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Title: Gaming gear
Post by: Pozf on May 29, 2009, 11:58:26 am
Right so it's time I get a new headset, mines been dead for months, I've only kept it for the mic. At this point in time I don't mind spending 100+ dollars if it will actually last more than 6 months, like the other headsets I have gotten do.

Specifically I've been looking at USB headsets with either 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound as I use them mostly for FPS (Counter-Strike: Source). One of the guys that I play with swears by the Tritton brand, which only has 2 USB headsets that are almost the same exact model. But I wanted more input than just that.
The three that I was looking into:
 The Tritton (
 The Logitech (
 Some odd brand I found while searching Newegg (

Also in addition to a headset a new mouse is needed. The one I have has become extremely choppy and had to play any kind of long range game with. The same guy who suggested the Tritton headphones suggested the Razer Lachesis mouse. It had pretty much been a competition in my head between  the Razer Lachesis ( and  the Logitech G9x (

Now if you have any suggestions for me on either the mouse or headset would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: I probably need a good mouse pad for my shiny new mouse, haven't looked at anything yet but any directional would be nice here too.