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Title: Holy Crap - Real Life Supervillian
Post by: Stargoat on October 09, 2012, 08:05:09 am
Holy Crap - it's a real life Supervillian.

Matt Barrie. (


Check it out.  This supervillian owns the ultra-mysterious (  This organization is responsible for job placement, allowing Barrie to inject his minions in multinational and governments around the globe.  Barrie offers job seekers an unobtainable dream, one that requires them to funnel money and trust into his organization (*1&trk=who_to_follow-b).

One can only imagine how many shark tanks and hollowed-out volcanoes he has.  He even has vile henchmen.  Check out David Harrison (  You know that guy probably has a top hat that can destroy statues.  One can only hope that Barrie also has a henchwoman with a particularly suggestive name.  It's humanity's only hope.