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Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on Today at 03:29:28 am »
There's two options. Along way back, to get Crest and the others to believe in the whole  Suspiria's parents are still alive thing Qtalda mind-controlled Crest and the others. Spells sometimes have side-effects and this is a paranoid halucination. Regina is seeing something different. This also accounts for the other three having strange behavior esp the suicide.

There are dimensional side-effects through keeping a portal open like that, and one of them is unstable reality. Suspiria for all her power, cannot see through different dimension so Crest seems crazy to her.

These are not mutually exclusive btw. Both can be true.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by sunphoenix on Today at 12:49:50 am »
OH Crap... something fishy is going on here... is this even Suspiria, or only what the Phalanx and Crest is to believe is Suspiria?  Or is something is also fooling her that she doesn't even realize EVEN with all of her power?
Flipside Discussion / Re: Mistake Thread
« Last post by sunphoenix on February 15, 2018, 04:05:53 am »
Current page ~ last frame with Suspiria [cell 5].. she has no spikes across her chest or shoulders when the other cells of her clearly show them. :)

...she's still hot as hell!  Great girl for Creast!  :-*
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by sunphoenix on February 14, 2018, 12:14:20 pm »
Ah-ha! So she can make duplicates of herself... I guess that is where all that flesh she eats is going also... as well as making her stronger!

I do Hope Crest and Suspira get a chance for some private discussion... among other things!  :-*

He's so shy and she's so radically forward and bold... but different from Moby who is all passion but no heart!
I think Suspiria would be good for him.  Aheh... she needs to make love to Crest like a Hurricane, but sweet-like {she'll need to be mindful of her spikes, but THAT could be kinky too}... to teach him that feminine passion need not be feared and Crest need to teach her that vulnerability is not weakness that its ok to love and express it ~ that doing so does not diminish the self.

Really think they would make a good match.

By the way... where IS Crest's sword?  He's not been drawn with it for some time?  Does he have some magical way to conceal it on his Maytag's stilletos?
Flipside Discussion / Re: Mistake Thread
« Last post by MaronaPossessed on February 14, 2018, 09:58:33 am »
Starting from here:

No eyepatch on Glyph
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by SAGG on February 12, 2018, 08:24:48 pm »
Whoa. Is that really it for Bloody Mary, or is she just a duplicate? I'm guessing a duplicate. She's too cool to be just destroyed like that.... 😎
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on February 11, 2018, 09:59:41 pm »
Glad you liked!  ;D

Also, it looks like time for a breakup.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by Brion Foulke on February 08, 2018, 06:31:22 pm »
I'm reminded strongly of Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies

When that little title shenanigans was pointed out to me, I was quite impressed!  Loved that game, btw!
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 50: Discussion
« Last post by mittfh on February 04, 2018, 10:18:24 am »
"I remember being told that no one was ever supposed to go in there."

Sensible option: retreat
What will probably happen: "Since the door's open, let's look inside..."
"One or two steps inside probably won't hurt..."
"Nothing's happened so far..."

Beyond there, anything could happen. The standard horror movie trope would be the door would mysteriously, autonomously shut and lock as soon as they were inside, offering no retreat from The Thing.
Flipside Discussion / Re: Chapter 49: Discussion
« Last post by bulmabriefs144 on January 31, 2018, 06:08:03 pm »
So, yeah, looking forward to seeing Suspiria face off with Melter, potentially with a fully-developed Bloody Mary by her side, but I suspect that they will be pwned by him.

Probably Jossed.

Melter helped Regina get that creepy crystal ball thingy and stuff.

And we've got at least some evidence that the Thin Man is a hero with bad reputation. His main crime is creating the X-Men (so to speak, they're monsters, but their powers are nothing to scoff at) and trying to reveal the truth (possibly stuff like this).
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