "Thank you very much" he said as he walked into the common room. In the room sat a young man no older than 15, who stood up immediately "Sir I---" But Pratham cut him off "Not here." he said shortly and made a motion for the lad to follow him.

Pratham put the small satchel of food down on the desk in his room, then proceeded to lock the door. "What is it that you need boy?" Pratham sat down in his chair staring at the frightened teenager. "M-m-m-my master sent me here to m-make a offer, he needs somebody brought back to him." The boy started to shake just a little bit, fumbling for something out of his pack. "His n-n-niece ran---." Once again Pratham cut the scared boy off. "I do not care why. Nor am I a delivery service." The boy stared for a moment, "I've been instructed to offer you double your going rates." "Fine" Pratham said after a second of thinking "I will need a picture," The servant held out a photograph of a young woman. " A name," he continued taking the picture. "and 5000 gold pieces, the other 5000 to be collected after she is returned, and a name." Pratham now studied the picture of a young blonde woman with large blue eyes. " H-her name is Esseme sir." The boy said now handing Pratham a coin purse, he looked eager to leave. He quickly counted the amount in the purse. "Everything seems to be in order, you may leave." He said looking up, the young boy fumbled at the door lock, and practically ran out of the inn.

Pratham gave out a loud sigh as he stared at the sack filled with food. "Work must come first" He said aloud as he opened the window in his room and slipped out. He quickly found the boy walking nervously through the streets, and followed the boy right to the towns gates, where a large carriage awaited him. 'I know exactly who I am dealing with now' He thought as he watched from the shadows as the carriage drove away. He turned and slowly walked back towards the inm 'Mmmm I will finally be able to eat now.' he thought placing one hand on his stomach, grinning wildly.
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Lu put the rose in a vase and filled it with water. She picked up an apple and took a bite out of it.
She wondered who had followed her on her way to the house. It had been someone incredibly skilled. She had just barely sensed it as she got closer to her house where the streets were empty almost all the time.
She hadn't seen her follower, only sensed his presence.
She would have attempted to confront him unless she had thought he might be a threat to her.
It wasn't as if she was hiding her residence, only her occupation.
She wracked her brain as to who and why someone might be following her.
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Marrik stood looking down at the dagger for a bit before turning his attention back to Vadaan. "Stop calling me 'boy', I am far older than you know."

"You seek answers, but, what would you do if you got far more than you bargained for? Would you let it be, or interfere further?" Marrik stood poised to hear Vadaan's unwelcome answer.

Lisa giggled a little at Esseme's comment as she started to help the girl with the buttons on the back of her dress. "Its not really his thoughts, I'm not sure how they work, but its just like talking to him as if he was speaking normally." Lisa's fingers quickly undid the stubborn buttons and then handed Esseme the better looking of the four sets of work clothes. "So tell me...did that cat try anything last night?"

Kish was snapped awake by some unruly snoring, and looking up from her half numb arms to Raxis she scowled. First of all she was no morning person, and two there he was snoring away after she had to carry his arse back herself. She would get what he owed her one way or another. Leaning up to his face, she smirked at the face he made while sleeping. Puckering her lips she let loose on him, yelling straight to his face, point blank even, "WAKE UP IDIOT!!!"

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Esseme pulled her dress up over her head and lay it on the bed. she looked at the work clothes awkwardly as Lisa handed them to her. she had never worn anything but dresses her entire life. it was going to be strange wearing anything else.

"like what?" she asked as she slid the shirt over her head.
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"My dear elf lord," Vadaan said with an amused smile, "I would not hide here in this lovely swamp if that is what you were hoping. It is highly likely that I will do what you refer to as interfering, although I prefer to call it 'doing what has to be done'.

So what is it to be elf?"
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Marrik stood there looking at the necromancer for a bit before letting out a long sigh. "What I should do is let Malic rip down your pitiful race. I should let you be destroyed by your own arrogance. I should, but I wont. If you want your answers you will wait till the next full moon till you do anything. I promise you will have the answers you seek then, without any undue conflict that would surely be the end of you." Marrik turned his back on Vadaan and started to leave stepping on the water like it was solid ground.

Lisa shrugged simply at Esseme, "I dunno, its just some silly rumors about Master Jinzo that make him out to be less than honorable. More so when alone with young women. But if theres nothing worth mentioning then I guess they are just some silly rumors." Lisa smiled as she helped Esseme brush her long blonde hair back to keep it out of her face. "And just as soon as Jinzo gets back with that ring of yours we can head down to breakfast."
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Esseme opened her mouth to speak and closed it again blushing.

"no he was a good kitty," she said pausing in thought before going on, "why do you call him Master?"

at the mention of breakfast Esseme realized just how hungry she really was. it had been almost a whole day since she'd had breakfast at the mansion.she shuddered slightly as the thought of the mansion brought thoughts of Jenoh searching for her. if she wasn't so hungry she would have lost her appetite.

"what does breakfast consist of here?" she asked as her stomach grumbled slightly.
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"My dear boy, you forgot you knife." Vadaan said with a smile to Marriks retreating back, "It is unlikely she will live that long so I trust you will be what needs to be done so as not to prolong her suffering."

When Marrik had gone Jealousy sprung to her feet. "And he calls you arrogant." she spat.

Vadaan chuckled, "He's an elf child, what did you expect?"

Jealousy shrugged, "I don't know, something different I guess Master."
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Lisa smiled when she caught sight of Esseme's little blush. Neatly folding the other sets of Esseme's work clothes she placed them in the dresser that was there.

"We call him Master because thats what he is. His full name is Jinzo, Master of Stealth. He teaches the way to hide,sneak, and spy." Turning back to the now dressed Esseme, Lisa looked her over, trying to find any error in her work. Even tugging on the cloth a bit here and there seeing how it fit.

"Well, breakfast it just about anything. But if Master Jinzo doesn't get back soon we won't get a good spot in line." Just as she finished, like the cat was waiting for a cue, Jinzo just seemed to be there on the bed as he let out a quick mew. Lisa scowled at the cat, "Show off." Jinzo just looked smug before taking a small black ring that rested at his paws in his mouth and padding over to Esseme offering the odd bit of jewelery to the girl.
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she supposed that made sense. cats were crafty animals and such from the stories she had heard of them.

"A line..." Esseme mouthed the words silently. things really would be alot different here than she was used to. she already felt awkward in the new clothes. they were comfortable though. she had to admit Lisa did a good job.

looking in the mirror she almost didn't recognize herself. then she herd Lisa say show off and she noticed Jinzo there beside her. the ring was small and would fit on her pinky finger just right. she paused slightly before slipping it on. well she was 'in for the whole pound now' as Nana would say. she cringed at the thought of Nana.
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"Well we better hurry if we want to get the good stuff before its gone." It was the same voice as that night, Esseme could hear Jinzo, it wasn't in her head, but it came from him. Jinzo trotted to the door and waited a bit for Esseme.

Marrik was meanwhile in his study speaking with a few of his spies, "The man named Vadaan, I want to know everything about him. What hes done, where hes been, and who hes ever been in contact with. Also bring me our contact in the Phalanx I want a word with him."

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"Amazing." Esseme muttered as she followed Jinzo out the door.

"how does it work?" she asked  Jinzo as Lisa closed the door behind them.
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As the three of them walked along Jinzo explained to Esseme that, he really didn't know, magic wasn't something he knew much about. Lisa filled in a little bit saying they were made by the lord of thieves, Marrik, but even she didn't know how they worked. After the short walk the they all came to a large open area with numerous tables, people of all sorts were there already eating.

Lisa waved over to what looked like her friends. At one end of the room Esseme could see Bix, Munthrek as well as a few others. Jinzo padded Esseme's leg once to gain her attention, as he led her to one of the lines that had formed

"Esseme, do you want to sit up with me, or find your own spot?"

he asked her as the line moved quickly along. Esseme was handed a tray by a tall boy with a patch over one eye. Something else came to her attention, a lot of the young girls that were nearby would at times point and then whisper to one another.
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Esseme wondered what this Marrik person was like until she walked into the room with the massive amounts of people in it. It was unlike anything she had seen before. she barely noticed when Jinzo touched her leg. her following behind him was a bit autonomic.  She was slightly startled by the tray and she held it awkwardly. she looked away so she wouldn't stare only to see the girls looking at her. she looked back at her tray and did what the people in front of her seemed to do.

"Is it... I'd like very much to sit with you; if you don't mind," she said feeling self conscious of others looking at her.

She watched as some red giggly stuff landed in a bowl and then on her tray.

"What is this stuff?" she asked using a spoon to lift a small scoop out of the bowl and watch it plop back into it.

((ooc: i changed it to jello ;D))
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Jinzo laughed a little at Esseme's reaction to the odd food. "Sometimes I'm not even sure what the cooks are thinking." After getting a little further down the line Esseme soon had a good breakfast on her tray, a big waffle with a few toppings, a muffin, and a large glass of milk. Even as she went down the line, she still got these odd looks from the girls she passed. Jinzo's breakfast was a bit different.

As he led her along they didn't go to the front table, but one just off to the side of it. Jinzo didn't want anymore uncomfortable attention to come to her. As the two of them sat down Jinzo's tray was there, just waiting for him. Mostly full of meats, bacon, ham, as well as a large omelet. Before he started eating he told Esseme in what she could hear as a whisper, "Try not to mind the other girls, okay."
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"well it's not creme brule or silk tea" she muttered as she sat down at the table.

she poked her waffles with her fork. she chuckled nervously when Jinzo mentioned the girls.

"they seem slightly interested by me. do i not fit in so well in this?" she said gesturing her outfit.

"it does not seem so different to me. or is it because i am new? It would seem to me that they would not think it strange to add another to their numbers" she said fiddling with her locket subconsciously with the hand that wasn't on her fork.

"I'm sorry if i babble, everything seems so strange here," she added looking at Jinzo a moment instead of her food.

she blushed and looked back at her plate. she put down her fork and picked up the muffin. she took a small bite of it. well at least muffins could taste like they had before.
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Jinzo seemed to smile a bit, or as much as a cat could smile without showing off his teeth. He had caught sight of Esseme's little blush. She was cute. "Its alright Esseme, there is nothing to be sorry for. Just try to relax. You have nothing to worry about. "
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"well..." Esseme looked behind her at the table with the girls a minute before taking a bite of her muffin. she ate it thoughtfully.

"if y say so Jinzo," she added when she finished her muffin
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"So what do we do now Master?" Jealousy asked as she casually checked over her blade.

Vadaan smiled, "I think it is time we tried things Marriks way."

Jealousy grinned.

"What news from the north?" Vadaan asked.

"It seems one of Malics high priests was murdered yesterday." Jealousy said, "The knights and most of the town believe Marrik's responsible."

"And Malic's little cult?"

Jealousy shrugged. "They're keeping silent, although one of his delicious young acolytes did mention that Marriks name and the rumors have been mentioned several times."

"I trust you left him unmarked."

"A girl never kisses and tells." Jealousy said with a coy smile.

"Jealousy." Vadaans tone held more than a hint of warning in it.

Jealousy gulped, "Sorry Master. I did not harm him Master. As far as he is concerned I'm am a sweet young thing who might be interested in joining the cult. I was very gentle with him Master."
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After their breakfast Jinzo lead Esseme on to the James the foreman for her assignments. Walking down the hallways she caught sight of all sorts of people, from other young women dressed much like she was to boys carrying myrid of weapons. Jinzo would give some a nod as he passed. The atmosphere was so laid back, like everyone was kind of like family.

Well thats what it looked like till the sounds of a loud fight resounded down one wide hall, the voice of a young man called out "You think your so great just 'cause you got that shadow Rick!" as Jinzo and Esseme rounded the corner, there was a large group of boys and girls all around the two combatants. One breathing hard, bleeding from the lip and nose, the other standing tall and confident, to his side was a huge pure black eight foot long hooded snake. "Heh, you can't even hear your shadow's name." The one beaten boy lunged at the other, the black snake shot up between then, and using its tail knocked him aside like he was nothing. "Come on, maybe tenth times the charm." The snake started to rear up and opened its mouth to strike down at the boy that had been knocked to the ground.

As Esseme tried to say something she found that Jinzo was gone, after she looked up she could see where he had gone. Standing tall he was no longer a cat, but a handsome cat eared man, with strong shoulders and a long slick black tail that wagged behind him. Rick reeled back when Jinzo using a knife of the same jet black color cut through the snake like nothing, its scaly body vanishing into black wisps. Rick clutched his chest and cringed in pain, as Jinzo looked down at him in disappointment. "Rick...return to your room...I will speak with you later..."

Even from where Esseme was standing she could see Jinzo's tail wagging furiously, "And the rest of you, don't you all have work you should be tending to?" as soon as he said that, the group started to move away, but a couple of the young woman couldn't help but gawk at Jinzo as they shuffled out. Turning around to face Esseme she could see what he looked like so much better. Short black hair, the fuzzy cat ears high on each side of his head, and his soft green eyes.

((OOC: Ragh, so much writers block, there is supposed to be more but...I'll add it later *facedesk*
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Esseme was confused by what the strange boy meant by shadow as she watched the two boys ready to strike each other. She was about to ask Jinzo what he meant when she noticed he wasn't next to her anymore.  she looked back up to see him stopping the fight. He was different. changed. Like he had been the night before she guessed. She lost herself in the moment and stared as he was the last one standing and the crowd dispersed.
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Jinzo was wearing a sleek fitting black silk outfit. The shirt was sleeveless and showed off his built arms. The rest of his outfit didn't leave much to the imagination either. He may of only been a few inches taller than Esseme but he looked strong. Looking back over to where Rick had walked down Jinzo was rubbing the back of his head letting out a little sigh.

Looking back at Esseme he paused a little bit seeing her start to stare, "Esseme?"
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she blinked and blushed when she realized she was staring.

"Sorry. i just-- you're so beautiful," she stammered embarrassed. she was more embarrassed after the words left her mouth.
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Jinzo blinked a few times and started to blush himself as he heard what Esseme had to say about seeing him. He was quiet for a bit before giving the girl a calm smile. "Its okay Esseme, you don't need to say you're sorry."

He was honestly surprised about she had said. Then in the blink of an eye, without a sound, nor any sign of it, Jinzo was back to his cat form starting down the hallway towards James's office. "Come on Esseme."
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she was startled slightly as Jinzo turned back to cat form again. she wondered if he transformed often. she followed behind him trying to keep up with him.
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It wasn't long until Esseme and Jinzo made it to the large office of the foreman James. Two wide door lead to to a wide open area where a dozen or so desks were lined up around which were tall book cases. The walls were lined with large draws. There were men and woman all working around, sorting through papers, writing reports and looking over the book cases. Jinzo led them down to a desk at the back of the room where a man done up in long scholar robes, glasses and his chestnut brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. He spoke in a quick and sharp voice as he jetted his hand out with a small leather bound book. "Here are your assignments miss Esseme, you start work with the lady Birtani at once." He said all of that without even looking up at her, still writing quickly with his pen.

After Esseme quickly took her book Jinzo started to lead her back out. Telling her "Lady Britani is in charge of our hospital, I think you'll enjoy learning from her."

All of a sudden Esseme could feel someone tapping on her shoulder but after looking there was no-one there. Then from right ahead a tall well dressed man stood leaning up against the wall looking through HER assignment book. "Lady Britani huh? Shes not easy on newcomers" the man's long black hair was tied down in a low ponytail and seemed to move with him, looking down at her with his forest green eyes he smiled.

Jinzo spoke up sounded thoroughly annoyed, "Esseme, meet Marrik, the Lord of Thieves." Closing Esseme's book Marrik gave her a little wave as he held her book out to her. "Nice to meet you."

Far off in one of Malic's enclaves....

Malic was walking among some of his acolytes looking over their studies when he stopped by one. Looking down he placed a hand on the shoulder of one of the boys, "You have been tainted." the boy froze and looked up at Malic, "Master, I have done nothing, I promise" Malic only looked down at him, the boy stood and bowed his head "I am guilty of dark thoughts master." Malic nodded once, "Go to the forges for purification." The boy stood and started out hanging his head low. Malic only continued to walk among his students.
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Esseme had been lost in the awe of her surroundings when she was brought back to reality as James, or at least she guessed he was the James Jinzo had spoken of, handed her the booklet rather rudely.

She smiled awkwardly as Jinzo spoke well of this Lady Britani. Hospital? Esseme had never been very good with the sight of blood. She hoped she wouldn't faint her first day here. And just as she was thinking all this she felt the tap on her shoulder. Her thoughts were broken as she became slightly flummoxed at this strange meeting. she took her book back carefully as if it were fragile and then she held it tightly as she reached for her skirts and realized she wasn't wearing them. so instead she nodded her head blushing slightly before looking up at the one they called Marrik.

"It is nice to meet you too," she said formally.

"Thank you for returning this. I suppose that is how you earned your title," she said as he kept smiling at her.

the way he looked at her made her hair stand on end. She closed her eyes for a moment, the length of a blink.
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Captain Greyson grumbled to himself as he rode his horse at the head of the small party. Consisting of himself, four guards and a single coach with its single occupant and something important. It made him nervous and scared at the same time. He'd tried talking Zakkah into a much larger guard but to no avail. If Marrik and his hordes set upon them on the road they would not be able to protect the treasure from his hands. He gritted his teeth, they even had to go wearing that banner of Master Malic, waving it around like some banner to attract the attention of Marrik. Not that it wasn't an honour or a privilege to be wearing it of course, it's just he was a prudent man and feared Malics anger if they did not arrive with this item. Or so Zakkah had told him.

"Relax Greyson," Zakkah had told him, "A hundred guards screams 'we are carrying something precious' with four no-one would suspect. Besides the item is wrapped in magiks learn from Master Malic himself no-one will ever know it is there."

The captain hadn't been happy especially when reports reached them of the murder of one of their a high priests. Zakkah hadn't even been phased though.

Greyson gave a sigh, orders were orders, but he damn well didnt like them.

As the coach and her guards rounded a courner the captain threw up a hand. This was all they needed he thought to himself. In the middle of the road was an elegant black stalion and mounted on its back was a slightly nervous and very lost looking young woman. Her long black hair had been formed into ringlets as it framed a round face with a small nose and brown eyes.

Greyson opened his mouth to order her out the way, but she spoke first.

"Oh thank goodness. I was beginning to think I'd never see a friendly face out here. There's bandits in these woods I've heard," she looked around nervously, "and I think I'm lost and I really need to get to Gateway, it's my aunt you see she's become terribly ill. Mother said I should get there as soon as possible, she had some business she had to take care of before she could come down but it was important at least one of us was there as soon as possible."

((OOC: Anyone actually know any names of towns and cities here besides Solice(?) or where ever it was the comic started))
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Marrik chuckled lightly as Esseme spoke so formally, "Its one of the reasons yes. Well I won't keep you, the lady would have my hide if she heard I held up one of her new students." As he went to leave he looked down at Jinzo "Don't take too long, Jason still needs your help." Nodding to Esseme and Jinzo, Marrik walked down past them and down the way to James's office. Esseme did catch something as he passed her, his ears, they were pointed, a bit long, swept back, and, pointed.

Jinzo only shook his head at the man, "Esseme relax, don't worry about Marrik, hes a good guy all in all."

The two of them continued on down a few halls and now coming to a set that had high windows, sunlight shown down into their path and soon they were at one of the hospital wing's entrances. "Okay Lady Britani will be the loud one barking orders, I have to go now but I'll try and visit at lunch, hows that sound?" He said as she stared to head off.

Just out of view a single spy stayed hidden in a tree watching the coach and now the girl, a stark black wolf sat at the roots of the tree waiting for orders from its master. The wolf figitted a little when the girl came into view, the man in the tree nodded as if it was agreeing with something the wolf had said.
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"What's the hold up Captain?" Zakkah asked leaning out of the carriage.

"Oh my lord." the girl said turning her horse and trotting it over to Zakkah before Greyson could react. "I hope your lordship can help me, I'm lost and I'm supposed to get to Gateway see my dying aunt and I'm worried they say there's a lot of bandits in these parts and.."

"I'm sorry Sir." Greyson said riding up, behind the girl, "I'll send this young woman on her way for you." He grabbed her arm, "come on now miss, no bothering a member of the Phalanx."

"The Phalanx!" The girl exclaimed, "I've never met a sorcerer before. Can you show me some magic?"

"Leave the man alone miss and be about your business." Greyson said firmly.

"No, no. Greyson, we shouldn't let this young lady ride on theses roads alone, as she says there are many bandits about, especially Marrik and his gang of lowlifes."

"Marrik?" The girl asked. "I have heard of him, is he really as bad as the rumours say my lord?"

"I'm afraid so." Zakkah said calmly, "but do not worry miss?"

"Else," the girl replied with a slight smiles, "Well everyone calls me Else, my mother calls me.."

"Miss Else." Zakkah said cutting her off, "He would be foolish to attack a member of the Phalanx."

"Really?" Else asked, "They say he's mighty brave and handsome and.. and.."

Zakkah smiled. "Would you care to ride with me Miss Else?" he asked politely. Maybe I'll be able to show you a magic trick or two as we journey.

"Really?" Else asked sounding excited, "I would be delighted to my Lord."

"Please call me Zakkah."

"Of course, Zakkah." Else said as she dismounted. Taking Zakkahs hand as he helped her into the carriage.

Leaning out again after closing the door Zakkah looked at Greyson again, "Let's get moving captain. And do keep your eye out for bandits."
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"if you say so Jinzo" Esseme said thoughtfully. she wondered how often she'd see the lord of thieves.

she began wondering again about what kind of person the Lady Britani was again as Jinzo left her alone she stared at the handle for a moment. She  felt so out of place here, like she was being watched. she looked behind her when she didn't see anyone she turned back around.

"Stop being so paranoid," Esseme scolded herself.

She opened the door and walked inside the hospital wing.
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Just passing into the hospital wing she could see it was a quite large room, several girls were working on papers, talking with one another, most holding small clipboards. Bix came around to one of the desks and started to shoo some of the gossiping girls off. Bix wasn't in the same deep blue gown she was wearing when she first met Esseme, she was now in a white blouse with and a set to white pants to match, rushing around she was barking orders just as Jinzo had said. Even through it all she took notice of Esseme, and paused "Hello again, Esseme, well come on, you'll be with me for today."

Waiting for the girl to follow she lead her to a small set of shelves, and ran her finger across one till she tapped one of the little golden labels. "Here we go, when you come in for work you put your book here, today however you start your lessons." As Esseme did as Bix asked she again waited for the girl, walking slow enough so it was easy for Esseme to keep up with her. "I know its a lot to ask of you on your first day Esseme, but there is a lot going on recently." The two of them made their way down to a large room down at one end of the wing, coming into what looked like a classroom, several other girls along with one boy sat around at five round tables. Each and everyone of them looked just about as nervous as Esseme.
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Esseme followed Bix  and listened as they walked through she did her best not to interrupt. She had always been taught not to interrupt when someone was busy.

"i wa--?" she blinked as she entered the classroom.
"you're-- how come Jinzo didn't tell me?" she looked at the first person she had met since she'd been here in askance.

when the room grew quieter she looked around.  she blushed as she felt uncomfortable standing there all of a sudden. She quietly walked over to an empty desk that was next to a girls with sandy red hair and sat down. she had a feeling she was going to have a long day.
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The day passed along quite well compared to what Esseme thought it would, Bix introduced herself as the First Healer of the guild, and that all of them were to become healers in their own rights by the time they were done learning from her. Bix had started to explain to all of them what they would be learning, from bandaging and herbal medicine to splints and how to channel essence to heal internal and more severe wounds. Time passed by quickly and soon the small chiming of a bell sounded through the halls. It was already near noon, and clapping her hands she dismissed them for lunch.

Just as he said Jinzo was there sitting just outside the doors waiting for her "So, Esseme how is your first day going?"

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"It all went by so fast really." Esseme said after a moment of thought.

"I think things will take some time to get used to but it doesn't seem like i won't be able to handle something like what we discussed today," She said as she bent down and scratched Jinzo gently behind the ears.

"so what now?" she asked looking into his green eyes.
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Jinzo seemed to smile as his ears were scratched. He actually liked it even if he would say things to the contrary.

"Well I was thinking we could get some lunch, and then after that you're coming with me for your shadow training." Jinzo stared to lead Esseme along to the meal hall.
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Esseme had started following Jinzo as he said they should have lunch but froze where she stood when he mentioned shadow training.
"Isn't that-- shadow training-- what that fight was about earlier? I'm not so sure I'll be very good at that," she said muttering at the end of her sentence.

"Do you really think i'll be able to make something like that Jinzo?" Esseme asked skeptically, walking again to catch up with Jinzo.
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Jinzo chuckled as he walked with Esseme to the meal hall. "A person's shadow is unique, I have no doubt that you will be able to accomplish it but, no one knows what their shadow is until they ask it."

As they entered the hall there was a great amount of many great foods. "I'll be able to show you once we get down there. Right now lets eat, I'm famished."

Jinzo wasn't lying, compared to what Jinzo took for a meal, what Esseme ate was tiny.

Again just as the times before there were some girls and a few of the boys around the meal hall that would seem to take a great interest in Esseme.
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Zakkah studdied Else as she ooh'd and ahhh'd at the series of simple magic tricks he performed for the girl. Was she one of Vadaan's or one of Marriks, of course she could be what she genuinely claimed to be but he doubted it.

She seemed to not quite fit for one of Marriks band, but then she certainly didnt fit Vadaan's "preference" in women either. Although that would be just like Vadaan to send someone he would never suspect, but then Vadaan would antcipate that and.. bah, it wasnt worth getting his head in a mess about the Necromacers plots, he'd drunk from Anex and Hayle and would be properly dead in a few hours anyway, he just hoped he was there to witness it.
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Esseme took a  salad with bits of chicken in it, an apple and a glass of juice for her lunch. she felt so out of place as they sat down at the table. not because Jinzo was there but because she could feel so many eyes on her that it made her uncomfortable. she swirled the food around on her plate in a kind of daze as she thought about all the things she'd seen today.
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It wasn't hard for Jinzo to notice as Esseme started to daze off. He smiled, well as much as a cat could smile. She had been through a lot in just two days. "You shouldn't worry so much Esseme. This is your home now." It was true, most of the others in Lady Britani's charge were much like her. A few of the girls were rescued from far south where they had been slaves. They didn't talk too much but they did take a shining to Esseme and had tried to make friends with her. One of the boys in the class was there for having been disowned by his entire family because of something he didn't want to mention. He had a patch over his left eye and had seemed far more shy and quiet than even Esseme, but should she look at him he would give her a small smile.

The scout in the tree has continued to follow the carriage his pure black wolf stalking down right up against the tree line keeping the small group in view at all times. The girl in the carriage made the wolf very uneasy, something wasn't quite right.
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Jinzo startled Esseme from her daze a little and she smiled at him.

 "It's not... I know that. I'm just not used to being with so many people, let alone having so much attention from them. It's a bit odd for me. I don't know if i'll ever get used to it," she said before eating a crouton.
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Jinzo chuckled after munching down some pieces of salted ham.

"You shouldn't get too wrapped up in all the attention. Its something everyone here went through, its not so bad after a little while." Jinzo told Esseme in a calming tone.

"Try to get to know some of them, who knows, you could make some more friends." Jinzo finished his plate and had started to clean his paws and face just like any other feline Esseme had seen.
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The carriage bounced along the road for another hour with Else chatting all the way. Zakkah feigned interest in all she had to say, whilst supressing the urge to throw her out the carriage.

Eventually the carriage pulled up outside a green and white painted house, it was fairly large and the type of house that a reasonably well-to-do sort of merchent might own.

"Why are we stopping here?" Else asked, sounding a little worried, "I thought you were going to take me to my aunt. Please My Lord, she dieing."

"Don't worry." Zakkah said offering Else his hand as she climbed out of the carriage. "I have a little matter to take care of here. Then I will make you a portal to your aunt's it will get you there much faster than by road."


The study was on the third storey of the building, it was a large room. The two longest walls were covered in shelves containing all sorts of items from books and scrolls to strange magical artifacts and the bones of strange creatures. At the far end, in front of a large arched window, was a big desk and it was to this that Zakkah made his way with Else trailing behind.

Zakkah shifed a few papers on his desk before he spoke, without turning around. "You can come out now, I know you are here."

The shadows in one corner of the room seemed to shift suddenly, moving to form a shape and Vadaan drifted out of them to a soft gasp from Else. He stopped in the middle of the room studyiing Zakkah with a small smile.
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"yeah it is very good to have friends..." Esseme answered drifting off at the end of her sentence staring ahead of her.

Her mind wandered into thoughts of Nana and how awful the betrayal had been for her. Her fork stirred around on her plate but she wasn't eating anything. She sorted out all the things she'd seen the last couple weeks. it seemed like a dream. A weird psychotic messed up delusional dream. the kind that ends with talking cats and people with shadow powers and thieves. only she wasn't going to wake up. Her fork stopped on her plate as she came to this realization. She seemed to be in a state of shock in outward appearances.
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"Darkmere," Zakkah said with a slight sneer. "What are you doing skulking about my study?"

"An interesting collection of artifacts you have here," Vadaan said gesturing to the shelves, "Most of them are largely useless of course, but there are one of two interesting specimins. Still I didnt come here to talk about that," His expression grew dark and his voice angry. "You sent her to die, Zakkah, a young woman, barely trained and you sent her and one wizard to capture me! He knew he was being sent to his death, but her... No.

What lies did you feed her? What did she think you sent them to do? An untrained girl, you lied to her and sent her to die.  I taught you better than that Zakkah. You do not send people to thier death like that.

It was a clever trap though Zakkah, what did you do to her? What did you do to them??"

Zakkah smiled unpleasently, "Feeling it already are we Darkmere? I knew you couldnt resist drinking from her, a terrified girl, her fear, her heart beating fast, blood corsing through her veins. An irrisistable call to a thing like you. Don't worry it will all be over soon, your spirit essence and your life will drain away. Soon now Darkmere.

And then you will belong to my Master. Malic has great plans for you. Well what is left of you anyway."

Vadaan scowled at Zakkah for a moment, anger on his face. Then he seemed to wobble for a moment. Zakkahs smile grew.

"What did you do to her?" Vadaan snarled.

"I twisted her spirit essence just enough that it would begin to unravel yours once it came into contact with it. But you shouldnt worry about that now Darkmere, it's far to late for you to do anything about it now."

"We'll see about that Zakkah." Vadaan clutched at his chest for a moment, waivered in the air and then crashed to the ground.

Zakkah smiled, then clapped his hands twice and the door to the room swung open revealing eight men all carrying a glass orb.

As he pushed his upper body off the ground Vadaans appearence began to change, becoming frailer, older.

"Heal him!" Else hissed in Zakkah's ear, "Undo what you did to him or will end your life here and now."

"It's too late for him Else, or whatever it is he calls you. Besides even if I wanted to I cannot, it's beyond my skills." Zakkah took a step away from Else, "You really are quite an irritating girl, and also very stupid, do you really think I would leave you free to attack me?" He gave  a mocking smile, "Just you wait right there."

Else tried to move, and found she couldn't something held her firmly in place.
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Years before

Etoton wiped soot from his face with the just as dirty back of his hand. He awaited the attention of Lord Hygo as the setting sun framed the burning town ahead. "My lord the scouts have spotted what appears to be the main force of your father's army moving at us to arrive in less than a day. The forefront marches under a banner crowned with your brother's head, the force he led at Cierre's Ford must have been run over without a chance."

Hygo, the Prince In Green and eldest son of the Usurper of Tincrest broke. Early victories in his campaign to overthrow his father had been great, chief among them had been the capture of the royal mint at Gorswaith which had funded the rest of the civil war. After that though had been a long slide. Not enough of the barons turned to him, many siding with his father or declaring neutrality. Without their soldiers to swell his ranks Hygo was not able to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the people. The surrounding city states eventually withdrew all forms of aid and barred Hygo's army passage through their lands.

"Mercenary, what should we do? What should I do?" Hygo removed his crown and held it in numb fingers.

Etoton chuckled. "Pay the men, you can't carry all of the remaining wealth with you. Keep enough for a comfortable exile and have everyone melt into the wilderness. Poison the wells, slaughter the livestock and finish burning the town including the buildings the people have been locked into. Let your father's army waste its time pulling bodies from the wreckage, it will buy time for you to escape."


Etoton shook his head to clear the memories. It was a curse of getting old, the past flowed into the present far too often. The past was behind, it was much more important to pay attention to his surroundings. Hawker was in view ahead and behind Eto could hear the wagons roll. Taking position of the sun Eto decided it was time to consider a place to set up for nightfall.
The roads here used to be well cleared but in the past years the local lords had been getting cheap and had stopped burning or cutting the forest which neared and made perfect ambush sites in some areas.
The merchant who hired Eto knew this, which was why he had also hired an extra wagon to spread the load as well as recruiting two extra mercenaries as guards. The two young men, both sporting crossbows and only a few years of facial hair, rode beside and slightly behind the wagons. With four heavily armed men and the rough looking teamsters at least one attack had been avoided when the bandits melted into the trees without showing more than signs of their passage. So far this had been an easy ride and that was fine with everyone involved.
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Years before:
   Hawker was up a grand oak tree looking out towards the open country side, smoke rising from the torched village behind him which to him was a shame since there was a fine distillery that will now be lost, his Hawk was sitting up in the higher branches preening it self when he spotted a slight movement.

“Ah so we have company do we? That will be the vanguard; the main force should not be too far behind.”

Hawker gave a low whistle and the Hawk flew off towards the advancing enemy scouts.  With the scouts getting nearer Hawker decided to earn his pay and hold up the advance by killing mainly the leaders, the foot sluggers would of been just poorly trained peasants or have a little bit of formal training not really worth a arrow at long range .  With the Hawk soaring above the troops Hawker could tell where the leaders where since they where all dismounted unlike those that would be with the main host coming up behind.  Very slowly not to give away his position he picked up his bow and made ready, when his Hawk started to circle in one place Hawker knew that was the Captain of the scouts and let loose the arrow.   By the time Hawker decided to retire back to the Ville the Captain, two Lieutenants and three Master at Arms lay dead their blood fertilising the ground.  Hawker out stretched his left arm and his Hawk landed on it, quickly he attached a prepared message to its leg and send it on its way to find Etoton.............................

The Present:
Once more Hawker was up on point a few hundred yards ahead of the small party, for what seemed to him the thousandth time; his Hawk was off hunting rabbits for the evening meal. The slight evening breeze carried the sounds of the squeaking of the bad wheel on the front cart and of course there was the usual coarse banter between the two young Mercenaries.  He shook his head ruefully and looked up into the cloud streaked twilight sky.
"They are getting younger all the time and most of them don't even have half the experience they say they have.  All this is to them is an easy meal and a quick way to earn some gold." Hawker muttered under his breath.

   This was a bad place they where up wind where any sounds or smells could warn any one or thing waiting in the over grown surroundings.  The  previous attempts on them had come to nothing and at least one was set up by a desperate band who blew the ambush way to early by moving around too much in the undergrowth.
“Hell even the outlaws around here are amateurs now! What ever happened to the professionals? “
The Hawk returned with anther brace of rabbits and dropped them in front of Hawker’s horse then soared back up into the sky and circled over a spot further up the road.

“So now  we have some where to camp for the night.”
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Years before

Etoton heard the hawk and quickly pulled out a chunk of leather to wrap around his arm against the birds talons. With practiced fingers he removed the chunk of ragged parchment from the bird's leg and read it.
He cursed, there would be even less time than hoped if Hawker was accurate on this. With his knife Eto scraped away the previous message and spelled out the situation, with a suggestion that the group Hawker was with should break up into the wilderness and meet up outside of the country in the pre arranged town.

With so much of Lord Hygo's army made up of mercenaries, the merc companies had been able to keep their own chain of command rather than being broken up under appointed leaders. Etoton went to his commander and quickly spoke the current situation and the news he had just received. It only took the commander a moment to decide what to do and an hour later Hygo's body hung from the town gate and the mercenaries, loaded with their former boss's wealth, made a run for friendly borders.


The small roadside clearing was the best location for quite a ways ahead. Eto, as always, was in charge of readying the camp while Hawker took one of the young ones with him to check the area. The wagons were set in a rough circle and everyone rested using them for cover.

There had been a battle here at least a month ago, the signs were obvious. Metal bits and small burned chunks of what had to be a wagon were off to one side, the rest having been chopped for firewood by others who had been here since. A more grisly discovery was not revealed to the others. Hawker and Eto had found where several bodies had been put in a shallow grave barely out of sight from the clearing itself. The grave had been torn open by either wolves or wild dogs.
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The acolytes carrying the orbs began to move into the room, clearly heading to take up positions surrounding Vadaan. Two of them had barely entered the room when Vadaan turned his head to look at them.

"I wouldn't come any further if I were you," Vadaan said with a faint smile and a warning tone.

"And what are you going to do Darkmere," Zakkah sneered, "You're already weakened, that girls essence doing it's job nicely."

"You think to store me in those orbs do you Zakkah?" Vadaan asked with a faint grimace.

"Well what is left of you Darkmere. My Master has a great deal of use for what is left of y..."

A loud creeking cut Zakkah off and a worried expression crossed his face for a moment.

"The problem with wooden floors," Vadaan said rising off the ground, "is that they tend to rot my dear Zakkah."

With that the floor gave a massive groan and crashed down into the floor below takeing six of the acolytes with it. With the collapsing floor acting as a temporary distraction Vadaan shot forward, grabbing hold of Else.


Jealousy patted the neck of her black horse as she watched her companion pace up and down. Mounted on the horse and looking slightly agitated was another girl, shorter then Jealousy and a little fatter although her face was just as pretty. She had short, chin length, black hair held back from her face with a strip of black cloth tied around her temples. Her armour was made of the same shimering black metal as Jealousy's but instead of overlapping scales it was made from chain mail. She shot the occasional glances at the mansion through the trees, impatience clearly visible on her face.

"What is taking them so long?" she grumbled out aloud.

"Relax Harm," Jealousy said with the tones of someone who had said the same thing several times before in the last hour and didnt expect it to be listened to any more this time either.

Jealousys companion, Disharmony, glaced her way for a moment but carried on pacing. "I don't like this, it's been too long. We should go in and rescue them. I don't know why we have to be the ones to spend our time skulking out here whilst Spite gets to play Miss Hoy-Paloy."

"Give it over would you." Jealousy growled, "Do you really want to be the one stuffed in a dress having to pretend to be some country simpleton?"

"No, but... you know I hate waiting Jealousy." Disharmony sighed, stopping her pacing.

Jealousy nudged her horse over to stand by Disharmonys, leaning forward Jealousy gently put her hand on Disharmonys leg and gave Disharmony one of her melting smiles. "Then prehaps I can make waiting a little more interesting." she said sedutively.

Disharmony returned the smile and leaned in towards Jealousy, "We're supposed to be watching for..."

The large window at the side of the house exploded in a shower of glass, splinters and two bodies.

"Damn it," Jealousy cursed, "he's always inturrupting my fun."

She turned her horse to the house and urged it in that direction. Disharmony stopped to collect the reins of a third before doing the same.

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The man sitting up in one of the many trees overlooking the mansion stared down at where all the noise was coming from. His eyes going wide his orders echoed in his head.
Standing on the branch he dropped from the tree as did half a dozen others like him. All cloaked in black leather suits and none casting a shadow. As they landed six solid black wolves emerged from around the darkened shadows that the trees made. Each three foot at the shoulder with blank blue eyes.

The first one gave the order "Kill the guards."

The group of them bolted straight for the several guards that were still sorting out themselves in the confusion.

There was one that was off from the others that had been watching the road and at the sound of breaking glass turned. He was the first to be taken and the one to sound the alarm just as he fell.

Two of the great black wolves set upon the man, teeth ripping into his left leg and throat he only screamed aloud once before he was thrown to the ground and torn apart. The others had turned their attention from the shattering of glass to the death throes of one of their own.

Half a pack of ebony wolves and their 'handlers' had moved in upon the guards all bearing the badge of the Lord of Thieves.
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The past

"Push forward with your shield and stab. Push and stab." The drill master shouted at the line. "Never stop moving forward. Let the other guy get bunched up ahead of you and not able to move, push with the shield to put them off balance and put your sword in their gut."

Elten felt like his arm was going to fall off. At fifteen he was far from the youngest who had flocked to the recruiters when the Bronze Chain mercenary company came through his city, he was one of the youngest who remained though.

"YOU! With the peach fuzz, push harder than that or go home!" Elten's flagging had caught the drill master's attention. "What is your name boy?"

"Elten sir!" Finding a reserve of energy the young man got himself back into proper position.

"No, you're an Etoton. Know what that means? Means weak, crippled and retarded. Where I come from kids like you are beaten until they become men or die. I'm going to make sure that by the end of today you will crawl through mud to get away from here."

Elten didn't break though. The harder he was pushed the harder he pushed back. The Drill Master's abuse became prideful comments as the weeks went by. By the time the Bronze Chain got its first real job in this country they had just moved to Etoton had already become a small group commander, in charge of nine other men many of whom were nearly a decade older than him. The shield wall backed by men with fourteen foot pikes revolutionized warfare and as masters of the method the Bronze Chain was in constant demand by anyone who was fighting a war or wanted to keep his enemies from hiring them.

On this continent most nations were city states with a mysterious mage guild keeping any wars from getting out of hand or spreading too far. Border disputes and internal struggles required armies that few lords were willing to pay to maintain. Hiring entire mercenary companies to fill out the ranks was an unsavory but necessary practice. Even the greatest armies never went beyond a few thousand men so individual skill and equipment counted greatly furthering the value of companies for hire.

This was Etoton's life.
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Pain, familiar, an old friend she hadn't seen in some time, it shot through her entire right side every time she breathed.

He stood over her, his eyes unfocused, his face angry. A broken flaggon held in one hand the other made into a fist.

"You shtupid bitsh," he slured, punctuating it with a hard kick to her right side.

With a cry of pain Spite returned to consiousness, the flaring pain in her side didn't fade with her waking. Nor did the pain of the memories it had dragged up.

"You Bastard," she hissed through cleanched teath turning her head to look at Vadaan, "You had to bloody throw me out a window didnt you!"

Vadaan lay in a crumpled heap to the side, looking like nothing more than a pile of bones. "It took more out of me than I expected," he admited, "Can you move?"

"I think so, although it bloody hurts," Spite growled, "I've definatly broken some ribs, maybe more and I'm going to have a lovely collection of bruises."

The screams of men reached her ears, the clash of weapons, the growling of wolves.

"Marrik," Vadaan said with a smile in answer to Spites unasked question, "The dear boy has been kind enough to send us some cover for our escape, and without me even asking too."

"Here," he added passing her a handful of herbs from one of his pouches, "this should help dull the pain for a short while."

Spite took them and popped them in her mouth before struggling to her feet as Jealousy and Disharmony arrived with the horses.

"Master." Jealousy said reaching down. As Vadaan grabbed her arm she pulled him up into the saddle in front of her. The house flinched a bit nervously and she gave it a gentle pat, calming the creature.

"North," Vadaan said as Spite pulled herself onto her horse with a groan. "There was a battle there a little while ago we'll be able to recover there and," he smiled, "get some reinforcements should they follow us."

The girls got the horses in motion and galloped off in the direction Vadaan indicated.
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Years before:
               Hawker received Eto’s message where he had carefully hidden his group’s horses half way from the Ville and the copse of trees.  Looking up from the message he looked around the small band of twenty scouts under his command.  They where made up of “loyal” troops of Hygo’s, really they where rapists, murderers and the scum of society Hygo had set free from prisons to bulk up his army also there was four of Hygo’s personal Guard to keep an eye on them, but the majority of the group was made up of mercenaries well known to Hawker and Eto.  What seemed to be Hawker casually scratching his left ear lobe was really a pre-arranged signal to kill off the “loyalists”.  Quickly Hawker briefed the remaining mercenaries on what to do and where to meet up to get their pay.  Hawker would follow them and meet up with Eto at the nearest border but first he would pay the distillery a little visit and get some bottles.........

    Once everyone had been fed and watered Hawker walked up to one of the carts and unhitched a spade one of the youngsters asked,
“Where are you going with that?”
Hawker looked back at him and said,
“when in the woods and you see some one carrying a shovel don’t ask.”
But the real reason was to go back to the shallow graves and cover them up properly plus he just wanted to be on his own for a bit mainly away from the youngsters.
“Let Eto deal with the youngsters since he hired them in the first place.” thought Hawker
Hawker went the long way round to the partly covered bodies.  They where hardly thirty paces’ into the tree line and had been badly mauled by what ever lived in the woods.  Before covering them once more with soil and some stones Hawker had a look at them.  The corpses where picked clean.  Nothing of real value was left, plus what clothing was left was starting to fray and fade.
   It took Hawker an hour to cover the bodies so they could not be disturbed any further.  Afterwards he sat down under a tree facing the graves, pulled out one of his bottles from his belt and took a few sips from it.  It contained some of the liquor from a destroyed distillery a few years ago.  With each sip it brought back memories of a massacred village.  Civilians strung up from rafters or trapped inside burning buildings.  It was not one of his proudest moments since even as a mercenary he considered himself a professional soldier.  Hawker looked up into the night sky and sighed deciding it was time to head back to the make shift camp.   After coming back from a different direction into the camp Hawker loudly announced himself to who ever was on guard and strolled into camp,  all he did was give a slight nod towards Eto, meaning the job was done,while throwing the shovel onto one of the carts and lay down,facing away from the fire, where his gear was stowed.  The Hawk was above him where it had made a nest.  As usual Hawker’s turn at guard would come in the early hours until first light when it was the coldest and when a person was at the least alert.  
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Etoton arose for his watch, his sleep less plagued with nightmares than his waking hours. Hawker's bird watched him get up and a dismissive seeming noise before closing its eyes again. "Same to you old friend." Eto whispered. That particular hawk was not the one Hawker owned all the way back when they first met but as far as Etoton could tell it was the one Hawker owned for the longest stretch.
Checking the remains of the fire to be sure it could be flared up at a moments notice reflected on what the cause of all these memories coming at once could be. It could be his mind taking stock of how he had lived all these years. This part of Eto's life was ending, he had saved a small fortune to live the remainder of his life in comfort. He also had two fully grown children he considered his own and they had their own families. Was there any meaning to it all though?

Picking up the crossbow Etoton walked over to the best spot he could rest while maintaining watch on the camp's surroundings. Nobody could sleep in full armor so he had forgone most of his though he did take the precaution of buckling into his breastplate and carrying his shield and helmet with him. To pass the time for a while Eto wiped his shield clean and with a piece of black chalk he redrew the sigil onto it. A wagon wheel with a coin between each spoke, not the sign of a great house but those who studied heraldry would know it meant him to be a mercenary in the employ of a merchant.

The task was quickly finished and without losing any focus on his surroundings Eto was drawn back into his memories.
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What seemed to be the lead of the group of thieves made a few hand gestures and then he disengaged from the battle.

His ebony wolf along with him he sped after Vadaan and his entourage.

Keeping up with with the fleeing horses he hung far enough away from the group of them just in case one were to turn on him, and close enough to stay within sight.

He had some things he wanted to ask of the man and why he had dealings with an ally of Malic.

After a short time the man's wolf had vanished, though now he seemed to keep up with Vadaan's group with greater ease, sprinting through the undergrowth like it wasn't even there.


Jinzo put a paw on Esseme's arm as he caught a glance at the look on her face.


Nothing, then he nudged her a bit, or as much as a small cat could.

"Esseme? Are you alright?"
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The horses galloped as quick as they could in the dieing light. The trees here were spaced quite far apart which didnt make for good hiding from thier pursuers, but it did mean the horses were less likely to stumble on a root and break a leg.

"How many?" Jealousy asked hanging onto Vadaan and trying to urge her horse faster.

Disharmony risked a glance over her shoulder. "ten, twelve, maybe fifteen. I don't know. Want me to go back and ask?"

"This battlefield had better not be much further," Spite said through cleanched teath. She was bent over, one hand holding the reins, the other clutching her wounded side. Every jolt from the horse sent agony through it and she was beginning to think it would be much preferable to stop and let Marrik's men kill her.

"It should be just up here." Vadaan assured her.

"Shit!" Disharmony exclaimed, "More company up ahead."

Vadaan glanced through the trees, the light of a fire silhouetting wagons up ahead.  "Not the reinforcements I was after." He admitted, "But they will do."

A few minutes later the three horses shot out of the trees into the clearing where whoever owned the wagons had made camp.

"BANDITS!" Disharmony yelled, "Up and to arms! Bandits in the woods. To arms!"
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Etoton lined up the crossbow and shouted, both to be heard by the oncomers and by the camp. "Cease your encroachment and be identified!" Everyone in the camp was quickly up and alert. The young mercenary whose crossbow Etoton was using grabbed a longspear from one of the wagons and took position while the other readied the crossbow he still had. The teamsters grabbed their simple weapons and went to cover, they would fight if needed but they were neither trained nor geared for proper battle. To the older mercenary Etoton gave a command. "I like not the looks of this, they are fatigued and injured so I am not inclined to disbelieve their claim yet wariness is called for. Check to our sides and rear to be sure we are not being encircled."
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Disharmony pulled her horse up facing the stranger with the crossbow aimed at her, Jealousy stopped a little short and turned her horse to watch the rear, in between the two of them was Spite in her disheveled dress almost laying on her horses neck.

"'Cease your encroachment', seriously? Who talks like that?" Disharmony asked looking back at her friends.

"Harm..." Spite growled, "we dont have time for your games."

With a shrug Disharmony turned back to the man, "You can shoot me if you want. But in a few seconds about 20 men are going to be coming out of those trees behind us and you'll have to face them without our help." She turned her horse slightly so that the warhammer strapped to her saddle was clearly visible, "Or you can point that thing else where and fight beside us against them. Your choice."
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Etoton had to make a quick judgment call. These people could be speaking the truth or they could be criminals being pursued. The more he considered the situation the less likely he thought that they could be a distraction for a flanking attack.
"Enter the camp and take a readied position." To the teamsters Eto ordered. "Have a care of their injured companion then make ready. If the numbers are as great as spoken all hands must be turned to our defense. Hawker, I feel you should remain mobile. To your horse and I trust your judgement to plan what is best in this fight. Distract and lure them or hit them from behind the choice is yours but have a care old friend and do not let yourself be caught!"

As his orders were being carried out and the fire brought to full roar Etoton returned his crossbow to its owner and donned his raven faced helm and shield. There would be no time to put on his full armor, the breastplate and thick jack padding would have to do for now.
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Hawker rolled to one side as soon as he heard Eto shout and grabbed his sword making sure he had good cover to his rear, he still did not trust the two young mercenaries, and stood ready his Hawk was all ready above doing a slow circuit along the length of the road.  Like Etoton he slept in half his armour and his long green cloak.  He went back to his gear placed his sword back into is sheath  and grabbed his knapsack, bow and arrows leaving his helmet and chest plate strapped to his horse.  Hawker doubled over to Etoton patted him on the back as acknowledgement of his orders,

"In this type o' country ye ken I always go by fit and travel light" Hawker growled, "ye just watch oot fer yersel and hae a good man to yer rear.  If I dont come back ye ken whit tae do."

Staring at the newcomers Hawker gave a long two tone whistle to the circling bird and disappeared into the shadows of the forest in the direction given.  Hawker's usual method of covering distances quick was to double for 12 paces then quick march 12 just as he had been taught all those years when he got put into the "Light Fighters".  
  every so often he paused and crouched listening to his surroundings and watched to see if the shadows changed with any type of movement, so far nothing.  
   As Hawker moved further into the forest he begun to hear a distant rumble his Hawk swooped at him,talons back along its body, a signal that some thing was coming moving at speed.  Who ever these people where they would have to follow the tracks left by those who had arrived at the camp.  Hawker took off the knapsack and took out the rope.  Carefully threading it at knee height between the trees making sure that it was straddling the tracks left by the group's horses. The Hawk landed on a branch beside Hawker and drew his hand across his throat,signalling attack and kill.  Hawker chose a spot giving good cover of the "kill box" settled down,slowed his breath and waited to see what came towards him.
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Disharmony walked her horse into the circle of wagons before dismounting and pulling free her warhammer, walking over to one side of where she had entered the camp she planted her feet firmly on the ground, rocked back a bit to make sure she was stable and grasped her hammer with both hands, ready to swing.

Spite followed her into the camp carefully, grimicing with every step her mount took. Barely into the camp she bought her horse to a halt and, gritting her teath against the pain, gingerly dismounted. Throwing back the saddle cloth she drew a sword and a dagger.

"What are you doing?" Hissed Disharmony. "You're in no condition to fight."

"I'm not going to let you have all the fun." Spite said defiantly.

Disharmony was the last to pass the edge of the camp. She'd drawn her sword the moment they were invited into the camp and was slowly backing her horse up all the time keeping an eye on the trees from where the sound of the pursuers was clearly audiable.

As she passed into the camp the girls visibly tensed, up until that point Vadaan had been shielded from the eyes of the camp with Jealousys body, now they were inside the camp she no longer aforded him that protection.

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The thief leader stopped when he noticed the camp and the small fire it stood around.

He swore to himself.

He had to get information out of the necromancer, he had to know who the man was that was after him and why.

The man leaped  up into a low branch of one of the taller trees with the slightest of noises and made his way to as close to the camp as possible.

Maybe he could get into the camp without reveling himself.

Sitting not even twenty feet away in a tree just over the camp the thief leader watched Vadann and his girls contemplating how to get in to speak with him.
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"HALT AND LAY ASIDE YOUR ARMS!" Etoton shouted but his only reply was a confused look. Not expecting much more than that, Eto gave the signal to fire. The two crossbows struck out and one of the attackers went down, a bolt having cleanly gone through his belly. One of the young mercs set aside his bow and readied the spear he grabbed earlier for the charge.
Some of the attackers stayed in the cover of the trees and used shortbows to cover their fellows.
Thock! an arrow lodged itself into Eto's shield and he was set upon. The man swung his sword with a two handed grip and it met the edge of Eto's shield, biting deep. Cursing and snarling the attacker tried to wrench his blade free as Etoton swung his flail so the head directly hit the mans arm shattering the bone to paste. Stepping forward Etoton drove the spike on the handle of his weapon into the man's face sending him out of the fight.
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Disharmony swung her warhammer as two of the attackers charged her, the first reacted quickly thowing himself to the side and rolling back to his feat. The second wasn't so lucky and Disharmonys blow connected with his skull with a sickening thump and crack. The survivour attempted a quick and clumsy stab at her now exposed side, but the momentem of her swing meant that it glanced off her armour.

Spite attempted to strike at the man with her sword, but a flare of pain in her side as she swung caused her to double over with a cry of pain. Triumphantly the man raised his weapon ready to bring it down on her unprotected body. His attack was stopped by the iron grip of a skeletal hand. The man pulled against the grip with no sucess the shifting the sword to his free hand spun, driving the weapon up through Vaddan's ribs.

"My dear boy." Vadaan said calmly, "Do you not think others have tried that?"

The man had a moment to look terrified and then Vadaan began to feed. The man let out a terrible scream as his body began to wither and age and Vadaans began to regain some colour, it was not enough to return his upper body to it's fully healthy appearence but he did look considerably less skeletal than he had.
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The Hawk saw them first and fluttered its wings as a signal and took off.  Then Hawker saw them 7 men on horses in line abreast, four of them went down when they hit the hidden rope two of them killed out right when their horses landed on them, one managed to jump clear but ended up getting mauled by the sharp talons and the beak of the Hawk, and the other suffered two broken legs as his horse came down on him.  Hawker managed to get two of the remaining mounted pursuers with his bow before the last one managed to turn his horse around and flee.  After making sure no one else was around Hawker slowly stood up, collected his rope and placed it into his knapsack.  Ignoring the cries of the trapped man Hawker took out a old scrap of parchment and charcoal stick from a pouch and wrote a message,
“7 came, 6 down 1hurt, 1 fled no follow up”
He held out his arm and the Hawk landed on it and then tied the message around its leg,
“To Eto fast!”  Hawker commanded.  As soon as the bird had left Hawker he went over to look at the bodies,
“These are too fine a sword, they are well kitted out for mere bandits and the horses look to well fed, better clear the area before getting some answers from this little lot.”
Looking over his shoulder Hawker shouted to the trapped pursuer,
“Ah hush man, you’ll live................for a little while longer at least.”
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"Sirrah, I have need of a blade with such quality as yours. I shall endeavor to keep it well in your memory." Etoton slammed his shield into the man's face and lifted him from his feet before pushing him to the ground with a dirk sprouted from his armpit into his lungs. Scooping up the fallen man's sword Eto shouted to one of the newly arrived allies. "Speak truthfully of the nature of the foes you have set upon us all. They bear equipment of quality yet wear no heraldry. They are hale yet comport themselves poorly. Bandits they are unlikely to be yet they bear little commonality with the men of a real lord. You perform valkyrian in the accompaniment of a blood ravener of sinister aspect. What is the nature of your antipathy with these and and what manner of doom will our assisting you bring upon us?"
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The still mobile attackers pulled back once it was obvious that the flanking assistance wasn't coming. As Eto took stock of the situation and dispatched the enemies too wounded to be useful yet still alive he found one just recovering from a traumatic head blow but who had otherwise escaped unharmed.
"This day is most fortunate for you. I have a need for answers and afterward you shall be left in no further harmed condition." The man was just aware enough to give a relieved look until, after Eto bound his arms behind him, his fingers were all quickly snapped. "Simply this is to dissuade you from considering creating your own release from my bindings. Next will be your legs if you attempt standing or movement in a moment of distraction."

Eto heard the bird coming. Quickly he tore his prisoner's shirt off to wrap around his arm, even with that padding Eto could feel the claws in his arm. "Bastard bird blasphemously born!" He cursed. Reading the message he quickly scraped it off and wrote his own. "Position held, minor wounds. One prisoner, bring yours if convenient." Attaching it to the bird he sent it aloft. "To your master demon beast." He then turned to tend to the wounds of himself and others.
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Esseme drifts back to reality again as Jinzo nudges her the second time. She blinks and looks at Jinzo as though she hadn't really seen him till then. She puts down her fork and pushes her plate way.
"I-I'll be well I think. I suppose I'm just not very hungry right now." she says and scratches Jinzo behind his ear softly.
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Jinzo nodded to Esseme. He knew he was putting her through a lot but she had to be prepared if she were to ever have to defend herself.

"Well if you're done we should head down to the training hall." Jinzo had hopped down from the table in a couple of effortless steps.
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Vadaan regarded the dead and dieing casually for a moment before replying to Eto's question.

"No more doom than would come on your head at a later date should the leaders of these men come to thier full power." Vadaan said, "Although I shouldn't worry too much, the fellow who sent these men after us is far more interested in myself and Marrik Silverstride than he would ever be in such a merchant caravan.

As to these men, truthfully, they are the private army of a man who should not have one, which is why they lack uniform or badge. He secretly works for the cult of an elf lord by the name of Malic, I'm sure you've heard of them my dear young man. They mean no good to this world."

With that he turned and drifted over to where Spite now lay. She had a knife out and was struggling to use it to carefully cut at her dress. Finally with a cry of frustration she threw the thing away.

"Temper Spite." Disharmony said with a slight grin.

"Go to hell Harm." Spite growled back.

Disharmony chuckled slightly, "I've already been." She bent and picked up the knife carrying it back to Spite.

"Get this damned dress off me." Spite growled.

With a sigh Disharmony knelt by Spite and quickly but carefully cut the dress free. Spite gave a sigh of relief as the last tattered remains of the dress were removed. Then, gingerly, she lifted her vest and attempted to look down at her right side.

Once hidden by the dress and her vest the large amount of scars that criss-crossed Spites body were plainly visible, it also appeared that her left arm and more than one of the ribs on both sides of her body had been broken and then set badly.

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Etoton lifted a small kettle of boiling wine and began to pour it into his wounds, biting deeply into a thick wad of leather against the pain. Then using a stick he removed a large wad of bandages from the same pot which he set aside to cool enough to wrap around the worst injuries. "I heard of him not yet this can be unsurprising as I have only lately come to this land. Your tale strikes of verity, as I now lack need of information I gift to you the prisoner to dispose of as you will. See to your wounded compatriots and see to your rest for it may be best that we part ways pre dawn. My duty is to the guardianship of these men and goods which may be threatened if we are identified by allies of your foe."
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The thief in the tree saw Vadaan feed and shivered. He could feel the profane essence in the air as it happened.

The man looked around at the camp and counted off all of its occupants in his head making sure to keep an eye on all of them should he need to make a hasty exit.

How could he get into the camp. Could he just walk in? Could it be that easy?
Spying Spite he smiled, maybe he could be the 'healer' and get in that way.

Making his way down the tree silently he stood out of sight and then arranging his attire in more of a casual appearance he made some rustling sounds in the undergrowth as he slowly stepped out from behind the tree asking in a rather meek tone. "Are they all gone?"

He only stood about 5" tall and seemed quite frightened. He couldn't of been more than sixteen, and a skinny sixteen at that. Speaking to Eto he asked for some help explaining that he was lost and needed some direction back to town. His master had him out to collect some plant and had come upon their fight only after wandering lost for a few hours, he also explained how he was a bit of a healer only after glancing at Spite and her condition.

If anyone would of noticed it Vadaan would of, the boy, he cast no shadow.
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"You would have us leave you so soon?" Jealousy said, pouting slightly, "But we havent even been properly introduced."

She walked over to Eto, swinging her hips slightly. It wasnt the full on provoctive attitude she'd used when talking with Marrik, but considerably more subtle. Just enough to at least sub-consiously attract his interest.

"My name is Jealousy." She said in subtly honeyed tones, "That is Disharmony, my injured companion is Spite and my Master over there is the great Vadaan Darkmere."

Spite looked at Disharmony and rolled her eyes, she was about to speak when a young boy emerged from the undergrowth. She watched him warily. When he indicated he knew some healing Spite made a short noise of dismissal.

"I don't want some boy poking me with his clumsy fingers." She said disdainfully, "He's of no use to me." Indicating the prisoner she continued, "Bring him to me, let me feed."
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The boy gave a small smile to Spite even after her dismissal of him, he seemed rather innocent and genuinely wanted to help. "Please miss I am rather good."

After gingerly walking into the camp all the time taking care not to seem threatening he would take glances at Vadaan.

The boy started to help the other members of the camp with their wounds, he was obviously no ordinary healer, his hands would cast a small black aura that would close any small wound quickly.
After he finished treating the others of the camp, he came to stand in front of Spite, and gave her a small bow "Miss? Would you allow me to aid you?"
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Hawker was sitting down beside the trapped man with his back against the horse, keeping it clam to prevent the animal from getting up suddenly, while sipping some of the his liquor when the Hawk landed in front of him,

“I see ye’ve been at Eto again” he chuckled while stroking the bird’s head with one hand while taking the message off with the other.

“So that’s what happened to your friends is it.  Well looks like you won’t die here lets see if we can get you out from under this horse shall we?”
   Carefully Hawker allowed the horse to stand up to prevent from bolting and dragging the badly injured prisoner away with it.  After releasing the man’s boot from the stirrup Hawker dragged the man and leant him up against a tree went back and tied the horse to a tree.
“ I'm going to make you a stretcher, take you back to camp and see what stories you have to tell us.”
        After giving the horseman a few sips of liquor to dull the pain of the broken legs, using some twine from his knapsack along with some sticks Hawker made some crude splints and went off to collect some suitable bits of wood and roots to make a stretcher out of.         Using the cloth shirts from the dead as webbing to cover small sticks in between the two logs, Hawker used strong roots to bind them to the main frame and the rope from the knap sack to make a harness for the horse to pull.  All the while the Hawk was above sitting on a branch licking the sticky blood from its talons every so often Hawker would stop and look up at his bird.  This would be his fourth, or his second since teaming up with Eto.  This one he found some years back with a broken wing while on a march with a murdering Prince who, as they all do, claimed he was liberating his people. The bird and the liquor Hawker kept on his belt was the only good thing to come out of that folly. 
   Once the stretcher was built and attached to the horse, Hawker secured the man onto it by tying roots covered in cloth around his wrists turned to face the Hawk, whistled and pointed skywards.  The Hawk soared above the trees into the night sky while Hawker took up the reins and walked beside the horse, luckily the ground was not too rough so as not to cause too much pain when the stretcher went over a bump.
    It took an hour at a slow pace to get back to the camp, and from the tree line Hawker could see from the movement that more wayward travellers had joined,

“Ah hell more mouths tae feed eh? Well let’s go and see what merry bunch has found us now.”

 With that Hawker loudly identified himself to who ever was on guard before leaving the tree line and stepping back into the bivouac area, the Hawk stayed aloft as an extra sentry out of sight and out of hearing until called for.
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After Hawker had dealt with his prisoner Eto motioned that they should move to out of earshot. Moving a ways into the woods Eto even used his and Hawker's native language to prevent being overheard.
"This was a political action, these men are vassals of some minor lord named Malic. Now any man who would send such a large force with no heraldry or any veneer of officiality wouldn't think twice before having us captured to find out where this Vadaan and his retinue have gone or simply kill us out of hand as a warning to not fight against him.
"I told Vadaan that they should leave pre dawn and they will hopefully take the newcomer with them. I figure that after they are long gone, we should kill the rest of the caravan and burn it just to be safe. Malic will think Vadaan did it, if Vadaan hears of it later he'll assume Malic's men tracked us. We take our pay out of what is valuable, easy to carry and not identifiable and go to another city state.
"Now old friend I know you have never been fond of my methods so let's see if you have a better idea."
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As soon as Eto had moved out of earshot Jealousy gave a huff of displeasure and stomped over to where Spite and Disharmony were.

"Men." She complained. "He could at least of given me his name."

Spite ignored Jealousy and the boy. "Bring him over to me." she ordered, indicating the prisoner Eto had captured. Finally she addressed the boy, "you might want to look away," she told him with a wicked grin, "this is the kind of thing that will give you nightmares."

Disharmony dropped the man near Spite, he was trying very hard not to let the fear show on his face.

"Do your worse bitch." He growled at her, "Master Malic will protect me."

Vadaan chuckled, "Malic doesn't care about you my dear boy, he doesn't care about any of us, not really. We're all tools to him, tools to an end." He leaned forward and looked the man in the eye, "Just like you all are to me."

Disharmony grabbed a handful of the mans hair and pulled his head to the side, with a smile Spite leaned in towards his exposed neck. The mans feat began to kick out at the ground, trying to propell himself away from them, but Disharmony held him still.

Jealousy grabbed the boy and turned around so she was between him and Spite, both thier backs to what is going on. "When she says you want to look away," she whispered to him, "you want to look away."

From behind Jealousy came a cry of shock, pain and fear from the prisoner as Spite bit into his neck.
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Hawker just narrowed his eyes and stared at Etoton, as a professional soldier Hawker had a duty of care to those he protected while his friend  from the start was a trained mercenary.............only out to earn as much Gold as he can and screw the rest no matter what.  He replied back,
“Yer actions have cost us a lot of benifical clients in the past Eto and in some places have given us a bad reputation and that is not good for the type of business we’re in”
the last with a prod at Etoton’s chest with a finger,
“But this time we MUST complete the delivery.  Kill the fat bastard and the youngsters if you want they are useless anyway but spare the teamsters and give them a bit extra”
emphasised with a spit on the ground,
“The carts are lightly loaded as it is so we can burn at least one, the cart with the bad axle most likely along with a mixture of cargo and pile the rest onto the other two. And since we now have an extra horse we can use that to carry anything extra.  And now if you don’t mind I need a brew, something to eat and to see to my prisoner’s legs.”
Just as he turned around to walk back into the camp a bone chilling scream was heard through the trees.  

Hawker rushed back to the camp to find the gruesome sight of one of the recent arrivals biting into the neck of one of the prisoner’s, drawing his sword Hawker cried in alarm,
“What tha fook is the meaning of this? What manner of creature are you?”
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"If we are not doing it completely, it would be pointless to do it at all. I'll see these people through to the end. You're right, my caution is probably a liability in this case." Eto spoke before Hawker turned to come back to the camp.

When he came back and saw what was happening even he was shocked. When he gave over the prisoner he expected the soldier to be tortured for information and then killed. "This land is truly one of horrors. In nightmares and stories are the only places blood raveners were to be found and here I ally myself with a flock of them."
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The boy found himself turned around by Jealousy and quickly steadied himself.

Upon feeling the hands of someone so suddenly on his shoulder and then the voice had him a little surprised but what happened after didn't seem to phase him.

The cries of pain and horror didn't even cause a shiver from him, it was like he was really ice cold this whole time.

So Vadaan did know about Malic, but what was the connection, why did that man try to do and who was he to Malic.

Then in a weak trembling tone he looked up at Jealousy and asked half-brokenly, "W-who are you?"

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Spite froze one hand over her mouth where she had wiped the blood away from her mouth, a slightly guilty look on her face, like that of a child caught with her hand in the sweet tin. Finally she let her hand drop with a smile.

"That's better," she said, "Blood, it's all I needed."

Gritting her teath she pushed herself to her feet. It was clear that, whilst she was still in pain, it was considerably less than what it had been when she arrived. Slowly Spite walked over to her horse and pulled some clothes from a small pack and dressed gingerly.

Jealousy released the boy and turned back to the others, not answering his question.

"I think," Vadaan anounced suddenly breaking the shocked silence that had permiated the camp, "that we should be on our way. We have much to do and I would not wish to bring any more destruction down on this camp by staying here. I would suggest you head to town as fast as you can come sun-up, do your business and leave."

He drifted over to where the two men stood and leant in to whisper to them. "If you are tired of playing guard duty, seek out a man named Marrik Silverstride," Vadaans eyes flicked to the boy for the briefest moment, "he may have work for men like you. Although I wouldnt mention that I sent you, he's yet to warm up to my delightful charms."
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“I take it yer Vadaan then?” Hawker asked taking in his apparel and putting his sword back into its sheath.
“Aye mister we will carry onto the next town and complete our business but if me and my friend here so choose to tarry there for a little longer what is it to you?”
 Hawker then changed to his native tongue with out taking his eyes off Vadann he  spoke to Eto,
“These are the one’s we should be worried about, I get the feeling we will be crossing paths with them again.  If we where wise we should break camp and move out now!”

Changing back he spoke to Vadann,
“I don’t know what you or your companions are but there is something sinister hanging over you all and the quicker we get shot of you the better.”
 With that he turned around and walked over to his gear while taking a few pulls on his canteen containing the liquor.
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After they were out of earshot of the others Eto spoke with Hawker. "Careful with the mother tongue, you can't know who can understand it. Even so, your feelings have a nasty tendancy of turning out true and since none of us are getting any rest before day I agree we should get ready to move. I'll handle the packing up if you want to make sure nobody is waiting ahead for us."
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Vadaan chuckled slightly to himself before drifting over to where the girls were mounting thier horses, ready to leave.

"Thank you for your assistance gentlemen," Vadaan said giving a slight bow to the camp, his gaze fell on Eto and Hawker and then moved onto the boy. "I'm sure we'll meet again. I'll be looking forward to it."

He nodded to the trees to the north and he and the girls headed towards it them at a slow walk.
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Hawker looking over his shoulder as he rolled up his sleeping mat he nodded towards the departing Vadaan and his party,

“I’ll give them a ten minute lead, your best friend has not returned so she must still be airborne or off feeding.  It would be a good idea if you borrowed a cross bow from one of the youngsters and acted as back marker to cover our tracks also to persuade any one following us to give up in your own subtle style.  Better chase up the fat oaf and get his arse moving, look at him cowering under that cart! If the boy does comes with us put him with the merchant, if not give him the spare horse. After the convoy has gone take care of our little friend over there. ”

changing from his native tongue Hawker shouted over to the rest of convoy,
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Dawn was coming. Etoton checked the sky then looked ahead to the caravan. There had been no sign of pursuit or ambush so far but Eto wasn't going to take that for granted.
Fully armed and armored, the metal feeling as familiar as his own skin Eto was ready for battle. Now was not the time for combat though there was something much more important to deal with.

Finding a small roadside clearing Eto slid off his horse and fed it a small handful of oats and sugar before letting it crop the grass. Removing his shield, helm and gauntlets he went to where he could see the sun coming up and knelt down. A small cup was set before him and  a small portion of water poured into it. With his eyes closed and face turned towards the dawn he silently began to pray. Ending the prayer he carefully washed his eyes with the water and got up. It was a new day, the sins of yesterday were washed away and he was ready to face what was ahead.

Getting his gear back together he got back onto Whistle and rode quickly and arrived back into position with no problems.
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[I wanna start this soon, 'cuz it looks like fun. Can I get a short recap?]
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 Esseme gets up and follows Jinzo.

 "Training?" she asks curiously wondering what she could possibly be trained to do in such a large place.
 Certainly not the strange shadow stuff she'd seen earlier... She was unsure what would happen next. it would be nice to just get away from the stares of the eating area for a while. Especially the one girl that Esseme noticed glaring at her as they left. she made it a point to keep focused on Jinzo so she wouldn't lose him.
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Hawker saw the new dawn as he got to the top of another tree off to one side of the road using his Alpenstock and rope, his armour and weaponry left secured to his horse down below.  He was breathing hard and felt fatigued, his age and previous battle wounds along with the activities of the pervious night did not help.   His left knee was starting to ache all the time where a sword had slashed it, the liquor was not taking the pain away any more.  He was surprised that Eto had not said anything about it yet since he was drinking more of it.  His Hawk landed gracefully beside him and rubbed its head against his hand.   Hawker looked down and gave the Raptor’s head a scratch.  Looking back towards the rising sun he slowly closed his eyes and recited an old mantra his father had taught him as a boy while he still worked the land and grew crops before his time as a young conscript.
“And now my charms are all o’erthrown, what strength I have’s my own, which is most faint;
Now t’is true I must be here confined by you;
 But realise me from my bands, with your good hands
Gentle breath of yours , my sails must fill or else my project fails,
Which was to please.
Now I want spirits to enforce , art to enchant.
And my ending is despair unless I be relieved by prayer.
Which pierces so that it assaults mercy itself and frees all faults.
As you from your crimes would pardoned be,
Let your indulgence set me free.”

   Even though the early sun was beginning to give warmth to the ground below, Hawker was still in deep shadow and felt the cold, pulling his long hooded cloak around him he started to doze even the Hawk took time to rest.  

   Suddenly Hawker awoke with a start, reached down for the dirk in his boot and searched his surroundings for the sound that had awoken him even the Hawk was startled by the sudden movement and took flight in a hurry down wind, it was the screech of the bad axle on the first wagon angrily he replaced the dirk.  he did not know for how long he had dozed  but the caravan had caught him up which was bad.  Cursing he made his way down to his horse and resume his duties as out rider.  Not since he had punishment drill from a old grizzled Master At Arms for sleeping while on guard had he slept while taking his turn, that was his first and only time of doing that crime, even though he had taken a few round the back of the barracks for doing the same as he had.
 By the time he had got down to his horse the caravan was just across from him he whistled to attracted the attention of the party to let them know who it was and came along side and spoke to his employer.

“We’ve made good time and distance from our last stop we can tarry here and get a brew on if you wish, the town canny be much further.”
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Eto rode up from behind the wagons. "Progress should not be delayed, an early rest can be had should we reach Shadowdale before the sun has reached a span from setting. I want not to chance being on this road another night or even to be outside the city walls when the gates are sealed. Experiences have been had already with raveners and a small army set to run through us against the same should we have not formed pact with those four most sinister." Eto turned to the merchant. "I want to chance not with what has happened prior to presently. A rapid pace cannot be maintained yet I feel a consistent one must be enforced."
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Jinzo chuckled a little at Esseme's question, "Don't worry, it won't be too much today."

Jinzo lead Esseme down to the training hall she had first been brought too. This time however it was mostly empty say for a few boys rushing out after their combat classes ending.

Then the two of them took a sharp turn at the end of the training hall into a smaller room that was totally empty say for a single lantern in the middle of the room that sat atop a thin pedestal.

"Esseme, today you will be awakening your shadow." Jinzo who by now changed back into his human form walked over to the small lantern and taking a small dark red candle from a pocket of his lit it with one of the torches that lined the walls of the room and carefully placed it in the lamp and closed the back of it.

"Now I know this might seem a little strange but I there is something I need to explain to you." Jinzo came over and stood behind her, placing his hands on her shoulder gently lead her to stand with her back the lamp. "Every person born has a shadow, usually the shadow stays asleep, but it is still there." Jinzo had started to put out each of the torches in the room. "The shadow is always connected to a person and it is also a piece of our minds." As Jinzo put out the last torch the only light was shining on Esseme was from the single direction of the candle lit lamp. In front of her was the sharp silhouette of her shadow cast on the far wall.

Jinzo nearly seemed to vanish in the darkness all around Esseme "Now Esseme I want you to focus on your shadow for me, and ask it its name, if you hear anything tell me right away."

As Vadaan and his group traveled along he would catch glimpses of a jet black wolf darting among the trees off the road.

The boy followed along with the caravan walking the whole time, and not seeming to tire of it. The whole time he was very quiet and a little standoffish to the rest of the lot.
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"All right then, we are in agreement then, we go on till we hae reached Shadowdale" Hawker said, then turning to the boy

"Why don't you climb onto the spare mount or one of the wagons? I'm sure we still hae a few leagues of travel before the day is out."
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It took an hour of travelling through the night-darkened woods before Vadaan and the girls reached the ruins. Ruined stonework poked up through the grass and around the trees like the teeth of some giant creature, the eerie flickering of ghost-lights making it almost appear like the jaws of this creature were snapping shut around them. Towards the middle of these ruins a few columns still stood in a row, grasping at a stone lintle that reached across them. Most of it though had been consumed by the forest around them, the faintest hint of stone under various roots and shrubs.

The girls dismounted and teathered the horses, grabbing handfuls of grass to rub them down. This done Spite slumped against the remains of a stone wall, one hand still holding her side. She could still feel the mans blood rushing through her, she closed her eyes and concentrated, drawing out the strength from it, doing her best to mend her wounds. It was not a quick process by any means, it would still take weeks before she was properly fit and healed again, but it was better than the months it would otherwise take.

Jealousy and Disharmony unbuckled and removed thier armour, packing it carefully away on the horses. Disharmony pulled a simple loose shirt and trousers from her pack and slipped them on before taking a seat near Spite. Jealousy on the other hand just took her seat in her small clothes.

"Honestly Jealousy." Spite complained. "Do you have to walk around half-naked all the time?"

"I can take them off as well if you like." Jealousy replied with a mischevious smile.

Spite just gave a disgusted sound in response.

"Aww come-on Spite," Jealousy said for once sounding serious, "It's only a bit of fun. You've been in a foul mood all day, I don't believe it's just because our Master stuffed you in a dress."

"Just leave it Jealousy," Spite growled, "I'm in no mood for your games tonight."

"Enough!" Vadaan said firmly, "You three can bicker another night."

"Three!?" Disharmony said in indignation, "I was staying,..." she cut off as Vadaans gaze turned to her.

"There is much we need to see to in the morning and most of the night has gone. Spite, return to Calbrea and get some rest, lie low and heal up. No more blood. Disharmony keep an eye on those merchants who were so generous with thier help last night. Keep them safe, they may be of use to us yet. Jealousy goto Shadowvale and tell Misery I need to meet with Marrik, tell him I can save the life of that girl Hayle."

"Can I not arrange the meeting Master?" Jealousy asked, "I'd still like to play with him."

"If I sent you my dear Jealousy I doubt he would agree to the meeting. He does not seem interested in your charms."

"Oh, I'm sure he'll warm up to me."

Vadaan surpressed a sigh. "You can find your toys elsewhere in Shadowvale I am sure my dear Jealousy, ones who will be more forthcoming with what we need."

Jealousy nodded, clearly unhappy.

"Now all of you, sleep." Vadaan commanded, before turning and heading off further into the ruins. Those blasted answers were here somewhere he knew it, hidden, waiting for him to find them. They had to be, despite his efforts to appear otherwise he barely knew anything about this Malic, Marrik knew, of that he was sure, but the elf lord may not be forthcoming with the answers, especially to one of his sort. He needed to find them elsewhere, just in case.
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It was already a handful of minutes or two past noon when Marcie tapped a bit on the foldaway table where most of her trade goods were exposed. She looked left and right, as the crowd thinned due to lunch. A good idea there. Another circular glance allowed her to catch the eyes of what looked like a knight, or city guard, or... Whatever the law enforcement in that place was called. So, the woman took out her chalkboard, wrote "Away for lunch" on it, and went towards the man with a wide smile. She already knew exactly what to say, the hardest part was trying to not sound like it was a pre-recorded text.

"Hello sir, I am Marcie C. Timber, glad to meet you. I noticed you were patrolling around and, I just wanted to give you this as a token of my appreciation. It's so good to know that my goods are safe from bandits. I'd give this to you later but I'm quite forgetful at times..."

Giving the man a gold coin, she added a bit playfully as she walked away:

"And remember ! It's not a bribe if you're just doing your job !"

That should take care of that. Sure, she could have grabbed some food from her recently refreshed stock. She arrived in town only last night evening after all. But after some times on the road, a little restaurant sounded perfect. Strolling around, she looked at the place's name signs... The gargling boar. The skinned rabbit. The dead tree. The golden sauce... As a result, she started to rant alone while having her walk:

"The Golden Sauce ? Do these people have absolutely no sense of naming ? Why not the golden shower while they're at it ? And I say that but I'm sure there's a bathing house somewhere that's bound to have that name, uh... Bathing... Hmm, not a bad idea that, I'll check if there's a decently named one... But still. I mean even the place, Shadowdale. It's just sinister, sounds like a gathering place for thieves... Well, at least, it's not Silenthill... Bah."

A shrug later, the merchant sat at a table on the outside of The Green Tree. This relatively neutral, if a bit dull name was probably the best she could find while not testing the patience of the man guarding her goods... Now that she was thinking of it, it looked like he was headed for lunch himself more than actually patrolling... Oh well, he'll have a little bit of salt and a little bit of guilt if he ate while betraying her trust.
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Jan TenWalde, still fairly new to Shadowdale, and having only just realized he was desperately hungry walked into the green Tree. He looked around for someone to serve him, but realized that the place was pretty full and not many seats were open. It might be a while until he could get an order in. Walking over to a seat next to Marcie, he asked,
"Do you mind if I sit here. It's rather full in here. I hope you won't mind."
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The caravan arrived not long after noon, the pacing and very early start had put them well ahead of schedule. There had even been time to do some quick clean up so everyone looked respectable rather than coated in road dust. Etoton rode in front with Hawker and as they reached the gate he slowly pulled off his raven faced helm.

The guards were slow and lazy, typical for this fat and easy land Eto thought. Toll collectors rather than defenders. The merchant showed his papers and handed over a sum of money and all were allowed to enter.

"The contract has been fulfilled, you and all have arrived intact with your wagons and goods. Let us settle accounts and part our ways with well wishes between." Eto spoke with the merchant who agreed. The final payment was handed over and Eto saluted before unhitching his pack horse, Stupid, from the wagon and riding over to Hawker and the other two mercs.

"Let us to that tavern." Eto pointed to The Green Tree. "There we shall have our well deserved rest and divide our pay."
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Hawker took a look at The Green Tree,

“Hmmph been in worse dives than this one I suppose.  As long as the scram is good and can get a decent jar in here I won’t complain.  Eto why don’t you go get us a good spot while I find stables for the animals?  Plus I need to find some where for the Hawk, I doubt the bar keep will let her in even though she is older than our three companions here.”

 Stiffly Hawker got off his horse and begun to secure some of his weapons onto the saddle so he would not attract trouble.  It had happened before in a place like this.  It did not matter that the others had started the brawl it was Hawker who had ended up in the guard room since he was a hired sword, just as well Eto was near to bail him least the others had ended up spending some time with the apothecary which was always a comforting thought.
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Eto went to a table with people who looked to be close to leaving ((OOC: NPCs) and threw a few heavy coins down. "Your time here, it is finished. Vacate the table as we require it." The money and the fact that it was three heavily armed men wanting the place made the people at the table not want to press the issue.
As he sat down in the chair, leaned his shield against the table and put his helm before him Eto held up another of the heavy local coins at one of the serving women. "Local ale, good bread cheese and meat or stew. We have newly arrived and appreciate promptness." As the woman ran off to get what was ordered Eto began to slowly pull off pieces of his armor. To the two young mercs he started talking. Until Hawker arrived the pay would not be divided. "From here the merchants cargoes will be split and sent to many places in cargoes too small for a band of four's protection. Singly you may hire yourselves again to the merchants and they may have need. In combat you have held yourselves well and so in negotiation hold out thus for greater reward than you have earned as seasoned warriors of fortune."
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Jan TenWalde, overhearing some of the conversation at the table next to him,  (not intending to of course... it's just that it's hard to ignore such a group), thought he might have found a good chance to get what he was looking for. He was a little wary of starting up a conversation with someone who seemed to have sent the table's previous occupants running at a word. Never the less, he had a reason to do it.
"Pardon me, but I couldn't help but here that you're carrying merchant goods? I thought you might be hired hands to protect it, so it must be valuable. Magical I would assume. Don't get the wrong idea, but I'd like to hire you if you're looking for work right now. I need to find something. I was wondering if you might be carrying it; and if not, if you know where I can find it."
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As Jan came towards Marcie, the merchant gave a polite smile to the lord.

"That's a lot of mind for a short sentence. But go ahead, I'm not waiting anyone."

She crossed her legs, and looked at the man. More than one foot taller than her, adventurous yet with a sophisticated air... Definitely an odd sight. The thin man. Sounded like a nice nickname for the guy... Surely that wasn't taken anyway. But anyway, might as well get more acquainted.

"And what's your name then ?"

Of course, politeness guided than the one asking for someone's name would give hers first... But gallantry was on her side. Silently, the woman also acknowledged the armed taking their seat on a table not far. They didn't looked like regular customers. Too armed to be simple explorers, too individualized to be local guards, and it was too early for them to be caravan guards. Hmm... Intriguing. Slightly. And apparently she was not the only intrigued one. So, before the men answered, she said:

"Well, if you are looking for a merchant, look no further. I do not have that much magical goods for now, but I do have a wide range of potions, and even a nifty pair of very handy shoes. If you have time after, I'll be glad to make you a little demonstration. And if it's not what you're looking for, well I'll be real glad to get my contacts and knowledge at your service for a price more than honest"

As a waitress came, the woman quickly answered:

"I'll take half a chicken with potatoes and water please"

Before focusing more intensely on the interesting matters at hand. BUSINESS.
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Not having heard the question posed by Marcie, Jan persisted to the group of armored folk. But not before ordering some food.
"I'll take a whole loaf of you finest bread, and a small wheel of your best cheese." Putting some coins on the table so that the waitress knew he could pay. After all, he didn't quite look like the paying type... or so he'd heard before.

"I'm Lord Jan TenWalde. I'd prefer not to be called lord though. I was raised to give my full title, but please ignore it. It makes me uncomfortable... Anyway, I'm looking for something of a magical nature. I hear that bands of travelers such as yourselves are always carrying something magical for no apparent reason until it's needed."

And then Jan heard Marcie's next comment.
"Hmm? Oh merchant are you? Excellent. I'm trying to find some magic inks. In my admittedly short time traveling I caught word of a ink. You see I'm a writer and artist, and I use ink in my work quite a lot. In fact, it's really my only medium." (to himself... "I ramble don't I?") "Anyway! I heard of a magical ink that can perfectly capture the mind of it's user. I don't know anything about it unfortunately. I don't even know if it's real, but things of mind reading nature are usually rare... so I might have just not found it yet.
And sorry, but I've got shoes already. If they're of any artistic significance I might like to see them though."
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(OOC: Jety, going to assume that you had started to move towards me then got roped into the conversation with Rana and never actually spoke with me.)

((Edit: Moved this forward, it was apparently missed and now would do better in it's current spot))
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Years Before

Etoton scratched at his beard. He didn't like beards and regularly shaved but sharp blades were forbidden to prisoners for obvious reasons. "I was damnfool surprised when I saw your damnfool bird come at me there. Almost didn't recognize it, been a good chunk of a decade since Lord Hygo and it looks like you have gotten better at picking the winning side." Hawker was on the other side of the fence. Eto had signed on with Lord Vedrefel who had attacked his neighbor King Etchmer with the intent to carve out a couple of good port cities.
As a strategist Vedrefel was a failure though and the army was flanked and forced to surrender. A peace treaty had been signed and the lord's men were ransomed. In a move of bad taste Vedrefel refused to ransom the mercenaries he had hired as had been promised in the contract. For over a season now many of the mercenaries were imprisoned in the camp waiting for messengers to go to whatever far off place their money was stored and return with the ransom. In the battle Etoton's left arm had been broken in several places and without treatment beyond basic bonesetting it was not healing well. As a Large Group Subcommander Etoton's ransom was 50 Grains gold. His armor was set at an additional 200 Grains, as much as a man-at-arms field commander with armor and horse.

The years since Hygo had been very profitable for Eto. The Mage-Lords had come down and personally destroyed all of the major mercenary companies not long after, leaving Lords and Kings paying well for mercenaries with leadership skills since merc armies now had to be built from scratch. Eto had earned enough that he had been able to buy a plot of land and have his two adopted children raised well.
A run of good luck had to end and this was the payback though. The ransom would put Eto into debt which would take at least two good years to pay off.
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Taking a bit of a smug expression maybe, Marcie shook her head slowly at Jan.

"I fear you are mistaken. You aren't looking for that ink. Think about it a little."

Leaving a few seconds of silence as she crossed her arms behind her head, the woman then continued in the same tone.

"You said it yourself. You use these inks quite a lot. So actually, it's absolutely not the ink you search, but someone that can make them. If they're rare enough to go on a travel such as the one you're undertaking, having to search each time you're done with your ink vials will be most bothering wouldn't you agree ? So if you want to make it safe, you've got to think long term. Search no more for a thing, and start looking for a man. Or woman of course."

Seeing her glass of water arrive, Marcie nodded to thank the waitress, and had a sip, mentally searching for any relationship she might have in the area that might help. However, finding no one and not knowing the surroundings enough, she then said:

"This is a city of merchants, of predators, and of terrible names. It's great to settle a business as an artist, but not so much to get the things you'd want. If you think of it methodically, the best places to find what you want is cities where art is quite present. Generally look for flamboyant architectures like Granada or Zenith maybe. Or maybe you could try with merchant ports rather than continental cities. And I mean sea ports. I may be mistaken, but squid ink is most likely a reagant for that kind of thing, so finding someone knowing how to deal with it is most likely the closer you go to that kind of place. The sea isn't very close though... But when searching for something precise, think of it as dealing with a river. The most interesting points are the source, all the way downstream, and if applicable the occasional waterfall. We have one in that metaphor, but really, sorcerers organizations dealing in magic items are always a bit of a mess to navigate."

Her ears perking up a bit as she left the lord thinking about what she said, she leaned slightly sideways to ask at the mercs table. She might as well try to pick up some clues, see if they were the kind of people she was looking for.
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After asking some of the patrolling guards Hawker managed to find a well kept livery yard where a small payment was required in advance.  After making sure the horses where fed, watered and his equipment secured Hawker went off looking for a Rookery for his Hawk.  It took some time wondering around the streets to find one large enough and an owner willing to accept the Raptor, after asking for a large fee to cover any losses.
      Once the Hawk was settled in Hawker headed back to the Inn but took his time wondering around the streets and alleys of Shadowvale.  They reminded him of the Vennels of the big city that was near the farm of his short youth.  Especially the Fleasher Vennel where all the butchers’ had their stalls with all the different cuts of meat. 
   After buying a few apples from a trader Hawker walked into the Inn seeing Eto surrounded by others and still with thier previous travelling companions he headed over towards them.

“So Eto what mischief hae ye been up to while I was away? Have you got any more trade for us?”
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The large black wolf that had followed Vadaan and his entourage sat in plain sight just outside of the ruins watching the necromancer and his girls. It would never fidget nor try to approach.

The boy that had accompanied Eto into the inn had stayed relatively quiet, say for ordering a drink for himself. Though there was one odd thing here, the female waitresses knew the boy's name, calling to him to say hello in a very friendly manner, Jace is what they would call him.

Marrik was standing in some deep stone room far below Shadowdale. The whole room, the strong ,pale, gray, cut stone walls floor and ceiling were all bathed in a ghostly gray light. Marrik looked down at what seemed to be a solid pane of glass. Behind it was a world of eternal shadow and Hayle, the girl seemed to be sleeping there beneath the glass. Her hands were folded upon her stomach as she laid in her deep slumber.

Marrik let out a small sigh, "Malic you would go this far...for what...our age has ended, its their time."
As the elf lord turned to leave he spoke to Hayle as though she could of heard, "Time will not pass for you and you will sleep till the day you can be released, dream young one."
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Before Marcie saw anything useful at the mercs table (OOC: Heh), Jan professed to her.
"I'm afraid you don't quite understand. My uses for this ink are my own, and of only one use. I need not any long supply. Just a taste. I thank you for your directions and advice, but I am financially stable as I am. I've no need for work, nor any need for organic inks. I've no traveled long, but I thought for a very long time about what I need. All I'm looking for is a legend among artists."
As Jan's food arrived, he allowed the waitress to take the coins he had on the table, and ate. He already had a flask of Rum, so he was quite satisfied with all he had with him. All but his lack of the ink.
"If you do know anything, or have heard any rumors about this ink I implore you to pass that knowledge on to me. Anything will help."
Jan paused to think about this. Did he really want to ask for help from a stranger? He never could get used to the idea of owing favors... Yes! He needed to find it. This is what he's been seeking out for over 3 years now... (among other things).
"If it will help you remember anything at all I can tell you what I know as well."
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"Hawker, seek relaxation or you will be felled by pressures of the blood. The spoils of our job completed are yet to be divided and at least the day remaining can be afforded for resting." Eto switched to his mother tongue. "Besides, we'll look a lot better if we had a chance to clean up ourselves and our gear. I need a damn long bath to clean up and that fight jarred up the arm." Etoton flexed his left arm some. He was able to hide it well but it had never healed properly after it had been broken so many years before. Supposedly in this land where magic users were in abundance such injuries would have easily been dealt with, a fact that made Eto all the more regretful about waiting this long before coming to this place. "Be seated my old friend and let this business be done." Eto pulled out the pouch the merchant had given him after the caravan arrived. Emptying it on the table the other three mercenaries could see it was a bit more than the originally agreed sum. Unexpectedly the merchant had given a small bonus for the defense in the battle, understanding that the attack probably would have happened anyways, allowing the four creepy people to assist had only been beneficial.
With practiced fingers Etoton split the coins into five unequal piles. One was moved towards himself and the others were moved to their new owners. "The sums agreed." Then he split the last pile into four equal parts and spread them around. "The bonus. May the Three Eyed King watch your paths." This last was directed to the mercenaries who took their money and walked away.

"So boy, how comes you to seek the company of evil men as ourselves?" Eto asked this Jayce. "Are you yet unable to find where you are? If so, drink up and you can not get more lost to the world!" Despite his jokes Eto did not like the young one. Appearing suddenly after the battle and plying skills as a healer Etoton figured him to be one of the enemy who, because he wasn't identifiable, stayed behind to infiltrate the caravan. Others had warily accepted him but Eto kept an even closer hand to his dirks since the boy joined. Etoton had lived a long life for one of his business but he did not wish to end his days a farmer growing a crop of daggers in his own back.
Getting up for a minute Eto unlatched the breastplate and put it on the ground under the table, that piece was the final of the most cumbersome armor and the rest would have to wait until after the meal. As he sat down he rested one foot on the pile so if any children, thieves or dogs tried to make off with something he would know instantly and be able to react. "Well known you seem, or have we by chance came to a haunt you are prone to frequent?"
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Marcie listened to the lord while drinking, and after a little "Oh" and a little silence, answered:

"You're right I didn't understand, my bad. I assumed you looked for something lasting that'd allow you to make your every work exceptional, but if it's just for a one-time project, that's different right... Right."

Chasing the slight embarrassment away with a shake of the head and a welcoming of her lunch, she took a sample of her roast chicken and then said:

"Not bad... Anyway, I can't help you really then, haven't heard much about something that you describe as unique and legendary as you seem to say it is. Don't get too carried over though. I saw several people looking for an enhancement in their lives that ended up pursuing chimeras for years... Besides, a consumable product that manage to make a legendary status ? That seems unlikely... I mean, someone having his or her hands on such a unique thing would surely use it for themselves right ? Unless it's in a private collection of course, but I hardly see a collector, no matter how crazy, expose proudly colored ink vials. At best, store them until commissioning something from an artist..."

Continuing her lunch a bit, she felt the need to mellow things a little.

"I don't mean to break dreams or anything... I'm just saying. Be ready. Ready for cruel disappointments, and take into consideration the possibility that things might not be as they seem alright ? One thing my work as a traveling merchant, and even more so as a store owner before taught me was that goods should never have a life on the price tag."

She only then realized that her talking left her out of focus and she didn't really learned much about the men-at-arms. Damn.
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Jace didn't seem like he was all there, he would often times seem distracted by his own thoughts or just plain out of touch, staring into space and only being brought back by a jostle or a sharp noise.

The boy looked over at Eto with a nervous smile, "Well Im an apprentice to a great healer, and she is very well known, and Shadowdale is my home." The last piece of his conversation he said with quite a bit of pride.

Another oddity of this boy became apparent quickly with his conversation with Eto, one eye was brown while the other was blue.
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"I still say we kill it," Spite grumbled, mounting her horse, "a nice wolf fur cloak would be nice."

"My dearest Spite," Vadaan said giving the wolf a knowing smile, the first time he had acknowledged its presence all night. "I'm trying to make an alliance with Marrik, not an enemy of him."

Spite snorted, "Our very nature makes us his enemy Master."

"Politics my dear, it's never that simple."

Spite gave him a disbelieving look then galloped off into the forest.
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"Great healer is a claim I would have dismissed before my arrival in these lands. Backwards as this land is the treatments do surpass catgut sutures, mold poultices and bone-setting." Etoton motioned that the boy was to be brought another drink on the mercenary's tab. "Little long have I and my companion been here, speak what you know of this place and we shall listen."
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"If you really think i can do this, i suppose I can give it a try," Esseme mutters nervously.

She closes her eyes trying to get a grip on herself before speaking. She's unsure that anything will happen but is more scared that something will really answer back.

"Hello?" She asks into the darkness watching her shadow flicker on the wall.
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Awaiting the answer Eto dug into his food wearily and seeing the boy was distracted he spoke with Hawker. "I see it as the best way that the job we take should move towards the coast. As we have been moving inland caravans have been reducing in size and in requirement for guardianship. Also we go near the mage-held cities and though the people of this place live easy with them I lack desire to have truck with them or their agents. If the tale of Vadaan's holds to be true of this Malic I also see the coast as a best route from the region greater. Those of force etheric cannot be as different from our homeland's that a mislaid comment on our involvement with the ravaner Vadaan and his entourage would not result in chastisement if we remain convenient. As we lack patronage or local contact movement would be our best interest." Taking a long drink he continued. "Tonight though I must arrange rest, my old friend I noticed as well the pains of travel and time have hit you hard as well. Little further and we will be finished, you can live in a tavern you own and I will be able to pass on my armor to my daughter's husband."
Hawker knew of Eto's children, the man had been alongside when Eto had been forced to kill their mother and decided to adopt the infants rather than smothering or leaving them to die. As he spent the years on campaign the children were guardianed  by a very minor lord of Etoton's acquaintance, educated and trained as the money Eto sent home went into the mercenaries big investment.
The boy grew to become a sage and surgeon while the daughter married a man who was a squire until the time he could afford a horse and proper armor before being named a Knight in his lord's service. As had been promised on the night of the wedding Etoton's horses and armor would be passed on when the mercenary either died or retired if possible.
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The jet black wolf seemed to stare at Spite with an intelligence it should not of possessed and its eyes followed her until she vanished beyond its sight among the trees of the forest.
Then its stare was directed right back to Vadaan and his remaining women.

Esseme heard nothing as she stared at her shadow, and after a bit Jinzo let out a relived sigh,

"Good, now this time I want you to think about something as you look into your shadow. Esseme, I want you to think about the one quality you wish you didn't have, I don't mean your looks or what you have. I mean the one part of your personality you wish you could tear out and be rid of forever. Then, when you find it ask your shadow its name again while you think about that one piece of yourself."


Jace thought a bit and smiled as his drink came. "Well, this town is mostly a trading town, you can find many things here that most places don't have, and my master is indeed a great healer. I've seen her bring back people who I thought couldn't or shouldn't be alive." Jace enjoyed his drink some before continuing. "If there is any healing you need my master can do it." The boy seemed like he was going to say more but stopped as someone stepped into the tavern caught his attention. "Lord Marrik!"

Upon the announcement of his name the man became the center of attention, many people giving their welcome and several of the waitresses all asking him if he would like anything.
The man didn't seem to look like a lord at all, he seemed much more like an artisan than anything. Long straight black hair, a clean cut look, some brilliant green eyes and a pair of pointed, sweptback ears.
Marrik gave a quick wave to Jace as he talked with a few of the people that had approached him.
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Jay stood in front of the mirror of the room she rented at the inn as she wrapped her chest in cloth strips. When the bindings were to her liking she finished getting dressed, putting on a long sleeve white cloth shirt, a pair of leather pants, and a leather vest she fasten halfway. Jay looked herself over in the mirror once again, everything was in place, her breasts were completely hidden, her hair was nicely braided, and that meant after she strapped on her bracers she would be ready to start her day.

Jay left her room but stopped at the railing which over looked the common area of inn below. She watched as Marrik entered, he was dark, mysterious, and very interesting. Jay then pulled a black rose from her d-bag, took a deep breath of its lovely fragrance, then tossed it down towards Marrik like a dart. Jay smiled, her light blue eyes sparkling, watching Marrik from a distance. He holds himself well, Jay thought watching Marrik as he walked talking with a small group of people. Jay would introduce herself later when there were less people hanging around her target, for now she would stay the mysterious rose thrower.
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Early that morning:

Jealousy was the last to leave, blowing the wolf a playful kiss as she rode off. Taking the back ways she would reach Shadowvale long before lunch.

Once she had gone Vadaan reached into a pouch and pulled out a roll of paper, he unrolled it and began to read. After a while he reached into a second pouch and pulled out a couple of small pieces of stone, each marked with a strange symbol. He compared them to markings on a piece of paper with a scowl, then moved off into the ruins again.

That lunchtime: ((OOC: putting me back on the same time as the rest of you))

Misery surpressed a small scowl as Marrik strode into the tavern, she had hoped to get him alone to pass on her Masters message, less chance of her real allegences being known then. Around Shadowvale, if you knew where to ask, she was known simply as a blade in the dark. Not that she got much work since Marrik had pritty much taken over the town, and as of yet no-one had been able to meet the high price she had put on taking his head. Mind you no-one ever would, Vadaan wanted him alive, so alive he would stay.

Not that anyone would of seen her scowl, even if they had been looking straight at her and she had recieved more than one stange stare since she had walked into the Green Tree. A length of black cloth was wrapped around the lower part of her face and neck before wrapping around her head like a small turban, only her eyes could be seen between the lengths of cloth. A simple black top covered her from under her arms to just above her very slim waist, long black gloves covered her hands and forearms. Boots and black trousers covered her legs and feet and a large black cloak kept most of her attire hidden from view. Visible on her left should, peaking out from under the cloak was the large buckle of a wide baldric, the simitar it usually supported though lay in front of her on the table, still sheathed, where she could reach it at a moments notice.

She sat at ease, wrapped in her cloak an untouched glass of wine in front of her, watching Marrik as he interacted with the patrons on the inn. Stupid simpering fools. If they wanted to fawn all over him she'd let them before she made her presence known to him.

A movement on the upper floor caught her eye and she glanced up in time to see a young man throw a rose down toward Marrik. She watched him for a moment before turning her attention back to Marrik, interested to see what his reaction to the rose was, a few of the inns patrons were surrupticiously slipping weapons back into hidden sheaths and she cursed herself for failing to identify one of them as being armed when she'd first entered the inn.
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Eto quickly revised his suspicions of Jace. Someone on nodding terms with the local lord was unlikely to be a bandit. This did bring up some very interesting questions on the subject of chance and coincidence though.
Catching the attention of one of the tavern girls Eto arranged rooms for himself and Hawker and a bath to be brought and filled in his own room. While it was being arranged Eto used the barmaid's rag to wipe the merchant guild symbol from his shield.
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Now taking some time for herself, Marcie made short work of her chicken, and paid attention to what was happening around. The local lord here... Probably just a nickname though, as it was an unlikely place for a lord to eat with the reasonable prices floating around. A rose falling from the sky. Funny weather. And, a little wiping work from a shield. Knowledgable in that symbol of course, the woman had the proof she needed, though of course it was there before. Just a matter of notice going on here, really. So, leaning sideways towards Eto, she asked mid-wiping:

"Excuse me sir, I noticed what seems to be your activity and that you apparently finished a contract recently. Would you be open for a new job then ?"

She flashed her most commercial smile to the man, and twisted over her chair to present hip her hand, quickly cleaned before of course.

"In any case, I am Marcie C. Timber"
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"Always I am willing to consider such proposals and as now I lack prior obligation it would have great heed." Eto had set aside the cloth and turned to a socially acceptable posture for the situation. "I am Etoton and my companion is Hawker." Instead of shaking the hand Eto did a strange gesture. With his hand held straight he touched his palm to hers then bowed his head. The action was unusual but the intent was clear to have the same meaning. "Let us arrange a time and place for the discussion of your requirements."
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Jan just kept eating his food, wondering what to do next. Should he look around town? go to that port? maybe just leave town. Would he follow someone in a new group? should he go by himself? Probably not, as his travels have been rather annoying by himself and perilous at some points.
what to do...
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Marrik seemed quite friendly with the workers of the inn, and as he ordered a glass of wine for himself he scanned the inn. Many new faces, this was good, a sign of change in the world.

As the single rose fell from the upper level Marrik snatched it out of the air with a single deft motion. He brought the rose delicately to his rose and gave it a quick smell, all the while giving the mysterious rose tosser a flirtatious smile. Then placed the rose so it showed from the chest his shirt.

Walking over to the table that Jace was sitting at along with several other men he addressed the young man in a friendly manner. "Jace your master has been looking all over for you. Is this where you have been all this time?"

Jace only shook his head and looked over to Eto and Hawk "I got lost gathering herbs and then ran into a caravan."

Marrik smiled and laughed a bit, "This is the third time you've gotten lost, you know Mistress Britanni does not enjoy this."


The wolf stayed exactly where it was say for a few times where it moved slightly to keep a line of sight on Vadann. Though it did give a reaction to the blown kiss from Jealously, its tail started to wag slightly.
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Marcie found that gesture Eto did a bit odd, but nothing really confusing or anything. The meaning was clear, and that was the most important part here really. Then, after a bit of silent thought, looking left and right, the woman said:

"I have a stall in the marketplace, by, uh..."

It was always bothering trying to get where one wants to in a new city, but even harder is to point the right way to someone else who isn't from around either. But after some thoughts, she managed to work out something:

"The fountain, three levels, albaster or some other white-ish stone with an armored knight standing atop of it, just on the main alley. Well, coming from the South road, the one that leads to Ebyenn. Well, my stall isn't fat from there, towards where the sheath of his sword points. Meet me there whenever you feel like in the afternoon. If you're more of an evening man, we can always arrange a meal in some place a bit more private than that... Just... Please don't chose one with a lousy name."
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Eto quickly estimated what time it was and how long it would take to get presentable and rest up a bit. "Our arrival can be expected at around three palms from sundown. Is that acceptable?"
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(OCC: just some bits to catch up)

Before answering, Hawker grabbed a silver tankard and a hunk of bread off a tray from a passing serving wench and scooped up some of Eto’s food with the bread, started munching on it and sat down on the end of a bench facing Eto. 

“An’ here’s me thinking I was the dour one.  Ye ken I dinnae believe in Mages an’ their dark arts Eto, just my weapons and my comrades in arms.  If you want to go off wi’ the loun here that’s fine by me ye can fin’ me by yon bar over there when ye get back.  But ye could be right about the trade wi’ the caravans drying up, so the sea ward passages could be a good idea since by the looks of it the local Lairds are nae hiring.”
And took a long pull on his tankard before grabbing the serving wench who was passing by, and made her sit on his his lap,

“And who might you be my pretty Woodland Rose? My friend and I require more drink and I’m in the need of a thick steak well done and another chunk of bread.”

 Hawker allowed her stand up and gave her a slap on the bottom as a parting. When Hawker heard Eto mention his name he just looked over nodded and gave a low growl as an acknowledgement.
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With a slight smile, Misery stood, picking up her weapon and re-attaching it to her baldric. Then, gathering her own glass of wine, she moved swiftly and quietly across the inn to intercept the serving girl bringing Marrik his wine. She slipped the woman a few gold and gave her an unnerving look, just for good measure, before picking up Marriks glass gently by the rim.

Taking the few steps to where Marrik stood talking to two men and a young boy she held out the glass of wine to him.

"Your wine, My Lord."
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"Huh? ...oh... uh... mumble mumble mumble."
Now that Jan's attention was gotten, although unintentionally, he began to listen in on the conversations going on next to him. He thought he had heard something about travel, and merchants before. Could be wrong though, so he better make sure.
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Marrik chuckled at Jace's attempt to excuse his getting lost and found out the names of the boy's savior's "Well Jace I think you should be getting back to your master soon less she find you here."

Jace seemed nervous all of a sudden "Oh, ah, you wouldn't tell her would you?"

Marrik smiled at the boy, "Not if you don't get going."

Jace got the 'hint' and thanking both Eto and Hawk quickly took his leave.

Marrik in the mean time took his wine from the girl that had brought it to him but gave a small pause when he saw who it was. "Hm, why thank you miss."
He also gave Misery a small smile.
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"It is interesting man who other men shower with roses I think." Misery said once Marrik had taken the glass from her, "You can call me Zira. I must appologise for inturrupting your dealings with these men, but several people they ask me to give you message. Luckily for you only one can pay my price, he says message is urgent but asks I give it to you in private."
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Jay stood where she was, watching Marrik as he flashed a flirtatious smile before placing her rose into his breast pocket. Oh, this one might be a bit fun, she thought, This is going to be interesting. Jay then left her perch and headed down the stairs gently passing her hand over the wooden railing as she went. Taking a seat at the bar Jay ordered a glass of red wine. Jay kept her eyes on Marrik as her wine arrived, Marrik was talking with what Jay thought were either friends or acquaintances; about what, she couldn't tell, but she did intend to find out...once her wine was finished.
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Eto sighed inside. There was too much weird stuff happening out here in too short a time and Etoton was getting suspicious. "Hawker, I must leave to check if my room and everything has been readied. I greatly recommend you to be hurrying your meal as arrangements are not to be missed." Gesturing quickly he flipped the place's runner boy a small coin to carry his armor to the room and fetch his bags from the pack horse afterward.

The room was ready, the servers had just finished pouring not nearly enough hot water into the small tub dragged into the room. Barring the door and latching the shutters of the small window Etoton stuck a dirk into the rim of the tub and began removing the last of his gear. With a wince he slowly unwrapped his left arm from the brace hidden by the sleeves of his jack undercoat. The bones had never healed properly and he had been forced to cut into his own flesh at one point to remove a portion of a later wound there that had gone sour when an axe broke through his shield into the flesh beneath. The bracing allowed Etoton to use his shield with skill and dexterity and years of practice allowed him to hide his weakness. Even more ghastly but with no debilitation was the large rune that covered nearly a third of Eto's torso.
Carved into his body by a Mage-Lord's meat puppet the wounds had been magically healed as they were made, leaving scarred gashes nearly a thumbs width deep in some fleshier areas. The rune, his current shield and a small chest of gold were Etoton's reward for good work in the Mage-Lord's service.
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Hawker gave Eto a quizzical look but said nothing about his friend’s sudden urge to head off and looked up to the new comer,
“So Mister you ken the wee man here dae ye? Why don’t ye tak’ the weight aff yer feet and share a jar wi’ me and tell me about yersels.”
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"what do you mean think about what i want to get rid of? how am I supposed to do that?" Esseme asks in frustrated disbelief. looking away from her shadow and at the candle instead.  She wonders why Jinzo was relieved she hadn't heard anything on the first part. Wouldn't it have been easier if she had?
"this isn't going to work anyways." Esseme says lamely and looks back at her shadow.

what part of me don't I like about myself?
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Misery glared down at Hawker, ignore her would he!

"Master Hawker, do you make habit of ignoring all girls whose bottoms you cannot smack? Be wary should I have business with you." She turned to Marrik, "I leave you to your dealings with this uncouth man, but do not forget I have private message for you, yes. I have no desire for the chasing of you over town just to deliver it." She paused for a moment then added, "Lord Marrik," and in a harder tone, "Master Hawker."

Turning on her heal she stalked over to the bar.

Wine splashed onto her hand as she put her glass of wine down more forcfully than intended. Shaking the few drops of wine from her glove she glanced over at the young man who had thrown the rose at Marrik.

"Lord Marrik, he is interesting man yes? Quite handsome too. Oh do not worry, I am not interested in him, it would be... too complicated. By the way, staring is bad manners, and makes you look like besotted girl."
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Watching as she walked off Hawker said,
“ I better go over and make amends if she is going to be involved in our business excuse me for a few minutes Laird Marrick if ye will?”

 Walking over to where Zira was sitting Hawker decided to take the rough edge out of his voice and be the polite soldier he was before turning Mercenary gave a slight bow before speaking,

“Miss you’re right if I have offended you, you have my apologies.  For as you can tell I'm a bit of a stranger in these lands.  So if you allow me to make amends between us and start anew by buying you fresh goblet of wine?”  
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All Jan could figure out from eves dropping, was that these guys are either weird, drama queens, "spur of the moment types", and/or practicing for some sort of theatrical production. This Hawker guy seemed to be a particularly complex character.

[in thought] Whatever. They could prove useful to me. I'll follow them for a while. Worst case, they are actors and I can get a few laughs out of it. Ok... worst, they kill, rob, and rape me in that order... Gah! I've got to stay optimistic! They're probably just weirdos.
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Years Before

Etoton stood bare to the waist before a polished silver mirror as he shaved away the last of his prisoner's beard. To one side one of King Etchmer's castle girls was polishing Etoton's newly returned armor. The silvered Plate-and-chain as well as the gilded edged rams head helmet had turned dull in storage and Etoton needed to look his best tonight when he was officially inducted into Etchmer's armed forces. Hawker stood waiting to one side, as Etoton's sponsor he had to be with the younger mercenary at the swearing in.
"The last thing I was expecting you to bring was a job offer, Hawker and yet you said you haven't noticed any major changes here since Vedrefel's folly? To be given a position of large group commander means the king is going to be expanding his army greatly in a very short time and I don't see how.
"His majesty's ranks are already swelled to five thousand which is a number a kingdom of his size can sustain but not without cutting costs elsewhere. To add another large group, at least a thousand fighting men and support but there is no way I could have been a first choice to command such a position. Means at the least Etchmer is planning to double his army if not more."
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Marrik chuckled a bit at Misery and gave the girl a nod, taking a small sip of his wine he turned to Hawker, "Well the boy's master is an old, and very good friend of mine, so I thought it best to return her apprentice at the earliest."

Marrik watched Hawker walk off to give his apology and smiled at the man, he was an odd one.

Marrik had overheard Eto's conversation along with Hawker and came up with an idea, he needed a bit of help with Malic and wondered if these two could provide.

As the lord turned to retrieve the message meant for him from 'Zira' he was stopped. Something wasn't right, someone had followed this girl, Marrik could feel the presence of the zealot in the room, but where?
In the corner was a small figure keeping out of sight, holding a simple silver charm with a flam symbol upon its face.

(OOC: Odd I think misery introduced herself as Zira)


Jinzo smiled at the frustrated girl "Esseme don't worry, we have all the time you need. Just relax and focus. What do you wish you weren't?"
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(OOC: Sorry I haven't posted work has been a slight pain))

Jay chuckled lightly at the woman's comment after she had taken the seat next to Jay, "What would you say if it just so happened to be that I was a besotted girl?"

And now it seems I have become popular, Jay thought as an older man joined the growing bar group. "If she does not wish for another glass of wine I would certainly enjoy one.

"If it wouldn't be a problem could I get your names, I'm new in town, and don't know anyone here."
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"That you choose dangerous man to be besotted over." Zira replied, masking her surprise that the young man was infact a young woman. She was about to say more when Hawker approached.

She considered the mans words for a moment before speaking, "Very well Master Hawker, your appology it is accepted. Although I have little need of more wine," she indicated her still as yet untouched glass.

"Names are of no problem, I am Zira and the gentleman learning his manners is Master Hawker. It seems he is new here too, me I've been..." The entire time they had been talking she had been keeping half a surreptitious eye on Lord Marrik and she cut off as she saw him suddenly become more alert.

Giving Hawker a nudge she nodded at Marrik, "Trouble."
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“Shi..............” Hawker stopped the oath half way through when he remembered that he was amongst mixed company.  Still looking at Zira resisting the urge to turn,

“And here’s me wanting a quiet night after a few hard slogs recently!  What sort of trouble do we have?  All I have for now is the Dirk in my boot until I can pick up another weapon.  Are any of you carrying?”
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Jay took the last sip of her wine, placed the empty glass on the bar, then turned towards Hawker, "Sorry friend, I carry no weapons, I fight with empty hands as is my style."

Jay then turned her gaze back to Marrik, if there was trouble it would focus around him, and that made even more interesting. Without turning Jay ordered another glass of wine, waiting for the fun to start.
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"I do not know yet, what ever trouble is it remains unseen by any but Lord Marrik." Misery said reaching up and adjusting the bottom of the cloth wrapped around her face, using the gesture to disguise the fact she was loosen her cloak ready to shrug it off if it came to a fight. "I have scimitar, little magic."

She flicked her eyes around the room in front of her, "I count 9 armed, all local thug, but none look ready to fight. You two?"
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She flicked her eyes around the room in front of her, "I count 9 armed, all local thug, but none look ready to fight. You two?"
shit, know they're noticing me. Better just try and play this cool. Jan got up took a quick look around, no one is watching me. good, and proceeded to exit The Green Tree. "That really is a stupid name. I think I'll go check out that dock tomorrow. For now... sleep. Where can I find a decent place to sleep?" by decent of course, I mean NOT laded with insects, and rodents.
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“From where I am all I see is the few behind Marrik, and I don’t use magic.  Since you have a better view Miss Zira it’s best if we follow your lead.”
Casually Hawker reached down to check his Dirk but to any one else it would look like he was just scratching his lower leg,

“Great now I can’t remember when I last sharpened the blade on it now” Hawker thought to himself as he prepared himself to fight if needed.

Years Before:
   “I’ve been busy while you’ve had a rest in that “holiday camp” Eto and I see you don’t hang around either.”  Hawker said from his corner nodding towards the girls.  He was dressed in the formal uniform of a Senior General Of The Line, consisting of a dark red cloak with gold trim over polished silver full armour with a shield that had a red Stag rampant and crossed black swords on the boss.
   “Listen up young ‘un I pulled a lot of strings to get you out so don’t let me down.  Once we get through tonight we can plan to get the others out and back where they belong either with us or if they want they can go back to their homes for a while.  So for now put your brain or what’s left of it, back into your other head and get ready!”

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Years Before:
Etoton laughed. "Plenty of time yet." He buttoned up his green and grey silk shirt, motions awkward with his still unhealed arm. Strapping on his sword belt he grabbed his weapon which was a gleaming silver and blue falchion with foreign words stamped into the crossguard. Etoton had the words translated once, they were in the language of Iscariot across the sea and roughly said 'Through me lies the path to salvation'. Etoton liked this weapon, its weight being towards the end and its shape made it a cross between an arming sword and an axe, tiring to swing and at three and a half pounds quite heavy but it could cleave through most chain with a good blow.
Walking down the hallway to the great chamber Etoton noticed a small group of easily recognizable women. "Autrin Island spearwomen. The best combination of expensive and useless I've ever encountered. Hawker, nobody has the money to waste like this." Etoton had never encountered them in battle but knew soldiers who had and none had been the least bit impressed. Stories said that their people followed a strange god who demanded sacrifice of boys and men so when war came even the women had to fight. Other stories said it was not the demands of a god but a Mage-Lord who was forcing the gender ratio to skew. Either way it was agreed that the only reason the islands had not been overrun was because nobody could afford the ships or soldiers to properly invade.
There was only one reason Eto could think of for hiring mercenaries from so far away, to get trained bodies in large numbers without letting anyone in the region know. Even then such a buildup would be nearly impossible to hide, something big was going on.
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Marrik turned to look over his shoulder in his attempts to spot the zelots he failed to doge the bolt of fire that had been launched at him from the small silver flame charm.

It was small but packed a rather forceful punch. As the firebolt exploded into Marrik's back it sent him flying through one of the inn's windows and into the street.

The small girl stood up and began to giggle slightly, as she did several other men who Zira missed; undid their cloaks and hoods to reveal white robes and silver chainmail.

Half a dozen zelots followed the small girl out of the inn and after Marrik.
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((OOC: Assuming there's more there than followed Marrik out the inn))

Misery swore. With a shrug of her shoulders she stepped forward, cloak falling where she had been stood, scimitar coming into her hand as she moved to intercept Malics men.

One of them pointed a charm in her direction and she barely threw herself out of the way in time. She came to her feet just in time to see a second man lining up a shot. Grabbing a mug from the abandoned meal on the table behind her she hurled it at the zealot. It smashed into his head thowing his aim off and the fireball struck the ceiling above her.

Moving quickly Misery closed the gap to the second zealot and the man abandoned his charm hastily drawing a sword. She was faster and he barely had it out of its scabbard when Misery hand closed around his sword hand. Misery whispered a word of power and the man dropped his sword with a yell of pain. With a quick sweap of her feet Misery sent the sword skidding across the floor.

"Master Hawker," she called, "a weapon for your use."
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There was a loud crash at Etoton's door as he lay in the tub, someone tried to burst their way through but had been completely stopped by the bar bracing. "A moment!" Eto yelled. "I am unsuited, stand a while and we shall speak of what is of such importance."
Eto tied a towel around his waist and pulled his dirk from where it was stuck into the tub. Moving to the opposite side of the door frame that the door would swing he pulled the bar out and clear as the door blasted open. In stories of heroic battles two fighters would trade blows until, both weakened, one finally falls. This was not a story or a heroic battle. Eto would never find out what the assassin was expecting to find immediately behind the door. The heavy metal bar swung and connected with the man's face in a shower of blood and the crunch of a destroyed face. Some small piece of jewelry or something flew from the the man's hand as he fell.
With a quick look along the hallway Eto made sure he was clear from further attack, apparently only one person had been sent after either him or to clear the upper floor of everyone. Without a word Eto sliced the assassin from ear to ear holding the gushing blood away from himself as best he could. Etoton then kicked the body clear and closed the door, replacing the bar. He had heard something happening down the stairs and if there was a fight he certainly wanted to go into it wearing more than a towel.
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Jay smiled then followed Zira, leaving her fresh glass of wine on the bar, she would get back to it later.

As Zira jumped one way to dodge an incoming bolt from one of the charm holding zealots Jay side stepped the other direction then bolted strait for him. The zealot drew his blade as Jay grew closer, and with put pause turned the draw into a swing. Jay ducked under the swing, leaving the zealot wide open, and her in the perfect position to strike.

Jay opened her assault with a hanuman strike, a twin fist uppercut which uses the legs to drive the fists into the underside of the jaw, then followed through by taking hold of the zealot's shoulders with each hand and delivering a flying knee to the same point under the zealot's jaw. As the zealot was falling backwards from Jay's assault, Jay brought both her knees up to the zealots lower rib cage. Following the thud of the zealot's back hitting the inn floor there was a rather loud crack as Jay's knees broke two of the zealot's ribs.

Jay watched the sword Zira slid towards Hawker pass by before getting off her downed opponent  .
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Etoton belted on some pants and quickly strapped the brace and shield onto his arm. His normal weapon, the flail, would be worse than useless in a battle indoors so Eto took the assassins sword. A shorter blade, heavy for its size with only one edge and a narrow point, a heavy single edged gladius was the closest Eto could come to identifying the style. There was no time to properly armor up if the sounds from down the stairs were any indication.
This was it, any further preparation was just procrastination. Etoton moved down the stairs and took stock of what was happening in the room, quickly finding Hawker a good distance away.
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The zelot Jay had pounced upon growled out something in another language that sounded much like a deadly threat. Then he began to laugh, as he stood like he wasn't even feeling the pain.

"You pathetic mongrels, we will cleanse you all with the eternal flame." the man laughed, and as he did small plumes of silvery fire whisped off his breath. The blade sword he held became white with heat as he began a rush at Jay, who as she dodged the sword came down through a beam and then the floor passing through both with the greatest of ease, leaving dark charred burns in both.

The zealot 'Zira' had attacked was standing again with an insane look on his face, "You insolent woman!" he yelled as he pulled out a silver chain whip that started to glow with the same white hot heat as his companion. He cracked it a few times just to show how easily it burned through anything it touched leaving deep charred black lashes.

The one zealot that Etoton had killed did something odd, as the man was leaving his room the body of the dead zealot ignited in a single brilliant flash and burned to nothing, taking all evidence that he was ever there with him.

From outside there were the sounds of pitched combat, and as such most of the patrons from the inn had evacuated say for one of the better looking serving girls who seemed rather pissed.
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"ZEHIETH AIBOL!" Etoton swore as he pushed his way towards Hawker who was fighting alongside a few others. The attackers held huge advantage, in addition to some sort of magical device they were also properly armored. When going blade to blade they could take far more risks than someone without armor meaning that even when they had less skill they had the upper hand.
One saw Etoton's entry into the fight and raised her talisman, taking aim at the shield with intent to blow completely through it. A strike of lightning arced across the room between the two of them, the shot was hurried and would have missed but everyone could see the bolt turn at the last portion towards the shield. Eto's shield, made by a Mage Lord in a land where magic was almost never seen in battle, was enchanted to protect the wearer from spells. Directed energy spells were directed towards the shield and the mundane looking device used its wielder's own life force to counter the charm. Etoton's body was left as though he had run for hours without break but instead of feeling tired or sore Eto felt stronger and faster.
This feeling was a lie. Much like the berserker drugs used by a few Southern nomadic tribes it was all an illusion. He wasn't faster or stronger and the magic would kill him if he acted like he was.
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"I haven't even begun yet." Misery replied with a small smile and then headbutted him full in the face.

She was rewarded by the crack of cartilage as she broke the mans nose. As the man staggered back she followed him keeping herself inside his guard where he could not use the whip, unfortunatly it meant she could not use her scimitar either. Luckily she had other weapons, her necromancy for a start. Not that it was paticularly potent, no where near that of her Master, having only broken her first seal those spells available to her were weak.

Discarding her sword Misery followed up with a knee to the mans groin and then placed her hands around his neck. A breif word of power and she called upon the bone numbing chill of the grave, freezing the mans neck where her hands were and causing him to gasp for breath he could not catch.
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Years Before
"So, there have been mass swearings like this for weeks? How in the ten god's names is the king keeping it a secret?" Etoton shook his head and drew back a large swig of mead. Like many things lately it was an import from far away, the colder regions to the south where grapes did not grow well for wine. Around the table were many familiar faces and many more Eto knew by reputation. Eto was speaking with Syr Ralmir the Pius, a Large Group commander from the Knights of the Silver Branch, an order of holy knights who traced their lineage to the far off land of Iscariot. To Eto's other side was Hoo G'tt who had aged greatly since Etoton had last seen him as a Mid Group commander in the Bronze Chain band.
"Hardly a secret boy." Hoo spoke with a rasped voice. The man was a survivor, an arrow had gone into his throat and all but destroyed his voice with the infection. "Four hands now with that Hawker fop and he was given four thousand fighting men so I can't see the other three getting less with two of them being the King's sons and all. Rickard and Charles already have their five thousand each and the last one, a Northern man named Odien is depopulating every horse on this side of the continent to build his army as mostly cavalry archers.
"Rumor is that we are going to sweep up all the way to the coast and the King is going to put his children and friends into every capital along the way. No worries with the mages either, King's got a tamed flesh doll with him speaking for one of them. This is history in the making."

Etoton refilled his mug. "Dumb idea dealing with mages. It is like carrying a lion on your shoulders, you know it will kill you even if you do everything it says to. That's just the nature of mages and that's just a fact of the world."
Syr put a hand on Eto's arm. "You quit with that talk or you are likely to end up buried under the camp you were pulled from. God guides us through the Mage Lords so we follow their will. You take the Kings money and you follow his orders, beyond that is not our concern."
"You have that right. To the king and his overflowing purse." A cheer was raised, taken up by many others on the table who were not part of the conversation.
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The zealot gasped for breath then looked up at Misery with fury in his eyes, then he smiled. As he exhaled a plume of fire rose from his mouth and right up to misery's face. Forcing her to jump away or become burned. The zealot laughed though his choked breaths. Standing as a few wisps of flame rolled of his breath, "You are one of the sinners."

The other zealot had by this time spotted Eoton and the sword he carried, and shouted to the others, "Brothers! The Sapphire has fallen! Avenge him!" Two more of the zealots waiting in reserve in the back moved around to flank Etoton. The man then stood only realizing his broken rib, and growled low. "You bastard, you'll pay for that." The same silver flame wisps trailed off the man's breath as he made his threat.

The one serving girl that had stayed had become increasingly agitated by the combat, pulled down her hair from the ornate bun it had been in and let it flow down past her shoulders. "You're all making a mess..." She said in a very low, seething voice as she cupped one hand over her eyes. She mouthed something. As she did, a large black serpent came out from around her feet and coiled up and around her body. It was easily as tall as her with fangs longer than a mans finger.
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One of the zealots drew close to Etoton and went in for a grapple, planning to stab her blade into Eto's unprotected gut. Reacting with practiced speed Eto brought the bottom edge of his shield onto the blade hitting it back. A forceful shove moved it away from his flesh. Eto's right hand and the blade it held went for the woman's face but was grabbed by her left hand which had dropped it's icon to dangle uselessly. The woman drew in a breath either to curse or begin a spell but Eto was faster. A glob of spittle flew directly into her eye forcing her to flinch back. Eto broke his shield from her weapon and slashed.
Recovering instantly the zealot pulled back out of range and Eto brought his blade to a hand-high position. Then with a smirk of disdain he snapped his arm forward and let the blade fly. At barely an arms length from his reach and with ease of practice the zealot's head was near impossible to miss.

The flankers were moving in on him, Etoton noticed he had gained much more attention than he warranted. "Lady of Dawn see this to the end. Await your humble servant." Eto voiced as a quick prayer in his native language while drawing his last weapon, the long dirk that was sheathed above his arm straps on his shield. To his enemies he switched to the common tongue of this land. "Void awaits your empty husks." He then charged at the flanker that was between himself and Hawker's group with shield raised against blade and spell.
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Jay brought herself into a readied stance with her right foot forward, this time she would kick with her left. "You rely too much on strength of steel and spell," Jay mocked the Zealot who raised his sword high above his head and charged at Jay. As the the Zealot swung down Jay struck with a powerful angled kick. There is was a loud crack as Jay's plate covered shin make contact with the Zealot's elbow, breaking the bone, causing the Zealot to drop his sword which then fell point first into the floorboard stopping only when the hilt hit the floor. The Zealot reached for his sword with his other hand, but Jay grabbed the Zealot's wrist and followed by jumping over the zealot's head wrenching the Zealot's arm back. As Jay held the Zealot's arm she smiled then pulled the final inch down and dislocated the Zealot's shoulder. Jay kicked out the Zealot's knees, causing him to fall forward with nothing to catch his fall the Zealot's face hit the floor just in front of his blade. Jay stepped over the Zealot, pulled the Zealot's sword from the floor, and plunged the blade into the Zealot's neck. "You see," Jay told the fresh copse, "both steel and spell can easily turn against you."
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A few things happened all at once, the blades that had both been taken from the zealots and then turned on them both shattered into pieces as they touched the skin they were intended for.

The one Jay had brought down laughed at her, then it became apparent why. Her hands, they now were burned like she had just grabbed white hot steel. "Our blades only harm the unholy."

Jay didn't have much time to react as another one, with twin daggers tried to sneak attack her blind side. He failed, as he brought his daggers around to bear on Jay's neck he was coiled by the enormous black serpent. It had started to crush him by the time Jay had turned around, then it sank its fangs into his neck and he just stopped moving.

The other woman who Eto had thrown the other smaller blade at was wiping her eye of the 'barbarian's filth' as she so aptly put it.

Eton was flanked by the woman, the one in front of him and another coming from his rear.

Hawker was now too preoccupied by two of his own opponents and too far to come through the battle to help.
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It was time to stop fighting nice, having an enemy on either side would get him killed in no time. Charging ahead he slammed his shield into the zealot between him and Hawker and grunted as he felt a sword graze against his side. With a jerk he brought the top edge of his shield against the zealot's jaw smashing his jawbone and forcing him back. With a flick of his arm Etoton sliced at her face as he fell backwards, the tip of his long dirk carved a deep gouge in the man's face and ruptured one eye while pouring blood into the other.
With a snarl Eto pushed past and turned, his back now to Hawker and the others fighting beside him.
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Misery stumbled backwards with a surprised yell and the threw herself to the side as the zealots whip passed through the space where she had been stood. Grabbing a stool she hurled it at her attacker using the momentary distraction it created to make a run for her scimitar. She was forced to throw herself along the ground for the last few paces as the zealots whip again cleaved the air. Grabbing her weapon she rolled sideways avoiding a descending blow from the mans whip this time.

As the zealot drew his whip back again Misery scrambled to her feet and threw underhand a discarded mug at the man. He side stepped. A thrown plate caught him in the shoulder causing him to curse at her. Misery continued with an assorted barrage of missiles causing the zealot to throw a protective arm over his face. When the last of the missiles stopped the zealot lowered his arm and swung his whip, but he was too slow, with the last of the missiles had come Misery using them to cover her as she closed the gap to him. Her scimitar, now enveloped in a thin black mist, slicing across his throat. With a shocked gurgling sound the zealot dropped his whip and cluched at his neck as if his hands could somehow hold in the escaping air and blood.

"It's been a pleasure," Misery told him as he crumpled to the floor.
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Esseme thinks about it for a bit.  She watches her shadow flicker on the wall. the thought crosses her mind that she would like not to be alone. She's always been alone.There had been many times when she had made Nana create friends for her to play with. She hated to be alone. She wished she wasn't so very alone as the room seemed to get darker. She took a deep breath to relax. It didn't help as she stared at her shadow on the wall wishing not to be alone. words left her lips. She didn't hear them but knew she spoke.

"What is your name?" she had asked quickly, softly.
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The three remaining zealots all made hasty retreats out various exits after what seemed to be their superior was slain by Misery.

The dying zealot smiled greatly as he collapsed, mouthing something and after then falling to the floor his body vanished. Consumed by a great flame leaving only a small scorch mark where he fell.


Esseme could hear something, it was cold, like the hiss of a snake, "Tet'ci"
It was crisp and clear and very dark.
Not long after that she could feel herself being shaking, just lightly, and then another much warmer voice calling Esseme's name from somewhere far away.
It was faint, but as she listened harder and harder it became apparent who was calling.
Esseme awoke from what felt like a long slumber in the arms of Jinzo who was frantically calling her name. "Esseme! You're awake! Are you alright?"
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Etoton slumped against the nearest wall as he released the shield from his arm. Blood from a shallow gash flowed along the channels of the symbol carved into his torso and stained his belted trousers and the air around him smelled with the hair singed when the shield pulled the lightning strike into itself.
His first concern was his own injuries and Eto found them to be slight. Second was Hawker who was hale.

"What had they to gain of this?" Eto asked aloud as he helped Hawker.
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As Esseme woke to Jinzo's calls, she shook her head no.

"Oh Jinzo! It was dreadful! I've never had nightmares like that before. There was darkness and you were there--" she said stopping abruptly.

She opened her eyes wide and focused no Jinzo. Her eyes narrowed quickly.

"What are you trying to do? do you mean to kill me?" she asked angrily.

She closed her eyes again to try and calm the rhythmic pounding that was drumming through her head.  The name Tet'ci lingering in her mind as though it had been burned into her memory. the thought of it made her feel naked and cold. She felt herself shiver beneath Jinzo's warm embrace.
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Etoton dipped a pitcher in what was left of a smashed cask of ale and drank deeply. Then finding a not so dirty cloth he began washing away the blood from his wounds. "Do events occur here often like this?" He asked. The cleaning was a temporary measure, Eto knew the risks of infection and would have to soon treat the cuts with something to prevent the corruption.
"No bodies, no treasure. Evil to truth they are who sent these."
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Misery let out a pleasurable sigh as the mist disapated from her blade, followed by a startled yelp as she lept back from the flames of the fallen zealot.

She glanced around the common room of the inn for more zealots and seeing none ran for the door.

"No time for the drinking yet Master Etoton, Lord Marrik could still need our help."
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Waiting for those who were actually concerned, Etoton refilled his mug and walked out the door. He was not properly armed, his earlier attack was to defend his friend rather than to play the part of hero. Heroes died too early and usually died poor.